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Is a Simulation game developed by FLERO Games located at Wemade Tower, 6F 49, Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyenggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far it's great, I'll up to 5โ˜† after I play longer if it's as good as it seems! Ok... update, still love it but some of my decorations keep moving and are misaligned when income back to my game. I definitely think unlimited storage would be a great improvement!!! Also I think the limit on decorations should be removed or increased. But for the most part I have really been enjoying it! I know it's new and I'm sure will continue to get better.
I like the game but after maintenance the price for scales went from 2k AO to 23k AO which is way expensive and unfair because lower levels get lower price for same amount of scales. You guys guys should have increased the numbers of scales if you are gonna increase the AO needed to buy it
Slowed my phone down so much that I had to delete it. And take my phone to back to the store to get it fixed. I love this game. Please fix this.
Great game!!! Very intriguing game, could play this for hours. Pre-registered a few weeks ago and it was worth it. I see other reviewers who say they've played a prequel and are having some troubles, but this is my first time, I'm having no problems so far, and I think it's fun :)
I enjoyed the game. I've played Tap Tap Fish and Tap Tap Abyssrium Pole for years now also and like their games normally. Last week I opened my game that I've been playing since this game came out and I was logged out! I logged in and it opened an entirely NEW game. I don't want a new game, I want the one I've spent over a year cultivating and put so much time and some money into! I've messaged the developers many, many times over the last week and a half and have gotten NO RESPONSE!
Beautiful, and so relaxing. Also all of the critters are adorable โ˜บ๏ธ I'm in love with this game ๐Ÿ˜
I love the game, but it sometimes put me on black screen or kicks me when I try to enter the exploration.
Hi! Its Been Long Time Since I Never Played This,Ever Since Among Us Become Famous,I Stopped Playing This Game And Played Others And Got Bored Then Liked Fishes And Sharks Again So This Present Day,I'll Be Playing It Today So I Really Like Your Game,I'll Report If There's A Bug๐Ÿ˜ƒ
It is a nice peaceful game you can play when you are stressed out or having a panic attack. At least in my opinion. <3
I Have been looking forward to this game since I've been pre-registred for it. I played the first one and thought it was good but it needed more. This definitely delivers, but I gave it 2 stars because I got a "pink baby ray" for free as a gift for pre-registering and never received it. It doesn't seem like a big deal but I can't play a game that lies to your face. The message says to check in storage but it's not in there. Some help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Fantastic, I've been playing every version of tap tap fish since they came out and they are probably my all time favorite games. They don't stress me out and they are visually pleasing, and adorable <3
Can't back home when visit friends. Always like that. Freeze when look fish inventory. Many bug. Event make this game pay to win. Please devoloper clear all of this. Iam global 28. iam feeling like to uninstall this game and give 1 star. Dissapointed.
It's beautiful and I love the realistic aspect of litter- it's our duty to protect the ocean and keep it clean. The only downside is that whenever I'm trying to move around I'm always accidently selecting a coral or decoration, so it would be nice to be able to somehow toggle between an observing mode and an editing mode. ๐Ÿค—
Overall love the game except that i can never get all the event fish no matter how many times i do the recipe. Very disappointed that after spending money i still dont get the holiday narwhal and event ends on the 17th... wish that after 20 times you should have at least one of each fish at minimum. Im very disappointed in the events due to not being able to get every fish at least once. Otherwise i love this version over the regular abyssrium game.
Calming, the game is so relaxing and the melody is so perfect to calm your mind. EDIT= I got bored after few days of playing. maybe this game just isn't really my style. But seriously, it's a great game. It's just a matter of taste, I guess?
Loved this at first, now I'm giving it one star. After crafting the shiny goggles, the game is nearly impossible to play. I have to log in FIFTY times and click collect AO just to upgrade my corallite once. And there's nothing to do in the meantime. I have to log in 15 times for one fish, and I don't even get to pick which one. Sometimes i get maxed out on fish from a crafting component but i got the same lame fish four times. The endgame is grindey, has awful mechanics like purity, and boring.
I enjoy the game. I've played Tap Tap Fish and Tap Tap Abyssrium Pole for years now but this one is getting a little pushy with requirements to buy decorations that I do NOT want just to advance. Also I cannot create any more fish until I UP my decoration points by getting even more decorations. A little frustrating. Aside from that I like it.
add more fish pls and add more corals and also add the octopus's shipwreck update And make the coral decoration when placed will produce purity
Design is fine, but its overcomplicated and has so many types of currency it's stupid. They also have items that are pretty much pay only(the axolotl and the clam) that are either a paid subscription or an outright gatcha that are nessicary and permanent parts of the map. It also has a lot of arbitrary wait times. Very scummy.
The only problem I have is the videos to get the chests will not load. My screen goes black and then I have to check out of the game then renter the app completely.
This game is very relaxing, only issues are the wait times and the costs.. but its probably a 4.5 star if I could actually rate it like that.
Got one pre-registration fish, but in the tab there are two you're supposed to get, a dolphin and a ray. I only got the ray. Not being able to zoom all the way out is a bit frustrating as i can't see my fish very well and miss out on AO. Would like to see more features that aren't a required item(decoration or creature) that you have to pay to use like the axolotl
Too cluttered. It's really difficult to control the screen and move around especially in later levels. Can't zoom out enough and all the screen clutter makes relaxing with the fish impossible. Resource management is also lacking and unrewarding tbh
I was recently paralyzed and this game has helped distract me from the pain i've been experiencing. There is a lot to get and it is very relaxing to watch.
Beautiful game. Not only is it fun to play but it teaches you about the ocean its wildlife and the problems it faces.
Cool coral reef simulator. Kinda wish it was faster paced and some gameplay mechanics more logical and practical. Camera and moving around is abysmally bad. Still love the game.
The game overall is good but there are a lot of small things that should be changed. The main one is the storage system. Storage is just annoying and limits the game experience. Decorations have a max which should be removed. A few glitches pop up here and there but are nothing really major. Something that should possibly change is the pollutants that pop often and take a bit of time to clean up. Finally, because the game runs in the background it needs to be fully closed to get offline rewards.
lovely game, good graphics and plenty to keep occupied. Won't work on emulators yet which is a shame. Some people cannot play on a small screen due to health issues.
I like it very much!!! It got boring after and takes too much time to excel or level up... But all in all its very cute, relaxing and makes me feel sleepy while playing whenever it is night time since I'm having hard time sleeping because I am pregnant. Sleep is very important for pregnant women
I really love all of the abyssrium games they're extremely relaxing, I feel like in this one there is a lot of currency to keep up with, but the graphics are amazing and the scrolling mechanism is so enjoyable I wish it was implemented in the original game as well. So far no glitches and really fun gameplay.
It's a fun game but since the last update the camera isn't working correctly so I can't finish my daily objectives.
Game is really good but there is problem with graphics setting in game default graphics setting is on medium but I changed it to high and it works but after closing the game and restarting it the graphics quality is reduced (looks like medium)but when checked in settings option it still showing high (I have to click on high setting again to see the game in high graphics )this is happening whenever I close and then start the game for next time...but game is nice and relaxing
This is a really relaxing and satisfying game to play. Only complaint would be a feature to send all your fishes for exploration at the same time and receive all the rewards as well
Okay-ish The original Abyssrium was 'better,' to me, as upgrading corallite was easier understood (constant tapping and fish acquisition). This version has more streamlined perks/rewards, though mostly centered around purchases. The graphics are still aesthetically pleasing.
Amazing!! Cute story, relaxing sound, awesome graphics, free player friendly. Can't watch ads yet though, wonder why. Anyways, very recommended! Edit: I don't know what happened but I'm able to watch ads now, nice, very satisfied. Thank you for your services!
It's fun game .... i love it but i really hate the storage. Can you make it so that we can sell the things which we don't use in the storage? .... and i have too many shell, its make the storage too full and i need to expand it again and again. Although we really didn't need to expand it much.
I love both Abyssrium games and each have a peaceful ambience. Later fish/area expansions can you need to grind towards in terms of days/weeks. I'm looking forward to new fish ๐ŸŸ
I played every day since release, they are out of their minds if they think I'm going to market this game for them. They are constantly doing social media events asking to share and fill up forms it's nut. Upgrades take forever there is no gameplay, all you do is send fishes on expeditions, wait, collect... again and again. The latest update they added event passes and so many cash grabs on top of subs... these devs are insane. They haven't even fixed the bug I reported twice and it's required.
I really love this game. The combination of the music and watching the fish is really relaxing and helps massively with my anxiety. Plus it's educational, I've learnt so much about loads of species of completely real fish that I didn't even know existed.
Love these games BUT please work on the saving issues on tap tap fish before you start creating more games. If we cant save our progress and be able to switch phones and continue to play, then it's pointless to play. I don't want to spend money on a game just to lose it.
Bottlenecks your progress but at least it's not as bad as Abyssrium got. Too bad y'all messed with perfection on that one.
Fun and relaxing, BUT: *I can already tell that this is going to be a cash cow. You don't NEED to spend $$$, but then you don't get the advantages *"Place this decoration that you don't want at a cost, when you could use those materials for other things that you DO want. You can't advance until you do!" Ugh! I spent $$$ for pearls and never received them, but my card was charged. Never happened on any other game I spent money on and I was told it would take 3-5 to receive them! I don't think so!
I remember the original Abyssrium- if you're looking for something like that, turn away. I remembered a nice, calming experience that helped with my anxiety, but just today this game gave me a panic attack due to loud, jumpy ads while I was trying to calm down. Really sad to see it go this way, as otherwise it would be quite lovely. Ads with noise should be banned on apps like this.
I love the first game and I love this more. I love the new graphics, design, and how interactive the game is. It makes me relax and appreciate the life under the sea. โค๏ธ At first you'll be confused of the mechanics but if you read the descriptions you'll get used to it. The only issue I encountered are the ads. Sometimes they don't load and I got stuck with black screen. I'm poor, so I'm relying to freebies.
I will be rating the game 3 stars for now. I hope that the future of this game will not include as many events as the last. the bombardment of events and push for in app purchases in the last games was irritating and took away from the experience of the game. I hope that this game will be different. my rating will remain at 3 stars until I get the chance to see how the game develops over time. I was pre registered, but did not receive the pre registration event fish, which is a bit upsetting.
I love it. it is super relaxing and pretty. There are no we popups and the only time are come up is if you want to speed up a countdown by 10 minutes. this is anperfect game
Played every other in the series and this is by far the best work; maybe add a background screen timeout where the menus and options dissapear and maybe it follows a fish around and stays static sometime? Otherwise I'm in love! So much potential, minigames, other forms of vitality boost, the list could go on!
There is already so much more unnecessary, complicated details like explorations, friendship, and quests. Half of the fish designs are completely recycled from the original Abyssrium game, meaning that there is a surprisingly low amount of original fish designs. And I'm sure this game will end up becoming just as riddled with IAP's, useless currencies, superfluous menus, abysmal translations, and noncreative ideas as both of the other games in the series.
This game is relaxing, soothing, calming. With the sentimental music, I could feel the peaceful of ocean environment. I really love it!!! The only thing should be improved is that the game sometimes lag.
I loved the original one but that ones unfortunately just become a money grab i think, BUT this one is very well done and i actually prefer it to the old one!
The old version was very fun. I redownloaded it and I was pretty disappointed that they seem to have changed everything for the worse..
Loving amongst every aspect so far. Camera doesn't stay panned out and can be awkward to adjust. Gameplay is straightforward and graphics are lovely.
IT IS AMAZING Never have i seen so much dynamic in games before. Usually i would rate apps if it haz bugs so that the devs would fix it. I can make an exception for this game. Keep updating your game is amazing
Abyssrium World is a great game, but there are some parts of the game that can be improved. It takes too much time to grind and get the pearls necessary to get the chests (silver+gold), which is quite frustrating. Also, there seems to be some sort of bug that does not allow me to have blue/pink chests in my village. It makes me discouraged because i want to collect all the event fish. If these things are fixed, it would definitely improve the experience of this game and I would give 5/5 stars!
I love it! It's almost different to others that are similar of how the basics of the game works but the style, music and how well it is to settle in and start playing is sooo simple! A must try!
I loved the very first Abyssrium and played for years. Didn't much care for the sequels, so I knew I had to try World. Fantastic compared to the other games. Thanks for the beautiful game. :)
This game causes my phone to run hot after only 5 minutes of gameplay! Many other games with more information being processed take far longer to overheat my device. Also, I tried to name myself "HippoSamurai" and "HippoNinja" in several different ways, but apparently it is inappropriate? But I could write it in my bio? And then my keyboard glitched out and I am stuck with the username "tdu" or something. About the preregistration rewards- I, like most people, only have the pink ray. Why??
Ah the new sequel Abyssrium World, great game with amazing graphics the game play is good, but sometimes can get a little overwhelming overall its an amazing game. The reason I gave it four stars are for two reasons 1. Controls 2.Money. the controls for me are so hard! Why did you make it two fingers?? Why can't it just be one and yes I know you use one finger to move the screen but most of them need two fingers i always find myself needing to go into exploration and in again. 2. MONEY.
Lmao the name change. Bored by the end of day too. There's SO MUCH you have to manage minute-by-minute and you HAVE to keep up with it all or you make no progress. New fish are exponentially more expensive and feel more like a punishment than a reward. UI is very clumsy and I constantly click on buildings I didn't mean to just navigating the UI.
I love this game. I still give it 5 stars even though it has some imperfections. I love that i can still earn everything without having to make in-app purchases. The game is beautiful and helps with my stress. Though I do wish that you could get more storage for new plants by upgrading like you do with the storage box for items. Please consider adding something for decoration storage, I would love to keep my giant coral reefs growing!
Enjoying this game a lot! 3 main points of feedback: 1) The lottery clam is blatant gambling, I hate it. I will never use it. I think it should be removed from the game. 2) Many "stacking" decorations have improper collision detection. Example: I can't place coral on top of Flat Rock. 3) Make it easier to check which fish can settle in which exploration areas? It's so hard to keep track of, and it's a pain trying to manually check every area every time.
Really sweet and enjoyable but still needs some work. Like... give us the option to sell duplicate fish for valuable material or something please?
Awesome! A way better sequel than the snowy Abyssrium one. Love how you can expand your territory. One complaint i have is that I don't want to have a bunch of fish carrying tools and stuff. Or a teddy bear. It breaks immersion. I want to have a beautiful natural looking coral reef without manatees with drums ya know? But the game is great! Wonderful job guys!
I experienced a but earlier that made it as if i had completed all the quests in the game, and this made it impossible for me to continue progressing. When i restarted the app though, it was fixed, although it still was very frustrating to go through
Won't load getting error code? Whats going on? new name, new update now I can't play? not happy about not getting the pre- registered dolphin that was promised. this game is definitely going to be a cash cow.
After the latest upgrade, my decoration point went down from around 12.000-ish to now 2.000.... Even my coralite now has 5.000 decoration point so it really doesnt make sense. I believe this is bug. I have sent support email but no response yet. Will fixed to 5 star again after fixed. Thanks
This is a fun game, but be warned it is an energy hog. It requires you to buy decorations, which will heat up your device, so keep your images simple by putting most decorations in storage rather than in play. Nice fish, somewhat better than Tap tap fish, but limited ability to select fish.
I really loved the game!! It's so calming and it somehow gave me a nostalgic vibes of going back to my favorite beach, where I could see corals and fishes. Though, it somehow reflects how the world threw their trash into the ocean but overall this game is really good! I'll be looking forward to more updates so keep up the good work! My patience of waiting of this game to release was all worth it~~
Itโ€™s amazing and very relaxing. Itโ€™s actually been quite long since I liked a mobile game. Anyways it calms me down (which I need a lot because of my hot temper haha) and itโ€™s very relaxing. The graphics are also great and itโ€™s so visually pleasing.
Addictive, beautiful, and relaxing game. One problem I have had with it is that I cannot figure out how to expand to the next area. I've looked everywhere. Not even a solution on Google. Maybe I'm not very smart but now I cannot progress into chapter 2.
This app is a huge step up from its predecessor. There's a lot more features, although this makes the beginning very confusing. Overall, this app has a lot of potential and I look forward to future updates.
Fun and relaxing, BUT: *I need to upgrade the coralite to level 10, and I have NO IDEA what I need to make it so! Even if you can't do it immediately, please leave the upgrade icon there so players can see what they need. *I can already tell that this is going to be a cash cow. You don't NEED to spend $$$, but then you don't get the advantages (Axolti, for example).
I cannot play this game, it crashes every time I try to open it. Update: Still crashes, although I see the loading screen rather than straight back (and the tiny whale) added a star for the response.
Overwhelmed. The map system has waaaaay too many places. There is too much focus on microtransactions.
The game is amazing and I am glad I pre-registered for it. But it still has a few problems with it which I suppose are because it is still developing. 1. It is difficult to skip the tutorial and start the game right away. 2. Please solve the issue where the Decoration items get misaligned automatically once you close the game and restart it. (I find it really annoying and it affects the purpose of the game, to relax) 3. Please provide a more descriptive intro about events. (Can't check fb!)
Way more immersive than the others! I love that it has a storyline. The only thing is that the tutorial can be a little glitchy when telling you to tap things. But I love the music and the look of it all. Also bold move with bringing in the problem of pollution.
Couldn't get past the tutorial, the tapping just doesn't register. Unfortunately because I've played all the other abyss games. Wanted to give this one a go.
Good but could be better, the previous version was more fun, but this one takes patience n is kinda slow, increase the gameplay speed, also not able to complete missions it's saying 6 max level colonies where as I have only access to 4 colonies, check and update asap.
So far, this game is AMAZING! It's very calming, adorable, and there is a lot to do! And you don't have to wait too long to get certain items. I highly recommend this game if you want something that will calm your mind and relax you. -๐ŸŒง๏ธ Add my user! Rain #81527
Very peaceful and pretty game. Easy to play for the most part. Has some issue when selecting things it can be picky if you don't touch things in the exact spot needed. Also camera is very easy to change even when you don't want it to. I wish there was an option to set camera to lock in place!
For the most part it is a good game but I only have one nitpick! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure that our progress is saved when we connect to both Google Play & Facebook. I went back the next day only to find I was signed OUT of Google Play. If I'm not signed in how do I know if my progress is saved? I expect this game to save my data so I can connect on any device! Do this and it will receive five stars.
I loved the very first Abyssrium and played for years. Didn't much care for the sequels, so I knew I had to try World. Fantastic compared to the other games. My only issue is I only have the Pink Manta Ray for Pre-registration. But there is a dolphin that is also a preregistration reward? Can you explain why I only got one of the two? Thanks though for the beautiful game. :)
I like the original game so much that I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on it lol but I find this new one very complicated in comparison, I get it there is supposed to be more considering its tap tap WORLD. but there is so much more to do in this game that I cant follow or keep up with it. I had this game pre registered too becuase I was so excited about getting so many new fish and animals as well !!!! I'll keep playing just confusing to do so. Pretty game otherwise
Is there a way to undo the settle ? I settled the wrong fish by accident and it was an event fish I can never get back ! Honestly you should make the exploration easier!
Love this game so much. A little bit graphic crash but still fine. It'd be great if the cash pay section is more worth it.
I will be rating 3 star for now game is nice but crafting fish make it lot harder to play please remove it and add regular method use in every tap tap fish game fish purchasable by vitality graphic is pretty good but i don't like the controls and one more thing i pre-register like months before but i didn't receive all gifts i just got pink baby ray what about vaquita dolphin was i suppose to do something to get please if not send me all gifts i am suppose to receive for pre-registration.
I LOVE this game but what I don't love about it is the storage, and that's because the space is small, but small enough where I can't store any resources and items, and that effects my tasks. I can't send any of my fish to venture to gather any items, meaning that I can't get my tasks done. That now leads to expansions, I can't expand without doing my tasks, and if I can't expand, then I can't increase my air bubble things to attract more fish from crafting stuff from my storage. Please fix that
Great game, but it's a battery murderer. Allow us clear more than one piece of trash at a time, some people can't play every 10 minutes...
Bored by the end of day too. There's SO MUCH you have to manage minute-by-minute and you HAVE to keep up with it all or you make no progress. New fish are exponentially more expensive and feel more like a punishment than a reward. UI is very clumsy and I constantly click on buildings I didn't mean to just navigating the UI.
Please fix the ad feature. How are we suppose to open the box if the ad keeps failing to load. We can't fulfil the daily task like that. Thanks. Also, the reef monologue's font is too large. The clam icon is too annoying for the aesthetic of the whole game by hovering like that. Overall, it's a pleasant game but really needs to be fixed here and there
I would give it a 5 but, when i click on the app to play it, it wont load and the screen stays black for literally 5 minutes so i give up. i hope it doesnt do that for to long because im also on a high level of the game
I have been a really current user of this game series and i must say i am really enjoying this one just as much ad the rest. My only concern is with how many popups there are for every single ungrade and level up and how it pushes you out of the menu every time you level anything up. Otherwise, its perfect in my "bored phone gamer" opinion lol
I've been loving the game and just tried renaming my profile but almost all of my attempts failed due to an "inappropriate word". I have no idea what inappropriate word is in Trilobite (a cambrian age sea creature) but it really annoyed me. As far as I know there is also none in Quigmodacon, my Username, and Tumuolathlamo, literally my name translated into my language as well as my backup username. I would atleast like to know what word your system finds so I can avoid it.
So i do enjoy this game, its fun and relaxing. Someone already said something about how often the pollutants show up. I'll get it all clean, close the app. Then bam whole place is pollutated again. What I really dont like is one of the daily quest. I have it linked to my fb and it wants me to share a pic everyday, just to get the daily reward. It inconvenient and I shouldn't have to share something everyday on my private fb. If I knew this was how it would be then I wouldn't have linked my fb
Not impressed at how quickly this game has moved into a pay till you choke game. What is with the limited time purchases? I can see 1 time purchase, but limited time? Go back to an animal of the month for $10 (&/or buy in a pack). Need to change it so we can clean the coral "at will", meaning as often and when ever we want, not just when the time says. Close to uninstalling all my taptap games, even though I love them all, but they quickly shift into the... can't play much, unless you $$$ a lot.
Pre-registered player here. I think it's stupid that whenever my wifi acts up, this game quits itself. Why am I not able to play this game offline? I think that needs to be fixed. Otherwise, I have always been a fan of the abyssrium series, and I hope that this gets fixed. 3 stars because I'm in a good mood.
Battery murderer, other than that great game if you have the time for it. Collect all button would be nice ๐Ÿ‘Œ
It's a pretty fun game. Only issue I have is that it keeps summoning the same fish over and over. I'd like to get some of the other fish too. Other than that the game keeps me entertained and the music and activities are relaxing.
Video ads stopped working few days ago... And you kinda need those to finish daily tasks, also they're very helpful.
I have been waiting for this application to be ready to be downloaded. Today is the release date. I have been playing for 3 hours and i must admit. This is cute, it's a very calm game, beautiful graphics, fibrant colors, preety fish, easy controls, cute corals. I love it, it's worth it. ๐Ÿ˜
The game overall is good but there are a few small things that should be changed. Decorations have a max which should be removed. Something that should possibly change is the pollutants that pop up often and take a bit of time to clean up. Finally, because the game runs in the background it needs to be fully closed to get offline rewards.
Dropped rating because the game has bottlenecked me at chapter 10, getting the white bear statue with multichrom scales. There is no way to get the scale other than wait for it to pop up randomly at the store or purifying trash. I have been stuck at this level for days n losing interest...
I have been playing the Abyssrium games ever since the first one launched and i been excited for this one. I like the game so far but I'd like to note that it looks less lively than the precious ones, ocean looks kind of blurry and misses that magical sparkling we love in the Abyssrium games.