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Aces® Cribbage

Aces® Cribbage for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. located at 7250 Metro Blvd, Suite 210 Edina, MN 55439 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have paid for this app and it crashes on me, will not load the game. I send a crash report and don't hear from concrete.
I hate loud video as I will be deleting it knock off the videos ads I cannot okay at work I get you need dad's but so sucking up my data and audio you blasted other than that could be good but ain't
great game with nice graphics the odds aren't too bad but I paid the extra 3.95 to get rid of them and it was well worth it
This app was great until they added all the ads in-between every hand. I don't mind watching ads here and there but this is overkill. So I uninstalled the app.
Favorite game. Probably played every day for years. No longer works, just keeps crashing. Works on my Samsung Note 10+ but no longer works on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.
This app has startes promoting trump and the border wall through ads. I am uninstalling this app after I finish this review. I would give this app "zero stars".
I just installed this app. It looks great, seems to work fine. It displays a full-screen ad AFTER EVERY HAND! I uninstalled after 4 hands. Too bad...it looked great :(
The best graphics and overall game, bar none. However, after a dozen or so games, there were suddenly very annoying and persistent ads. To stop the ads, you can pay $ 3 . Phuc Ewe!
Why is it that I paid to remove the ads on my old phone and now they are back... This is driving me nuts
Its a miracle, ive been playing over 30 yrs and ive seen about 5 maximums, i must be blessed cos ive just seen 2 in an hour. Dont set to master level because its that unrealistic its actually no fun... You have a hand, the computer has higher its that simple. The hard setting is more realistic with only the odd 'why would anyone send those cards to the crib.... Ah thats why 20 points from my rubbish, almost like it knew what i was dealt' moments
This is my favorite cribbage game, but it has a few bugs. In one instance it scores games incorrectly according to the rules of cribbage. It *automatically* gives a point to a player if the other player says 'go'. In cribbage rules *no points* are automatically given to one player if the other player says go. First it has to be determined whether that player can get to 31 or not. If he can then he gets two points, if not, one. But here a person can get 3 points (total) if he gets 31 after go. :(
This used to be the best in form and function of all the cribbage games, but recently it crashes and force closes so often it's now unplayable, a shame.
Thoroughly enjoy playing this game. With the exception of ads which I know are necessary, everything about your game is very good.
Difficulty is not based on ability, just dealing crappy cards. Way too many video ads, uninstalled. Don't bother with this one.
I really enjoy this game! Lately, however, the app seems to keep crashing. I can play an entire game but the second the game is over the app crashes. While this is irritating, the game is still great!! Edited to add: Today the app crashed as soon as I tried to start it. I've never had this many problems with this app before. Hope it gets fixed soon!!
I love the game of cribbage but if you have levels of play the deal is not a random real game deal. If you are going to give a level option give us a random real game option
auto card deal freeeeeZzZeZ. have to exit the app start over. uninstalled, shutdown tablet 5 min. reinstall. 10 times SAME problem. bummer used app for 5 years loved it now it doesnt work. 😟
System consistantly draws lage point hands for itself while giving player consistantly lower hands. Cheats.
I would like to see more real players but keep the good graphics and boards also gifts to keep the players interested thank you
I really like the game. The default board and deck are easy to grok, the AI is a good card player, and the options available in the setting allow great customization. The only downside is the plentiful adds, but they are typically very short. Great overall experience.
I really like the graphics & I've only found decent music on a Bejeweled game i bought 15 years ago, but the ads suck. I finally got the "Remove Ads" button to do something, seeing it was only $2.99, I clicked Yes Next time I played, the remove ads button was back, I thought it was $2.99 to remove ads everytime I played. I played again and NO ADS YAY!
I like that it has a lot of options. I tried a bunch of crib apps and I like this one the best. I like to choose characters and boards and that you can practise counting in 2 ways, or just do auto depending on how you feel. Nice game play, easy to use.
More ads! There needs to be many more ads that come faster than this! Srsly, is this how the app is meant to function or is this revenge for not granting access to my contacts list? Deleted.
Love the game and am addicted. Recently, in the last couple weeks, i have been unable to play for the game keeps crashing on start up. I have tried to uninstall and restall the game a couple of times but its not fixing the problem. Please fix this problem. I really miss the game. Thank you.
Ever since the latest update the game freezes at the end of each hand and game. I thought it was just the old phone I was using (moto g5 plus) but I recently updated to a Galaxy Note 9 and it's still happening.
It has been crashing when it attempts to load recently. Outside of that it has been a great game. Please fix the crashing.
Good game but an advertisement every time cards are delt and asking for permission to access my contacts. Not necessary.
Quite possibly the best cribbage game I've ever played. Great gameplay, awesome boards ( Celtic is my fav. Gonna have to build it one day) ( I build cribbage boards in my spare time) the scoring is awesome. Hey devs..... Gonna buy this one. Nice game and loving it.
I love this game only one problem on the first draw your computer always wins I love this game only one problem on the first draw the computer always wins...99 outta 100 times!
Lately the game keeps crashing. I love the game, it's a great way to pass the time but I haven't been able to play due to the crashes
I've tried almost all of the other Cribbage apps and this one doesn't cheat with the cards until you go to Master level then the card cheating is obvious otherwise I would have given 5 stars. This game has the best controls and in my opinion is the most fun. I've uninstalled all the others
I really like this whole game: fun to play, rules of crib are correct, cute firework slow motion as you win with one exception- there's no way to end and leave other than using your devices close which takes time to find. That's why i rated this 4 instead of 5.
Game has become unplayable. As others have said, the ads after every hand is too much. Plus, it comes up with an terms of service that you are supposed to accept, but there is no button to accept it, so you have to close the game and reopen it. Then you can play the next hand..that's if it doesn't crash to home. Playing on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, ATT with Android 10 fully updated.
game is ok but lacks randomization. you can predict the turn card by the hand your dealt. if you guess your hand just right, you can get flushes and straights by the turn card. if not, the computer will get them in the crib. almost to predictable that its not fun. giving it a 3 star cus the game options and skill levels is good. otherwise 1-2 stars would be ideal
Cheats like crazy on master difficulty. Always gets 31, always gets runs and anytime you get a pair computer throws down same card for 6 pts. This should be fixed. Other wise not a bad game.
Love this game with the cute characters and awesome graphics and love where you can select game boards and all. This is a good and fun game!!!
The game, itself, is a great experience. However, there isn't an online multiplayer mode. Add online multiplayer, and I'll give it 5 stars.