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Abandoned Mine - Escape Room

Abandoned Mine - Escape Room for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Escape Factory located at Osmussaare 8, 13811, Tallinn, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Freezes up. And you cant advance without hints. And to get hints you need to watch adds that also freeze up or put money on the game.
The combination lock refuses to open on the locker even though I'm using the right combination and turning it correctly. I've tried many times and it simply won't open. It works in a walkthrough I watched but it won't work for me even though I do exactly the same thing. The game must be broken. Couldn't even finish level one. Uninstalling.
This was probably one of the most frustrating room escape games I've played yet. And I completed maybe 3 of them in the last couple days. Maybe for some, this is a really good thing. Definitely would recommend if you like the challenge. For me it was more frustrating than usual. Still, don't think it derserves too bad of a score.
Controls are lousy, gears won't work. following blueprint and I've watched the walkthrough, it just doesn't work. Uninstalled
It was all great until i got to the "Ore Pass" level. There are few steps that I can't do because the hint icon is in the way as well as the pause button or whichever button is next to it. Hope iy gets fixed soon so I can continue playing this and the next levels that get released.
Dire. If you enjoy brown coloured games where its impossible to see anything its perfect, if you actually prefer to see things avoid it. Horrible art.
Great escape game. Loved the artwork and the quirky comments when searching various items around the area. Clever puzzles, not too easy or boring. Just ran out of levels. 😟 Just have to wait for the next ones to be built.
Once you purchase credit for help some of the puzzles are not explained and you are forced to use your credit to solve them. The game "suggests" frequently to use your credits to skip a puzzle which was not explained and clues not given for. Waste of money.
It's ok until you get to stage 2. Then there is a room with a drawer and cupboard that need to open. The drawer opened but not the cupboard. Cannot move on, so uninstalling. Was liking it up to that point.
I would rate this a zero but i cant. On level 2 u have to put gears in e certain position, but apparently if ur off by a single mm its wrong. The paper they give that shows u what it must look like is also wrong. I cant even play the rest of the game cause the second level is utter bul*****. They say the game is for 3 and older, but apersone in their twenties will struggle
Easily one of my favorite app games. So much of my time gone in frustration trying to think of what I had to do next to progress. SWEAR that each time I'd phone in the walkthrough for help (always felt guilty doing that) I would first be stuck at least 3 hours before I would allow myself to do such a thing.
Was good. But got to a part that you have to arrange letters, that FORMAT they set for it is a-whole-new-game on its own, not encouraging. One have other activities to do than to waste it all up on one stupid game that doesn't pay
Challenging Without being impossible. If you are a fan of escape room games, you will enjoy this one.
very buggy game on android. broken. some tappables are hidden by inventory! combination padlock doesnt work.
Its not so cool after all... Its so ugly that you almost cant do anything! I think Spotlight X and Spotlight is even more cooler!! I hope you can update this too: can you plz make to do alot of explore?! And even can you make mote levels?! I have completed this game aswell..Uninstalling it now
The banner that sits right there at the bottom of the screen is so distracting that I could not continue with the game.
By far my favorite of your games. There were a few items that were hard to see or pick up, a small downside to otherwise very enjoyable graphics - loved the look & feel. Had a small issue with a missing clue by the fireman's box, I solved the puzzle out of order & later when I needed a hint I was directed to the box, but there was nothing there. I like the sense of exploring a story or history without it having to have a sinister undercurrent and its not just a random bunch of rooms either.
Nice game, but some puzzles don't make sense or are unclear (the one where you have to push the blue, yellow, red & green colors to open a door = need a little more information in the clue to make it better & the one where you have to arrange the red & green dots in the last part before you exit = this puzzle doesn't make sense! took too long, no skill needed). Better graphics, more information & clues plus more free hints (like in Skycraper) would make this game Great. Good Free game! thanks.
this game was literally a "that is interactable?!" experience. fat fingered players beware, puzzles are fun and not too difficult, but your fingers have to be precisely placed, or you will exit the area or think that something is not intractable either because of the way things are drawn, or it not getting picked up the first ten times you tried to pick it up. it was fun the first few chapters, but then it got too annoyingly tedious. keep a walkthrough on hand, you WILL miss something.
There is a view problem with a Samsung S2 10" Tablet. Important items like the Electrical Panel and the Key Locker are not visible. They are behind the inventory panel.
I got stuck and needed to use some hints when it stopped going in any kind of logical order. And not too found of the graphics, hard to tell if something is there.
Decent game. Ads arent too intrusive, puzzles generally make sense and it hints at a story even if there isnt explicitly one. Basically I want to know what happened now. On the negative side, its really dark and easy to miss stuff but overall its good for a "free" game
Broken. Demands money for a hint when you start with three, I've only used two, and it still shows one available. I won't pay after such a brief taster. Ads are LOUD and frequent (though short). Seeing what an inventory item is if you can't remember (most aren't clear from the image) takes three taps instead of one and not even all on the same spot. Too dark even at maximum brightness, indoors on a sunny day. A pity, the game itself is very promising but these flaws make it unplayable.
There is a glitch in the game. Once you enter in the combination code you can hear the lock click but it does not open the locker. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in a timely manner otherwise don't waste your time because you can't advance in the game if the lock doesn't open.
Great game but needs to add another chapter...its been a long time and all their games are like that..you get a chapter and then have to wait an eternity for the next chapter. Then another game comes out before the next chapter comes and it starts over. Lol
Game is bugged. I can only get as far as the locker room in level 1. The rotating combination lock won't unlock. I have the correct code, I've tried multiple times, and I even checked and copied exactly what the online walkthroughs do, yet it still will not open.
Very frustrating, I did manage to complete it but only after pulling my hair out! I have played many escape games but sadly this doesn't rank as one of the better ones.
Better off playing it on a computer than movibe app because there are certain things you cant seem to "click" with your finger than you can do with a mouse. Better yet, fix your bugs...
really fun and a great time waster. the only thing I don't like is that the objects to find are so small within the game.
Super annoyed that the lock in the locker room won't open. Only lvl 1 and I can't continue. Watched a walkthrough and did exactly the same but it won't budge. Disappointing.
why can't I watch the hint videos ? says everytime I try to see a hint video, say I am disconnected from the network connection . which is crazy bc the first level I was able to see the hints , but now I can't . some one help me out !!! like the game just wish it would act right .
playing on an android tablet, the object bar on the side covers a decent part of the screen hiding crucial objects, like the electricity box in the first area. puzzles are simple and relatively easy, not terrible, but a few annoying things.
there used to be good escape games. now they all suck. they either dont start or they are made with impossile clues. this app is so dark cant even see the clues.
Lovely game nice aesthetic but some hit boxes are a little small and the cog diagram in a breath of fresh air is just straight up wrong. I look forward to playing more though
I really like this game. When will the new levels be available? I'm dying to find out what happens next. BTW what's the story behind the miners Bob Sam and Joe? Did they survive when the mine collapsed?. Please shead some more light on their fate.
I gave up and used the cheat to figure out the first lock puzzle. When that didn't work I watched a video walkthrough. Still didn't work. You can't make games like this so precise. We are playing it on our mobiles on lunch break and before bed. This just sucks the fun out of what could be a fun game.
the game controls are bad. if you click anywhere to try finding objects it leads you to the other scene. it's also very dark, you barely notice anything around.
Just played 1 level so not sure yet. Its dark and murky and I like it. The clues are quite basic though and no puzzles so far but will see how it progresses.
Places you need to click are too dark and small. "Puzzles" so far are obvious, so this is more about finding and tapping the exact right place on the screen than solving ingenious riddles.
A great escape game. Recommended for escape gamers who play like fogfalls, abd submachines, etc. games on pc.. I hope the creator makes another games like this with more puzzles and mystery to solve.
Love the game, but it was really frustrating that whenever I solved a puzzle there was an ad that I couldn't get out of. I tried rebooting the app and it always happened. Made it hard to keep going
A favorite escape game. In other escape games the clues don't even make sense when you see the hints(scam). This one is honest and fun, thank you!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
It doesnt recognise you clicking objects all the time so have to keep clicking hint only to find its something ive clicked on loads of times ... . Maybe this game is meant for a huge screen or something ?
Excellent artwork and challenging puzzles. Some items a bit difficult to find but not too bad. Hope another level is in the works.
One of the best adventure games I've played, there are 4 levels but they are so extensive, lots of things to figure out, I enjoyed this game so much!
I love a challenge and this game is a dozy, but in more than one level the final puzzle doesn't make sense even when I go over what I did to pass it. I think the game is great but you messed up a little. Nobody is perfect. I am impatiently awaiting the next puzzle.
Time and effort were spent to develop this escape game. It is of a good quality I have to say. Four chapters, each one of several rooms which kept me wandering from one room to another and stuck most of the time wondering what do I have to do next. There are mini puzzles, I used a walkthrough to solve the color cubes puzzle and still asking how it worked that way, also solved the next electric board puzzle just by chance I think. Sometimes if not tapping on the very point it will not work.
After finishing lvl 2 I was bored with game...graphics are subpar....nothing hints to whats next....plus used the "hint" once and it used all 3 that start with...sucks!!!! Uninstalling.
Finished what's available shortly after last update (7/31/18). When are you going to update and add more, has said "coming soon" for almost 2 months now. Otherwise great game