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Aces® Hearts

Aces® Hearts for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. located at 7250 Metro Blvd, Suite 210 Edina, MN 55439 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This used to be my favorite app but I think I'm going to delete for good. Download another hearts app. You have serious got to get rid of ads. Every freaking hand really? Done
i've played this aces hearts game forever but don't remember weather i purchased it back then but now the ads r very annoying & IAP has been added ... very dissatisfied w/changes :(
Never heard of a game that actually cheats but this one actually does! I remember very clearly whom the queen of hearts went to in last round and in next round I give the biggest of spades card because that person has already dealt his hand but another person actually puts out the queen of spades from his deck magically. Wow!
Loved this app until yesterday. Now it constantly crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled. App still crashes.
Nice Game Sir! It's a good game !! I have experienced a nice time with this game! But, something's are needed to be upgrade! Overall , I might say its a good game!
Honestly I can't get used to any other versions of this game because the feel of this game is better than most.
Great game but far to many ads ruin the game. I tried to ignore them just can't after every hand is to much
I have the same issue as Joe. My Gin Rummy game plays fine but not Hearts. I like this version for the graphics & play. But please stop it from crashing!!
I've tried almost every hearts game in the store. Aces Hearts remains my favorite. Few if any approach it in terms of design, game play and options. I've always wished for a little more control over the background and AI players, but those are small wants compared to the overall excellence of the experience.
CHEATERS! I've played a number of games where I've passed off all but 1 club. The opponent ALWAYS passes me more clubs, even though they're not a strategic move by the opponent. The game has way too much knowledge of what is in my hand, and it should have NONE. ZERO. ZIP. And that is my opinion, coming from my recliner, in a free country.
Good hearts game. Easy to shoot the moon. Only complaint is its not unlocking achievements. Other than that, decent game. 👍
I appologise formy earlier stupid remarks its not yr fault that the game on my tablet not working i was v fond of it its layout n all other features are The Best amomg all others sorry may be things will work out i am new dont even know how to contact you once again v v sorry for geting upser i thought no one reads so wa expressing my anger in sky
Used to work fine. But with latest update stopped working at all. When I try to use it it just jus it off the game.
Game is a joke. Had to purchase the ad free version so I didn't have to look at disgusting ads after every hand. The game then became 3 AIs against one. Regardless of what the scores were, the goal of the AI was to dump as many points on the human player regardless of strategy. Too frustrating to play.
I've owned this game for a long time. Your update in December 2019 started shutting down the game after opening it. I contacted support and you told me wait till Play app updates. Well it's updated twice and I've moved to Android 10 on my Galaxy S9 and guess what. It STILL crashes! Just like my Hearts have from you. My Spade game works just fine. I guess you have no desire to fix the game. Very disappointed. I would suggest to anyone do not purchase this game or Rummy. They don't work!
Up until 12/15/19 this app. worked great on my Nook. Due to their update on 12/15/19, it no longer works. Please fix this problem!
I read some reviews on this game and I must say if you have ever played hearts in real life the odds of getting the card combinations you will be dealt here...are slim to none. Yes...yhe app cheats but if you play long enough...you will find it even cheats in your favor...
Since the last update , every time i load the program it loads to the resume/new screen. The program then terminates. Im playing on a Samsung 7 tablet. My Samsung phone works just fine. What did you do and when are you going to fix it. Ive been using your game software for years. "Long time user" dont tell me to call the help desk. I've seen to many posts of a similar nature. Counting the days before i change vendors. Yes i am a paying customer.
This game cheats. You get stuck with the queen of spades every time. Its ridiculous. No matter what you do,you always get stuck and get all the hearts, but not enough to shoot the moon.
I already own this game but when I bought my new tablet it did not show up. So, I downloaded it again but now I have to deal with ads. That is not right. Today my old AH popped up on my tablet. I paid the 2.99 to get rid of the adds on the new game. Now the old game never had adds, and it still doesn't. The two games are set up differently though. I am afraid to delete one and then lose both. Why are they set up differently? I really love this game and do not want to do something wrong.
I purchased the older game, now I must purchase again to get ad free. Game is good but ads annoying and longer than game.
Crashes after opening; started crashing after update. This problem is not related to my device. I have played this game for a while with no problems until update. So ?????
I used to love this game, playing it very frequently. Unfortunately, a recent update is causing it to crash immediately after it opens, every time. Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
What is wrong with this game. It keeps booting me out. I Uninstalled it numerous times still boots me out.
Played 5 games on "Very Hard" and won 4 easily. Computer players shouldn't make stupid moves on "Very Hard"
Constant crashes.. Unplayable. Sent logs and feedback twice. Happening for 2+ weeks. This went from one of my favorites to a big disappointment
It's really awesome, but it is so easy . I have won 10 out of 10 in first position in very difficult mode. Their is no competition then it make more competitive🤜🤛
I have played this game for years & I like it a lot - it's a go to time waster for me but I don't like being forced to watch ads at the end of every match! It's so annoying! & the ads are horrible! Even though I like the game I've actually told a couple of co workers not to get it because of the ads!!!
When I first used this app on this device it crashed occasionally. Playing today I've managed about 8 games in about 8 hours. The reason? Constant crashes, sometimes multiple crashes per deal. Very frustrating its then very difficult to follow the game. May be my device is at fault but if so you shouldn't allow the game to be downloaded to it. Of course, if I change device I'll have to start from square one, because my game name is already taken, even though I'm using the same e-mail address.
The game itself is great... However the Solitaire ads displaying virtually naked women is highly inappropriate & offensive. This is a child friendly game except for these ads constantly popping up. Please remove.
I have the same issue as Joe. My Gin Rummy game plays fine but not Hearts. I like this version for the graphics & play. But please stop it from crashing!! January 2021 - Great fix team!! Thank you very much.
Fun game but the ads are over the top bad. After every hand I get l loud music and a woman twerking azz full screen. Who controls add content? Do women want to see that or maybe kids? It's embarrassing in public so the options are pay the ransom to remove twerking azz ads, turn the volume down so it isn't announcing your seeing it, or figure out a way to block ads and screw the developers out of revenue they might get if they showed better ads.
The app takes you to the play new game screen. You select new game or resume and the screen dissolves, reloads and never opens the game. Ive been playing this game for years on my Samsung 7 tablet. It works fine on my phone. I have purchased this app.
This game used to work, now when I go in to play it boots me. Had this happen on another tablet so installed on this one but now it doesn't work on here, why?
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game worked great until the last update. now an advertisement between every hand! won't play it again!
What a shame you don't offer it in PC format. I play this on my tablet & cellphone...best hearts rendition around.
I am a female and don't appreciate the sexist ads. Some make me think of sex slavery ads for young oriental girls. Why put this on a great game? Now it has crashed 3 times. I Uninstalled and reinstalled, only to have it crash again! Is this app going away?
This game is still loading then booting me out, it doesn't tell me it's been updated. Please sort this problem then I will give it a better rating.
Absolutely love this game! Have been playing it for years now. I like the Apple version where the players wink and smile and wish the Android version would do the same. I've run into the same issue with crashing on my Galaxy S10+ but found that if I uninstalled the Google Play Games app it works just fine. Of course, each time you open the game, you will have to close the Google Play screen that says it's required! Annoying! I've played the Spades game as well, but don't find it as fun. Ever think of adding Hand and Foot Canasta?