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AAG Police Simulator

AAG Police Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Alarga Std located at Jakarta, Tangerang. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game I highly recommend if you like police simulators. One thing I would change is to add calls or traffic stops to free mode. Maybe add accessories for the vehicles such as extra lights, different sirens, etc. Maybe a couple new cars, but I know it is based off of real vehicles so no too worried about it. I also know mobile developers are limited on what they can put in the game.
The game is great! Just wish the chase mode was done, and also the fact if we can pull over people in free mode! Other than that, good game!
I see a great road for this game. The detail of vehicles and scenery are very good. All you need now is to add traffic stops to free mode as well as pursuits and a dispatch system for callouts. I have a lot of ideas for this game and I hope you take them in!
i love it but sometimes one of my car disappears can you add a swat mode and on chase mode do like a button with a police car to call backup and a helicopter do a pilot mode so you can be in a helicopter and drive it for the swat and make it like you can call ambulance, firefighters,tow trucks, emergency doctor, and on escort do a helicopter and a roadblock to make sure you are a officer
The reason i put 4 stars is because there isnt the chase mode in the game as yet.Please enable the chase mode soon
there needs to come yellow light and with chase there needs to be a little menu while playing where u can ask back-up from helikopters and swat and patrol cars
I love police games just like this one but the thing is the map is kinda small so they have to update it but I recommend you to download it its the best!
Try to add legit cars, calls and traffic stops..... And also add sirens and lights then this game will be at top.when will the chase mode come????!!!!
Please add chase mode I will play again and again free and escort mode and I bored please add more cars there are 3 cars available to ride I give you 4 star
Should have gave it 5 stars... But needs improvement... In escort mode.. The vehicle behind never travel fast.. Guys please change it.. Also add the chase mode soon.. Please
Great game good graphics and it's fun but I need a little bit more like the chase mode should come and some better actions
The graphics are decent the car looks good but the main things that I don't like about the game are the prices for the cars, the escort mode needs to be fixed and WHEN IS THE NEXT UPDATE COMING!!!. I mean, there is no point saying that pursuit mode is coming soon when it will never come. Do the update or take away that box. I also mentioned the escort mode as it is vere, very buggy, the cars cannot keep up with you, they always steer out of the way, it takes too long and it doesn't giv much cash
because it makes me like police a bit mor nut thers 1 bug that i found my idutating stopped working and just maks the noise it is so anoying i might have to dellete the app if that bugg dose not get fixed please take notice of this note
Really good game but need new sirens and pull over some people and the lights could reflect on some building
The game is good but only if you add the escort like you stop at stoplights and then the other police car would let them true so it would be like a leapfrog
There is no world borders XD I litterly just seen the road just cut off the map before my eyes XD then I went straight off the map. Free mode isn't the best. would be better if you could pull people over & do an actual traffic stop.
Really fun game it's like Malaysian game I'm Malaysian btw info is best at making game like the same level new update is chase mode right.what I think for the new update for the next update 1.more cars 2.more livery 3.more maps 4.more modes like robbery,chase, speeding patrol,city patrol and armed robbery 5. You can get out the car to give tickets for speeding or ran a red light in free play 6.last one calls in free play done.
Very good cop game, graphics are good, gameplay feels great. Chase mode is coming up, but I would also like some other features like pulling cars over, and in Escort Mode the cars like to get stuck, especially the last ones. So I would like that to be fixed.
Really good game I play it every day the only thing I would say is It would be better if they add cruise control also I want to know when they are making the chase mode
Best police game ever but only 1 star cause same maps, no chase mode / other mode & some bugs like no road / giving no update
I like the game but the lights at night time are not flashing at buildings and it's not night at night
This is the absolute best police game out for mobile. The developer has put a lot of time into this game unlike other developers. The lights scan through patterns, the sirens change tone, ability to have lights without sirens, all that. Outstanding game. I noticed that pursuits are currently being worked on, which I am excited about. One thing I do want to see though is the ability to conduct traffic stops with working police equipment on foot. Lovely game. Also, in-app purchases for coins.
Very good game but president buses can't follow me because I drive car very fast and they don't please in next update president and bus can drive in same speed
Great game. Do you know when you will put in the Chase mode as it will make the game way better so you have more things to do.
The October update was great! More than expected. Next update need to be the Chase Mode, and make it good! If you can get a good chase mode, no doubt this WILL be the best Police Sim for Android. Likewise, the ability to pull people over in Free Mode will be a great addition too. Don't stop here, the game is so close to being complete
Please put on the mode where in you are not the lead car and please put unmarked vehicles that also have sirens and blinkers. So that it will be more realistic
This is a pretty good game, but I keep encountering the same thing of getting stuck. I keep getting stuck on many places and its not fun.
This game is amazing but whenever you will update this game but i hope that the price of th cars need to be cheap
You need to add dispatch calls to the game. and fix the traffic. when I turn on my siren and the cars move out of the way. Sometimes when the car is on the left it moves to the right. even though it should be the left and vice versa.
This is best game ever. I really enjoy it very seconds i pray it . It also need an edition of maps n cars can you please update cars and maps please!!!!! 1 maps is boring and add towing option on it
add that you can get out the car and add questions to the suspect during a traffic stop and add dispatch for free roam side mission add a plate checker to check plates if the cars license is expired and any warrents the suspect has. this game is really good, and would be better with these new updates and also please add multiplayer in the future.
Best game i every played! I really want a American version! Cause im honestly part American and i would love to see a game like this but based in America, and awesome job on the Turkey police livery too! I reccomend everyone to download this. But the sirens will take a while to get used too mate. They are interesting to me.
you should make a fire truck one. You would have a fire station and every once and a while you get calls and the same setup as this police one with the lights and difference sirens and everything else. also make the missions daily life.
this game makes no sense there is no Crown Victoria there is no Dodge Chargers there is no Ford Explorers there is no SWAT there is no database to search up people's name there is not other officers this game doesn't have online there is so many things wrong with this game and there's no Fire EMS
Be better if you the chase mode would come to the games and a button that you can call backup,fire emergency,ambulance emergency,and a tow truck and air support for chase so you wont lose the vehicle that you are chasing and you can switch to different team like (Fire,ambulance,tow truck, helicopter and swat team)
This is great game... Iam giving in 4 starts in this games really this is really game in control is very easy in break also is very contral in this game iam once again this is fantastic game please installing in this game.
It could be better. Fuel could last longer, sirens and lights could have different modes. More maps. Easier ways to get money etc
Chase mode is not available. Its boring to play free and escort. This is the reason i give 4 stars. Otherwise the game is awesome
bad expirience guys im telling you to not download this game it says it have chase mod but it does not the cars our grandma walks faster than that cant even get out of the cars and some is dead end you will fall of the game
Ok so this game is good but it's a bit boring Iike the AI pulls over when you pot the police lights on but wiy can't you have the chase unlockt like please please make that happen please thx 😫
I think the car that we escort can move automatically, and we just need to clear the road especially at traffic light. more realistic hehe
I like the game but all the siren mode must move the traffic out of the way not only the first mode. Can you add more cars and make it easy to get money. The distance should be short.
When you turn your headlights on the taillights mostly don't light up, or if they do they light up briefly then go out completely. No backup lights. No way to make coins to upgrade to two other vehicles. On excort mode you lose part of the vehicles and the police car at the end. This game would be more injoy
Very bad ever played, simply loosing our time for playing this game, the vehicles come in the back will disappear after going some distance
Good game but please add more car and more mode and i will put it 5 star and ask my friend to play with.
this game is so cool I love it next update put chase mode on and put people in it and do this you can get out of the police car and this people can get out of there car to and put a online mode to so please do the update that I said
Doesnt work, the touch screen on my phone doesnt respond when in the game but works fine any other time
One of the better ones. Sometimes steering wheel locks, brakes dont work perfectly. But this is a good game. Always use my phone to turn and steer though.
Can you guys just make the game where you guys have no losing money or I can go to $0 now I have to delete it and now I can't redownload it was it's not doing it I don't like this hope you guys can please make a NASCAR one Nashville police cars International truck and flutter when I feel both but tomorrow it's better be I'm getting you guys a bad do and I want to see they don't know how to do their job f**
its very addictive ,the first time i played i didn't even sleep...its actually awesome,maybe the developer can work on adding motorbike it the presidential escort and reduce vehicle on the road but generally it great
This game is very fun but pls add a police van and a SUV because that would be cool and add more locations traffic is great but everytime they pull over they just stay there so pls fix that what i mean is after i drive away from the cars it is frozen k?
I love police games and for mobile this is as good as it gets this is verry good as the game does not lie Deffintly download
I rate this 3 stars because it is pretty good gameplay, but it needs a graphics update and a small gameplay update, also add a new car. 😄 Maybe add a update where you can do arrest and traffic stops.
More more emrgeny games,and it should have pull over and cheking the id and all that .try to make more games just like this one .
This a fantastic game ever i really enjoy it very seconds i pray it . It also need an edition of maps n cars
I love this game but the problem is the other escort team cannot reach my average speed they always getting out of place although its nice... 👍👍🇵🇭🇵🇭🚓🚓🚔🚔
Pretty damn good game, Needs little bit features like 1) I don't know if Indonesian Police cars have this little lights but add more. 2) please add feature to stop cars and see registration and license (in free mode too) 3) add more roads and some hilly areas 4) add more cars and missions Now fix these 1) In escort mode, car tyre moves even when the car is not moving 2) Handling 3) in rain, wiper don't do their work
Please update 1)the feature of map with starting and ending point. 2)Give different cars for escort police like following vehicle and the drivers(one who play the game)should choose and drive the car.
It's a very good game it's function is smooth I really loved this game . that's why I give 5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
It' my favourite game i like it .its graphics is also good my brother also like this game very much. It steering move to good
For me it's more fun.ultra graphics, was good.And i'll wait for more updates of this game,also the chase mode.
I've been waiting so long for the chase mode to come out but I just checked it and is not even out yet it still says it's coming soon it doesn't make sense it should be already out
I gave it full stars awsome game, I play it everyday this cool game you made and not asking for rating in the game ? But can you add multiplayer mod and add new cars and new maps and even a jammer car and ambulance atlast if please
Garbage, in escort mode the back cars are always getting stuck and despawning. It's impossible to gain money!
Please stop the rain in this game for permanently other wise its very ossam and feel real graphics 😍😍
Great Game but can you please add traffic stops on free mode and some new cars such as. bmw x5. bmw 5 series. volvo v60 etc.
Lovely game but how do you earn money and when will youopen the chase mode and on free mode please do an update to pull over cars and have a speed camera to see how fast
Great Simulation Game! Recommended to download this game! Its almost Realistic tho! But little funny on escort, is that when you go to gas station, the last vehicle is stuck... Love this game!
This game is good but on the escort mode the 2 cars dont follow you that well because I been getting stuck but good game.
It's good but you need to put missions to make it more fun and the driver should be able to come out of the car and enter the building.
I like this game because cops look good and there cars are good too and I play always I don't like online because my phone is not like it he likes offline cars and this app I like this it's very helpful too me thank you for making this
I wish the chase mode is can play and ya its very good game nice grapics and easy control pls empvobe more to its much much more better
Game concept is good. But some editing like Fixing the steer sensitivity to normal, red and blue lights, convoy vehicles more fast and stable, ahead cars should get a side more faster, not paying the highway services, more police cars in large convoy, online multiplayer, etc.
good. but the problem is the protocol cars are not moving in 1 line during the high speed and plz make police chase and story game
i always love watching police motorcade i keep watching it on you tube but its a nice chance to play the game is excellent
I like the car Game, it is so beautiful because is a car because is Melchior because it is his Mercedes because he park in the parking area when block the traffic when he the road it climb up and be a president, because he climb on the town and pock people with it and pick the president too.
the game is damm good and when the chase mode will come actually by escorting I am getting bored Please bring fast