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Ace Squadron: WW II Air Conflicts

Ace Squadron: WW II Air Conflicts for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Action Games Az located at AZ1065, No. 25, Mammad Araz Street, Narimanov District, Baku, Azerbaijan. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After the 25 Jan 2021 update game is now smooth and i am enjoying it a lot but also need some in improvements like 1: remove energy for playing 2: also improve the joy stick and its sensitivity little bit and sensitivity while we are chasing the plane and shooting it 3: also add little target site to hit the plane as it was in war wings 4: for ammo we want one purchase for all the week, update it more and more to make it equal to war wings and take 5 star from us overall great experience πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
Game is so what fun, the gun placement on some of the aircraft are not at all where they should be, like the starter russian aircraft, the guns can clearly be seen in the nose area if the aircraft, it's like devs just did not care where to put the guns and thought, "UTS MORE BTTE TO PUT IT ON THE WINGS ONLY, HISTORY ACCURATE"
4 star for graphic,1 star for game play, 1 star for control & 1 star for sound/music. "Until we met again" - War Wings ex-pilot.
Its a very cool game but it can be better And i have some ideas 1.make a tech tree so players can choose diffrent nation 2.needs options in settings 3.need more plane and graphic 4.fix bugs 5.camoflages 6.events and boxes that have random reward such as items or even rare planes 7.more tutorials 8. Improve aim 9. Maybe some ads to atract other people to play the games. The game its self is great and fun. Just looking forward to these updates. I hope These ideas made it in the games.
Absolute garbage, anyone with brain cells can know that freaking ww2 fighters shouldnt have missiles, they got so many names wrong for the missiles (which shouldnt exist on ww2 planes), the planes (they named the hurricane freaking huricain), and bombs (they named a bomb sidewinder, thats a freaking AAM (Air to Air Missile) mate). The controls are also incredibly sensitive, you cant invert the y axis, the gun placements on some planes are also wrong. I give it 1 stars cuz it was made with Unity.
Like my favourite game War Wings that shut down in December 2019. I hope I will get War Wings again by Ace Squadron game. But it's too hard to focus. Please add research tree. And copy War Wing. It will best for Ace Squadron.
Nice game, but there is still missed some details, for example missions and tech tree. Pls developer add these details
This game was very good but if can put another music or more , the controls 1 star , graphics 1 star, help to kill the enemy 1 star, also if can put more planes because I have finished this game in one day
Not too good not too bad game......not much thrilling....radar screen is too small and only a few strategy to win....ACE FIGHTERS IS THE BEST GAME THAN THIS GAME
It's a fun game like war wings but there's still a issue about this game and I hope you will work it.first the weapon armament is lack it has less machine gun secondly no cannon mode and landing gear was not there then third had no tricks like barrel rolls and others,fourth take the machine guns on a right place,fisth fix the bugs,sixth add more planes and campaign modes real time war,seventh add bullet holes and and damages in the wing and body. Hope you will work it out soon πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‡ God Bless
Closest thing to War Wings, which was the best multiplayer flying game. Ace Squadron developers please go watch War Wings videos and copy, you will have a winner. Controls are finicky. It's really hard to control the plane. Needs improvement. The zooming animation is confusing. You wanted to simplify, but it only detracts from the gameplay. Targeting needs to be deliberate, by the player. Again, see how War Wings did it. Update: -1 star. Game is not improving. No real players, just bots.
Please remove the energy system and please add more historical plane typically bomber planes other than that it's a good alternative to war wings
Movement for direction, not smoothy enough, no global chat! No teams!, pfffft TAKE a look to old war wings global takes some hints guys, I gave it 40/100 so far But I'll play it till next update to see, thnx, This is MOPHIT by the way πŸ˜‰πŸ€˜πŸ€˜
please make controls smoother and aiming easier,there is no control sensitivity options in the settings (add options) make the targeting,aiming easy just like Warwings game,i don't know what but there is work need,please make easier streering easy easy to turn and up,down.. i hope you understand what i mean.. other wise everything moving fast except controling the plane..
Game is okay but i could not find invert Y Axis..please help. Pretty much sucks in the current control option
I really like the game my only recommendation is to fix the controls. Like adding an option to that so you would be able to invert y axis in the joystick option and increase or decrease sensitivity.
This game is very similar to War wings. There are lots of spaces for improvements...such as bringing modern warcrafts, more challenging matches, etc. Graphics is fine.
Not Good or not bad try to make this fully copy of warwings so we can play it like warwings for example make fully copy of ww graphics aircraft line .after all i think everybody will like that game . Keep ads no worry cuz ads will help you to cover many expenses
Please adjust control ,the control is very hard to focus.and still have a bug.i give 5 star if you adjust control.Before i am playing war wings .war wings is perfect game ,please watch war wing then adjust control this game.
I emailed you once about bugs in ace fighter modern aircombat.reply didn't come,from your side.i have played both. These are the best air combat games available at play store.N I M sure that there will be no such games in future also. I would like to recommend u to give a discount on each n evry plane for limited time period say 1to 2 days.it is very very hard to get all fighters. Waiting for your better response.I humbly request u to read reviews regularly ,given by the players .
Pretty good, though some typos need to be addressed especially the names of the planes etc. Also consider adding paint scheme selections for each plane, that would make them less monotone
It's the closest we have to since War Wings shut down. But still Ace Squadrons need improvements in graphics and controls - like a lot of improvement.
Warwings was a magnificent game. The best game on Android. This is just a cheap knockoff. The controls are a joke. You don't even have to aim correctly to make a kill. Controlling your planes direction and aim is near impossible. There is no thrill in the kill. Plus the music can drive you crazy. Why can't we have something as good as or better than warwings. This shouldn't be the case with the current advance of computers.
The game is nice but I think the game should have a sensitivity setting , this game really reminds me of War Wings. So thank you.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
This game is not as good as ace fighter is ,but I have faith on the developers that they can improve this game and make this one better as I liked the concept of game and rewarding system and upgradation which is better than ace fighters I hope that they would hear and try to develop the game
The game is very good, I love it. But I have some suggestions to give, 1.every mission should have an opening text like "it's just you here boy so survive as long as you can!". 2.the music try to change the music into something like a war theme. 3.every wave in survival should have a plus one enemy so it gets harder. 4.add some new planes(if you can). 5.make a campaign mode so players could enjoy it. 5.add a customization thing on the planes. 6.remove the tutorial when a player finished it.
Graphics are awesome but you have to work on controls make it equivalent to war wings same to same and get 5 star as well money from us but we want it same as war wings πŸ‘ waiting for the updates πŸ‘
A fully copied game of Wing Wars game! But with graphics and far lower charm. If the game's graphics reach Wing Wars level, you're likely to attract more audiences. Wing Wars was an unforgettable game
This game is soo cool and lovely to play, multilayer too also soo cool.., and also I need to tell that need more flights and changing flight appearance like changing colours.... I hope the update will be on future, keep it up. ✑️
This game is closest to war wings but still needs a lot of work in gameplay n controls.. graphics ar ok but controls still need some improvement.. maybe add sensitivity control to players so that we can choose sensitivity according to our liking..player profile..MVP.. squadrons..teams.. need to b added too.. hopefully they'll be added in future updates..until then 3 star from me..
So let's see. Game is pretty much War Wings 2.0 but with better maps and graphics while maintaining that small size. Everything is good, except for these problems. 1) Hangar looks like a car garage. Remove the platform and make the hangar door larger for realism. 2) Planes aren't that accurate. I noticed that some aircrafts are wrongly ranked such as the A5M being better than the Raiden, aircrafts are not in their realistic sizes, inaccurately placing guns, etc. I can't write anymore D:
Ok so if you want this game to explode then please add a tech tree feature. And put planes to different countries. Also please add more weapon sound effects and more planes. Add a sensitivity setting and use more historic music. If you do this it will most likely that old war wings players will play this game. Also please make the auto lock mechanism more easier Please do this in honor for war wings πŸ™πŸ»
OMG!! after the 25 Jan 2021 update hard sensitivity is fixed now and now I am enjoying it alot but also remove that energy type thing that requires time to play and also you need more and more work on it to make it comparable to war wings and get full 5 stars but big thumbs up for new update is am very happy now and enjoying it alot yeahβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Well ive ever download a modern ace fighter game well it was nice untill it refused to start one lever & i couldn't play da rest levels but i hope something different with dis one. And the other thing if only a person could buy a different fighter without following the order of the planes but other ways its fun and keep it on
Still war wings is the best especially in terms of control and aiming of enemy its the latest version of warwings right? Why dont you make the dogfights still like warwings
I love it but the reason I remove the other star is bc I want some AA Pls add some during in combat Please
It can be a great game,if you don't get shot out of the skies,as soon as you start.hardly any chance of making progress in fighting other planes.a great game if a few changes are made.a warning system needed,before being shot down,if it wasn't for this spanner tool,that pops up all the time,we the players can maybe make progress.2 stars given.mossie,Za
New Baby and it's already talking back!!! I am amazed n got nothing to add on this as an old Ace pilot in the modern jet zone, am here n enjoying it even more. The game takes u to the real ww2 experience n even the planes targeting n cruisin totally feels different if u compare with the Ace snr. I know u still workin on it so lemme not tell u wat u r already workin on. For instance, I can't wait wen u update to pilot inside the cockpitπŸ˜€. Love the way u can upgrade planes!
I didn't know that this is similar to war wings I played it often until it disappeared for some reason then I found this game so I rate it 5 stars.
Copy from War Wings and Pasting it in Ace Squadron. Or Renamed the War Wings to Ace Squadron. It's a great copycat. Think about own... Don't predict other ideas.......