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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thousands of dollars ($$USD) spent on this game to improve account and be able to compete in the big fish battles and now the game removes a big fish battle?! Game is also filled with cheat programs that run the game on ai. How can you allow these programs while charging people money to upgrade? I want my money back! Fraudulent game
Don't bother playing this game. If you ever get a response from the developer it's usually someone that has no power to help but only passes the information on. The developer never responded to my issue. If you play the game and get a decent rod and reel. DON'T whatever you do try to evolve it. They call it luck but it's nothing short of garbage you can get and they won't do anything about changing it back. Even disassembling makes it worse. I'm deleting this game and I'll never return.
Every aspect of this game is geared towards trying to make people by their absurdly overpriced items. Complrte waste of time.
If you cant play for a while you will lose your guild and all the money and hard work you put in will be give to someone on your team and they wont talk and don't fish much this suck by far thus the 1 star rating a bot in control of my guild you email for help and they tell you its nothing they can do you have to w8 till person misses 20 days or more im pissed as all hell because I worked at the hospital when rona popped up and had to work doubles i had no time to check in. I want all my $ back
It is a good game. Also don't get confused by all the features at the start. You will learn all of them eventually.
Epic game ruined by needless, obsolete notifications like i have no objections towards those that tell you what events r taking place, but y is there no way to turn off those which tell u what crafting items u hav acquired for each caught fish? Y is there also no way to turn off those which tell u how much scored vs ur friends? There needs to b a setting that enables you to turn them off for those of us who just wana fish without needless frustrating obstacles like these
Fun, but CRAZY EXPENSIVE! Even if you spend thousand upon thousands of dollars of real money, there is no guarantee that you will be able to catch the biggest fish....or even advance! So unless you literally have millions of dollars just sitting there wasting away that you can throw into a bottomless pit, this game probably isn't for you.
This is an incredibly awesome fishing game. There is so much you can do and get. Mostly everything is free and you can achieve all upgrades.
Too complicated especially when you try to craft or either exchange you can't even reach your guide I've been planning for the I don't know how many years and I haven't even got past the 7th level in the guide so no I don't recommend it
Stolen User Name, Not sure how someone was able to register both my Facebook, and my username, but I'm not happy. Especially since my username is COPYRIGHTED, due to it being a legal Pen Name...
Started playing this game and it was great, game was exciting and fun. As you get more into the game and higher levels you realize that ACE is only concerned with taking your money. Packages are ridiculously priced and you cannot advance in the game unless you are spending money. Chests, upgrades are all extremely low changes of anything good. When you contact tech support for help with issues it is always " Dear Fisherman we are sorry" and then they do nothing about it. time to quit
Server not working. I caught 11 target fish during guild battle and 3 target fish, i was not given me credit for catching them. 1 flathead 1 salmon and 1 1Snakehead. (I was given credit for 2 snakehead caught.) This has happened before. Purchased Guild buffs are sluggish and questionalble.
I love this game.very exciting once you get further in the game. LOYAL for 7 years.I won't try another fishing game.5 ⭐s.
Crest cannnot power up to level 10..i lost lot of cash that i keep a long time ago..if this way cant be successful..why must have to make other player lost there cash with this way..so cruel
Already 2 days I can't watch the advertisement. What happend? I lost my chances to get the cash rewards......!!!!!
Love this game been playing for 5 years after a while u just get stuck at a point where u need money to progress
I love this game..i've been played this game for 3 years...but lately when i want to complete my mission which is watching ads , it always bug...loading and didn't pop up...maybe i used patato phone or something?
I really like this game, but there is this glitch that doesn't give audio even when it's on. Once you fix this, I will bring my ratings up.
I wanna ask Why after update new version This game cant playing Just white screen Please fix Thank you
You use to be a five star game to me but now your simply a one star game I will still play but you'll never receive any more money from me. Shame played this game for 6 years.
Great game, however it makes you work really hard for good gear and it can take months for the one power up you have been saving for. Here is the problem, I have lost everything on several occasions because the power up is a roll of invisible dice and the success rate is 10 percent. So if you purchased it for $150 or spent months collecting it's no guarantee. I have lost months of work and money in seconds, enough to never play again for a long time. Cool game but extremely difficult to upgrade
I would give a 5 star review but every single time i try to do the high end pearl i fail .. I figured it wouldnt work every time but when u try 10 times with same pearl u should get it by then
Expensive game to do anything, then for Ace fishing to keep moving the posts to try and get more money,, not many players are long term anymore cause it costs too much and it's not worth it. Dont waste your time nor money!
Straight fishing game, though it needs better like oh I don't know, start out going against ppl that's been playing a lifetime on the game when your a rookie. None of the lures match the spots where you fish. Different positions for casting would be great. An "S" type fish only topbdogs get those so why must rookies watch and not win anything, oh $100 for what to lose. Could be better just saying.
Great game have been playing for a couple of years now . You will no matter how much money you spend on this game reach a point where you have to spend serious money to progress further . I am at that position again after 4 years of playing . To give you a idea of the cash involvedl to upgrade my tackle to continue I will need 10,000 cash . To buy 1,000 cash it costs £99.99 do the maths is it worth it to continue playing this game and progress further into the game . Play for fun only .
Great game. Very addictive. The developers also make the game fair for the player where they provide enough resources in game for you to progress without feeling like you have to buy anything, yet they also do give you the option to buy credits if you want. Very well rounded and fun game for all.
Rip Off! I have been playing this game since 2015 and have spent an estimated 1000$ in that time buying in game cash to use in the treasure chests, and 98% of the time I would only get fishing line or the pearl booster! You will not get ANOTHER DOLLAR out of me!
I LOVE this game i always uninstall it and reinstall it thiugh bc it can be boring at some times but usually never. I also loved fishingas a kid so this game is very amazing in my opinion.
My Favorite fishing game sucks my phone has such low storage but once I get a phone with bigger storage WILL STAY FULL TIME sucks that I'm only 75 Level tho xP so far behind
I have been playing this for 7 years! I have spent many many hours; rainy nights, cold winter time , many many phones , many pc's , lonely times, in a journey in the train and in the buss!! What eles I could say! I used to gaming a lot in the symbian era. This is the only android game that I love to play! All the best .....!
This game is Ace(pun intended) I like the game but it needs a proper 100 page walkthrough to help new players understand the game better. Advice...join a good experienced guild and this will enhance your experience and help you learn. To be a top player you may need to spend money but you can still have fun and be fairly competitive without having to spend. My only negative is having to wait a few days between events, it would be great if as soon as one ended another one began. I'm Hooked
The game was normal then suddenly the game can't connect to the server I don't know why I have a good internet connection
With the last update something went wrong can't lock in to my fishing game. I uninstalled it and reinstall now it don't want me to lock back. And all my other games is fine. So what's the problem
I really enjoy playing ace fishing wild catch, I'm not a big fan of your typical games even the popular ones I just have no interest, but I truly enjoy this one!
Already fed up with this stupid game playing many many years finally uninstalled it... Trying to evolve a high grade Titan, keep giving all the grade 8, 9...Already level 236, how to really enjoy it????
Great game but few problems whenever I catch a hidden fish it's giving me useless things and second reason I always go in Guild in evening but guild is not working please fix this issues okay bye! And I could have given 5 stars read this message
Has decent game play, but not worth the down sides. It's overly complicated with features that don't make any sense. The "energy" system ruins the game, you can't fish with it, and it runs out in no time.
Thank you i figured out the problem 😊 i just had to finish the round of catching the fish lol thank you for the quick response
Thank you Aces for been a great game...ive been played for 4 years and now i reached my goal (level 10 guild)..however...im also faced many disappointed thing in the game. For examples...I used bigfish booster + guild bigfish buff + premium lure = 150%...only R or SSS lift up. One more thing, i used guild fish booster + guild fish buff, i need to cast until 5 to 6 times for 1 guild fish. Something wrong or anything i do wrong? Please aces...make me more excited to play.
What have you done in this update, I've been playing for 5 years now and now I can enter the game its just a white screen, why did you have to ruin it
A great game. One of the best sports games I've played. The graphics are awesome and the fish are so real life like.
It won't even let me get passed the first loading screen it's hard to enjoy the game when you can't even play it
The gameplay itself is not bad. Graphics are good. But 2 areas of improvement are needed 1)Internet connection. My Internet connection is good. Why doesn't some things load and says lost connection when I have a good connection? 2)game is a bit complicated. A more comprehensive tutorial would be appreciated
Best fishing game ever before 5/5. but i wasn't able to play the anymore because it closed right away, back to my home screen. I hope you would fix the problem soon.
I started playing one month after original release. Loved the game! With updates and changes starting about 2 years ago, I have lost interest. Loyal, long term players lost any advantage of years of hard work. Game has become much to time consuming to remain competitive. Users are dropping like flies, guilds cannot find new members. It really is a shame what they did to this game. At one time, it was great. Sad to see its decline and ultimate demise.
Playing 2 yrs. WAS 5* worthy, but developers have destroyed the game. It is no longer fun to play. I was set to spend real $ on this game, it WAS worth it, not anymore. Exceptional graphics, points of realism. Had a slow, challenging progression. Now impossible. Appears they slowly hooked people into spending real $, now the game cheats in every aspect. I observed this slowly over time: boosters do not work, they keep raising damage so much, that stronger gear, lvl up, pwr up, are useless. Was in Aus successfully for months with a SGP rod/reel. Now, leveled up many times, and powered up acc many times, I can barely catch 4-5 star fish in upper Med. Can't catch 1* fish in Aus even with guild buffs, fever mode, and EVERY possible booster. Fish drop prizes (pearls, hidden fish lures, keys, etc) have all but gone. Target fish lure strikes decreased from avg 1 in 5 to 1 in 10-15 casts, making you waste lures and boosters. High end lures + rarity boosters catch mostly 1-2* fish. Has never been a tutorial/manual to explain the game. ie; "Researchers", craft materials-no idea what they're about. I'm expecting soon, you won't be able to fish Hawaii even with Grand Titan rod.
As a fiaherman myself Its realistic enough to where i give Ace Fishing a Deserving brilliant 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ overall hands down without a doubt. You've got me hook line & sinker making me think back about memories of fishing wish my late father 12/24/15 May he Rest In Peace 😢 Thank you very much for making this excellent fishing app. Brings back great memories that i miss so much❗
When revolve of reels get failed please refund the reels. It's very bad ur taking the reen rods bt doesn't evolve the item it hurts. I am giving 1 star because of that bad policy. Please respond to the review iam one of the oldest player and your bad policy forced not to play the game. Refer other to not to download the game. I am requesting you please change the police when something failed it's game's fault not our's. Two choice game could make 1 is refund policy and other is item back policy.
What a major disappointment this game has become. It used to be an absolute blast and I'll spend money for what I think is relatively reasonable items in game. However this game is driven by making every customer pay. I stopped playing for a long time and although its nice to have walk-throughs for everything you haven't touched, its overwhelming and everything forces you to buy. I have to add how pissed I am that upgrades can fail because of extreme low odds and how little you gain. Pathetic
I played this game 6 years back and had forgotten about it untill recently. To my surprise, my profile had gotten stored and I started where I left off.. Kudos!!
This is the worst game I ever had like why why why why why this is the worst worst worst worst worst game in my life like I have other wildcraft but I don't like this this is just the worst loading takes a long time everything taste takes long time everything I hope you understand I now I hope! This game is the worst Worst game in my life I never played these things I never played this this is the worst! I feel like I'm about to delete all my games and then play all my games again then delete
Coming back to get this game on my new phone. One of those games that almost makes me want to spend money on it. Not really but that's how much I like it lol. I have a dilemna where I'm scared of deep water and not being able know what's around me (thalassophobia) all that jazz but I love water and the idea of fish and sealife (I just don't want to be there). This game doesn't put me in a "pov: you're the hook" situation which let's me admire different fish in peace
Definitely a slow game, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. Great system all in all! Been playing a few years and it's got me. .. 🎣 Hooked 😂 non p2w system for once is a nice feel
It should have higher quality graphics setting. Good game, but the graphics is still stuck in 2014. It doesn't look good on a FHD screen.
The game is a good game, dont get me wrong. But there are 3 big things that are issues for me. One, is that the game is very complicated. There is so much stuff when you open the menu, I feel it would be better even if it was a little more "basic". Also, there are lots of ads, which I mean the game has to make money. Lastly, it needs a strong internet connection to play, and I feel an offline mode would be nice.
Really cool option to play as if your phone is an actual fishing pole W/ phones gyro. You progress quickly & are given enough free loot to start and keep the game going as you progress to earn higher level equipment and achievements. Graphics are great, controls are very easy and straight forward. Also very accurate in the depiction of the different types of fish that you would actually catch. Game accurately depicts the fish that are indigenous to the areas you fish in the game. Overall GREAT!!
I love this game! But I much prefer the guild coop box before the update, rather than the guild missions now. Would be great if u can bring it back.
Games become riddled with glitches, videos keep causing my game to crash which makes indy a nightmare. I skipped Indy match this week for the 1st time ever and low and behold Indy crashed and I missed out on rewards. How come when players get screwed over by cheats who hack the game they don't get compensated? There's loads of them about, your banning hundreds every month. If they cost you points battles then players/teams who lose out on guild cash because of them get screwed over.
Very well put together. The growth system is not daunting, and exhausting. There is a lot of ways to improve your gear, wich is nicely done. Overall great experience. Did I mention no ads.
I can remember this game as the best fishing game out there from 2 years back I thought about it today but forgot the name but here it is! I hope its still good
The graphics are good, but that means little when the game spends all it's exposure time teaching you how to use it's cluttered interface and not letting you play the game. By the time the tutorial was done I was too. I suggest making the interface easier to use if you feel you need to go to sick lengths explaining it, even though I honestly didn't need it at all to figure it out. Your consumer had played enough fishing games by the time they find yours that we kinda get the drift.