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A HERO AND A GARDEN [jam ver.]

A HERO AND A GARDEN [jam ver.] for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by npckc located at 埼玉県さいたま市南区南浦和2-28-13-431. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really cute game with an adorable story. I expected it to be cliché, but it wasn't the usual fairytale. The dialogues have depth and hidden meanings in them that are valuable and felt even when unsaid. The characters are interesting, and endings are also cute, and sweet. The background music is calmi, and the entire game will just let you unwind and relax peacefully.
This game is so simple yet so wonderful. I got so invested in the characters and the story and found myself reacting to the events in the story. Very cute and wholesome story of character development and fixing your wrongs. 10/10 would recommend!
This game is sweet and simple. The story is perfectly written, the characters are super adorable. I really love the constant art style in these games and I loved each and every second of this one. This is probably my most favourite one yet from this developer. This has a charm that really stays on me, and the ending kinda gave me undertale vibes in which makes me love this game more. I really recommend it
I really like this game I started playing it this morning, I got all the bushes and was just doing my quests and decided to get off the game for a little, I got back on and it started me over. Is there any way to get back to where I was without starting over? If not then that's okay :)
Short and simple but what a heartwarming little story. The characters and the art are both endearing. I can't wait to play more by this developer. Excellent job!
Super cute! Please SUPPORT THE DEV! There is an "about" section in all of her games. Please donate some money or become part of her patreon fan club! Cause she truly deserves it! She creates cute and awesome games and has NO ADS in ALL OF THEM. We don't have to spend A SINGLE CENT on this game and yet SHE PUTS IN SO MUCH EFFORT TIME AND MONEY INTO MAKING THEM. Since all of her games are popular on android, please support her with as much as you can! Even just $3 is enough for her! Do consider!
I dunno what to say.......Everything about this game is just absolutely wonderful, from the art style to the music to the characters themselves. It gives me really nice feels while playing it. To be honest this developer is too underrated. If this developer would make a new game, I would definitely play it. 10/10 for a simple relaxing clicker game. My favorite characters are Yen, Era and who can forget about our best assistant Snooty? (Even if I was the one collecting 99.8% of the total berries)
This game is precious 💖 I love the character development. There are no ads and it's not just any idle game. There's actually an ending and the story that is told is sweet and beautiful. The moral don't judge a book by it's cover is so prevalent here.
It's a pretty simple game, which I actually adore cause most games these days get way too complicated, and it's art is amazing! Although the game itself is rather short, I really do adore this game and would 100% recommend to anyone sitting on the fence about downloading
This game was so well made, The characters have awesome designs and the colors you picked for this are great! Hope you make more games- maybe even a sequel to this game if you could!
The games they make-not just this one-are really nice, with a cute art style and nice music, as well as unique stories. The dialogue sometimes gets a few laughs out of me, and there's a lot of character put into it. The controls are a bit strange and wonky and on this particular game, the berry-picking mechanism gets incredibly boring and old. Other than that, I really love it!! And also it has lgbtq+ representing so that's a huge plus ^^
OKAY BUT THIS IS THE BEST GAME YOU'VE EVER MADE!! it just,,, feels so much like a game and it's the longest one too. i love the plot of friendship and the hints of queerness. (tbh at first i thought it had hetero romance as it's main plot so i was kinda surprised (not a bad thing, just surprised)bc all of your games that has romance in it was queer in some way or another (except manami) but then he said it's strict platonic love) ANYWAYS GREAT GAME AND AAA I REALLY WISH THERES A LONGER VERS.!!!
Very cute! Definitely not the typical hero story. It focuses on personal growth and mending fences. I have mixed feelings about some of it, but I think that is the point. The deadnaming was sometimes hard to read, but it got better. I wish there were more chapters, even though it is great as it is. There was a good balance between berry picking and plot, too.
I just love the story and how the hero changed. I really thought it would be boring to play because it's just pictures and text but ahhh I just love it!😭
I love this game so much. It's soft and relaxing and has a good story. I play it when I get anxious and it brings my heart rate way down
OMG ... I think I was too dedicated with the game. Eventhough the hero was rude at times, I liked the game. I just didn't expect to finish it in hours. I'm sad. I have harvested a lot, thinking there were more requests to follow. But it was a nice game. Just wished the story continued until doctor Yen and Rotaboo's shop was fixed. Thank you so much for this game.
This was literally the cutest game i have ever played. The controls were simple. The story was sweet and the characters were adorable. It's a short game but the funniest part was when Era was trying to shake hands with Cyrus. I laughed so hard at her cute attempt. I also like how you can go back to the gallery, after finishing the game, and see the other endings. Amazing game! Thank you so much!
... I don't have words to describe how amazing this game is. Just.. if your somehow reading this, please atleast try this game for a little bit. It's amazing and the ending brought me to tears. It's not big or flashy, but it's perfect. I wouldn't have the game any other way. To the game developer, thank you.
This game is so good. The story line and also the animation is so good, I like it. I hope you can add more story to this game.
I love this game so much! I had made it super far in, but my game crashed and I lost my progess and had to re start. I am upset, but this game is so amazing, I could never bring myself to deduct stars. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys simple story mode games with a few tasks to complete. This was absolutely amazing, keep up the great games!
it was so good, i really recommend this for anyone who is looking for a way to pass time. the storyline was nice and i liked the aesthetic of the game in a way. i also really liked the lgbtq+ representation, it's not everyday you see a game representing it. i specifically loved the way the mc was able to grow closer with the 'monsters' through time and learn a bit about them each visit. i extremely loved the art style and the calming music. 10/10
This game is beautiful... The characters are in depth and interesting and the whole experience gave me a warm happy feeling. The berry collecting is slow, but I still beat the story in about 3 hours so I think it helps the pacing. It was just perfect and made me very happy on a day when I was very stressed out. ( •w•)/♡
I rate this 5 stars because its a really good and fun game to play you dont get bored playing it and somehow i finished this game in just one day so maybe make a sequel to the game that would be nice.
It's refreshing to see a story where someone deals with their perception of the world being basically shattered in a way that's more realistic, starting off still holding on to their beliefs but slowly learning to let go, bit by bit. The difference between the hero at the beginning and end of the game is obvious, but it's executed so well that it flows so naturally. 12/10, would recommend.
I love this game so much. I grew to love all of the characters, even Cyrus, whom I disliked at first. They all have amazing personalities that tie into the story. The berry-picking does get old, but I liked it while it lasted. Also, Cyrus and probably Yen being LGBTQ+ is great. The dev has done absolutely great with this game, I also suggest checking out his other, much shorter games though.
Very cute and relaxing game. You have choices throughout the game, so even when you reach the end, you can play it again choosing how you'll be and how it'll change the story from the first time you did it. The graphics are so amazing, it makes me happy everytime I see it or play the game.
this is a nice fun game, it's really cute too! I have only one complaint but it is quite minor , that is that collecting the berries is quite tedious and time consuming ,but the story makes up for it! I think you should give this game a try for a calm ,fun game!
This game was so adorable! The characters, the designs and of course, the story! Congratulations for making such a wonderful game! I hope we will see more of these charming little people and the town in the future :)
The way I am OBSESSED with this game should be a little concerning considering the fact that I've been playing for like an hour and it's so simple. But the story is so lovely and the design is adorable too. We stan gay princesses that marry witches. And gay knights. And funky onion dudes. 10/10 I hope I never finish it.
It was a great game! The cute art style with a wholesome plot to the story. Cool characters with interesting personalities. It was playable, and the game mechanics were easy to understand. My only complaint would be that it was a bit short. If this game was updated with more requests to complete and more updates with you getting along with the characters, then I would play again.
Sure the game really gets repetative after a while but I was really attached to every character (especially yen) that i didnt even notice how long i spent watching those berries grow. The story overall was so wholesome and made me rethink of how i treated some people. Thanks a lot dev. This game is something I'll cherish
I usually don't make reviews, but this game was so great that I had to. Very wholesome, can make you teary eyed a bit with certain scenes. Absolutely not the typical storyline you'll get from a damsel-in-distress, fairytale hero genre. I played all possible outcomes and they were all an absolute joy to see. One issue tho, it's very short. Not Cyrus. Not Era. But the game was too short lol. Looking forward to any new updates or a sequel.
From beginning to end, a lovely and peaceful experience. If you're looking for a typical clicker game, this one may feel a bit slow, but be patient; the experience is all about quiet, soft, gentle patience. Beautiful story, adorable character designs. Beautiful music. I feel healed. I feel like I've been eating napberries for the last 2 hours.
I'm absolutely in love with this game!!The characters are so well written and the message and development we, as in the knight, go through is amazing. I adore how he doesn't just excuse himself from what happened but actively accepts and works on making it up to the townspeople. I hope you can somehow extend the game because I enjoyed it so much and would love a longer version. It's not just heartwarming and fills you with joy and the energy of the characters but it also gets you to think.999+⭐
Ive never gave a game 5 stars but i think this truley deserves it. The art is so cute and the animation is just perfect and then comes the script that just goes together so well, this is a type of game that id never thought id like but here i am giving it 5 stars. Its quite addicting i managed to get all the berries to 999. But i do hope yen and cyrus get together because they seem so cute together, i hope you continue making games like this.
hi! I'm from Indonesia and this game is soo cute. this is the cutest game I've played ^-^. relaxing, cute graphics, and the dialogue is simple and understandable >< dear npckc, please make more beautiful game like this (and don't forget to add indonesian subtitles!) thank you!! 💓
Eek! I loved this! At first when I started I thought it was going to be a boring clicker game, but the diverse characters and storylines inbetween kept me going! The overall idea of this game is adorable, plus the music and sound effects are cute and somewhat relaxing. Would 100% recommend, 10/10.
This game was very enjoyable to play and had amazing music, my only complaint would be that it's so short I would've loved to see more of this game and world! It's not very difficult and can take some time to get enough berries for the requests but it's 100% worth it!
This game was honestly amazing. It's got a really good pacing and a wonderful message. I finished all the endings in an hour or two, and I'm really happy with it. I love the representation and the story it tells.
I enjoyed that. as a person who didn't like clicker games, the story had me going on tapping about those berries. I love it, even though it was short and the gameplay was so simple.
I finished this game in a day. It's super adorable and a cute game to play if you have some spare time. All the characters are super well written considering how short the game is. Its enjoyable since you don't need any rubies or tickets to progress through the game! I would definitely recommend. I chose "doc horns" as my final choice and the ending was Uber adorable. I've played many games by the same devoper and I would say this one is my favorite.
I love this game, its not complicated and its so relaxing, I also love the characters. I would love to play another game of the developer if there's more, keep up the great games!!
This game is so frickin cute, the mc said something about, "I prefer knights over princesses anyways", and I wasn't paying attention to the context behind that, so I can only assume he likes dudes which is good representation that made me happy if it's true! The only thing I had a problem with is the repititive farming system but I think the story art and just overall wholesomeness make it for it!
A very short yet amazing story game :) The plot behind it seems very well put together and the main character is also easy to relate with. I'd definitely recommend someone trying it out :)
The saving progress thing is annoying. I had no idea about it and lost all my progress. Can you please add auto save. And is there any way I can get my progress back? This happened twice, I'm starting to think theres a bug in the game. Whenever I reach the specific part for the quest that costs $5000 it just restarts it. Other than that the illustrations and story line is simple yet interesting. I loved the game.
This game is super cute. I downloaded it earlier and couldn't put it down! I've finished the game now and can't wait to replay it later. I don't really know what to say other than, I loved it! And if you're someone who hates ads (because let's be honest, who actually likes them?) this is the game for you! There are no ads at all and it has a super fun story. 5 stars for sure! 💜
it's a lovely story, and it definitely gives off a nice, relaxing vibe. i don't want to spoil the ending, so im not going to write anything more about the plot; though it was absolutely a twist. well done!
It was so good although I would love to dug deeper more but I really like the story. I have mixed feelings but it touched my heart about the purpose thingy hahaha anyways I love it!
This game was so calm. The music was soothing and the storyline was great. Would totally recommend playing this.
I absolutely loved this game, I really wish there was more of the story available, considering I was able to play through the whole thing in only a few hours, but I absolutely loved the story, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a heavily story based game!
10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND The story was so simple yet it has so much impact, even if the harvesting took some time it was definitely worth all the wait. It's relaxing and fun, it's suited to people who just wants to pass off time but overall I think the general audience can play this game without having troubles. This is really a wonderful game, I'm hoping to play more like this in the near future 💖
When you start the game it seems like it will be a boring collecting game but as you play you really get attached to the story and characters. It's simple but I love everything about this. Well done Dev, keep up the good work :)
Not quite what i Expected,But Gosh Dang did i Get to attached to the game...To Attached that i started Crying When it said "The End" "Thank you for playing" Litterarly...It isn't really a hero game tho,Its More of a Harvesting Game But over all Its pretty Fun and Calming