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Abyss of Empires: The Mythology

Abyss of Empires: The Mythology for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Ivy located at Room1318-20, 13/F, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Stupid game with loads of bug. Locked me out of the game and when I get access back, my troops count is reduced.
This game is a scam... They don't have micro and macro in the battles.. They keep their hero and dragon more forward in battle as compared to troops.... If you spend money and make fancy castle always remember you will be killed by bunch of lvl12castles guys.. This game is imbalance... So think twice to spend here.. I lost all my money in this game i spend ..
Please undo the update!.....the contrasts colors are to much strain on eyes...can't even be active more than half an hour...not to mention the chat screen has deemed making it difficult to read long messages and font size is down....please consider the request. Not everyone is born with perfect eyes
Hi. Thanks for the beautiful game, great graphics, I had a suggestion for you. It would have been more beautiful when the soldiers were shown in their own way,The T10 and T1 soldiers will be shown in their own form in the barracks. The charm will be unparalleled
So I just removed another from my rating to this game already killing monsters 26 and they still cost 5 energy, so you want your players to stay online the whole day just to do rebels in all other war games I played as you go up in level of monsters more energy is needed per monster and higher material drops per monster not limited to 1! KOA for example level 30 monster costs 20 energy and drops 5-8 material items. Change rebels you already know more than 70% don't do more than 20 rebels per day
You're getting 1* as since download all I get every literal 5 Seconds is Disconnected from the server "due to my network", I'm 10 feet from my router and even on 5g data it does it... how does anyone even stay online?
Very bad for those who play on apple will not receive updates and also you loose all money as you buy packs but will not receive them, my friend has not received 3 such packs k94 ImperatorCasar If you are playing with no care with having any presence or power then fine go ahead its good but for everything else the demand for resources is so much that you need to pay a lot to advance ahead in game. It has a number of glitches but they are slowly fixing some with every update and bring new ones
Seriously consider my review as I am pretty sure many people face the same problem and this may cause people to leave the game. __ Game carshes every time I open the map to do something. It also crashes Every few mins when I open a menu like alliance menu or other ones and do something. Also other random crashes. ___ I can't play the game like that. Please fix this problem as soon as possible, or else me and my friends will have to uninstall it and move on to other games with better stability.
The problem pertaining to my Purchase Pack has been solved. I thank the developers for their timely response. I love to play this game very regularly. Real enjoyment as you grow up the castle .Very addective Game. You will Drown in this game.
Hi,the game is good but keeps crashing a lot and it is annoying. Every action I take in game causes the game to close. Please fix this problem as soon as possible , thank you.
bug game we defend the thron with 800k high tire army and our attackers with 400k army with weaker general.and we lost the throne ,,, we got 800k but it is written only 400k defenders in the report... stupid game we all quit ..
Looks nice, played for an hour, closed the app and it never started again. "Network error, check your link".. tried about 20 times.. Rubbish..
It was a great game, but the developers continue to change the rules which has completely altered gameplay. It's now not worth playing, dont bother
So at first I thought this was a really good game.I like the idea behind it.As you advance however you will quickly realize the vast amount of broken english that tries to explain things to you that make absolutely no sense.The main thing here is this is 100% a pay to play otherwise it takes up hours/days of time to upgrade your buildings.Customer service is all on FB, barely speak english with little to no help at all if you actually have a problem.The community ingame is non existent. GL 👎
I am attacking and it is not showing. The enemies are not getting killed. Please help fast. Or I would definitely delete the game .
This Game used to be good until the developers changed the game. Don't bother downloading it. They changed the game and now all players are leaving so it is not worth anyone's time. Customer service to the Dev Team is not helpful either.
Thins is getting worse it has been 2 week I'm unable login my account in my mobile, my other farm account is working fine expect my main account. But still Developer not fix my problem at all. And now I can't even make new account because I'm stuck in one account and I can't play in that account. And after 2 weeks noo usful help at all I write what developer told me I already write that but he don't even read my massages well. Fix my account
I just installed your game, and to say the least it is interesting. I have not been a huge fan of games like these, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt becase you did a good job. Well balanced and kinda fast in the beginning and you're give guidance though the beginning stages. This kind of combat is not my style ,I like age of empires combat. I like the video animation in the troop factories has a Monty python funny feel to it.
This was the best game I ever played better the cok everything has been great. Then the pass few weeks they started fixing things that are not broken and ignore the real bugs before I had 18 R4s so I always had some form of leadership on In different time zones now its max four R4s savage farms are safe resource now so we are forced to buy .. I spent about 3k here before these changes now i not buying a 99 cent pack until they fix this back to how it was before, then give me a refund
It's pretty good. The game play is simple and straightforward. The graphics are not as good as some others but it will do
Clash of Kings and Rise of Empire are totally superior. Want a challenge try either of them don't waste your time on this game. -5⭐.
I down grade the star. Many bugs, and the horror, that they dont respond your conplaint or if they responded it ...take too long. Recently case I bought unlock battle pass. They didnt give it to me. They dont respond my complaint. So, i reported it to google and made refund. Google appproved it. Weird, not for long, Dev replied me....bla,bla,bla Oke, i bought again And Now, they dont give me my package, $29. And dev is so quiet. Thats my fool , trusted game developer
It was good, now it's very bad lots of bugs and only taking money for nothing, thyw help some hackers and ware our money with thier bugs, I will not play it anymore if they didn't solve it
If you liked Age of Empires I recommend this game and so far I haven't spent any money on it and I'm having no trouble.
So many glitches in the game it has become impossible to play. Don't spend a dime on it. It should be demonitized from the play store. There is "user support" that speaks very poor English and does nothing to fix their problems, they will not compensate you for errors in their code. The only reason they have 5 star reviews is they give you rewards in the game to give them this.
Feels Good while playing this game this game is very excited and adventures and if you understand this game you can rule kingdom developer friendly game he replies within 24hrs and if i tell honestly this game is awesome extraordinary 💟💟💟💟
Developers officially launched prestige castles at august 24 th , with bugs . many players using that bugs and upgrade p5 castles sooo fast . i keep complain about those buggy castles but developers still not send any possible reply , its almost 2 months . developers dont eant fair players. They want only those bug users
This game is much like others I've played,but it has a little difference that is enjoyable and fun..I recommend this game to anyone..download it and try it..you won't be sorry!
K64 I updated to the latest version and lost 12 building...5 hospitals n 4 wood 2 iron 1 march.its been 5 days ....I had even written on fb messenger... But no reply Please restore my earlier building.....to my castle K64 viks00
Cool game if only they could work out the kinks. Or bugs and get all those hands out of the cookie jar.
0 costumer service. Pay to Win type of game. Too many bugs. Game crashes in the middle of attacking someone.
Very bad game, the devs team has its people in every kingdom who do not allow normal play. Many people use bugs but they(devs) do nothing, moreover they help those same people.
Good game so far, I do not care for the large icons around the screen,hard to see want your building,maybe it's because I am on a tablet and game will not turn horizontal for me,that might help make icons smaller.better on a PC maybe.
The change made to alliance ranking and members is something unacceptable. Please revert that one and focus on fixing bugs like: - Applying formation should work - group chat history should work, now is unusable - fortress shows as empty when is occupied - Searching for monsters should give you a new monster (beast) not the same - searching for Farm/Timber yard/Iron yard/Silver yard shows occupied places - when attacking it selects hero that was already sent (giving error) - scroll issues
You need to open a new server the one I'm in you can't recruit people and you get trolled every time you try
So bought 3 packs , didn't resaved what I bought , so this game take my money and give me nothing , never trust this game never , and also moderators never answer you if you need help
I'm playing 8 months+ under the name of Goku in K 54 (UKS alliance).Players with money can buy packages worth 100$ or so, that makes game imbalance then it'll come to a point you'll be forced to do the same to maintain your power level to compete and imagine you wanna return to the game after a month due to commitments even the package that you got before will be useless now, this game losses it's players because of this imbalance and those who wanna download this please look for other options.
Game is amazing love it , i have one suggestion . there is no alert sound plz improve this thing. there must be alert sound , how we know if some one attck our castle
It's been awesome. Some lag when applying speed ups.. or building. But that is expected when there is as much stuff going on as in this game. Better than Clash of Kings in every way!
Adds are not coming.it is very difficult to get adds. During server reset each day the forts which are taken by players appear vacant to other players.
I did an in-app purchase and my money was deducted from my account but I haven't received the purchase product yet. Very disappointed with the service. I have emailed but no response yet.
I like this game so much. This game provides excellent experience. I'm very happy on developers. They gave answer fast and fixed bugs. I'm from Pakistan. I'm inviting my many friends here.
Way too many notifications even when all listed notices are turned off. The game screen is cluttered with too much non play icons for sales options
Just wanted to add to my review, developers did a great job with the Halloween event and the widget event with the castle skin are amazing great job developers 👏👏👏👏
Please fix all the problems(to many problem and hard to play) /hired some one know about strategy game...and game play to bad...even i cant see whare is my resource always stuck...Log in out game sometime can sometimes cant...so just fix it...
Ads are getting too long....its making me loose the interest now...I got 4 castles....c21..c18..c13..c11.... But it was never this lazy to hold on to game now...ur 10sec ads didnt make us loose interest...but now its 30 sec...40 sec.... Please shorten the ads...or u got to loose players from playing the game... My whole alliance is feeling the same...
game would not load, tried 5+ times, updated it, tried again and same thing. left a review, was going to unistall and tried once again to open it... magically it worked, LOL... Likely be uninstalling, will give it a few tries. Using galaxy note20 5G with plenty ram and memory FYI.
Enjoy the game haven't had to buy to win yet and feelni won't have to. Have brought a few small packs but could have progressed all the same.
Hey, it keeps on telling reconnecting all the time when I am using mobile network and works with someone else's Hotspot network can advise what needs to be done.
Laggy. Many bugs. Like chat doesnt work at times. Have to restart game in order to reset chat feature
The VIP system is bugged. It says to login everyday and it will be active but I just did and its not activated. There is no way to activate it and I'm sorry but it's not worth downloading.
I gave it 5 stars but, with the new update I decided to lower to 1 star... the game is good for the graphics and interaction but since the latest update we can't attack savages anymore and we are forced to spend money to grow faster, we don't see if someone has a fortress( slow update), we can't use dragons that are in other cities... a lot of people are complaining and they will definitely leave the game if something isn't done about this.
worst game ever waste of time and money too many bugs are hackers are playing the game and they are untraceable by the devs
I just started this game on Feb 27th. Got into the game once on the morning of the 28th and now I can't get back in! If I can't get back in then there is no point in playing the game. I keep getting network error check my link? I even uninstalled and then installed again and nothing!
Unable to login. Says "Network error. Check your link". Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Checked for update. Not working. Am in L10. Feel so much of time wasted!!!!!
Wow. Such a useless game. Thought I could have something similar to age of empires by Microsoft. Lame try schmucks.
With every update they make the game worst by changing things that work and adding multiple bugs. When you talk to support they reply very slow and they never help, is like support doesn't exist (maybe if they would understand English). They just don't care about players. Now the game is totally unplayable it freezes constantly.
When it comes to logic, things start getting bad. I was capturing throne with 890K troops out of which around 650K were L9 troops. The opponent's attacked with 460K troops that too with majority of L5,6 and guess what.. they won.. and 333K troops returned to the city without even fighting. Our 333K troops survived, and their 65K troops survived but still they won the battle... Zero logic.. after investing so much time in the game, we get this.. we all are leaving the game. Such a waste of time.
Hi all, Don't bother playing this game if you are not a big cash spender. There are just a handful people who spend about $10-12 grand and these are the ones who are ruling the game. This game consumes a lot of time and is addictive but without spending hundreds and thousands of $$, you 'll always be at the lossing end, unless you join the powerful guys in big allaince. Personally i would suggest don't play this game. Rather spend money in shares and stock market, you get returns there.
Horrible game, there are many bugs in the game even if we try to get gold from seeing advertisement even that doesn't work. So play other similar game. Horrible experience. I am also leaving this game after playing for 5 months..
I unbound my account but i am playing the game continuously. One day i bought a pack and then the game restart itself. It started a new game. Now I lost my id. I am so much disappointing. I gave a lot of my time in this game. And now it's all for nothing.
This is unbelievable how much they change the game rules to make you to spend money. At the beginning of the game every thing is good and when you got to the game, they keep changing the normals. The amount of rss to upgrade is unbelievable. So disappointing!!!!
The game is over as they have changed everything just for your money. Not to mention the weekly mistakes with every update with the answer " dear sorry........ we wont help but. Do not download just got to another game much easier ✌ goodbye
I swear to God if you're using age of empiresgameplay on these images and that's not how the game actually looks or plays I'm going to be pissed but other than that I'm super excited.
Fun to burn time, Lots of rewards to keep you playing. Takes a little effort to understand. Otherwise a fun experience
I am regular playing this game, it's nice and working very well till today for me, Today suddenly it's showing me network error. Can you make sure in every update this is not happen again and make sure you are not doing anything wrong in every update. Because day by day it's popularity going down. In my alliance everyone have something trouble in each and every update. I have also try everything like clear the cache and uninstall and installed it again still it didn't work. Check your email.
If you think this game is like old age of empires beacuse of the ads you saw, you can't be more wrong. Its a typical kinda game with vip lvl, large chest on screen to drain yor pocket and buildings you constantly build and upgrade and take more and more of your time. Play some real games guys this is not worth it.
Do not download this app if you plan to spend any money on it. Package items disappear from your game shortly after paying for them. Can you say FRAUD?!!
DO NOT BELIEVE THE SCREEN SHOTS, These MOFOS put screen shots of the actually game, age of empires. This game has a health bar that has to regenerate over time in order for you to play. THIS IS NOT AGE OF EMPIRES. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
In app purchased doesn't work at all. If you are new with dis game don't do any in app purchase dats my advice.
What r the red grid lines in game and how to get rid of it, it does not allow us to occupy resources tile, I have grid line up to 200km how sud I gather resources....?
Very bad . The instructions that we follow doesn't seems to work Like kill the monster or attack. Shows the same instruction again and again .even though i follow the instructions. does nothing. Chat is also too freaking slow to ask for help . Dont waste your time.
Well the customer services are of great help. Though the servers problems are a bit uninteresting. Games designed to patch the gap of paid and free players. Done pretty good job with stats
I first rated 5 stars. Now i give only 1 star. The game is bad with every new update. You can't upgrade or develope anymore, as you used to 5 months ago. Back then, it was a relax to play it, when you have free time. Now i observe no ads available eighter. So.... How will we get gold? We must pay for it probably. Well... I'm sorry... I'm not a rich person to do that, so i'll just uninstall the game and let others play it.
With latest update (version 2.8.4) this game is unplayable. The UI is not responsive and it freezes constantly (this didn't happened until now).
This game is still the best for me. Scenario, Graphics, Event or Game Alogarithm. If there are some complaint about bugs, it's naturally. As long as developer has commitment for fixing, this game it's still good to be played. And as a player, that's the challange ...it's strategic game. ~ Infinity Legends ~
I request you please add -URDO- Pakistani language in this game because i don't understand the your language.so I'm waiting for your better replay.
I'm playing this game since month and I really like the pixel of this game, the Fighting between the Alliance make game more interesting. The burning castle is a fun.
After merge game is full of bugs I lost lot of rss and troops .. this merge is useful developers only they get lot of money. Because after merge all small players have to fight big players for that they need to buys packs .
❤️ thank you 💕 always there to solve our problem and always answer us quickly when we have problem I liked the last update too much ❤️❤️ thanks again
This game sucks you cant even play without it constantly having to reload. No its not my internet I have some of the fastes you can get
It's quite unique game,not same asgrepolis but not bad either, it has alot of things connected 2 each other,allys Other thing that u like about it is that it's not a pay 2 win,u can play and still get good rewards and if wanna pay.it's not expensive either.But the sad part is that game has lots of bugs,especially the in the army.I choose a litte part of my army for one expedition then my remaining army should be there with me.but no,the army just vanishes until army returns limiting ur gameplay
As I noticed the comments here aren't even taken into consideration, but I will leave this comment here in case the mods ever read it. Make an option that devides the troops automatically according to the March expeditions available. It exists in most war games why doesn't it exist in this
Support doesn't block from talking in kingdom chat or delete the yagami account (k54) even after repeatedly complaining about the hateful comments he make about our families. Even if he is blocked, he creates another account starting abusing our family members This is all because he buys a lot of packs. Game devs are so biased in the game. It is for 3+ aged group. However, if they stream such hateful content.. it should for atleast 18+ age group.