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A Street Cat's Tale

A Street Cat's Tale for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by feemodev located at 서울특별시 도봉구 노해로 63다길 80, B동 301호 (창동, 풍전베스트빌). The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game so much, It has plenty of goals so you dont have nothing to do and the npc's have detailed backstories yes, some endings are quite sad but thats the point. its an amazing game and ill recommend it to my friends and people i know!
I love this game and im still playing it i want to get all the endings but i would like a map mabey if you at least get one ending first i get lost easily. But i do reccomend
I originally saw this on my switch, but I was curious if it was on Android and now I'm here It's a good game about being a stray cat and trying to survive, it has multiple endings, but you have to watch a advertisement in between every day
Super awsome game just finished all the endings and saw all the backgrounds of the characters it would be cool if there was like a free mode after you unlock all the ends were you could just keep playing without the deadline idk just an idea but overall epic game
This game is so cute and emotional 😭 I was literally crying because of the solitude and rainbow bridge. I didn't want the Mama cat to get injured.. 😭😭 i kind of feel so so so bad for the little one. I tried my best to save it but it just doesn't work 😭😭😭😭😭 I am so so so so so so so so so sad right now and this game also teaches us a lesson that this is the life of street cats.. dying of hunger and cold.. 🥺🥺 the graphics were also pretty cute and this game is perfect.. I love it! ❤️♥️♥️
Very good game! Yes it is sad, but not as sad as you think. The graphics are adorable and I love how many options you get. Personally, I recommend visiting the lady near the dumpster even if you don't want her ending and upgrading our house to the max. My favorite ending is 11. Though at first I thought that I didn't succeed, I got to be reunited with the kitten's mom! . I wish that the NPCs would stay out all the time which would make the easier. I also wish you had more days to reach a ending
tip: you should focus on upgrading your house first so the gameplay will be easier later on, when your house is fully upgraded, then you should focus on 1 npc to get their ending. ANYWAY, i absolutely loved it ❤️ in my opinion i think bobby had the best ending. even after i finished his story and focus on getting another character's ending i still kept giving him flowers :')
I love it! Its such a cute game and i get emotional at the endings. I finished all but one ending. What i really want is more endings and more NPCs in town. Over all, this is a great game! Totally recommend😊💕
This is a nice game but... when i downloaded this i didnt expect the story to be really heart breaking im a cat lover so i cried when i saw the story
I love this game! The story is sad, but not too sad because the cat mother is still alive and in one of the endings we'll find her and can live with her. But it's hard to survive. And I think it's cool that I can play the game full in 1 hour, but I still could play every day to get a different ending.
Quite a good game! I've only gotten 3 endings so far but it's a huge timekiller and keeps me busy for hours. I've cried and I've laughed at the characters. I really recommend playing this if you need something new to play!
It's a very emotional game that gives you another perspective on cats. The pixel graphics are adorable, and the I unlocked many endings both happy and unhappy. I definitely recommend. It's addicting but I wish it had more of a story or gameplay after we get the ending.
This is amazing except i try and try but i cant be friend boss cat!!! Its just so hard and i cant! Except for that this is an amazing game and its a real time killer! I sate here for 2 hours playing and i really enjoyed it!
this game is really sad but really fun. Its also kinda hard. I barely got 4 endings but i love it! It did make me cry tho 😣
This game is very cute and sad as well but I love it it's so cool that you can talk to other animals love the game not only that it also shows you how it is to live as a stray cat it's hard so if u see a stray cat or kitten please help them because alot of animals are dying cause of covid 19 keep safe
Its a great great great game! its soo cute kitten♥ but the resons i give that 4stars becouse the cars is soo fast, and the controls is not good that stops middle and go and stops middle of road and car will kill my (ginger) kitten. and the cat eat too much food. That eats like a mobster too fast hungry mood. please make that slow! i love that game! It says a street cats life and i love thes type game. I want a beutyfull story game like this. Such a beutyfull story.kitten is soo cute thanks♥♥♥♥♥
This is a great game for me! Its not sad to me so im fine when i get a sad ending. Its easy when you get food from the lady at the dumpsters and if you upgrade your house to the max. I already upgraded to max so its very easy for me! I think more youtubers should play this! Theres bot enough gameplay videos in english! I can only find two gameplay videos in english in my state :(
I love this game. It makes me understand more about street cats' life but my problem is the day ends too quickly and the kitten turns into a cat too quickly too But still love, i dont have any other problem with it
I love the graphics and everything. Just the sleeping time of the cat but it doesn't matter. This game keeps me entertained. It's so cute and fun. 🧚🏻‍♀️
I love this game and it has a lot of endings, i completed them all and I love it when you completed the endings it gaves you a secret level where you can know about the npcs backstories, also it will be nice if you add freckless & dotty in the secret level, love it! ❤
Some endings were sad and so far there was one that was just frustrating but, other endings involving other NPCs were nice and satisfying the graphics were cute and would reccommend this
This game is sooo cute and amazing!!!! I know alot of people getting the 2 sad endings which is solitude and rainbow bridge,I also got them and I got all the 11 endings!!! Especially the 11th one! IT WAS SOOO ADORABLE!!!! I was playing this game for 4 months now and i was trying to figure out all the endings by myself and here we are! I got all the endings without a hint! Now I understand a life a street cat..it's pretty sad but amazing!! And I also suggest you to make a street dogs tale,ty! 😻
A really good game but I always struggle to find the items even tho I know where to find them. The hardest to find is fish, rats and more even tho thats the main items to find and it depends on your luck.
This game makes me super emotional. Some endings made me cry. It's an emotional rollercoaster. Happy at one point, sad at another, it's a very cute game. I'd suggest it to people that love emotional experiences.
So adorable! I love the way it updates the house,make friends with dog's,other street cats, and humans.😻
As much that I had fun I felt really bad for the cats and out character but I want you developers to do 4 things 1. Give us the ability to Sprint 2.give us the ability to jump of the stone fences 3. Give us more happy endings obviously 4.Give us some cat senses like if there is a car that will pass nearby give us like a stop sign And that's all the things I want you developers to do I'm pretty much that will make the game better and now I sadly have to delete the game cuz I finished it
I really love this game, it is emotional and cute and has next to no ads. Me and my friend both love it. I did cry playing it the first time but, I'm WEAK ok. It's pretty hard but upgrading your bed makes it easier. I looooooooooooooooooooove it (each o is the amount of times I will play through the entire game)
The game is great. It tells the sad story of a kitten trying to survive while his mother is taken away. Everything is perfect except for one part, Jimmy. Nothing is explained about him. He seems off compared to the other cats. The others seem like actual cats while Jimmy wears a box and glasses. I wish that after you complete building your house that he could become like the other npcs. I want to learn more about him.
Really good game reminds me of my cat thank you for making this game unfortunately the cat that I was talking about passed away and rainbow bridge reminds me of her I'm done with the game all endings were very good I liked that they also showed the back stories for the characters very good best game I've played I really hope they make another one I loved the art style and every thing about it i very much recommend getting it thanks to the developers for making this wonderful game.
it is a great game, i finish it in one day and i loved it. if you get the bad eddings at first is ok and normal, i recomend to finish all the updates on your house. i strongly recomend tp finnish the game and not give up because i you get all 11 eddimgs you unlock a secret. Animal abuse is not ok and if you can help please do. <3
It's honestly a delightful free game. The art is lovely and so are the stories (LOVED the bonus). Ads are annoying, but I get why they're there (support edition is ad free and money goes to charity). I think if I could change one thing, I'd add the option to skip to the end IF the player has made it to adulthood at least once and kitten currently has a best friend. Finishing days early and needing to watch multiple ads in a row to get to the end takes some of the fun out of it.
This game is pretty good but for those who were wondering,yes this game can be very sad at times although it is called “A street cat's tale” for a reason,it represents the life of a street cat and it has multiple endings! I love the game and I hope you guys keep up the good work! :D
I like it,Very fun and all.But its still kind of hard.Maybe You can make the cat run,Or jump,Or maybe Put a map,or unlock all the dislikes or likes in one row of them..
I love all the possible endings. They're all well written. Some are heartbreaking, some are very sweet Overall, it was a great experience 💖
Best open world cat game ever! Please jast add multiplayer. I love the cute cat game,the story,many endings etc.
This game is full of adventures! I love it! This is a really nice game, i love how the details work it's so creative, im going to give this a five star because i really enjoyed playing this app, li love it!
This is such a cute game but it is also sad. When play this game remember to be patient and build your house first. And the creators and ppl in the comments have probably answered your questions about the game. But this game is so much fun to play so check it out and see for yourself.
This is very emotional because you can actually see what life a street dog or cat has, and it's hard. I really love the game. Beautiful story! 100% recommended. Also, i would suggest a dog version. "A street dog's tale" 😄
Very nice game. "11 day(s) till becoming an adult" more like 11 ad(s) till becoming an adult LMAO I have no problem with the ads stuff tho...Imma just say it once again VERY NICE GAME!(and heartbreaking). Would suggest that youll make a continouation of the story or "A Street Cat's Tale 2" where the cat is an adult and meet struggles
This game is AMAZING! No pop-up ads, and the characters are soo cute! I love cats that's why I downloaded this game. But even if I didn't, I would've still kept this game! 😂
A street cat's tale is a sad, emotional, and wonderful game. It tells the story of a street cat just trying to get by, with the whole world against them. It's very challenging but can get a bit repetitive as you play. The endings are sad and achieve the goal of hitting us in the heart, but they don't really have much of a satisfying feel. It always seems like there is something missing, even with the happiest ending.
This game is amazing. Thank you for bringing it into the world. I had so much fun playing it, I'd been looking for a game just like this for a very long time. It would make my year if you made A Street Cat's Tale 2, although I know it would be hard and time consuming, it would be worth it. The storylines are very creative. If you happened to make a second A Street Cat's Tale game, an idea for when you're stealing something from a shop, perhaps have a mini game to get it. That would be amazing.
Cute, fun game, initially. It's challenging to learn where the food is and finding a balance keeping your health and hunger bars up enough and avoiding cars. Was getting the hang of it, thinking I was doing well, until the game started giving me new missions on top of the old ones, with the same deadline. Maybe I don't get this game, but having to replay the same scenario over and over while you try to figure out what you need to do to succeed got really old. Not for me, I guess.
Not bad but its great but i think you can add more days like 4 more and be a teenager to its hard to hind all the npc to me i really like to see the dark shadow figure or if you need to get more information on it but like its great i well say install it its great
I love this game its soo fun i love cats😺 and you can get diffrent endings! By being friends with the npcs! And also its a bit sad though poor kitty..... still! I loove this game!😀
This is a sad story but it is true. I love this game and i will forever love this game. Man now i wish that all cats actually were invincible so that they would never get killed. I had a small kitten who was not that small. My sister named it Mizu and we loved him, He loved going outside so we made a small hole in our door which can be opened from which the cat can come inside whenever he wanted. One day he went out but didnt come back. We then 1 day later realised his head got crushed by a car
Ok,so,I finished all the endings,and I just gotta say I really love this game.it has an equal number of happy endings and also sad endings.though it can be pretty annoying to play all over again every time,but that's just how most games work.anyway, great game!! I wish there were more endings,though I'm only saying that because there's nothing left for me to do lol
OMG THIS IS THE BEST GAME I PLAYED IN MY LIFE! ITS JUST SOO CUTE AND ENJOYABLE THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOST AMAZING AND MOST WONDERFUL GAME I PLAYED! oops sorry for my shouting hehe 👉👈 and please make more of this and i dont like it............... jk! I love it! Not like it :3 :) Tip: and if you dont know jk its just kidding
Such a great game but the reason why i vote 3 stars because those cars were really fast, even though i always follow the stop lights theres always a car that will appear and when you are near to them the speed becomes so fast and it really creeps me out even my friend was also scared, i really hate it, thats why i always die and stucked at being a kitten. Please make the stoplights and cars slower because it really terrifies me.
Best game ever so cute love it! I got a idea! Make a street cats tale 2 bit it has a different cat, different endings different cats dogs humans whatever and a different reason the cat was left on the streets like for an example maybe it was abandoned by its owner maybe even a dog version would be good! Please read this I really want this update!
I'm having a hard time because the days were limited, and it's so hard to find some necessary stuffs. I'm done, I'll uninstall this game💢
it's really cute, I like it; but I wish you could have more days because it takes awhile for me to get above level 7 before the last day, well I haven't even gotten to level 7 before only level 6. but also I wish you could talk to things more than 2 times in a day. other than that I love it
I really enjoyed playing this game! Loved the last ending: 《Met my mama!》 However the endings 4, 5, 6, and especially the fourth one, were just so sad, it was heart breaking, but overall I have to say, the graphics were beautiful, the gameplay was pretty good, it had some glitches, but that's ok. I would have loved it even more if: 1) You could carry multiple things at a time and have an inventory. 2) The days were longer, and the hunger went down slower. Thanks a lot for such an awesome game!!!
i love this game. i played it so many times already, its so cute but sad. its a nice time killer and very comforting <3
This makes me sad :(( It made my heart sad but still happy, this game has a lot of lessons and the characters and everything is so well made! I hope you make this even more better!
I really like this game the only thing is u have to use support edition to not watch ads which u have to use money for but overall it's a good game but I just don't like that the cat is slow but it's fine and having to watch an ad every time a day ends
🐈👑this game is kinda neat like a story game,but can you make a update to boss cat because whenever i tried befriending him its too hard and i wonder can you please had inventory because its too hard carrying a cat food and i had to risk eating it please make this update true, and whatsoever please make the seller caught us sometimes because it kinda look suposed to be risky but thanks🐈👑 -lets dream😴☁️
Great game, a lot better than a lot of other games on the app store tbh! Do kinda wish that you could continue playing the game without restarting or maybe have an open world?
good game actually, but the thing is it only has 11 days and after that you will get your ending depends on how you be friends with humans and cats. I dont like the way after the new chapter when the intimacy with humans go to 0 again because it is so hard to find stuff and what theyre requesting. Eventhough ive already finished upgrading my shelter i still find it difficult when we need to start the initimacy again with humans and cats. overall this game good.
All I am reading from the reviews is that everybody loves this game, this includes me. So why are the developers not responding to us? I really love the game and would like if we had longer days for kitty to explore and how come every time kitty walks the food level goes down drastically? The cat has to walk very far for foods and resources so this makes no sense bc the cat keeps dying if it eats peels and bones bc the health goes down.
This is a really fun game! Like some endings and the graphic. Super Cute!!!^o^ a big Thank you to the creator and the team!
This game was amazing, and i absuluutley loved it. No glitches, nothing. But, I could not handle it long, because i am very sesitive about things, but, if you can hamdle some emotionel endings, and some sadness (theres some sad) i would definatly recommened this!!!
I got more emotional after reading the faqs, I admire the developer/s of this game. This is an eye opener for us to know the reality and struggles of street cats to survive. The graphics are also so cute! Thank you for making this game. I hope you get lots of downloads and players🐾😸
the whole gameplay, i was reminded of my own cats, making me cry hard every time a bad thing happened. great job :')
An amazing game! I found all the endings and although a lot of them would be considered sad endings, there are good endings too! The characters are realistic and the translation is great. Would definitely play more games by these guys
It's great but there is a glitch, the cat and cars won't move. Plz fix this. Apart from that, this is a great game. 10/10
Heyy!! I like the game so much! But here my seggestions- The cat can be adopted/or not You can go inside stores and sneak then steal food! That all of my suggestions! Love the game
i remember having this app earlier in the year, and then deleting it (unknown reason). this game is so amazing. i got my first kitten on friday 30th, october, 2020 and i love her so so so much! i decided to download the app again and lets just say i am so glad i did. i know its barely been a week since i got my kitten, but i really want to adopt another (STRAY!!) cat! my kitten, luna, is already so amazing but i think it would be smart to get her a sister. thanks for changing my life.👉🏼👈🏼
This game is perfect! The degins are cute, music is good, NPC's have nice personalities, humans have realistic personalities, and I love everything about this game! I have never connected with a game so much in my life,
Its pretty nice and sad at the same time this is why i actually adopt street cats but i get unlucky cuz my cats died bjt there was one cat of mine who survived and then i got a new one so i have 2 cats now but i cant adopt another cat again cuz i cant go outside(u know pandemic😭)
This game is really something else. I have only gotten one of the endings so far, but it's so sad and impactful. I genuinely feel bad for the cat, and the game is really good at conveying emotions by simple text and simple cutscenes. The game honestly made me cry, which I have to give it a big applause for. It also does a good job at showing how messed up the world could be sometimes whether your a lost cat, or a struggling human being.
Its a great game but one thing is at the start, its soo SAD and i barely sobbed all night but after i got used to it, it didn't made me like that again as i got used to the game and comtrolls. Just upgrading the house is getting a little problem. BUT THE GAME IS ACTUALY GREAT FOR ANIMAL LOVERS. I'D RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO DOWNLOAD 🐱🐱
Very good story and fun to play. Adds are fully optional and not intrusive. The developer is so caring! (added the FAQ to the game because many people have been asking how to play the game, also has alternative languages) Really recommend buying the support edition because it isn't much money but still supports the creator. Recommend the game wholeheartly!
I love this game so much! I got all the endings and it was suuuper fun. It had a balance of sad and happy endings. My fav is Flowers Ending
this game is amazing, love it to bits! i would love to see more! also, here's some tips for other people: if you want an ending, aim for one npc, you can only have one ending. and if you keep dying of hunger, how i usually get food is i talk to the lady by the trash so she gives me food, or steal some fish. i hope everyone else has fun while playing this game too!
Although I prefer cat tails on the Nintendo switch more than this especially cuz there's a whole entire life there is there's friends that are better than these ones there's tribes there's a story to it you can even have kittens but this one really good but mine is one star because cat tells did better than this one
I only downloaded this game today but I'm in love with it! The story is good and the controls are easy! I love the pixelart too! I don't mind the adds since that's their only way of income from this game ^v^
I love the game, its cute, its fun, would play it in my free time ir even to procrastinate, but i think the experience would be much better if you didnt have to wait 5 minutes to play the game again. Its fustrating :(
This game is cute and asome! If your a fan of cute survival games this one is for you! I did deleted the game tho because it was really hard to survive but other than that it's great! I feel like games like these require more attention
this is a great game. the story lines are interesting, the art is cute, and the characters are so real.
I love the game! Its also kinda sad and at the first try i died of hunger. But i just hope that the day is a bit longer.. bc i end up actually just playing or doing other stuff bc of waiting than actually playing the game cuz the days are kinda short.. but i still rlly love this even if that wouldnt be added.
The game was so awesome. I enjoyed it so much and I never finished a game like this before. The graphics and the gameplay was so nice, I loved it. Please make more games like these.
This game is Extremely good! I really recommend this game to all that doesn't play yet and this game's song are really good and calming...But when the night hitted and ending started, i couldn't sleep yet and this game isn't save where i stop and i have to start all over again. If not, I would've give 5 stars😅
This game gets me so emotional that I had to adopt a cat and I did it was a mother cat with four baby's when I heard no one wanted her because she had baby's I took them all but of course that's too many cats so I built an extra room.This game showed me the light I am not really a bright person you know so thank you oh and this game is amazing and I kinda wanna murder the person who ran over my cat mother
This app is amazing, it's adorable for one. It is well made well, the story is unique and it has a variety of endings that give you all sorts of feelings. One thing I suggest is making the hunger bar go down a little slower as well as make the days go by slower. My favorite ending was with Bobby, and the letter in the end scene was adorable and made me feel good. 1,000,000/10 would install (Just be a little patient with the endings and just everything in general, it'll be worth it)
Take all the stars. The developers have done a really great job. Amazing gameplay, sound and such beautiful stories. UwU
It's my favorite game ever. It's really sad and some endings are ..unhappy, I give the game 4.7 because it could have more endings and maybe more NPC's. It could have a new map with a new kitten/cat. Great game, I truly love it.
I thought this was a really cute short story game! I do think that after you survive until adulthood the first time that you should be able to "skip to adulthood" after you reach max level with an NPC. This really just would make it a lot less tedious to get all the endings. Going to sleep replenishes your health and hunger so you can just go to sleep until you're an adult after you reach max with an NPC and not die... but you have to wait 5 minutes each time you do this or watch an ad.
I personally Love this game because the back story & the story is Very realistic and interesting yet also sad and after completed all the endings I kinda did not know what to do (in this game)... like there's nothing else rather then seeing the bonus content after completing all the endings. I hope they add more endings or even part 2 (but probably won't happend), even though I would like to say Good job to the creators.
So it's fun but the game contrals suck. So far it's fun just make the game contrals more easy Edit: I deleted the app cause it got boring and I kept getting the same ending
i love it but can you actually add that we beacome an adult cat well that we can live as an adult cat and maybe find and save our mother! Btw hope you make more games like this! i wanted this game since it came out!!
Amazing!! The stories are really heartwarming.... it doesn't take long to finish all of them. I like how we only have to wait for five mins for the next day, as opposed to hours, and you can use ads to skip it as well. Great game!
Its a fun game i really love it!!! Also for my ideas when you see all the endings and you see a lock behind the achivents press it then can you please add the story of simon lee and hes strict cat beacuse i dont know what hes strict cat looks like And also add some inventorys soo players wont be worried fixing their home but only 5 inventory you must add beacuse the kitty cant carry that much
An emotional experience of what kind of hardships a street cat may experience. Teaches you about friendship and the importance of caring for animals. However, the game may be quite difficult to get all endings.
Love it only complaint is: I want to be able to steel what ever I need I love ending 11 best ending to get it become level 7 in friendship with the lady at the dumpster place and ending 5&6 so sad so, so sad and what happends when I become level 7 with the elder cat?????????? Or boss cat??? Or the the other kittens????????????? Or the fish man?!
I love this game! It has a great storyline, it has heartbreak, hope, mystery, adventure, ALL OF THE GOOD STUFF!! 10/10 game! Well done! My only thing is sometimes if im crossing a road and midway through the light goes red and a car hits me i cant go any faster to try and save myself, so if there were a sprint button or something that took away slightly more hunger than walking to make it more realistic that would be amazing, thank you. :D
°•*⁀➷Rating ✦ 5/5 ✨┇ The game its so cute and sad,l found this game from youtube and l try it,l got ending 05 Solitude,06 The rainbow bridge well l click FAQ it was really help full, l got happy endings and bad engdings, all you have to do its talk to NPC and make the heart level 7 to and accept to friend the npc! And l got the ending 📝┇The FAQ was very helpfull! 🍂┇l love this game! It's amazing game 👎┇L don't have a dislike on this game ✐︶︶︶︶❀︶︶︶︶☽
It was amazing ,yet I would really want this to have more endings I'm bored not having to do anything and I think that if you upgrade it so there is more endings I would love that thanks for reading!
A really nice and touching game. It involves you to make friends and find out endings to the story. Definitely considering the support edition! (just editing this so that it is more helpful)
Highly recommend :)) This game gave me mixed emotions. This is kinda based on reality which, it helps us (humans) to be aware in our surroundings.
A touching story, it kinda sticks to daily life so you catch the feels easily! Doesn't spam ads, optional if you want to start a day earlier. Overall an amazing game, but the days could be longer because I sometimes don't have time to run back and fourth around the map.
This is a great short game... many different endings and great graphics/sounds. The only part that makes me mad is probably the items distance. Example: When the cat walks too close to something it might bump it. But rather than that the game is great! ^^
This game is sad but I love it to play it so much.At the Ending six I ended in The Rainbow Bridge because the cat died 😭.So I restored the game lol..
This game is sad but amazeing I first found this game from a youtuber named bijuu Mike then I found out you can get this game on the switch and reasentley on mobile I don't recommend this game to cat lovers but if you are a cat lover then do whut you want to do also if you don't want ads then buy support edition also mama cat dus not die the mama cat just been rescued also the your food bar goes down fastly because your a street cat also you can eat bandages to Gane health
-What can i say? An amazing app lot's of cuteness!😽 -but... this is so sad😿🖤 when her Mom is dead the baby orange kitten has so sad.. and i tried to find some food for the kitten but when i eaten skin of banana bone's and trash food my health are losing i am gettin hunger when i eat banana skin bone's and also again food trash.... it'z have a bad ending sometimes it has a good ending when the kitten join in the gang of the cat's it's make me happier when the kitten is survived💜hope-fully💖😽
i would like to start the mornig right away bc i want to play.also i would like to update so u can unterstand the words and you can speak to the characters day and night (i think it would be more hepfull)
Best game ever! It made me gave me mixed emotions while playing this. Definitely worth playing but not for the faint-hearted. Although this looks like a cutesy game, be prepared for emotional rollercoasters. Great job, developers!
Gorgeous game. Cute art, fun characters, and plenty of endings. Wish it was a bit less... Monotonous. I find myself playing the same days over and over. Still, great game, 5 stars :)
This game is incredible! I played a bit of it earlier last year, but recently redownloaded it and completed all the endings. This game is incredibly sad, but it's still really really fun.
This game is a masterpiece. I got all 11 endings and each one of them made me emotional. I loved every bit of this game and no moment in it bored me. Honestly, I don't even wanna delete it now that I'm done. I've done everything you could in this game but I don't wanna part with it. I just feel so sad that it has ended. I'm a huge cat lover, own a cat myself and hope to rescue and help stray cats once I have a stable financial income. Thank you so much for this game!!
There is one reason why I stopped playing this game: IT MAKES ME CRY. The story alone of how the mother gets hit and taken away is very sad, and when I die it makes me cry. It's a good game but I had to stop playing it. Edit: I only got a little far in the story so I'm not sure how it turns out. I'm gonna play it again today. Edit 2: Still too sad for me.
These are my tips for the beginners of this game: At the first gameplay you have to upgrade your house to the max, you don't need to socialize with other characters you just have to focus on your house, after that gameplay now you can do other things more easily without worrying about your health and hunger. If you want to get an ending from a specific character you have to FOCUS on that one character until it asked that do you want to be the character's best friend. Overall a fantastic game ♡
One of the best story games I played. Though sometimes the ending is sad, it shows a lot of things that are real and currently happening in this world. This is just a small portion of what a world of street cats look like but it's sweet, bitter and warm at the same time. I love all the happy endings especially 11. Though the gameplay can be repetitive and fast paced. wish it lets you interact more.
Such a good game. Very emotional for people passionate about animals. Every ending made me cry because it was either beautiful or too sad or both. I will keep this game and keep replaying it.
OMG THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVERRRR I rate this 100000000000000000+ stars! I love how your a cat and u can eat,sleep and make friends! And there are no ads! The thing is, what do u do to find ur mum but again, I recommend this to anyone who loves cats!
I didn't want to rate it but I'm rating it to respond to another rating. The reason you got the solitude ending is because you never befriended the boss cat.
Great game, but I got a new phone but I know I saved the game. So I got the app again because I didn't get all the endings, and I can't get my save back.
You know what? This game is cute! But...the story is sad(ㄒoㄒ)... I love this game! There's is 10 ending's,and I'm see the last ending...the last ending is kinda sad(ㄒoㄒ) Thats all I wanna say!
This is my favorite game! But I wish their was a happy ending- boss cat and the twin cats kick me off their property please make a better ending. But I totally recommend it- best game in the world
I love this games!!!! Very much!! Infinity/10! I didn't even know that street cats live are super hard! After playing this game, now i know how hard being a street cat!
I love this game its very cute and has a good storyline, but has some bugs. Sometimes when im going to sleep it will skip to the solitude ending even though i never go on other cats territory. Due to this ive had to start from square one over 4 times. Its very frustrating for me and cant go on. Otherwise this is a very nice game and i recomend you play it.
A nice little game to play in short bursts since it contains little challenge once you complete all house upgrades and start focusing on unlocking all endings. Starts off as a hardcore survival game and becomes a casual time management game after 2 playthroughs or so, as long as you dedicated your spare time to getting the upgrades. Storywise, it sometimes feel like it could have more content, especially for some of the endings. But my fave is #1 due to the great relationship development!
To be honest this game is adorable and makes us humans understand what cats are going through, but i think a small update that will maybe not allow (small spoiler alert) to die alone in a street because the other stray cats don't like me (ending 5) while I'm friends with them and then need to restart the whole game would be the best favor to me.
This is a very cute and at the same time emotional game ! I really love that there are more endings wich makes it even more interesting ! I don't have any issues with it really! You should consider downloading it ❤
I thought most of the endings were relatively positive. I really enjoyed this game, especially as a cat person. A thought-provoking interactive story in pixel graphics.
This was beyond my expectations. I expected another silly simulator but I was surprised with emotional stories and endings .. I would be lying if I said I didn't cry while playing this. Even the ads are optional and often short, and makes the game enjoyable. The map was so easy to travel through and that's saying something because of my bad memory, so that's another good plus. I love this game. It's heartbreaking and emotional but so well done. Thank you.
This is an amazing game I would totally recomend it, yes it is sad but its the reality of a street cat. I hate when I have to start over when u die but whats a game without challenges but there is one issue when I play one day and make kitty sleep My phone gets really really hot so I have to let it cool in the 4 mins kitty is sleeping so if u guys and just fix that it would be awesome but otherwise its a really nice game and is fun to play!!:)
this game is soo cute yet so sad especially if you die in the game. Yet i think hunger goes down too fast thats why i can never get really anythung done cause i keep having to worry about my hunger and health. And I ran into a glitch. I went to sleep, and when i tried to move, my cat just stayed in the same place, but i would move around the screen and the cat wouldn't. I went to sleep again, and exited the game and it still did that, please fix that
Amazing game! at first i thought it was gonna be one of your usual stories about a cat but this wasnt what i expected! has to be the most best and underrated and best games out there