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Ace Defender: Dragon War

Ace Defender: Dragon War for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ACE GAME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED located at FLAT/RM505 5/F BEVERLEY COMMERCIAL CENTRE 87-105 CHATHAM ROAD SOUTH. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The gameplay overall is fun but as each day rolls by i cant help but notice how far behind free to play is in compared to paying players that it almost feels pointless. Pros - good graphics - feels fresh - smooth gameplay Cons - shortly after starting the game it soon becomes a once a day tap - heavily favored for pay to win - events and pvp become pay to win races - unlocking new town/bases is useless because it doesn't change the pay gap
The outdated and insanely aggravating handholding tutorials are too much, can't do it anymore. Stop with the forced clicking, you haven't created anything new, we don't need a walk through like this. Just stop, Uninstalled before finishing tutorial because it made me want to break my phone in half. Please stop this stupidity.
The only thing you can do is spend money for more heroes - the adverts are totally missleading and there is not much to play, everything is auto.
You download, play, and relax. Couldn’t want much more, and whenever you feel like it you come back online to a big reward every time.
Not been able to play due to the orientation only staying one way (crack on screen) when I flip the phone 180° it does not change, please add this into the game Samsung S20 Ultra+
Far too much hand holding during the tutorial, unable to explore the interface or take it at my own pace. While attempting to change name from player###### I continually received 'text contains illegal characters' without any clarification on what is a illegal character.
I thought this was a TD game. It's probably 5% TD and 95% card battle rng pay to win nonsense. Edit: Not about difficulty, ads for game show tower defense and this game is not that. Every 5 or so adventure stages has 1 tower defense based stage.
This is pretty good game with turn based and idle mechanics. I like the graphics and the ease of gameplay. Controls are excellent. I can't help but to give some suggestions 😁 - in the future can you improve the fluidity of the sprites? They diserve more frames in their animation. - can you make a large gallery for the characters in the future? The art is awesome and it would be a shame to not view it full screen. Keep up the good work, guys! 👍
Surprisingly addictive. Many modes to play, this game is a combination of TD, VS, Maze Exploration; and there are tons of events & quest to obtain resources in the game.
Gameplay is good but hitting a wall quite quickly. Server is already dead. Devs need to play test the progression so people don't get stuck for weeks.
Pay to win, if no pay, u cant up level hero. Rarely activity to get resources. U cant passing stage if no pay. New server open everyday, old servers is dead if u continue play there.
This could have been a good tower defense game but they had to RUIN it with a forced autoplay section. Either your team wins or loses you have no control. Who wants to watch a game play itself?
I'm not understanding how is shared crytal working? I can't change the main heroes and this hero doesn't has highest level.
Hit the pay wall in the first day. Waited over night to get xp. Max leveled my team to the highest they could go the next day and still couldn't beat any of the stages i was stuck on. Dont play this game. You won't get far without paying money.
Not worth an install. Most entertainment was reading the inconsistent English in pointless hero lore, and when 'click anywhere' means only click 'here'. 1 hour to uninstall Game mechanics shallow; developers knew how terrible their gameplay is and they try to hide it as best they could. Animations and level art is pretty good. Their power ability animations are pretty impressive too. Everything plays out in autobattle. Little to zero strategy beyond idle upgrading. Ideas all stolen poorly.
You can only progress and get as far as you have patience. But if you are f2p it’s all luck and you will always only be second to the p2w
You know I thought it was going to be a trash YouTube ad game, but it’s actually really fun with a lot to do.
This is a dead game. Support comes in the form of new ways to spend money. No genuine events, all but one valuable character are gotten through loot boxes, and the community is nearly dead. I only wish I could get my time back. Its only redeeming qualities are relatively bug free game play and decent artwork. Sorry but this one's a pass.
The updates are ridiculous stupid. Dont waste your time or money. The devs love increasing all enemies and making sure you cant level up more up nothing. The game is unplayable. Congratulations dev way to be greedy
This game was advertised as a tower defence game, and the first few tutorial levels were indeed tower defence, but then it all changed and went into some kind of turn based game where you cant even decide what attacks yours characters do. Just pointless really.
I saw a tower defence game advertised, and the tutorial was just that. It turns into a vs final fantasy style turn based game after the tutorial where you collect heroes of different factions. The vs game mode by far is less than unique on mobile games but for some reason gripped my curiosity. Played enough to realise there are both vs and td aspects to the game and enjoy both halves. Very well made. I am currently level 50 and leader of a level 3 guild.
Boring. Graphics are good. But game lacks any kind of meaningful decisions. There is no strategy, no choices.
👎I start playing in 32 server (the last and suggested one). But, before I close 1 week of the game (in 5th day), the game has 8 servers more (40 in total)!!! As a result, that has not a few players to join in the guild and in the guild WE CANNOT COMPLETE ALL THE TEAM/MEMBERS QUEST!!!! Stupid and sloppy game programing... *(Light years ahead, from games with 1 global server like "Age Of Magic" and " RAID")!
You know after I see the ads it look not that fun but I’ll be honest after seeing joker from persona5 i really wanted to play and surprisingly it’s really fun
Was excited to see the tower defense but now it team vs team not into it looks like almost no td after the first 4 levels
The last update killed all fun playing it was already quite hard to play when you not spending money and now harder. Thx delete
No cloud saving!!! Played on phone, switched to pad "Third party account...on other account". I use same google account on both devices and worked well on other games.
Terrible. Games has to many bugs. You spend the diamonds and dont get the rewards. Bad customer service. Events dont last for the amount of time that they are supposed to.
I like it its simple and fun dont have to spend alot of time crafting and upgrading its really nice to play a game that doesnt feel like a waisted grind
You don’t just watch the game play itself. There are endless tasks, you don’t need to pay to win, and you can be as strategic as you do or don’t want to. You’ll get absorbed in it.
You know I expected a raid shadow legends rip off but instead got a huge nostalgia trip to a game called brave frontier. I love the game so far and I love the feeling it gives me, please don’t ruin this.
Awful tutorial, just click on the shiny flashing button over and over. Doesn't seem to require much from the player, except for the buttons thing to advance to the next section.
Sadly your game does not go to full screen so I am unable to access many of the buttons. I like the Look of the game but it is unplayable to me.
This game is good and worth of your time. For free to play like me, it's hard to climb up the ladder. Please more rewards for some free to play user.
You can go be away from your phone and win you can have help from your friends. Also it is very easy to complete quest.
I personally can not stand games that hold your hand as if im a 5 year old kid playing a video game for the first time. Your Tortorella is awful for someone that has played games like yours. Let us do what we want off the bat!!! Give a option to skip the tortorella. I will not be playing this game because im on " chapter 2 " and the Tortorella is still going and holding my hand all the way through. Shame it seams like a fun game
Similar to AFK Arena, but this one has less content. This game has better visuals compared to other AFK games. The sounds are bugged for some champions or maybe they don't even have voices yet. All immortal champions are hard to upgrade like you need the same champion with the same grade to upgrade it, and this makes them useless. The game gets really hard after few chapters, stuck in everything but, I guess this is how you get money. In other words this game is an ok game.
If you want to waste your time on a game that has very little growth this is it. You will hit a wall that takes weeks if not months to pass. Not really exciting game either, very little community and very little incentive to play. I put in a good amount of time into this game and after I reached 7 days continual play I MUST move on. Good luck adventures hope this post helps.
Wow. After this patch is not working anymore. Well done. Invest time, effort and money for them to bugg the game
Heres an ideal,mobile game developers, how about we advertise THE GAME YOU ACTUALLY MAKE?! I'm so sick of ads not showing the actual game but something that will download. Disgusting. DO..NOT...DL...THIS....GAME. Its NOT a tower defense game!
The ads for this game show me heroes fighting on a chess board. But game play is tower defense. What a shameless liar.