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Abyss Attack

Abyss Attack for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Deep Byte Studios SRL located at Mosnita Noua, Nr. 370, Judetul Timis, 307285, Romania. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Man This Game Is Cool I Can Wait To Show ThisI Have To Unlock New Submarines And More Stuff Are You Ready?
Why would an app want to have access to your google drive. And full access of being able to delete anything on your google drive? So many other personal informations they wanted to access.
ridiculously difficult missions. Demanding login every 10 seconds is flat out retarded. I've never seen such a pathetic technique to market this horrid app.
Great game, but a couple of limitations. As you progress the only thing that really changes is the speed of the screen scroll. Once you are over 10,000m the static objects that block both bullets and ship movements, just should not be there as they limit movement far too much. Once you have all weapons upgraded & all ships you should be allowed to carry more weapons. "Save me" costs money but only gives you one life...what's that. But it is a great game.
Came across this app again after I had run it for a couple of weeks then uninstalled when I was starting to grind. Reasonable enough for a retro style but graphics not the best me thinks. Could do with a large makeover, then if they get it right bingo but 3 for now. Oh and no reinstall. Hot guns. P.
Good game, but it keeps stopping after a run, then I have to get out of the game and start up again to play, so I had to uninstall, fix and I will re-install
Reminds me of a Nintendo DS Game I used to play in terms of art work and their Hooverphonic inspired music is spectacular. This developer has another game called Vertigo Racing. They are quirky and build games they themselves want to play if you ask me and that's ok with me. I supported them on both games with the double coins.
This the most cazzieis vediods game I had ever played ever I felt like I was exsrlley I under the sea bottom for real good job good job😎
Major security issues with the app do not install it. Graphics are below average. Could have been a great game but it is one these apps who are after your personal info. Google is now filled with these apps a lot nowadays.
Let's get this straight this is an awesome game, and graphically it's gotta b up there's the underwater creatures are beautifully animated and catch that eerie and mysterious vibe, this has so much to offer and there's so much to enjoy bur where's the achievements man? I just don't seem to b able to play a game now without the achievements. If they fixed this for me this would b an all-round 5star ( that rare and wonderful thing) otherwise keep up the good times you're knocking out some really fun games/apps
Love this game but it would be great if there was a way to reset my progress once I completed the game!
Great game, when it works. The graphics kept clutching out causing everything to go dark and/or flash at times. It got bad enough to make the game unplayable.
Excellent Vertical Scrolling Shooters, set in an Underwater Abyss. If you like Cave Style Shooters then you will Definitely Want to Download. The Graphics are Very Artistic, with Use of Colours and Light Translucency. The Sound is Fairly Basic, but gives a Deep Aquatic Feel. You Won't find another Game of its kind, on the Google Play Store. 5 Stars, a Must Have for All Shooter Fans. A Visual Masterpiece. Super
Very different from typical shooters. This one is in the depths of the ocean, rather than the depths of space.
Your game continues to ask for Facebook signing every time I try to move from one function to another over and over and over. Because of this aggressive marketing I will delete this game and your other racing car game in protest.
It's a beautiful game but it's constant asking me to sign in to Google play made me quit and the game is rediculously hard
Facebook sign in doesn't work, I take it that will give me leaderboard as it did with Chillingo's release of this game, if not then I'm not bothered about it. Actually a world leaderboard that didn't rely on Facebook would be better.
No fun. Every time we have to start from level 1. To upgrade weapons and others we need diamonds. We to collect that. For each upgrade it goes up like 15000, 30000 diamonds which takes too long. You will delete the game at the end of day 1 or day 2 definitely once u realise what I said above.
This game was a lifesaver in 2016 when I had to work 24/7 shifts for almost no pay. Beautiful graphics and an interesting premise. Loved everything. Thanks for being there for me those 2016 days and nights when life really sucked. Abyss Attack deserves to be there in mobile history next to Dead Trigger, Sierra 7 and Shadowgun.
Honestly this is an endless shooter done very right. At some points it can be hard to get to the next upgrade, but it is rewarding, and the bosses/enemies/world is very colorful, charming, and beautiful.
This would be a great game if you could survive for more than a few minutes. Good weapons last only seconds before you're swarmed and killed.Uninstalled
Best offline game i have played. Beautiful underwater worldvbqgafc with vivid colors. I rediscover this game after 4 years and it is always a pleasure to play it. Congratulations dev, you make me feel young again.
This is honestly the best gaming app on Google Play! The Graphics are incredible, the game play is simple yet fun, and the music is beautiful! Best of all, the player can advance through the rankings without having to deal with play limits, forced payments, and those stupid adds that so often interrupt gameplay! Great game and I highly recommend it to everyone!
Nice shooter, way too random though. I dont like how harder waves of enemies can become the first wave after you reach them the first time.. I shouldnt run into them first unless im using super boost and skipping ahead stages.
This game comes with very impressive visuals, good sound and smooth movement. The game play is ok and it will keep you busy for some time. So why only two stars? Two reasons : a) every time you return to the main screen (and I mean, every single time), it is trying to log in your Google account, which is not something you always want or need. That's 3 splash screens to skip every single time. b) upgrades can become rather expensive, compare to what you get in return, specially with "continue" once you died, which is pointless to do and getting new ships, for which I honestly can't justify the cost. Other than that, it's a nice game.
Great game, BUT, there's nothing new after a while, things just get faster, AND, Google play connection doesn't work since I changed roms and couldn't get back my game progress which was substantial. The Google play logout button doesn't even work, which means I'm back to square 0... A bug: sometimes the screen maintains a power up flash brightness for a long time, which affects visibility. And I still don't know what's a "superboost"
Can not save progress unless connected to internet. Save to cloud. Start over from begining Everytime.
Incredible graphics and music! Excellent controls and smooth gameplay. Though challenging, it's still a fun game. No ads ... I highly recommend this game.
Pretty amazing and unique shooter. Really good graphics, a bit creepy, not even sure what I'm shooting at, and it gets really difficult fast but highly recommend it.
As a serious shmup enthusiast, I love everything about this game, but unfortunately most casual gamers will be put off by the intense difficulty. Upgrades are difficult to aquire quickly, and without them, getting past zone five is next to impossible. It's a great game, but you need to either make upgrades easier to afford, or tone down the difficulty just a little.
After you die three times, you can't play the game anymore. You have to delete the game and install it again.
This is a really fun game. I love all the different attacks and it's much better now you are able to have two weapons and the extra life is great too. What happened to being able to get headlights for your submarine? I really miss them.