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Is a Simulation game developed by npckc located at 埼玉県さいたま市南区南浦和2-28-13-431. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I didn't expect the game would be short but it was cute. I like the art, the concept of time travelling, and brewing teas. I hope you add more characters and stories. I'll be looking forward to it. Goodluck! 💞
I ingolfed the whole game in a week, it's a fun game and the art is beautiful, the story is good! I would recommend to everybody. you're able to replay it 20 times seeing all that could happen in the story line! I think all ages would enjoy this game. It's short but beautiful and wrapped in a big red bow.
Absolutely amazing, I was immediately pulled into the shallow, yet well made, lore and characters. It was fun going through the tea and story combinations and I look forward to playing all your other games as well! Keep up the awesome work!
Phenomenal little game! I was so happy to play it! Storyline is short but fun! I think it'd be fun to have more reactions or how the night could go but I really enjoyed the simplicity of this game! I love the concept and the art, the music was good too! A very pleasant experience indeed!
This is a very sweet and short game, all about getting these two people to open up to one another through the tea you make. Highly recommended, it's just too bad that it isn't longer. Looking forward to more work from this developer!
KSJAJKSKD AAAAAA THIS GAME IS SO CUTE UGHHHHH! - really wish it was longer and had more unique customers and stuffs, it was a really nice game , with the demon lord and adventurer getting to talk and be a little more close to the owner knowing everything that they need to do to accomplish it, it's an amazing game, I hope in the future you'll add more stuff in it ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯
Literally amazing! This is a quick 40-minute cute visual novel game.. The ending put a smile on my face. I'd love to see more! If there were a sequal where Horns and The Adventurer came in together but now as friends then I'd absolutely play it! I'll definitely keep up with everything the dev(s) make now, because I believe this was very high-quality with loads of effort and attention to detail. It took me a hot minute to figure everything out, but once I did it was worth it.
THIS WAS A REALLY FUN AND RELAXING GAME! It was very exciting to concuct new teas to progress the storyline. I was so confused at first but I love it! My only issue is that it's too short, It would be amazing if you could make more levels..? I dont know the correct terms
PLEASE-- THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING! You can play the entire game in one sitting and the art style is perfect. Even though I'd love for the developer to add "Tomorrow" to the game as a next chapter. (They don't have to of course)
I think the was amazing but there's a certain part that keeps repeating itself and I've tried everything to get past a certain scene, the game gives you hints and I have taken those hints. It's fun though.
Nice so far :) But I can't get past the third brew (very sour) because I can't select the same ingredient more than once. I'm on mobile.
A Sweet Simplistic Memorable Game. This game was worth playing. It took like 2 hrs for me to finish....but this type of games are rare and nice. I like it. Looking Forward to more.
I absolutely loved this game, it's so cute and simple. The art is wonderfully simplistic and the story really carries this visual novel. It doesn't have much for gamelan but you're able to do a lot of experimenting and you can never really get stuck since it practically gives you what you need to move on after the first time you get into a situation. This was one of the most wholesome experiences I've had in months and it's probably made me the happiest I've been since reading the Komi-san manga
This is a calming, short, and cute game with an interesting little story. I played through it and really enjoyed it, and I also like how it leaves the player to imagine what may happen next if the game were to continue, or more of the story behind the owner of the tavern. Definitely recommend!
Its a pretty cute little game. Very much recommended for those who just wanna play a cute game for 30 minutes or so. Just be aware of the skip button lol. Its there for a reason.
What a lovely game!♡ Beautiful art and storytelling, simple but effective gameplay, and a very sweet story. The accessibility controls are an unexpected, wonderful addition. There's absolutely nothing to complain about, just wish there was more!
This game is awesome! From art style to story it's incredible. I also love the cute anime hot boi in the backround, my friend told me she didn't see that, so I think it's just a glitch. This game is awesome and amazingly made. Also the tea making part has a glitch where this anime girl dances in front to of you, I SAS so con fused when this happened to me, I emailed the creator and they said that they love anime and they crush is Naruto. I had no idea what that was all about but yeah
I really love the game it was a great story and experience...although I felt sad when it ended and I kinda feel emotional...*sigh I really love this game thanks for creating such a great game like this, its very wonderful, and I hope they'll add more costumers with their own storyline in the future.
This is an enjoyable game, I'm still playing it and it is a story based game rather then activity and I love it. The traven owner has a personality that is strong and a little strict, but some people are like that when trying to keep a place peaceful.
Nice cuppa jo with a clever storytelling loop. A gamer's game with cheap characters but effective dialogue and richly warming regardless. Could have signaled the surprise (anti-)climax challenge better, since it contradicts what was learned earlier. But I can see why the dev couldn't scratch the calculated, extemporaneous "experimentation" phase. Otherwise illustrates that a good idea need only stay until its satisfied
Very cute and easy!! Inclusive as well!! I loved it and pretty sad that there isn't more levels or tasks. Devs made a very simple, cute, relaxing, and wonderful game. Hope that they make more to it or something!!
Just an overall great game. It took me while to figure out one of the recipes but I eventually got it. The story is real sweet and so is the music and the game play is so nice. I enjoy playing games made my these devs and I'm excited for many more. This game is like a riddle....at first its real difficult but once you get it, everything seems so obvious
This is very relaxing, and the same time make your heart race while making the tea to get the ending, nice art, nice story! 👍
Very cute and gentle and really calm. It really itches that cozy scratch. I only wish it was longer, with chapters for different customers or something. Or if more of the different tea options gave more reactions. I would definitely pay if they expanded on this.
i honestly never leave reviews but this was the best little game ive ever played! i had so much fun. it had such a good message. everything was wrapped up neatly in a little bow and there was even a little twist at the end. i bought the dev a coffee at the end because i couldnt resist!! this was beyond amazing!! please make more!!
Absolutely adorable. Though the game is short, the experience was wonderful. It was just what I needed after a stressful day. Everything about this game feels comforting. The music, the soft color pallet, the not over the top character designs and the very human conversations are what give this game its charm. The developer did a wonderful job.
I cannot describe how much I love this game- It was shorter than I thought, so I was sad to see it end. But, the design for the game is adorable, and I love the vibe of it. The game is simply perfect for my little soul. Definitely keeping the game to play again!
Although the game is very short, I was very pleased by it. It's a very short and sweet game with a suprising amount of lore sprinkled throughout, and is best played blind through multiple playthroughs even if you mess up. It doesn't hold your hand but still tells you enough that it was very enjoyable. The story, as little I delved into with my playthroughs, was very nice and the environment presented was very realistic even to me on this side of the screen. Greatly reccomend!
I loved this game. The story is really cute, and I like the gameplay. It makes you think, but its not very complex. The artstyle is simple, but effective. I reccomend this game if you're up for a calming, wonderful experience, unless if that's not your cup of tea, if you get what I mean.
Absolutely an adorable and heartfelt game, my only problem is the short length. I wish there were more scenarios and story options you could go through. But either way, it was a great game, and very enjoyable during the time I played it.
I absolutely loved this game, even though it was short I still enjoyed every minute of it, the tea making process, the small story between the Adventurer and the Demon Lord, I really wish it was a longer game with more new unique customers and had more tea brewing but over all it was an exceptional game, I hope this game becomes longer I'll even be willing to pay for it!
This was so very lovely! I had fun doing this because honestly I've been recently getting into brewing tea so when this came on my recommended I was very interested. I loved how I got to get these two people who had different opinions about each other to become friends. This was a one of a kind game, thanks to the creator for creating something so sweet :D
The story, the art, the mechanics, the music, and basically everything are so great! I really love this, I just hope it was longer. Thanks for making this. Hey, developer and everyone who worked in this game, you guys are amazing! Go have some tea and take a break!
It's a simple short game, I must say. But the storyline is very interesting. The artstyle is adorable and vibes are amazing! It's a nice game to play when you have nothing to do and just want something calm. Making the tea for the guests are also fun! you can also be creative on what you want to make. I love this game a lot!
Cute, wholesome, short story. I like the art and characters, I found it relaxing to play. It took me about an hour to complete the story. :)
Wow just wow I'm speechless when I saw the reviews I thought it must be good but then I saw the one stars and people say the game was boring and it was just reading but for some reason I really like this game there's different endings and it's not the same every time you can play it alot of times to and the story is really interesting it's like really good i can't really explain it but this game is amazing and relaxing I really recommend it <3
it's a very nice game I like it. but like. half an hour into the game and I get "thank you for playing" I reached the end?! it's too short for a 66MB game! should be 15~20MB no more..
AAAAA IT'S SO GOOD! <333 tbh i found it very confusing too but besides that it's really cute and great! the storyline is amazing, the graphics are very cute and it's all free! the notes helped me a lot too so that's a great feature. the last night confused me so much tbh but after finishing the game, you'd realize why the controls makes sense. (well it did make sense for me) I'm excited to see more of your games because I've played all of them haha <3
OMG! I freaking loved this game so much. I dont hate anything about it, i was just scrolling through play store and found this, it looked cool so i got it. It was pretty confusing at first. It includes alot of strategy and thinking. It's a pretty fun game once you find out what to do. But it is kinda short. Pls, make a second game to this. I NEED TO KNOW IF I GET NEW COSTUMERS, MY GUY!
Another amazing game as usual! I love the concept of ""going back in time"" with the new information and the story of the characters as well and the message behind it, yet it's so simply put. I really cannot describe how much I enjoy your games it's great work keep it up and I hope to one day see a full blown game do I can enjoy it even longer!
I absolutely LOVE this game!! The art and story are really amazing and the little twist at the end had me smiling so wide. It was GREAT!!!😄😁
Brilliant A short time bending story (About relationships and tea) Breaking the fold, a brilliant way to show how we can all get along even over the simplest of things like a sour tea.
It's really unexpected for me but this game makes us have a better day, it has cute art style and nice storyline even though the game is really short, you can also support the creators too. Try this game, it's really good, have a great day (^^)
I love how relatable this is to other people its like real life but make it a game the characters here is absolutely great the quality of this game is amazing, it is very relaxing to play and no problems with the game 😁
A pretty good game also I like the storyline also it was pretty hard too find out what teas too use for both the costermers.to please them or too just make a really bad tea that there not really liking..but overall that I love this game and when you've finished this game it has a bit of a happy ending!🙊😉 And Also I played this game a couple of times and I've failed but I got to complete this game eventually and it was a bit challenging but fun too!!!😋😅👌
Super good game, really! It's pretty intuitive (especially once you figure out you can put three of the same ingredient into one tea, I only found that out from another comment on here, was stuck for a bit) and the story line is simple and sweet. If there's ever more of the game, I'll gladly play some more, this was super relaxing and enjoyable, despite or maybe because of its brevit.
Gorgeous graphics, sweet story and cute characters. I'd like it if we could choose the tavern owner's pronouns, but that's my only criticism. The only other way to improve would be to make the game longer or make more. This took me like 5 minutes and I was so sad when I realized that was it...
This game is adorable! I loved it so much. Having to play through the scene multiple times for the eventual outcome is a pretty cool mechanic. Some might find it tedious but I liked it. My only comment is the notes section could be more visible.
It's relaxing, simple and beautiful. The story is good but I wish it will be longer. Maybe you could add more chapters with different stories and characters
This game is amazing. It's very calming and cute, and the story is very fun to figure out, one pot of tea at a time. Although be warned, it is a bit short. The nice thing is, you can reset and play it again. I love the sound design and the art and the game is fun too.
I found it calming and sweet, I love the small plot and the options it gives you as well! It's a warm game, I wish it would have a bigger story but I think it's also the perfect story, it leaves you wanting more but at the same time it's okay the way it is. I recommend playing this game.
I love the game! It's very wholesome and cute, I played other of your games too and I loved it. The end was really surprising too, I hope you make more and good games like these too! (Sorry for the bad english, I'm not an english speaker)
Cute and interesting. The play style of going over the same day again and again tweaking little things to get the right outcome is really fitting for the minimalist style of the game. It reminds me of a groundhog day situation, you make mistakes and learn from them. Reminiscent of undertale, in that aspect, but completely original and inspired nonetheless. It made me want a hot cup of tea and a nice chat. A real treat.
This game was adorable and I love the idea of constantly time traveling back till you get all of the information till you get it right, kind of like majora's mask, I just wish there was more. I want more days to help more people. I kind of sped run the game once I figured out what was up, not realizing how short it is. So if you ever want to add to it I'd love that
This game is absolutely amazing. I really do like the storyline. Horns and Adventurers designs are also just pleasing for some reason. The overall idea of making enemys friends over tea is really something and I love the twist.
Loved it! Loved every bit of it. I especially love stories where you reset the day to learn new info and utilize it for the next loop. Also very thankful for the skip button. The art is cozy and the ingredients for tea brewing was absolutely adorable. Thank you for making such a warm game!!
This game is overall the best game I have ever played (and that's actually saying alot, I have played many games even though I'm not very old, pretty young in fact) the design/artwork is awesome, the conversation, the story, everything, though it is a short game it is very fun and calming, if you could make a part 2 that would be awesome, just a suggestion though 😅 but this is a awesome game, thank you creator(s) !!! 💖💖💖
This game was amazing. I loved the character development and the gameplay is AMAZING! The art is so cute, which fits with the theme of this game perfectly. I recommend this! It's perfect for killing time! Unless if that's not your cup of tea.
This was honestly one of the best games I've played in a long while-- It didn't take long for me to finish either and the storyline was really engaging and interesting for my ADHD mind to WANT to continue playing and WANT to get the correct ending. Even though I completed it in one sitting, I think I'll still keep it on my phone to test out what other teas I could make and re-read the dialog. Speaking of which, I especially liked the amusing dialog!! Along with the adorable art style it has!
the game was really nice and sweet. kinda short but it is something really enjoyable and cute. its literally a simple game where you brew tea and chill with people which is really nice. lowkey hoping it was a bit longer but I do love it nontheless. so i highly recommend and thank the dev for the game ^^
Very short but in a good way. Just a short story with a cool mechanic. I highly recommend playing it since it only takes around 1 hour or less to complete. Would be nice with more stories though
Wonderful experience, even better message. This wasn't at all what I was expecting, and I mean that in the best way. Took me by surprise, and left me with the warm fuzzies. 100% recommend. It's a quick play, simplistic in style, and carries a short and sweet story that just hits the spot. Will be checking out the developer more!
I absolutely love this "game". Finished it in one sitting and decided to buy the devs a coffee immediately after. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a cute, insightful story. Can't say anything else bc spoilers. I kinda wished there was one more chapter or something, to make use of all the brew combinations.
Really simple and sweet! Just a nice little relaxing game with a simple and nice story and adorable art! Only wish it was longer, I'd love to see more of the adventurer and Horns!