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Aces® Gin Rummy Free

Aces® Gin Rummy Free for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. located at 7250 Metro Blvd, Suite 210 Edina, MN 55439 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's got a nice look & cool little characters, but too many ads: they're after every single hand and a lot of them are the kind that have a countdown before you can skip them.
The game was great for quite a while, but in the past few weeks it's started crashing constantly. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no effect. I'll improve my rating if they get this fixed.
I have a Samsung Note 8. I'd love to play the game, but it does not respond to the Note 8 pen (?!). Keep the landscape option...
Been playing for years, one of my favorite games!...... update, Gus (the robot) is a cheater lol I discarded a 6 of hearts, he picked it up, knocked.... the 6 wasn't in any of his spreads and his knock card was an ace of diamonds!!! Where's the 6 Gus??? That was funny, I had to share..... still my favorite game though:)
Gameplay is smooth, accurate, and fun. The art is more enjoyable to me than the Vegas style games out there. I like that I don't have to wait for live players, earn & wait for currency in order to play. The ads are worth it because I'm not being pushed to purchase in game currency. This style of gin includes "knocking." Not everyone loves it but it is a genuine style of play. My grandmother used to play that way with her friends :) It would be cool if knocking could be shut off. I like both.
Lets face it gin is boring to most people there isnt alot of options.. This one is fun and easy to play. Also the cute animals dont hurt..
I've been playing this game for years. In waiting rooms , waiting on the bus ,cab ,Uber , etc. It's cool. This is February 2020 and still playing it. What does that tell ya.?.
Perfect version of Gin Rummy. Easy the learn and fun to waste time playing. Well worth the download. Of you get annoyed with the ads which come up only between hands, turn off your data and play offline. The ads are not oppressive and don't fill up hours between hands. Just play and enjoy.
I've been addicted to this app for several years. It's easy and fun, and I love the fact that they don't overwhelm me with ads. I can choose to let the app group my cards, or I can do it manually. Only complaint is I don't particularly like having to link to a Google account in order to play.
This game would actually be worth my time if it didn't have the 'knock' option. LAME! Opponents literally just knock rather than playing RUMMY! It's absolutely ridiculous and is not worth the time or effort! Very sad and so frustrating!!!
Absolutely LOVE this rummy app! Have tried several others, and there was always something off about them. This has perfect scoring, don't have to sort (does it automatically), and few ads.
One of the most beautiful game I have seen. Also all works even ads that normally throw you to play store this don't. It is easy to maneuver in game
Was a very great game to play. But now it doesn't even open and tells me to click on the send to report a problem, but it doesn't even respond. So I have to keep on uninstalling and it still doesn't respond. So sad it truly was a good game.
Really fun the other players will make you into a Great player Super fun and challenging. You choose what level of skilll you want to play.
Enjoyable offering...better than other Gin Rummy app's. A bit more control of card movement might be nice though, but beautiful game otherwise. Thanks. After playing for a while, I realized this app must never EVER Shuffle the cards!!!...Too much to ask??? Very disappointed. Free ... right...a little time on small points...PLEASE!!!!!!! Thanks.
Aces gin rummy is the best version on this game. I have played over 25 different apps and always come back to this.
pretty good game of gin..I do not sense that the program cheats like some other apps..great graphics,,smooth play..AI has a tendency for zone discarding but sometimes I can alter that approach by changing zones
All you want from a Gin Rummy game. Ads interupt music though which is annoying. Think £2.40 to get rid of these is steep
After each round advertisment! Kills all joy.way too much. Take another gin rummy game. This is bullshitting you.
Great game. Would like more options - more people to play with & the ability to choose some to never see again. Two, people I don't like at all. Bad attitude & sore losers, miserable faces. But generally, I like the game.
I like it, but the automatic sorting of cards in your hand does not allow manual override unless you change settings and prefers 3 of a kind over straights. Straights can always grow so they are a little better.
Great gameplay & very sophisticated designing. Perhaps the best Gin Rummy app available in play store.
I don't want to sign in every single time I play. I don't play online. I like the previous version's layout, graphics & not being asked to sign better.
Funny if crashes are related to devices, why all of a sudden so many crashes? Don't bother to reply, i uninstalled. I don't like your asked permissions, and I hate to have to sign in and use my Google account. Who I am is none of your business.
This game always seems to front load each deck with face cards. It isn't until you play a while that lower cards start coming from the deck. Not very comparable with a real game of gin rummy.
I like the game, but had to uninstall. The ads ignore sound settings. Like I have my phone on mute, because I want no sound. Yet the ads after every hand come through at full volume - despite my phone being on mute. I'm not always playing the game in a setting where ads suddenly coming through at full blast is acceptable. Sooo... I had no choice but to delete it.
computer controlled the game too much. didn't allow me to decide sort order or when to knock. too robotic
Way too many ads. You will spend more time watching ads than playing if your hands finish quickly. Im uninstalling it.
I love the way this game plays, especially after getting rid of the ads. Concrete does great game work
Just plain ol' Gin Rummy. Nice. Easy to use interface. Ads are not loud and obnoxious, although I'm thinking of paying to remove them. :)
This used to be one of my favorite games, and I get it that it's a free game, but an ad after EVERY SINGLE hand is stupidly excessive. Uninstalled immediately.
.The only thing I am upset about is when it freezes up and I cannot draw or discard. Can this be remedied.
Used to be a really fun and fair game. Recently the game seems stacked against you. The other player consistently wins after only one draw.
Love the game and paid for no ads, but once I loaded it on my new phone, the payment isn't recognized and would have to pay for no ads again... Kinda bums me out
Nice and relaxing game but the adds after every hand is a bit much. I don't know when that started. At least they are not as long as other game ads. There is an option to pay $3 to remove the adds. Relaxing game overall.
I played your earlier version and loved it. But this one is crammed with ads!!! In the middle of the game after every move is outrageous!
Adds are a major pain in the ass! You can't play a full complete game without having to go delete the adds