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Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes

Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Action Games Az located at AZ1065, No. 25, Mammad Araz Street, Narimanov District, Baku, Azerbaijan. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very good game it just needs more flexible\ movable controls and it would be great!!! Thanks for making a good action flying game.
Completed all levels. U need speed n high powered weapons. I play using HUD mode. More realistic. Excellent graphics n sound effect. TQ to the developer.
Awesome! Outstanding game! One of the best air combat games. It would br super if we had different missions, also strike missions, and could take off and land. HNG warplanes is competition here, but they don't do landings.. More planes would also be nice, and an option to change colours?
For the most part I enjoy this game and it's not to hard or costly to rank up, but lately every 3rd mission (give or take) the screen all of a sudden goes ballistic and jumbled to the point that I can't even see my plane nor anything around it, idk if it's my phone or the app that causes this so I'm looking for suggestions????
Here I am satisfied with your game but there is some more problems I think when we start the operation or surival you must also add that how does the our fighter jet is going from starting from the hanger how it taking off etc. And at this time it is started from showing our plane by self flying so pls fix this problem .....tqqq
Amazing, I really feel like a pilot But I really want more update such as more aircraft ,more stage and more weapons.
So far it's a pretty good game easy to learn and to get good and it obviously helps to p2w but you can still so really good without it
It's an overall great mobile game, I like that the developer didn't forget about the game and did some ubdate, the addition of campaign is very useful, but the problem is missions are so repetitive and long pls do cutscenes and different missions and let the ability to land the aircraft I would like more rockets and machine guns and also more aircrafts.
Hi developers Please let me tell you .your game is good But not much. It has too less competition between players to increase competition introduce chat system. And clacify that either it's PvP game or something like clan system. And also include jets like JF17, Tejas, J10, J20 ect. Please try work on it it will help you find good results. Thanks
Decrease the amount to unlock higher ammo , planes. What do you think?we will just keep on watching videos to get coins. The amount of coins one can get by playing in campaign is so low that one will finish playing all the campaigns before unlocking the last few planes and the highest missiles . You idiot . Decrease the amount to unlock those. And whats wrong with the spin? I have the highest level gun still i am getting the bullets of the lower level ones through rewards by watching videos.
I love this game so much . I love the controls for this game and also the graphics are good. But please, I don't know if it is my phone or the game. The game keeps on crashing when I play campaign, survivor and online game. So please let me know if it is the game or my phone that has problems. If it is the game please fix it .
It is a great game one that is not $ based . Based on your own skills and rank increases and jets are based on earing them not purchasing them. Downside is not game chat or a way to develop own squadron of fighter's.
Is a very good game but i have played this game 2 months ago its graphics and control or stability are very good but after this shows that "error" . I don't know why? Please fix it.
I also forgot to mention in my other review post that you dont need to have someone scream "target destroyed" like if it was a 1990's shootergame! And there is no need for an airline waitress to till me what to do in a mission! You can just put a pilot talking in the corner like Tom Clancy's Hawk 2.
This game is very fun. but, is this online game really online games? when my internet data or wifi is off, sometimes online games can still be played even without internet. are you trying to fool us? Hello everyone. please try this; select one of the online games. death match or navy or team online. make sure the internet data is on. after logging in, please turn off the data. and you will find online games can still be played even without the internet. Real time or fake time or fake player?
Game is good. You should provide more futuristic weapons like laser guided bombs, drone bombs, radar jammer etc...
Very nice game with wonderful graphics. But the developer should add one more quality of talking or communicating with other players.
Awesome! Outstanding game! One of the best air combat games. It would br super if we had different missions, also strike missions, and could take off and land. HNG warplanes is competition here, but they don't do landings..
This is definately one of the best games there is period!!! You dont have to pay in to get progress,the gameplay is outstanding,i cant say anything bad at all bout this game. Its one of my favorites,and ill keep playing till my hands curl up and then some!! Thank you.
The control for the plane, whichever type you pick, stops "controlling" the plane after a short period of time. I tried every config with the same results. I don't want your support because I know what I'm doing, hibernate all nonessential apps (system also) and never had this problem with another game (LOTS of them). I use a Galaxy S10 in high performance mode so don't think I'm running it on garbage hardware. It looks like I would really have liked this game.
Great game. Great online. Great modes. Solid plane graphics. Map graphics could be better, and in game depth perception could also be much better. Edit: way too much grind to buy planes and you basically have to buy a new plane every new mission which makes the campaign unnecessarily tedious and takes away the lore of plane variety
Not getting any ammo Prize after video view. Only get cash.. Waste time.. Support button not functioning...
I love the idea and the effects... this game is purely wonderful it's hard enough to enjoy learning it is excellent Tactical operation it could spend more visual effects in detail on the ground buildings and close call in counters with other Fighters. I rate the game as a number five. I would like to know if they are any harder fighter jet games in this phone by this company. Thank you very much PS I Love The Way We are able to get money when we are low on gold. Yours truly pilot garywarnick, .
Nice game. Would have rated it 5 stars but I don't like those stupid Way Points while playing in Campaign. It doesn't make sense. Why not start the game directly rather than floating around to get through those Way Points
Controller support: I use my Xbox one controller, but it only lets me use the left stick to move and nothing else...will give more stars but that was the purpose of me downloading the game to use a controller...πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ Look into it please other than that great game...
Great reminiscence of ace combat 5 the unsung war from ps2. I was waiting for so long for such great masterpiece. BUT PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO CALL FRIENDLY PLANES. I have so far spend 500 thousands points for them but they don't show up ever. Only default backup of 1 or 2 is seen. So 5-3 =2.
What the hell the game completed its update and when I open the app it keeps saying error ever time I open it. I have to delete the game and all of my progress is no safed very disappointed. There should be a safe progress for Google Play. Now I have to start all over again thanks to your update.😠
The best dogfight game i played, the graphics of this is so good the jets, Armaments, campaign and battle fights Specially when they hear my request of "weather conditions" however after you acquire all the missiles and guns and the f35 jets somehow you get bored. I wish you add more gamplay like upgrading our jets, clan or team for the team battles. And add some controls for barrel rolls movement of plane and able to vertical the plane.
This is the flight sim that you only dream about, well its here ,and real , with exceptional graphics ...,it just doesnt get any better than this...
Oh yeah very nice game very Realistic fighters and Graphics, can you guys pls add something like a Multiplayer mode of Bombing enemy base (a lot of base really) oh and did anyone mention how expensive the fighters? Im in the f18 but the f14 costs 100,000 more gold its just too much
A very nice game for the dog fight, good graphic, nice reality, nice control funtion, but still need a bit improvement. I will suggest to add the friend option and chat option for this game. The gameplay for this game was very well but the home interface doesn't. Home interface could be developed more completely to let player to communicate among each other.
Great game. All this time I was moping that Gameloft chose to abandon HAWX. Luckily I found this and this is waaaay better.
The game is good. But, I would love it more if the developers would make the game harder, include more fighter aircraft models like the Chinese J-20, etc, add more maneuvarability to the aircrafts, more enemy anti aircraft weapons, tanks, etc and more places like buildings and cities. Would love to see all these especially the cities where the battle can go urban atleast. Cheers!!
Am addicted to this game... not just good but great grafix. I like the way each plane is unique n different in how u feel them in handlin. The controls are easy n the game is realistic. I like the slowMo kill shots in the end plus the 360Β° instant turn to the enemies in pursuit, n with skills I dare u can come meet n challenge the unDefeated Me online for a Mexican stand-off...(Just watch out for MAU-MAU AIR FORCE/KAF)
This game has all the makings the graphics and all the airplanes to be a phenomenal game except they make you fly through Hoops what pilot has to fly through hoops and then the freaking enemy airplanes you can freaking chase him down for a half hour and they always stay right behind you until they kill you has so much potential but they just offed it off with too many complications and trivialities I'm deleting the game.
The Graphics is so nice and the controls is so so nice too and its super epic game!!! But i rate this 4 star becuase some bugs is not fix like if you go and play sometime its black screen but this is good and epic AIR COMBAT GAME
Game is very realistic compared to a lot of others out there! Only thing is it's a little glitchy at times and will shut off on you every once in a while. But the game makes it worth it. Nice selection of jets and weapons!
I love the new upgrades to the game. It gives the user a more,"Real Feel." My only suggestion is that the game offer more fighter planes than offered. I mean c'mon there are more than 150 fighter jets out, why not put, some, or all in the game. Overall, I like the game.
I think this is the best action game that I ever played yet.I like this game very much 😊😍 The graphics of this game is very good and realistic. This game satisfide my all requirements except some. The most like thing of this game is the Rank. I feel like real. Another one that u can earn money and ammunition by watching adds. Finally my suggestions are, please add at least 5 support aircraft in survival. I was unsatisfied when I started 25th campaign.The requirements must not be mendatory.
Please add JF-17 Thunder made by Pakistan.And please add prive room battle where we fight with our real friends.Also add friends option too.
Love the graphics and challenge. Alot of glitches as far as inverting flight axis, you constantly have to turn it on. Also no way to upgrade anything. The start of an epic flight combat game but much work to be done.
It's a very addictive game. The graphics are super cool. Just sometimes the game glitches but that not a big issue, we can restart the app.
Wow this game is the game i really enjoyed in my life.everything about it is amazing from the graphics the planes ,wheather , design everything just look like real.the tasks are very tough but it just needs your intelligence.thank you action games you are the best.
This game is really good but im really frustrated with the prize weel, because after you unlock a new cannon like the Gau-9 or whatever it will keep the gun before that on the wheel. And sometimes i like to win ammo for a gun i already have.
Great game. Love the game play. Graphics are great. Fun to play. My only negative is the prize amounts dont match the cost of planes. You shouldn't have to play 10 levels to upgrade. Or have daily prizes only 2% of plane costs
All in All this is great game... I've compared this to other dogfight games and by far this is the best one I have encountered so far.. while it does have random ADs.. it doesn't have near as many as other similar games. I also give the game props for making it easy to obtain the jet and upgrades you want... Unlike other games where you are stuck with a sh**ty plane and upgrades that cost way too much... In this game if you are willing to watch a few ads you can get the jet you want really fast
My phone just updated to android 11 and now this crashes instantantly(02/28) Great game but logging in it says come back for daily reward every 2 hours that's more like every 8 hours plus the F-14 Tomcat when you step on the brakes thinks it's right wing is a helicopter blade
Very impressive and entertaining. The graphics are awesome. You are not tricked into making card payments inorder to purchase new aircraft all the time or too early in the game like they do in other apps. This happens in the advanced stages of the game. By then the developer has earned my payment or support.
This game is awesome and amazing but I think it should allow the fighter pilot to be more optional as to which missions that they want to excel at instead of having to go through different stages of different aircraft aircraft on here has prices and if one has that amount in their account that should be able to buy the aircraft and not have to buy every single aircraft before that aircraft other than that the game is excellent
Very enjoyable game, it's challenging but not too challenging. Great graphics, the aircraft look amazing, please can we do different colors on the aircraft maybe something more custom. Earlier I was dog fighting and an a-10 went straight through me but no damages, can we also do collisions when the aircraft are live. Thank you so much for the time and effort put into it
Great game. But can you add a more zoomed out cockpit view? Like maybe add like a stick or something for first person view. And maybe add some animations when you attack. Thanks.
What the-..I don't know if it's my internet but, it keeps on crashing on ANY mode..I was playing it today, then in 3 or 4 hours, it crashed for online team, navy online, death match, and campaign! Please fix this because my rank was really high and also my jet!
I'm glad you fix the machine gun bug which doesn't work maybe a couple of months ago and the update it now works just fine and if anybody is looking for a jet fighter simulation game that almost resembles ace combat assault horizon you'll like this game
I absalutely love this app...so challenging and fun not like those other apps that make their games so easy that you can win everytime so they can feed you a line like "you're great at this now buy more equipment and you'll be the best"...I'm totally stoked..can't get enough
Excellent gaming experience. Love the graphics and online gaming. Just one problem. The game tends to bomb out from time to time when selecting gameplay. What can be the problem???Using quad core processor with 1G RAM on Android 8 oreo go edition platform and 5" screen size. Graphic's settings at lowest??????????
Am here to give 555β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†. I suggest You Give Us a Timer On Death Match & probably all online challenges. Sometime it wouldn't hurt to know how long the battle took... Also n lastly I suggest the ending as the plane exits the battlefield maybe u could squeeze a pop for who actually won or say at the last display of achievements u could post a slot for the baddest boy. I got Ace Squadron n it is ewesome too but am addicted to this babyπŸ˜‰
Overall, this is a very good game. I had played before but I lost my code to restore. I'm not upset as itbwas my own fault. One thingn I mentioned before though that I do not like is the cut scene that comes up when you shoot down the last enemy fighter for the mission. This has caused me to get hit by a missle because I couldn't fire countermeasures. Even worse, it has caused me to crash which resulted in a mission failure. At the very least, make the cutscene optional or just remove it.
i was in level 180 plus, then suddenly the game app just disappeared. od take oneore then if it happens again then im afraid l have to beleice what l just thought about all these stuff. l know its not just the AD scheme and all but the "work done should be plausible as expected by the makers should be, but it ain't! REINSTALLED, the touch controls for me isn't configurable as l want it. the speed up speed down is on the same side @ the left unabling me to control both at the same time.
I love this game,awesome.. very addictive. keep adding more episodes. just one mistake is there in the category of Air to Air missiles, the Brahmos is labelled as P7. kindly correct that. I have one more suggestion regarding the online team combat sessions. instead of giving each of the 8 memebers their session status, kindly give a comprehensive nission status involving all the fighters, like how many kills, deaths etc per fighter per mission.
This is was a huge disappointed for me I downloaded this game a year ago it was good 5 star's but now! for some reason the screen is blacked out, survivel wave's go up automatically, after updating it probably made it a cheaper version of what it actually was. Oh! now I give it 0 star's fix the problem please! Then I'll make an exception to rate it again until then probably Uninstalling this once in lifetime great game. Peace out!
This game is so good, i can't stop playing, it's very fun and realistic, this game is fun af, it's great to play as all the jets and do all the mission, the campaign is all so interesting and fun, and it's really fun to blow other planes up, it's fun to play this game, what i don't like too much it's that it's kinda hard to get all the things but that doesn't matter is very fun and all is good this game is great honestly deserves more start than just 5 because of how good it is, I recommend it.
mostly...this game is great...but, after I finished all the story mission..I think I want more mission... please add more missions...and not only a fighter jet mission, add some bombing missions and a specifically a bomber plane to do the bombing mission...with some fighters escort of course...and if you want to be a winner in this game genre...please add some helicopter mission too... and please lower all prizes to get all the items we need like airplane, guns and all missiles...
I like before upgrade the game the missle's attacking speed is slow, so the missile alert will alert to me sonic click the smokes of the planes, but i didn't like the game after upgrading the game ,because the missile launching speed is very high for to my flight and enemies , i mean that the missile attacks the enemies or my flight very fastly, so my flight's life was drain fastly for this reason my flight dies quickly ,so i request to reduce the missile's attacking speed.
Hey tha game very2 epic and so challenging to win i have play this game year ago but i hope they have cloud save.and one more thing i have try play this game using gamepad but it only control the plane and not gun and flare pls update gamepad setting on any gamepad i use to play i hope it can😊😊
All's good! but some the app crashes when I enter any game mode like- campaign, survival, navy online. working stops and all panes had red trails and green vision very bad
I Love this Game Soo Much. Because This game does not disturb you with any adds. It is easy to learn and fight, and if you want to buy any war machine you can easly get that by watching adds. This games graphics controls flights everything is fantastic the only one pblm is this game is short of levels.. only 30 levels to play. I hope the game developers add more levels to entertain us . Anyway you dont regret after downloding this game its awesome( 5⭐️)
At sweet home part it asks me to go back home in a limited time and although i used the fastest fighter and in full speed but the time was up..another thing.. it is frustrating that each phase has several checkpoints and if i win all checkpoints except the last one then i loose the whole phase + i got endless attack waves which kept popping up not knowing how many and when i will be done with them
Been a long time but still we can't even see the name of the winner in multiplayer battles. That's real bad. Man it's time to update the rankings system atleast we should be able to see the names or winner. & It's a really good one inspite of its size.
Outstanding. Needs some spelling corrections. And more munitions. Modern munitions. Modern threats. And perhaps some randomized enemy spawning during the survival mode.
What's wrong. Whenever I watch a video and spin, I'm not getting any ammunition which I win, added to my account. Another stupid thing is those so called WAY POINT. just a waste of time. Why not start the game directly
From long time I was searching for a game like this.... I never expected such level graphics in just 60+ mb and fighter jets like Sukhoi, Rafale, Falcon series fighter jets... That's too amazing... Pls update for upgrading fighter jets, changing colours and much more... But anyone can finish this game in a week... U keep on watching ads so that you will get top most planes like f-22 raptor and f-35 etc easily in two days
I love this game! The planes are really cool, and some of the dogfights can get kinda tough lol. The only things that I personally think could make this game even better, is that they oughta make it where you can create teams with people you're friends with/people you know... I wouldn't be surprised if that boosted the downloads count. Also, (This is just me haha lol... but yeah xDD) I see this game has the F-4 Phantom in it, but what about the MiG-21 and MiG-17? Sincerely, Willy G. SoulFire
This game is very interesting and the graphics are so nice. The jets and the weapons like misiles and gun bullets. I have never met such a interesting game in My life. I don't play pubg but I liked this game more than pubg. Only the feature required is of chatting with the teammates and can't bet with the opponents. I wish that this feature should be added in the next update. The real reason behind the wanting of the chatting feature is that the teammates can make the strategy for winning game.
I just got this game about like 9 minutes and I already loved it the graphics is smooth and the control are decent but the sensitivity is kinda fast, I would rate it 5 if you fix it.
I will give this game 2 stars because its cool but when i am in level4 of campaign,it starts getting hard,the opponents are spinning around
This is an awesome game but it need just few more jets like if 17 thunder , Tejas , Mig 21 etc please add jf 17 thunder block 3 in this game the controls are amazing and graphics are fantastic and excellent I like this game very much ☺️
This is the best game, but the weapons do not work like the original, for example, the Phoenix missile is locked from a distance of 60 miles, but in this game it is not like this, and all missiles are air-to-air and short-range.
It was an amazing fun game for about 3 days. Now it won't upload to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+) at all Via wifi or Mobile data. It attempts loading and the app instantly closes.
It's excellent! The gameplay are so intense, great graphic and sound effects! There are no intrusive ads, you can still see it only if you wants some rewards, and the rewards are plentiful. It's not hard to progress the game at all.
Vey good game so far. However, now its not working. Its just stuck at "Connecting to HQ". It doesnt move forward from there. Would have given a full 5 star had it not been for this issue. Please fix it!!
I have played many plane fighting games and this one is a very great game. The controls are easy, visuals are clear, and the dog fights are challenging but not impossible. Great job crew so please dont change it so everyone can experiance what fun this game is. Thanx.
Unlike most multiplayer games in the PlayStore, this game is not one of those p2w games. Graphics are awesome. Realism is quite good. Ads aren't intrusive, but more like optional. You can choose to support the dev and yourself by either cash or ads.
I came back to check it out and it still sucks, upgrade is Horrible... sometimes less is better,,,, the UPDATE is worse than the last update.: AFTER THE NEWEST UPDATE, THE GAME IS LESS REALISTIC AND MORE ARCADE LIKE. I am not interested anymore (was addicted). Please make it back to the original 2.51. This is no way close to realistic or interesting. The last two upgrades got worse each time. I'm sure everyone who playe Email me if u go back to v2.51 otherwise goodbye
Your game is good but, your F/A-18 Super Hornet is weak compared to Su-37 even though F-18's hit points is greater than the Su-27... And also, I get hit with lower valued planes even I am already with that powerful planes. I mean, I dont understand why planes with more hit points get damaged easily. Dont worry, I still like your game although I need improvements when you update it. Thank you! Have a nice day!
Game was okay last night but can't open today. Reinstall done but still the same. Please help. I suggest add an option to custom the controls/replace button position. Please add manual control too.
There is super good piloting but the ammunition count and how much ammunition cost is not accurate and ranks are not every witch I want to be changed to be accurate the planes are too much the animals too much you should have least get like for the machine gun like 10000 bullets I know it sounds like a lot but roux planes would use that none of em in a short amount of time
A fine game. Good graphics and gameplay. Fair reward system. Online modes and campaign are really good. A cool game!❀️
Saw similarities between war wings i was sold, i knew they were the same developers, huge fan of old ww2 dog fights, i was a bit disappointed when they shut down. Jet combat didnt really catch my attention until now, prior expectations to me were low, i just presumed complexity since a jet has way more components then regular planes i though it would be kinda hard to embrace that on a droid phone. Any how my first impression was the flawless intro simple fast, giving me an arcade vibe
This game is very very good everything is perfect,but their is no chance to land the jet,while jet damage,so please update jet lands at ship.
It's easy to handle all aircraft. You can progress better than many other fighter aircraft games. You won't be bored. It offers offline and online battles.
I think you guys have done really great in adding CAMPAIGN. It has made the game more interesting.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I think you guys should add take off and landing of the jets. Also just a suggestion, I think you should make the player swipe to the left or right to make the jet flip instead of tapping on an icon.
Game play and graphics are great however it would be nice to have unlimited controls for all three axis, like flying a real aircraft so you can do loops rolls on your own. This is the only place where it lacks realism. In addition if your going to offer controller functionality it would be nice to be able to toggle the HUD and have the buttons setup for different functions(gun, missle, afterburner, etc.)
Lovely game,its my first day of playing this game,but i liked it so much,good graphics, easy game play,just i wish that we may change the aircrafts camouflage,and also its a generous game, thank a lot
You guys have brought fighters' wars from the skies right into my phone. That's incredible! The smooth control, the ultra graphics and the overall gameplay is second to none. Keep it up guys!
Good game. I do enjoy playing this game but when you complete all of the campaign missions and you have all of the jets it get boring. Add some new jets and/or a new operation mode in the game. I deleted the game a few months ago and I have my old password for the restore ID but it won't take the restore password please fix this. Also I wish there was a opinion to take off and land your aircraft.
Among the best realistic jet fighter sims I've played thus far, besides the graphics which is quite realistic the gameplay battles is intense and also challenging especially if you fly online in team deathmatch battles, my only complaint is when you execute evasive maneuvers when an enemy locks a missile on you it takes several sec to reload, it don't sound much but those few sec makes a difference between evading your enemies missiles and being shot out of the sky: otherwise great game... πŸ™‚πŸ‘
Game is fun, but after having to do a factory reset on my phone, it's impossible to log back into my previous account and to the status I had achieved on the game. I tried putting my old username back in the game and it keeps telling me, (wrong I.D.) and I had come way too far to start over at the beginning of the game. If anyone can help me on how to sign back in with my previous account, I will definitely play again.
These is the best game I have ever played I have other games in my phone but am addicted to these one, it is fantastic. the control and graphics are perfect, but the only issue is we can't chat with other players and we can't bet. Please in your next update add those features. Am reducing my rating from 5 to 1 because the game developer refuse to listen to the players suggestions.
One of the best games ever played. The noobs crying cz of the controls in the bottom of screen, flares won't work or it's more of to pay to win is utter useless! It all depends on how well you're at the gameplay! Rest there are no ads, watching ads is completely optional! This is one of the best games in air combat you can ever find!
I like this game πŸ‘but have just one mistake and this is control's jet, thats very fast to move and dont have settings for change sensitivity... But this is the best of the game in this genre πŸ’– set sensitivity setting pls
Very difficult game to play,chasing planes to shoot down,when most of the time you get blown outta the sky with anti-missiles.why made a enjoyable game so hard to play.
One of the best game,however jets are too expensive to purchase. Make it easy to go to the next stage but one of the best game
Good game overall. Grammar needs improvement, as well as the characters, hence the deduction of 2 stars.
One of the best first person action game I have come across till date ... Very griping ... Makes your heart pound when you hit your target or you are hit by your enemy.
Great graphics. I really like to play this games. But this games need to update.Update the multiplayer mode & also add pilots statistics or profile.
It's an amazing game where it's not very difficult to earn gold to buy new jets. Makes you want to play more and more. Kudos to the developers as after a long time I found a game which isn't trying to rip the players off by forcing them to buy gold for upgrades. It has online mode where you can play with and against other players across the world and its pretty fun. Helps me kill my time.
Excellent game in most all aspects. The controls of weapons are easy to find, making it a very good experience to play the game,& the layout of graphics is awesome,keeping my interest captured. A well done job is what I have to say to the creator of this game.
You know you guys have a winner in your hand , still you need to update it consistently with more jets and missions, need to add ground bombing missions and bombers to be more competent. Graphics are fine but there are some bugs needed attention to , sometimes the gameplay just freezes. Don't update with too much stuff at a time it destroys the authenticity and the future interest. Pls don't add too much ads. Rewards should be more better. Good job πŸ‘ & thanks.
It is unrealistic when you rank someone according to points accumulated over yrs of playing yet someone outranking them in combat doesnt appear on the chart. Eg. Number 2 in the chart ranks #4000+ yet coz he has played for long yet new players ranking below 200 are nowhere. Make 2 charts and al give 5 stars!!!
Good game but there is two things i want to point out, one is the fact you stole a model from the air combat game series, Ace Combat. Two is the gun combat, the point is that it feels on the rails, and feels too easy to do.
Please make the terrain graphics quality more good and add more aircrafts. When I destroy a base it still keeps the base as earlier. Please solve this. And also bring down the cost of aircrafts. And also add new planes like Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, Boeing T-7, AC-130 bomber, Sukhoi Su-57, Dassault Mirage III and B52 and helicopters like the Basilisk, Apache Longbow, etc.
A wonderful game 4 stars since you can't add friends or play with your friends. Also would be great if you can improve scorecard on team battles. I really want to see when I'm destroying 8 out of 10 aircrafts and lose, what the other 3 of my noob teammates did in that round. You can add skins for aircraft to make this game more commercially attractive. Please don't go pay to win right now it's a wonderful game you can watch a few (and few more) add to unlock almost all aircraft. Add frinds must!
Graphics are good compared to some. Playing against real players will get your blood pressure up, mine sure did. Haven't spent 1 dollar is why this is my favorite air combat game. Well I made mistake of not saving my ID or somebody doesn't like my comment, back to start. Thought had in game option of saving which I did. Oh well, plenty more games in here, Spent too much time to start over
Once I get the hang of flying playing the game should be a little bit of a breeze great graphics couldn't be no better maybe add a few stealth planes in the lineup. Maybe add more information about the planes that you are flying and their abilities.
I like the game but i have some suggestions 1st of all add multiplayer 2nd make the game little bit easier 3rd of all the support figther doesn't work even if you spend some money on them Lastly add more mission up to 50 I'm not unstall thegame im just gonna wait for the latest update (ΞΈβ€ΏΞΈ)
The game is too good...but it has only one prblm acc. to me and the prblm.is that the wheel of fortune never gives me gold. Even after spinning 20 times, i didn't received gold. So plz do something regarding this. Otherwise the game is fantastic.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Doesn't respond as fast as I do. Gives missile warning after I'm blown up. Insufficient explanation of all the controls and features. Big disappointment.
Good combat sim and defiantly a recommend. There is a bug in the system however, when you first start a mission (And only happens once) the mission end immidiatly saying lost connection, but works when you start the mission again. This is quite annoying I must say. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!Review2,,,, It's even worse now, the darn thing just drops the game in the middle of battle, and it's all the time. This would be a top 3 game if it wasn't for this drop. And by the way I'm on Samsung s9(n slouch
This is a great game, reminds me of the old PS1 game, Eagle One Harrier Attack. There are some spelling issues but nothing major. Would like a way to switch the measurements from metric to US units. We should be able to upgrade our jets armor and change the paint job and decals. Also would like it if the Harrier was able to compete in the game modes that require the advanced Jets. The AV-8B Harrier and A10 Thunderbolt II are my favorite planes and I would like to use them in late game content.
Well nothing is new, just sad waiting for the update yet there is no team whre people/friends can fight a battle as one. Nothing is new with the game play. No duel, team deathmatch? Not really a team but the game choose randomly player. Rudders are not working. No AIG missiles? Jets aren't upgradable. It still the same just kill jets, earn money and unlock the missiles and f35 then you get board beacuse of its gameplay cycle. Well still im gonna wait maybe they make a gameplay like"Ace Combat OL
The game is very good but the upgrade path are not good and vital the game becomes monotonous and then you need to wait for upgrade as you don't have sufficient gold ..so they can lure you to spend money and buy gold ..which is not a good strategy always ..also it lacks variety and engagement ..if you play the wheel of fortune you will get gifts that's not applicable at your level ..which is a waste of time for you to watch free ad videos and also you will hardly get any gold from spinning it .
I would have given 5 stars but there is no content only in the game only lock and shoot .There should be more content ,missions ,options to upgrade jets ,etc.The game should be more exciting. I hope these changes will be made .Otherwise the graphics and other features are really good .After completing all the campaigns and buying all the jets it becomes totally boring .Nothing else to do.
I don't remember how I found this game but I'm glad i did. It's been so far a lot of fun playing it. Graphics are really good for a phone game as well as the sound also. Working support would be nice to have but maybe they don't want to read all the squids crying.
The game is amazing but we need some more features Like Voice chat during online game play, Summary of all team members and opposition after match, add some bombers and bombing Missions, And very Important Feature that is Inviting friends for online match. And there is an bug, game freezes sometimes So please fix it.
Excellent game! Atmospheric and challenging! And i really like the spinning wheel, even with the ads, because this way i have a chance to get the best plane and best equipment! Keep the spinning wheel in every game you create from now on! And Merry Christmas!
Please add solo vs. solo online dogfight and LAN Multiplayer. Try to limit the amount of missiles into 6 per match in all online mode and make the overall damage of any weapon increased in a deadly manner(like one shot, one kill for missiles but the range or speed of any missile types varies and a couple rounds shot of any cannon is enough to distract or disable any fighters) to make it more thrilling and realistic... NOTE: These are only requests for online and not for Campaign and Survival
Terrible AI almost unplayable, being outmaneuvered by an F4 Phantom while I'm using an F16, Missile Alert is stupid, don't even have the time to react to enemy missiles before you able to deploy flares you are already blown up to pieces, enemy auto cannon outranges even your missile which is stupid. Fix those issues, game is supposed to be good I understand there's should be some sort of level of difficulty, this one just crazy difficult which makes the game unplayable
This game is not easy, only true, committed, loyal players will win this one. not for the amateur gamer pilot. Skill and witt is needed for this game. Excellent job on the game guys!!!! terriffic!!! Timely, challenging but terriffic! Congratulations to the entire team for making this possible!!!! Continue your great work!!!
You should add more game modes, and some futuristic aircrafts (for example those under development in real world), as that might attract more gamers and will hype them.
It's a good game. I liked it very much. but it needs to be upgraded weekly and there should be some daily,weekly and monthly chalanges to improve it more. Also introduce more more models of air jet planes like f17 thunder and flag of different countries like Pakistan. It will be more fun if wars are included between countries.
Best game I have ever played to date. I think that if you want to play a game thats as real as it gets this is the one there is no nees to try antrhing else period........ If yoy want a to play a kids type of a game then you dont want to play this game ever it will scare you and give you bad dreams lol ... Also i love this game its my go to game when ever i even have just a few mons to hours of time to play
This game is a Blast to play. I'd recommend it to anyone. Easy controls. No money required , go to prizes and keep spinning the wheel to get everything you need. I absolutely love this game.
Great Game for Air Fighters.πŸ‡²πŸ‡² Control.. Rewards System, Weapons, Mostly everything is great.. Nice UI and Image Quality. The Latest update is cool but i need to sing up to social media or google play Games to save the progress. I 've tried others but i feel motion sickness and they dont even look like real! Only this one i've played for years, still great. .much better improvements in Visual Quality.. REALISTIC! The weather, the sun, the Nature is all Naturally Realistic! Best of its kind❗
Game is fantastic, only complaint is the prize wheel. Watch the ads to spin the wheel and got the same dumb airplane logo that gives you absolutely nothing to use in the game! I've Watched 6 ads now in the same hr of playing and got the same result every time. Waste of time to view the ads if they are not going to Reward them with anything useful to use.
This is actually the best game I ever played, though don't have much time to spend playing it but it's always there for me, you know. I hope it doesn't change or crash. Editing- just after I made this review I had to update it now I can't pass through Campaign _Admiral call. After I finish state 11 it restarts . Do something about it
Incredible game but we must to able to do loop on loop, or an overhead loop. Leaning sideways only Makes it a bit difficult. Please fix this
Wonderful game with awesome graphics and controls. Modern jet aircrafts with advanced features having CFD system i like very much. One thing is not good that you must watch ads to get modern aircrafts for higher missions. In campaign mode level 28 you must need F22 Raptor or more advanced aircraft to play it. Overall the game is fantastic and i really like to play it.