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A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Netmarble located at 20th Fl, G-Valley Biz Plaza, 300 Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game. Graphics are amazing. It is quite similar to Linage 2 with the auto play aspect. It is well balanced on the P2W/F2P scale. The PVP is quite entertaining and competitive. Also, you will find yourself infinitely grinding from 90-140. The only issue i have with the game is the gender lock classes and they should add more daily/weekly events like Dark Presence to help make the grinding fun.
At this point I would say it is a great game with a lot of stuff to do but the only reason I am giving it 3 stars is because it keeps freezing and lagging for like 15-20 seconds which is very annoying and from time to time I will have to force close it because of it freezing up.
Hello netmarble ,i like this game really,,,but latest update kinda disappointing cause some people want to try or change to new job but unable to do it because the scroll is for lv120 or lower ,,please remake the scroll so that normal ppl who don't have money can tey the job scroll,if that change i will change my review again because i ilke the game
What a disappointment. I tried to install this game hoping it would be different from the games I played before. I downloaded it, installed it, and then downloaded the contents. But during account creation, we were asked for an email address where I pre registered for this game. And for that reason, I can't log in. This is really disappointing. I will uninstall this now.
The game keeps stopping at exact same point on the one server.so I tried a second server and it keeps stopping at the exact same point a different one than the other server but still there is one point in the game it will not go past I'm going to try a third server if that doesn't work I'm done playing.
Everything was great before update 2.0. Spenders are eligible to get ahead faster whilst F2P players farm to procure material for crafting. It was all balanced. Now came update 2.0 where drop rate has been nerfed and the equipment drop even the lowest (uncommon - rare grade) is scarce therefore its harder craft better items. And coming from an average spender, I was having a hard time even with overnight farming and it wasnt enough. Once drops are been restored, I ll update this review. Thanks
Worst mmo ever , below various reasons: Frequent crashes Even with being premium paid member, this game is on its way to super p2w game ( we all knw what happened to marvel future fight, if u don't,google MFF BOYCOTT) Dungeon bosses are about pure power and soullink, no tactics or teamwork just sheer power, their Dev should seriously play other good mmo to get a feel how interesting they make dg bosses Most people playing this are just playing this because they paid alrdy n also auto farm
game's good, its not p2w oriented. u can still improve w/o it, ofc if u want to be steps ahead of everyone no one stop u from doin so...for me this game's one way to spend my idle time during stayin home, good graph and gameplay, great storyline (perinkey got me hooked). autoplay also great help, it wont help in some of content like conquest or raid but still of great help. anyway if ure frustated just because u cant buy anything in game and still bitching about it...what more can i say?
An intriguing, if frustrating experience marred by frequent crashes and glitches. It has the potential to be a really pleasant little game, but until these issues are resolved I cannot recommend it in good conscience. A real pity in all honesty. Hopefully as time progresses it'll polish up well.
Zero star for me!!! U cannot even start to play due to difficulty in download... Im an avid gamer but this game not worth it!!! Youll just waste your time downloading but cannot even play... Just play different games...
im using a mobile data and still can't play it im still stuck in downloading resource data screen, when im at 80% of it. crash or i dont know when im at 80% it always says "unstable connection" but i have a stable connection dunno whats with your servers or maybe you can play it only using wifi and not on mobile data tsk
I like the game, graphics, gameplay, and also the character variations, but unfortunately, I often experience disconnected from the server, I don't know if it's just me or someone else has it, I hope the developer fixes this problem, I think that's all, the rest As expected, thank you for creating an amazing game like this.
I like the game. You do a lot of grinding afk which I never cared for. However, when you have 300 mobs to kill, I enjoy the feature. Many people mention p2w. Yes money gets you far but f2p are catching up. Though the amount you have to pay for anything is a bit steep. Classes and graphics are great. Wish they would make some small changes like actually killing quest mobs when in battle royal, and buff the zerker! He's least played cause he sucks in comparison.
Great game. Fun to play and and can get far on F2P. I don't know why people are complaining about P2W people. Thats every game. Some areas of the game are PvP but I've had no issues and haven't spent anything. If you want to get stronger without paying u have to grind. People who pay have to grind as well, just not as much. Battle Royal portion is level playing field so no issues there. Story is good, graphics are beautiful. Give the game a try.
So far so good, and its f2p friendly, please add more customization for character, like more costume, more hair choice and things like that, and please add more character
Attractive graphics, entertaining gameplay. It's only flaw is when one hits a brick wall.The suggestions are not helpful. Run region quests until your character gets strong enough. Only way that works. Sadly one needs $$ for some purchases. Though not pay to play. Which is a plus. Good game.
First off these reviews im reading is coming from lazy people want an easy game 😂 go back yo mario Bros. This game is a game where you can grind to outshine your opponent yes even those that pay... I like to grind spend hours on codex and gain as much fame as I can in each region. Great game and im glad we dont have the developers in the game because they get all the free stuff they always win.. now this game makes it a coin toss to any player that use money or grind hard... I love the game
Omg I was waiting to play this for so long. The game play is awesome. The graphics is amazing. However, This game reminds me of V4 and Black Desert Moblie. But in my opinion, this game is better. This game runs smoothly, The storyline is very good, This game is probably my favorite to kill time 😅 & I would love to see new characters added to this game. Y'all did a great job 👍
Connection issues cant leave the title screen this is the time I downloaded this the 3rd time trying to play this game
I'd give 5 stars if it didn't disconnect from the server every other minute I try playing. Otherwise, the little bit of the in game graphics I've seen are fantastic and game play looks fairly easy/simple to do. If the disconnection issue stops and I can actually play the game, I'll edit the stars rank and my review. I have an LG Stylo 6 and good WiFi speed at home so I doubt it's my phone or internet causing the issue.
Its a good game, they just released this. Much more content is being released and updated. They frequently update their users with changes and updates. Easily F2P, but you do have the option for transaction to level a little faster. Game is very automatic, but you can definitely slow down if you wish. It reminds of a version of what WoW mobile would be like. As you approach max level more effort and skill is required to play and I can see where having to manually fight would be required. Try it!
the AUTO feature is stupid even when you already set things up your toon will run like crazy out of distance that was set. The in-game purchase if freaking expensive. Summon 11 freaking pets with 0.6% and 0.006% rate to get the good ones and it costs $25 to only summon 11 of em. Quest will have others topping up in order to finish. SCREEN DOES NOT ROTATE and take note, made by NETMARBLE. Be warned
Beautiful game.. could not keep the Auto attack auto run.. Auto EVERYTHING ..turned off ... where is the fun in watching a game? Has the gaming world became so damn lazy we can't play our own game the way we want?
I been play this game when it open server. And this game is P2W with big money spender if you spend $40/month you cant get anything from this game. Accessories drop rate like 0 only spend big money to get it if you luck. Because of that alot people is quit and only big spender stay. If you F2P and small spender I don't recommend you play this game. My new rate from 3 star to 2 star bc the drop rate of accessories disnt see go up. And I spend my last 2000 white dia to got nothing.
Save your time and play something else. I had tons of hope for this game but none anymore. This game couldve been great but is nothing but a money grab. Ive had tons of kick issues since the first week it came out. Many others have quit because of it. I kept hoping it would get fixed each update but nope. Its not my data or wifi its the game. Ive tried to reinstall serval times with no luck. For those that are able to play have quit because this game is p2w.
Crashing during character creation. What a waste of time and data. Poorly optimized. Dont dare to download this game!! Uninstalled!
This game sucks & it's not even playable due to connection issues. Trash. Has great potential, but not playable. I've walked. Lemme know when your game is presentable...
Honestly for a Autoplay game its fun and challenging. yeah it's kind of a Pay to win type of game but I'm a Free player, never spent a cent and still top 100 in game. Takes lots of time and RNG. Gotta put alot of time and effort if you're F2P to go anywhere, I've been stuck on some story bosses but I took the time to grind for better gear to get passed that. Those who complain can't handle a time consuming game bc trust me it's time consuming. Git Gud Scrubs🙃😁
the "auto" mecanic is horrible, i asume the removal would be not an option, but the limitation of the system can help
Casino RPG all about luck....a slot machine that you pay for a click and you win items ..... A game without respect for the gamers...... they say there is a loot rate but there is nothing...... They only need your money and I am not talking about 100€ or 200€ per month, you do nothing with 200€ in this game when you spend 50€ for absolutely nothing because everything is about luck.....
4 Stars because the Devs responded to my review. But sorry, I still face the issues after re-installing the game. Tried it on my other phone with a better spec but still nothing better. Is it because of the server? Or a region problem? Because I ever tried this once using VPN and it work normally for like 1-2 hours, but then after it, it keeps crashing like before. Anyway thank you for responding my review Devs, I hope the game will have no issues in the future.
Really loved it!!!! I was waiting for a very long time to play a game like this one and finally I am able to. For past several years I haunted every website and youtube channel in search of a rpg game that won't be too complex, yet it has to be a good storyline as well as charecter development. And not to mention that I tried a few game before like Dragon Raja, Onmoyji etc but never made my mind to stick with that and spent my precious time. But in this one...I am going to.
I've loved every minute. the controls, the leveling up of everything you get, the graphics.... it a great game
I've been playing since launch. The first few days of gameplay were very glitchy. Apart from the occasional network issue I have no problems with it now. I wish they had a mount system it gets kind of boring running everywhere. Overall great game I look forward to further updates 👍
Lots of potential for this game but the main issue is about your game connection. I do have a strong wifi connection. I can even play other games smoothly without lag. But when it comes to this game. Just simply joining the games makes me always disconnected. Please fix this ASAP this can make your game die.
Always disconnecting less than a minute..this happened after the update.. I thought I have connection problem.. But when I play other games my connection is stable..
Good looking game... Balance could use some work, drop rate could improve a bit. Take some hint from games such as Black Des... Worst of all its the connection problem. L01, C01 disconnection problem. Whether you are F2P or P2W. This totally breaks the game! Even with fiber, server disconnection is a serious problem. I have never had issues with other Netmarble games only this one. Fix!!
it was fun at the start. but becomes routine and story driven as you go along. it's a nice game. but expect little to no twist....you are a slave to the missions given to you in order of succession and growing outside the main quest is a bit painful and dragging at higher levels. 80+
Really liking this game. Yes it has auto, and everything can be automatic but it also has manual options as well. This game has by far my favorite tank class outta any mmorpg I have played. I hope the devs add lots of content because it has so much potential! Would be nice to see more characters cosmetic items like in Darkness Rises👍
Changed to 1* the game is getting boring now. New and improved board event? No thanks!!! After the first board where you deceptively give the impression of a chance of getting acc on each box and the fact is that it only appear on last box. Then you dont give enough ticket to finish at least one board, force players to buy with white diamond (spend). Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, no thanks i wont be fooled again.
very nicely polished, the automation and store items are a little overwhelming but there's a lot of content for free players. no lag issues on the new server. The biggest flaw is lack of camera controls and not being able to move map display position
I haven't been able to try the game yet and it seems bugged. I Downloaded it fresh but it keeps crashing when I minimize it whilst it downloads the necessary d/l to play. I'm not doing much, flickering through DMS and YouTube. What's up with that?
glitchy, fun, but new May update today is ONLY for the whales.. is getting way too expensive to play and people are quitting. there is no more competition now. you must think all Americans are rich.
Just Another Pay to Win Predatory Game. You can buy currency, character level ups, gift packs, almost everything you'd need. This game is atrocious, and I've been playing it for only an hour. Also, I couldn't find any way to move the camera, only zoom in and out. Nothing in the settings, which is very important for a game like this.. This game is like a predator with candy and a van, except it's a store with insane, egregious and downright disgusting payment options, and you still get f***ed. I suggest people to not download it if you have even the slightest apprehension or disdain for pay to win mechanics. And if you approve of it? You're part of what's wrong, including netmarble and companies that do the same thing, like EA and Jagex.
Like chkn emails. Another p2w made by bots without testing game.. bad campaign, the far too simple combat, the lack of meaningful stuff to do outside of a half-baked battle royale mode." If looking for a deep MMORPG or Battle Royale experience then A3: Still Alive is NOT that game. Most of the game plays itself, the monetization model is relatively offensive, and progression is overly complex for no reason. Each of the classes are also gender locked, which shouldn’t be a thing. 2 Idle of a game.
Hi all! Game is nice but after you guys gave us the last update I can't open shop and game is very laggy. Please resolve this issues. Thank you!
This is a good game. However you need to improve on the stability issue. It's not fun to fight in dark presence, pvp, world boss and suddenly the game just crashed on you. I use Black shark 2 device which I presume should be good enough to play your game. I also tried the game on emulator, the same crash issue occurs all the same. So please resolve the stability issue.
This game is very fun but they need to work some stuff out or people are going to quit. Their once weekly cross server matchup is almost alway lopsided to the point of being a farce. This despite the fact that they are merging servers left and right to keep a player base. After this weeks a lot of people from one of their newest servers are about to walk. If things don't change I don't see this game having a future which is a shame. Graphics and Gameplay 5, Overall 2.
Good game. Not your typical mmorpg, but definitely worth the time, given the superb graphics. Moved here from Dragon Raja, Packs purchased here is definitely more worth. Good work on development! However, it surprises me that newest server Luzco, is already getting toxic. Reports for toxicity don't seem to get done. Please give heavier punishments for toxic players. @Devs would you be considering to open a new Asia server soon?
Just downloaded and all i get is disconnect errors every 60 seconds or so. Other than that, it seems like an ok game from what little i could do before getting kicked to a loading screen.
Actually the Battle Royale was fun, the rest was kinda a waste of my time tbh. Wanna be a top player? No problem. Your wallet a bit too heavy? You can kill two birds with one stone. You have a variety of ways to spend your money here to get ahead of anyone else. You can compare yourself to a f2p player you'll make them look like incompetent failures and this will give good old mr. Ego a boost if that is to your liking. Best part is, you dn't even need skill as long as you can press a few buttons
Please kindly check for a bug for this game. How many times I've been disconnected. My internet is strong I've been disconnected to a server. Kindly check your system and fixed if any bug. The game is good and excellent graphics
Well the game is pretty good. Just need to know if there is a way to stop Auto-Play from activating every single time I get a new Mission or Mission Objective. I am starting to like it, but if it keeps trying to play itself I might as well just uninstall the game and let it do that. What is the point of a game that you don't put any input into?
Pretty interesting game. The Battle Royale is an equal playing ground and the rewards are pretty decent. You can get quite far as an F2P player. Haven't finished the story yet but let's see. Plenty of whales. Avoid Porte EU server. Trust me. Two things: 1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the server disconnect issue! I know you have got to be working on it seeing as so many people mentioned it but its really annoying and I end up missing out on raids and rift altar :/// 2. PLEASE STOP WITH THE GENDER LOCKED CLASSES!!!!! FFS why is this even a thing? Why can't I be an archer AND a male? Or a Templar and a female?
Overall the game is fine. But don't play that scam board event game. Total fraud. You will get main reward only on the last item you open. Customer support is also kind of useless. Saying same thing over and over again. Basically just copy paste same answers with no actions taken.
Really and truly fun. To make it to Apostle without spending much or any is totally possible. That being said. Everything hits a steep pay wall. This is a Spending game. ZERO accessory drops. Supposedly you can get them on all maps. Feathers run out if you are playing a lot. 7/28 day packages PLUS conquest aren't enough. What's an accessory? The drop rate is abysmal. 2 weeks in and never had one drop at all. Supposedly drop on every map??? Greedy devs...
This is a full p2w game and you really need to pay a huge amount to be in the top because the RNG is so bad. Literally less than 1% chances to pull high level gear/pets when using paid diamonds. The enhancement system is also a huge gold sink above level 20 with 5% chance of success and continues to decrease every level. Drop rates in equipment dungeons are just pitiful. F2p and even dolphins beware. This is a whale battle.
This game requires very good and very stable internet connection in order to play. Or the server will kick you. Less depending on hardware compared to PC games but much more depending on internet.
It looks great, it feels great. My biggest problem is auto run and auto attack, some people like it and some don't. Please, let us have an option to disable it. The most aggrivating thing is as soon as you start a quest you start auto running straight to it. You can click the quest to stop auto running but I don't want to do that every time I start a new chunk of the quest. It gets very annoying.
Decent game.i am wishing for more characters andi am having a serious problem with yhere servers.I log on and sbout 5 mins. Later i get discomnectef.this has been going on for 2 days.anyone else having similar problems?
Game looks good. The auto pathing kinda ruins the "open-world" experience. The PvE of the game is basically a simulation thanks to auto pathing and auto combat. The multiple server is weird. Why can't there just be one server for each region: Global, Asia, NA, EU, etc. All in all, I am uninstalling. I thought it will be a good alternative to Genshin. Sadly no. I am disappointed. The royal battle is nice though, but it gets tedious since it is repetitive.
Can't go any lower then this SO! 1st comment deleted because it was negative and true. This WAS a decent game until the update. Pay to win got way to real and the Whales are lovin it! Chengie to name one. Before update, CP/XP gain was more possible. Now? Devs got greedy. We all know it takes money to run servers and pay people to do so. Also, I'm aware of the exchange rate from US to Korean. We're all struggling right now.
11/19 it stated yall would fix the problem. It still disconnects from the server upto every 5 minutes if not sooner. It dont only do it once it does it several times thru the duration of my time trying to play. From what i could play of it i loved everything else about it. Just wish ya could have fixed the constant logging out of the server issue
The graphics are great, the story line is different. Auto battle is sweet.....however it keeps logging me out. This is the only game thus far that keeps logging me out lol. And I play a lot of different online games without any issues. I do hope that you can fix this. P2W?? Not even gonna spend a dime if i keep getting DCed.
Just like others have mentioned, the game starts off fun but once you get close to lvl 80+ all bosses become so hard that you have to level 10+ levels higher, have extremely enhanced gear, and soul linkers that are achieved through p2w. This becomes an almost impossible game game to play and enjoy unless you are willing to pay. I have made several inquiries about the bosses and getting them nerfed so that f2p players can enjoy late game, but all i get is the automated responses.
Having an issue. I've downloaded all the patch and after downloading it, a pop up message stating that i have connections issue showed and after clicking 'ok' it made me download additional 197mb and after finishing it again the message pop up again and made me download another 197mb. Been happening continuously. I have stable connections so I'm wondering why is this happening? Update: Tried updating it and downloading additional data but still same problem.
The loading time is too long i waited up to an hour for the game to start but the game kept saying downloading even whrn the download was at 100 percent so i quit and according to these reviews the game is not all that good so i does not look like I'm missing out on anything
I love the game but the server connection issues is killing me. Keep disconnected every 5 seconds, how am I supposed to play?
Game crashes too much. Edit: It was Memu player making it crash, Nox works fine for it. Enjoying the game so far. Impactful skills and graphics.
I like the game a lot. The graphics are quite good. The gameplay, the loot, the acquiring of materials and EXP. Only problem is that cannot participate in lots of special adventures because of waiting time and also need permission from guild members etc. And please put camera turn features so that we can rotate n view from different angels. Overall really like the game. It's got potential to grow more n more.
PVvE story mode is repetitive and boring with a lot of afk farming which can only be done in game. PvP is heavily biased towards paid players with f2p not having a chance. Battle Royale is "balanced" except for some classes are way more powerful than others, i.e. those with CC abilities always win. Just like every other mediocre MMORPG. Just another money grab with no real thought put into any of the game content.
I like the game everything was good but deeply pay to win. Usually i spend also money in the game but it is impossible to play against people who spends thousands of dolars every week. Thise pay to win style needs to be limited. Someone who spends unlimited money can easily double the combat power of other players... Good game but hunger for money ruined everything i am sorry...
Even with sufficient or respectable internet speed, the game always suffer from connection issues. There was never a time that I did not get disconnected everytime I was playing. I even tested my internet and it was fine. I think it was the game's fault since I don't experience such issues with other online (or even data-heavier) games. Please have a look at it since it really affects the whole experience.
I play this game just for the battle royale mode because idc to grind in a p2w mobile mmorpg, but netmarble is always the same, create a great concept with a terrible execution, they did it so much times I'm not even disappointed anymore. My connection is working great, I even checked it, but the game always get disconnected and fail to find matches. Please neatmarble get a worthy development team.
after playing for a month, i reach lvl 100. and stuck in main quest which is has lower BP enemy than me. still i cant win, my soul linker dead in 3 hit. card grinding really wasting time. off course i upgraded my equipment and more. guild recommendations is not good even have 50 member no one online in 1 week. kinda boring now.
Fun but lacks activities. The game suffers from fun things to do. There is a pay to win aspect to the game but its not as harsh as some other games of the same type. Prices are a bit more fair but could be better. Winning events doesn't give you any satisfaction, no badges, lame rewards. Holding territory as a guild provides nothing really beneficial. Guilds should get a small percentage of gold farmed in the territories they own. Maybe taxes from shops or something. Governing territories owned.
Could've been better but devs are too shortsighted. If you allow P2W players to bully the farming many F2P players, pretty soon they will see no point in farming to get stronger and will quit in mass. Then game will wither away. I'm not going to be spending like these P2W players to just keep up, not in this economy especially. So, bye bye game.
So far, it's a pretty fair game. For all of you who are whining and crying about the game "being automatic", it's real simple folks... TOGGLE THE GAME FROM AUTO TO MANUAL so that you can enjoy the game in the manner you want. For myself, I do a combination of both. Use auto to run to where I need to be and then going manual to explore and battle in the area. This keeps me from making a wrong turn and winding up in an area that is far more advanced than I currently am and winding up dead
I love the games..but i get bored easily when there is no sound of battle..only the background music is too loud..all option in the sound setting is useless..i cant heard sound of my skill and cant see the magic effect when battle with monster or either play in pvp..its getting boring..it might be better tham ragnarok eternal if there is sound while battle.
Was enjoying the game, until I hit a point I could not continue. I had to kill a certain enemy, which is easy enough, but there was about 15 high level people just waiting for this low level boss to spawn in. Just to have them all kill it in one hit before I could touch it. 20 minutes trying to complete this mission when it should have taken less than 2.. Edit: thank you for responding. I look forward to playing the game more. I'm sure the devs are hard at work fine tuning this great game.
Short disconnection while i was in dungeon will sent back to save point regardless if my character is dead or not it will sent automatically to neutral point,so i have to walk for a long time again just to return in the same spot,,its not like this before,i hope they can fix it.
Waited til lvl 100 for an honest review. This game is an absolute joke, it tries so hard to do so many things and fails miserably at all of them. The customer service is non existent, the BR combat mechanics are terrible, the p2w is so bad, one of the worst I've seen. And pvp is a major part of the game. u can get pked while grinding, add that you can buy all of the gear and soul links with real $$$ and it makes it bad. Avoid this game, there are better ones that do it better out there.
I donated like 3 weeks to this game along with a pretty good amount of money. This game is Pay to Progress/Win. You will hit a pay wall toward "endgame". Yes it's auto Combat/Questing, which didn't bother me much. What made this so much worse was needing to complete mandatory quest in PvP Zones...with "Whales" and "Krakens" grouped up and doing the same quest (or Just Pk'ing)...yea what a great idea- *Deleted*
I have been playing this game for 2 weeks the graphics are great and the gameplay is good with a great story line to back it up. Auto mode makes it super easy to grind stuff. The game is also the least P2W game that I have encountered yet. If you are stuck you can use the guides given to understand and improve. Cons :- There are some bugs and requires some fixes still normal for any game that has just been released. Nav is a bit complicated. Devs and the team are doing a great job of helping✌
This game really is pay to win, you can't get far in this game if you're a F2P player unless you pour in hundreds of hrs grinding and even so you most likely won't be top 100 or strong enough to compete with P2W players . The top 10 players in each server probably spent thousands of dollars just to maintain their rankings. The items in shop are very expensive tempting you to top up those diamonds.
please fix the Disconnection problem in erte server, it's getting annoy I love the game and I keep pushing through to the story, but sometimes the disconnection problem is bugging me
I keep getting a disconnected from server error and then it reloads game and I play but like every 20-30 seconds I get kicked... Can anyone help me with this kick issue thanks.....
This is a good game, with nice graphics. It would be great to have a way to obtain more gold to be able to upgrade at an equal rate of those who pay those ridiculous prices ingame for items and accessories. I mean really $26.99 USD? two purchases equal a new console or PC game, be a little more realistic and lower your prices! I might be inclined to buy something with my G-Play survey money!
Guys requesting you to kindly fix the bugs.. Shop and soul linker is not opening. When i click its going for the downloafing page and game getting restarted.
Love the game, graphics are great and lots to do BUT there is CONSTANT connection problems when trying to do anything except when auto-battling. Fix your servers...buy more I don't care, just fix it and you get 5 stars from me. Update Response was usual copy paste like all devs... im not the only person in my guild that has this problem. Again, fix your issues please.
Is it just me or it also happens to everyone? I can't accept daily radiennes protection including the additional daily freebies as its already maxed out and the value do not decrease even if you log out inside equip dungeon. I can get cards meaning it's active but radiennes prot is stuck.
I swear by all that is holy if you all don't do something to fix the disconnected from server error issues everyone is experiencing with this game.....I can't even access the store tab without the game crashing on me to try and buy anything to support you developers. It doesn't matter whate network I'm connected on my home network is gig speed. I have a newer phone a LG Stylo 6. the game as great as it seems the little bit I've been able to play is broken because of this issue! 5 star if fixed
Game is really good and addictive. Looks nice and plenty to do.Difficulty walls during player growth made alot of people quit. The longer you play the more you see you have to P2w this game or you become obsolete/pointless in anything competitive ( Half the game ) P2W has huge difference here and there is no limits on how much a player can boost themselves with real life money. Not the slightest bit of balance = anyone not paying wont enjoy the game.
Happy w game but you get ripped off using diamonds. My advice is to play and get what you get. The diamonds will rob you blind you only get normal items.
it's fast paced and fun but loss of a star for the ads and all the pay to win features but that's all mobile games basically
I cant even play your game... the amount of data packages you need to download before you can even play is ridiculous, its worse than a console download or pc download, ive already downloaded 15GB worth of data in the last couple of hours, what the hell is wrong with your game?!
the game keep disconnected within 3 or 4 minutes of playing which makes me want to uninstall the game, I'm using a cellular data and not a wifi user because I can't afford it, It just need improvement on connection especially for cellular data user because those continuous dc does make me rilled up, anyways I'm quite new on the game so that my view for the first day of playing.
Graph & skill is good. Even im not fans of auto but i can handle it. Mix between mmorpg & BR is new. im a fans of open world and BR. But problem came from the BR, sistem feels like colloseum since it direcly put u on dungeon, yes it located inside a dungeon. So its no BR afterall. But good try since u try tobe different, made it outside then we can call it BR. Other than that just good like any other game.
Once you hit lvl 100 you will know how bored it is. No more quest to do. New Content so slow. Everyday my friend list one by one quit game. My Guild from 50/50 active has become 20/50. Most of them quit once hit apostle 10 and above. Everyday do same thing grind and grind unless you have tons of cash. Most important note this is not mmorpg guys. The game wont let you go help your friends or guild-mate kill their boses from main quest. This game system is purely want everyone of you to top up diamond so you wont need any help. This is truly bored game i ever play. As a experience mmorpg player from pc. ps4 to android for many many year this is beyond word to describe how empty the game is from the inside
its really similar to other mmorpgs like black desert online, but the companions are on a gacha pull system and that's fun. over really good game.
i wish i encounter this game sooner, the afk reward/ rest day is awesome. MMO that has a Battle Royale. Thank You and please keep up the good work.
6 weeks review: Great graphics, nice conveniences and good for a bit. Turns grindy, but you can afk farm and there are afk exp and gold rewards. Only serious negative, and this is starting to be a deal breaker for me, the pvp favors whales by a disgusting margin. Even as a tank, who's spent a little bit, at max level I'm getting 2-3 shot by the biggest whales 😑
great launch, hope it gets better. a pretty big semi openworld, enough side activities to keep players active. id like some more activities thatre more engaging, and requires manual playing. would be nice if we could skill shoot instead of tab targets. there are some connection issues, but are getting rarer by tue days...
Overall i love this game, but please FIX connection issues in your UI/UX game system, like when i open any menu and i click it, it was so laggy, and when i open the shop it will brought me to the loading screen and alwaysl like dat till now i cant open the shop menu, i've never been get bad UI/UX experience at any RPG mobile before this, these make this game uncomfortable top play, FIX your UI/UX system and connection issues. And even i change my phone and got better connection nothing happen
Hard to rate a game that consistently has to reconnect with its server. I have seen the loading screens more than any game play.
The connection to the game server sucks. Its disconnection rate is everything 4 minutes. Other than that. Not a bad game. Still gonna uninstall it. Edit: i did restart my device and even reinstalled the game. The devs just don't want ti admit their is a problem on their end.
I been play this game when it open server. And this game is P2W with big money spender if you spend $40/month you cant get anything from this game. Accessories drop rate like 0 only spend big money to get it if you luck. Because of that alot people is quit and only big spender stay. If you F2P and small spender I don't recommend you play this game
Well done the game is working on my wifi now thank you very much for the improvement, can you make an option to disable auto questing please I don't like these games nowadays that does everything for you, I like a game to feel that I am doing everything myself
I already see the graphics and I think it's pretty good but when I chose the character I want to be then I clicked the start button and my phone screen just went back to my home page. Please do your best to solve that!!! I really want to play this game!!!❤
Edit : Thank you for responding. Upon solving my problem I forgot to rate 5 stars. The problem was at the initial very first screen. It'll ask you for languages to play in. I hadn't picked one, so no sound files for the characters voices were put in. But if you forget you can go to in-game options and set the languages to how you want it. Survive the 🩸 🌙
I was expecting another clone of every other game out there, but this one kind of surprised me. The story is intriguing, the graphics are beautiful, and the soul-linking aspect is fun. Of course my only issue would be the auto-play, but luckily we get the option to turn it off. So that's always good. I'm still at the start of my journey but I can't wait to see what else the game has in store for me.
The first day of release was tough. Crowd and laggy. Now it's more stable. I love the game. I love it more than Black Desert. It keeps me busy and there's pvp! Battle Royale is fun, can't wait to level up further to get to the pvp warzone. Thank you for making such a great game. Please don't make it too p2w like BDM.
Not as good as I expected. There is no support class as promised currently although brand new game. Genderlock classes looks like only 10 or so different looking armor only some face sliders no body sliders or make-up/scars/tattoo. Endgame everyone will probably look the same except head. Combat is Good. Wait for cooldowns in the meantime normal attack. Maybe if I remember I will give this another look later
This game is good to the graphics and all but then I would say that the camera is poor you can't look at the sky and sometimes you just want to look at the your character up close when they are in action something which is lacking in the game, you guys should improve on the camera and I will give you a seven star if possible
as a mobile/android + F2P player, 2nd update is no longer supported. For sure I do really thankful for the last December box. I got lucky to be freely redeemed 4 pages, but then there's no way to use the reward because there's not even "a single" chance for collecting ETHER for upgrading. I realize that this game was created to be gained some profit, but then if it's just only "spender" perspective, then probably there's no place for such like me. It's good game though, I do like Netmarble game.
The game is good and enjoyable until you get to pvp where you realize that if you want a chance you need to pay and not like 40-50 euro but hundreds of money. The price is too high. Could do a lot better
Let me get this straight Gameplay, stories, events everything is good But it's just that I kinda hate the way they treat our server deferently .. while the other server has a special treatment... it's a fun game during early stages however as time passes by its get boring,, there is a verry unbalanced opportunity for f2p and p2w in event... the game only revolves around with usage of real money,, market system is far worse than other games since real money is used as well...
Not good for F2P been playing for (150+ days) Every update brings realky cool stuff with a lot of stuff for paid players their hardly any chance for f2p plauer , with the new updates even though i am a tank i get one hit killed by a paid player (we both are lvl 150+), i would like to request to please improve upon it , bcz now i just like to leave the game , also why keep making new servers - cloah - it is dead , totally, why didn't you guys merged it in the last update?? It impossible to stay
New Game = New Business Unit = Money Sink Hole. This game has better graphics and mechanics/sys but like any of their new games like B&S, is also not player-friendly. Things with chances like enhancements are so retrogressed. Over the years, Lineage 2 Revolution, their other game, has become kind to its players like having bonus % when failing in enhancements. It's a good thing that devs have implemented. However, this game, it's not like that (YET?) and is very repetitive than L2R.
Can't even play the game, the games keep crashing after I select a class and the I can't even do anything. Just Everytime I select a class and proceed the game crashes making it unplayable for me. All the data I used on this game just wasted. I don't even know if this will ever be fixed.
This game has a great potential to be the best MMORPG, but the rate is so friggin low. Shu, Soul Link, and Accessories summon rate is ridiculously low. Monster card codex rate is low. Every rate in this game is so low, so don't expect too much if you're not spending money into this game.
disappointing,!!! players are starting to get frustrated and starting to losing the thrill playing after the few updates. *looting item from killing monster - thats all random but all day playing or crafting ull get some ancient item but the stats are more lower than rare items. *making bosses that are impossible to kill *ur a paying player or free player, there will be no difrent, ull get random items which is useless. people could actually spend something if they are sure what they will get.
Great game but it is $$$ if you are not a big spenders sorry you will get nowhere. No auction house..mean no economy in this game. Gotta spends more money to be powerful. Many players said it ur luck and levels, I tell you that is a lied ok. Yes your cp will be good but never be great. I spends 6k dias got only 2 herioc accessories. I spents 20k woth of ethers got zero herioc accessories. This game have no cross server. You will get slaughter in conquest and resource battle!!
thank you but at that time i didn't realise game was this big! So I was wrong and autoplay is necessary 🙌game is great! Only need to add more options to increase combat power✌️
i give you a 3 star this is a worth playing but the chat box when i open that i will lag please fix the chat box in a game while during the dark invasion resource battle or farming grinding world boss im very lag when i open the chat box please fix it chat box is sucks
Well updating review, I built my build around 1 skill, about a week ago they decided to revise skills, nerfed the hell out of my main skill, I had it maxed out, they DID NOT put a reset button in game after the scorching, so I basically got maxed skills in one I wouldn't waste 1 point in now, I contacted support: "We will be sure to pass that on to our developers" Me "How is that helping me on a Char I put over 100 Hrs in? " I first rated this game a 5*. I am giving this game a 1*.cant go lower
Truly fun, great graphics, you gotta give this game a try! You wint be dissapointed and thats a promise can! can I get an in game reward sent to my inbox? For leaving such a great review on such a fantastic game? I love all netmarble games and will leave reviews on them as well!
After playing for a week (hit lvl 78), I think this another case of developers don't play their own game. So many things that have been removed from other similar games are still present in this one. Want to change equipment well you better pay for that. You evolve your guys going to lose all your upgrades. Net Marble this game would have been amazing 3 years ago but now that the other games have changed the playing field it's just the same old auto game. This is an uninstall for me.
Worst. I downloaded all the resources and repatch again because it does not open and force closes when you choose a character but after repatch it's still the same. Worst experience. Don't download this game.
Edit: Developer suggestions not worked. I downloaded this game as a pre-register, and since launch I have been unable to even play this game. I get all of the downloading and updating done within seconds, but I keep receiving the same message saying that my network connection is unstable. Even though I use WiFi and 4g+. I've been trying to play on the galaxy s10 which should be more than capable of running this game without problems. But still, to no avail. I would give 0 stars if I could...
Awesome , fun , and very entertaining. Great graphics storyline as well as mechanics. I personally enjoy the game it definitely isn't pay to win , but I have purchased several pkg. Simply because I wanted to not because of any pay walls. I would highly recommend this game , it exceeds all others in this genre.
You guys do realise your lust for more money then you need in events are dragging you down, you must have thought about a guaranteed reward at 10x pull like mobile legends, one of the reasons they make more then you guys! Also tons more players because the events are interesting and worth it. We dont make 20k blue a week never mind can afford 20k paid a week! How we suppose to participate 100% in this event! We barely make 5k blue a week. Gave a extra 2 star for convert of heroic soul linkers
This game was about to be great but developpers made a poop right into the middle of it. All players are leaving game because of gold problem and stupid rng system. There are lots of servers but they are all empty. My guild was 45 members one week ago and now it is 25. It's not the fault of me. We are rank 1. It's developpers fault. My phone is open and farming for 24 hours a day and I still don't have the sufficient amount of gold. IT IS JUST GOLD FFS. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE IT HARD TO GET GOLD WHY
Nothing original -and attacks are so busy you can't see anything. After 10 mins of play the game started playing itself. Why do so many companies put out a product that plays itself. Uninstalling. It was a waste of space. Reply to dev: Start by scrapping this whole project. This game is so sad man... there is no improving a turd. Move on.
It was good at the start but the servers are laggy and overloaded so its tough playing pvp. Also lately it had been even more laggy and when i try to login theres a security alert showing some codes then game crashes. The graphics are good tho. But yeah im thinking of removing this game for all the trouble of lagging, crashing and that security msg
Let's be clear. This is a mobile game so of course it's going to be p2w. Outside of that there's alot to the game to keep it fun. You will get stuck on story bosses that are impossible to beat without lots of grinding or cash. That's about the only frustrating part of this game that makes it difficult to advance without constantly dropping cash. I support developers but I don't like having to continue paying to progress.
In just four weeks you can complete this game. It is a P2w. You can grind for gear. But soul linkers and "shu" that you need to compete with whales is all money. These gaming companies remind me of people who steal from their workplace. They can make a lot of money in short term. But make so much more in long run if they just keep working and not stealing. There are a bunch of these games that get parts of these games right. Just like these mega whale guilds in game spread across many servers.
Really good game. Graphics are great and the gameplay has enough auto play functions. If you don't like auto function you can turn this off. There are daily quests to do if you are stuck on the main missions to help level you instead of mind numbing general grinding. Lol. I only wish as a guild leader to have more options to promote people instead of one elder slot. I understand one vice but more promotions should be available. Other than that I think the game is amazing and would recommend
Game feels clunky, PvP feels even more clunky. I'm all for deep games, but there's so much going on in this game off the bat it was a bit of a turn off. The pacing of mechanic introductions could be done better. On top of this, it's a P2W. The PVE feels ok and is pretty. Overall, it needs some time and work as of now. Ambitious intricate games like this always have growing pains, hopefully they listen to players, work hard on it, if the controls and animations are polished that would be a start
Top 10 player have spent 5000$ to 70000$ dollars already. Top 20 to 50 over 2000$. Is extreme pay to win. The top players are constantly killing people in equipment dungeon. Monthly diamonds packages are outrageous. 26.99$ for 28 days 100 diamond and 8.99$ 100 for 7 days every week. Everything requires lots of money to get. I uninstalled already because of this. Good luck.
Yep, never trusting netmarbles rpg games again. Auto battle, literally auto battle?! That made me mad to start off. Then the gender lock, which also sucks. Archer looks cool, yet only girls can play as that character. so that's also sucks. The story is dry, all we gotta do is summon a goddess to do nothing. The battle Royal was a amazing idea, but it looked bad. This is litterly another random rpg game. What makes me mad is that this is netmarble. I'm not a mobile gamer, but they deserve better.
This game surprised me. I'm honestly surprised how focused it feels in terms of its systems and overall gameplay. Everything feels really solid and easy to understand, rather than being overwhelmed with things that are just slapped on for good measure, and the soul linker system is really cool with the fact that they have activatable skills and what not. The BR mode is fun also. It is a bit grindy, but it's not as bad as some other games. Overall, I enjoy it a lot.