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ABC – Phonics and Tracing from Dave and Ava

ABC – Phonics and Tracing from Dave and Ava for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Dave&Ava located at Floor 1, Business Center, Al Smookh Building, UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm Al Quwain, U.A.E.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I paid through google pay to unlock all the letters, payment was successful but still not able to unlock the letters or restore the purchase, no customer care option as well.
Hey you people don't be so disappointed in this game, because FYI This is perfect to the 2 year old Im taking care of... SO IF Your kid is 3 and up dont bother downloading and giving so much low rate they don't deserve.. This is very helpful as a Sub-Topic for introduction for writing and phonics of our 2 year old kid and We are buying it for him.
This is a seriously horribly built app. The idea is awesome but the execution is horrible. Downloading videos for offline does not work. There is no option to "pin" the app or make it a lockscreen so your kids leave the app constantly. Even when they don't mean to. I have subscribed for 4$ a month and it still sucks. We're continuing to use it because the parts that work are great. I'll change my review if they ever fix it.
so i I mailed the developer to explain how i paod for the full version app changed device and now i uave to pay again not to mention no response to my email..normally when i change device and login my purchases are restored. otherwise the app is amazing but not unless you're have full version.
Waste of money.. Only has alphabets tracings for 250 rs.. You have free apps to do that.. While advertising they mentioned learning numbers, colors, animals and all but nothing is there
My 1 year old enjoys this a lot but... No pinned screen option so playing on smartphone means my kid constantly closing and opening bunch of stuff, so she can't play continuously. I tried it with my tablet which solved above problem but it freezes a lot and I had to reinstall it several times.
I've purchased the all letters from the Google play & app was were working really fine for my son as he likes it too much but from last two days the only first letters are being open & when we tap to any letter above "C" it ask us to download to remaining letters & then restart the app but the download don’t proceeds,, plz help me regarding this issue
For the price you pay, you could've at least added a game. Its really boring repeating the same thing. My kid didn't want to finish the ABC. But yet you go and create single apps for everything and charge for it. The graphics and controls are good and that's about it.
Not eligible for family library?? I really like this app but giving it low rating as it is apparently NOT eleigible for the family library. We have the Nursery Rhymes which is eligible, so I fully expected this to be too and was surprised to learn it was not (did not look because the other one was). Very disappointing that this is not standard across the D&A apps, I will always use family-shared apps over those that are not so if this continues this will be my last D&A purchase.
Very good app. Helps a lot my kid. Only trouble that i am facing that this app doesn't override screen scrolls and oftentimes she goes into home page of my phone. Otherwise very good app and child is tracing the alphabets and also having fun
Love the game for my kid but unfortunately this application should be reported because it is not clear how much it will cost(as far as I know this is forbidden in Europe). There is no information about the costs ( even when I completely fill out the payment information) tried all the payment methods and still no clear information about the costs. Please fix this.
Payment is done but the letters are still locked. Please check. I have also sent email to Dev. Kindly check. Give access to letters or refund the amount.
I purchased the app for my son it worked well for few days then i realize the app kept shutting down. When I reopen was the same thing. Another problem I find with this app is moving It to another device. When I tried putting it on another tablet for my son. I went to options all the functions to benefit the app works fine which are the orange buttons but the blue ones to restore in-app purchase are not functional. It is frustrating and I feel like I wasted my money.
I just installed this app for my granddaughter. I can't seem to get past the initial installation phase even after I paid the $2.99 to open up the rest of the alphabet letters. The funny thing is, they tell you upfront that the app is free & once you get to the letter D of the alphabet, & your little one is all enthused they ask you to pay to go further. I've emailed the potential app creator on the email addy given on this app page. I guess I'll wait for a response. Very unhappy.
Very bad experience,my child liking the application so that I made payment but still the application was not working,, please don't cheat people
The leters are not unlocking on my son's tablet. Otherwise it works fine on my phone. Will update rating if problem is rectified.
Love the app, my son is learning so fast with it just had a question, does anyone have this or the numbers app on an android tablet?? I tried downloading on amazon fire 7 but looks like a cant , i really want my son to have his own device to play on
Great app, helping her pronunciation of letters get much better... Shes like a sponge right now so loving her being able to learn and adapt to letters... Only draw back is the lack of variation. 2.79 for just letters is a bit steep
This app is a scam. After paying £2.99... You cannot get pass initial page with just alphabets.. This is miss selling
It's a good app. My child loves it. But i can't seem to restore the in-app purchase, which i believe are the rhymes. Can i get a little help here?
What the hell. My kid is liking the app and i am paying for unlocking the letters but still it is locked. I have done everything as the dev but nothing didn't work. It's been 24 hours. Please refund and correct the bug
I did the payment, however unable to unlock the alphabets. Every time I open the app, it directs me to the payment gateway... Surprising!!!!
Paid for unlocking all the letters but it still asks me to pay again... how many times to pay. Why all the letters aren't getting unlocked.. I have already paid...
I like the colourful, fun way this is presented. However as a teacher, this is not how you write letters. Or how you are taught to write them in school. Which is a bit pointless. E.g. the A in this app you start at the top. You would never be taught to write like that.
Instead of purchasing in my kid I purchasd it on my phone with same account.. it's not reflecting on my account... Could you please look into it. In general if purchases should reflect on all devices of same account right.
Very bad experience made the payment but still the app is not working ONLY the first 3 alphabet are free. Made payment but still stuck. Sad.
2 year old loves it but... bought full versions of both this and the numbers for android. However as of last night 12/26/2018 the numbers app has reverted back to just having 3 numbers available and shes quite upset. she loves the alphabet one and it's been amazing to watch her learn how to do the tracing and now at 2 she can count to 20 and knows all her letters and letter sounds. it's been great for keeping her on the toilet longer than 3 sec. I'm just upset numbers isnt working
I like this you create couse my baby sister know how to. abc and 123. Thank you for creating it.but can you create a. Color fruit free offline game.like that.with.from ava and dave . THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Doesn't work!. Can only reveal entire letter IF you don't lift your finger at all. Then...nothing happens! Have to close out the app entirely and reopen just to do another letter, only to have nothing happen again. No buttons work to get to a different screen. Useless. Spent the money to unlock all the letters for no reason.
app got stuck after every 2 alphabets. it was so annoying, my toddler eventually stopped using it. g was barely used because of this difficultly. now im trying to get rid of it to make sure i don't get charged again but i see no other option except uninstall. theres no option to turn off "automatically renew subscription"
This app is very helpfull to my kids, where as they have learn some good words, rhymes and speak some good English..
The biggest con! Are you kidding me with this...its meant to be free and as soon as you bypass the paid for section, there is no content in the free section. Come one you guys, seriously.
It's a very good app, but i don't think you have to pay for your child's learning benefits, their learning developement should be free.
Loved game but will not restore. Lb loves game but now unable to play it as won't restore on new phone and can't even rebut it as is already downloaded.
I can't stand misleading marketing strategies, this app costs $2.99 but they let u download, install and seemingly begin to play the game before asking for purchase or even mentioning that it's not free (like the YouTube show). Nowhere in the description page does it list it's price. I'm a loyal YouTube subscriber and I don't appreciate this subtle manipulation tactic.
Once again, the app is not allowing me to restore the in-app purchase I completed many years ago. This happens WAY too often to be enjoyable. The button does not work and the app is unplayable. My girls love Dave and Ava, but the "paid" apps are a digital paperweight.
This app is ridiculous... You can't change the screen to allow payment to open the rest of the letters. I tried to pay with pay pal and credit card and neither page allows me to see what I am trying to as it brings up the keypad and won't allow me to drop it to enter or even see the correct information.
Great app but keeps crashing, sometimes it gets stuck and flickers, sometimes the animations have a black square over them and sometimes it completely shuts down! Please fix this!
This is the most BEST APP EVER!!!! My One Year Old Brother Just Learned How To Speak! Thx For The App!
DO NOT BUY!!!!! It does not work. Restore button does not do anything. Paid for all letters but cannot access them but then had an error code saying I already have bought the item. Not fit for purpose.
I downloaded this and paid for the full version for my son and after every letter the game glitches and freezes. I was very disappointed because for one my son was looking forward to playing it and two this is not the only Dave and Ava game that isn't working after you pay for it!
I think this app has the potential of being amazing. There are many flaws that I can see just by reading the reviews, however the main one for me is that I was not aware I only got A to C, the rest I have to pay for. Maybe you need to put that it's free as a demo but costs for the whole thing? Very misleading. Uninstalling.
An awesome app for 1-2 year olds...when it works. I bought it for my grandkids to use. They love the phonics and numbers apps, I just wished it worked half the time. They have same Samsung E tabs running KitKat, but the apps only compatible on one of them. Idk
I have buy all this application because my baby love it in my Apple device, I want to restore in my android and asking me for buy again, why need to pay many times
This app is very good and holds my son's attention, but There are 3 things that could be improved. 1. freeze up and stall (a restart usually fixes that) 2. tracing the letter could be set under level two and level one would not have the tracing. 3. the volume, home and next buttons are too sensitive. A double, triple tap or hold would probably fix that. (or the option to turn on those settings)
Very good app my 2.5 year old daughter enjoying this app and she learn all alphabets how to trace alphabet
I purchased this application yesterday. But when I touch letters other than ABC, I get a message "You're about to download Dave and Ava's letters data(near 85Mb" and I click yes button, I get a notification "Looking for resources to download". I tried installing/uninstalling using data and wifi several times. But end up unsuccessful. How to get rid of this situation?
Its a cute app. Kids can learn from it but there is no diversity. Its only the same capital letters. No lower case. And 'A' is always for apple, 'B' is always for bus and so on....these are just flachcards. Im expected to pay €3,50? Thats quite a lot.
I had my kids start using this app since there where 10 mos. 10 mind at the the time. The will do the coloring part. I will hold their hands for tracing, needless to say they are 4 yes old and took writing easily. Thank you.
I get that you need to pay for licensing, but $3? Heck no. Make this a 99 cent download and put the cost up front, so that you don't have parents getting their kids excited when they see Dave and Ava, only to have to disappoint them because they're not about to pay $3... for the alphabet. The fact that you put that little trick in there, clearly designed to force parents into either coughing up money or disappointing their kids is pretty sick, IMO.
A cheaper price will be nice or why not combine all apps of dave and ava. The app is very helpful coz it helps toddlers speak. But i look forward for an all in one app and i think this will be one of the best educational game for toddlers.
it's worth the money and interactive enough. my LO loves Dave and Ava videos and she gets so excited to see the characters in the game. just sometimes when she mistakenly send the page down it gets crashed and does not allow to do any action. we have to restart it. I wish there were lower case letters too. do you plan to include them later? please do!