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A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by 7th Beat Games located at 1, Jalan Setiabakti 2 Bukit Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have this game on PC too, and the simple single button control-style lends itself to any platform very well. Catchy music, fun visuals, and a new way of presenting music theory and patterns to those who aren't musically-inclined.
Great rhythm game. Very difficult as well. I love it. I would recommend it to anyone who like rhythm games.
Great game at first try it was hard but you will slowly learn how to do it because of the tutorials even if your new to the game also It has a Great graphics and effects too.
Pretty fun but there can be sudden spikes in difficulty, plus the speed levels make me lag. Overall it was good.
Originally I finished this on steam. Its very addictive that I had to buy it for my phone too, and it works no differently to the pc version A fun Rhythm game.
Amazing game, one of my favorites. Unfortunately, World #3, Level X is currently broken for me (Love Letters) - at about 19%-20%, when the screen flashes and the base kicks in, instead of proceeding with the beat, the spheres stay in one place and on the next beat you lose. I've tried this level about 20 times and I'm pretty sure it's a bug (Samsung S7 with Android 8.0 and build 1.0.5 ~ r15). Please fix this!
Very fun and quite challenging, yet pretty short, wish they would add more levels, or the option to add maps in files or even direct download community maps.
Played the flash version. Loved it but felt sad at its shortness. Now, over two years later i accidentally find it's on both steam and android and i just couldn't hold my finger
Wonderful game! I love the concept of using angles to represent beats, and I enjoyed it very much. The graphical options are appreciated, as are the new levels that are being added in updates! This game is a definite 5/5 for me. Thank you, everyone on the dev team. Highly recommended. P.S. My heart was beating out of my chest during the 6-X speed trial, lol. Took me a while but I did it!
I remember when this was first on Kongregate. I was first to comment, iirc... still love it to this day! Edit: It's great to see the game come so far! The levels are beautiful and the newer ones are the perfect amount of challenging.
Bought it on PC and played it there for about an hour or so first, bought it here next just so I can play it on the go. Deceptively difficult, with a low barrier to entry, this is a very fun rhythm game that I'll be burning many hours on!
Really fun and challenging game. But I have a problem where if I click the final stage of World XT the game shuts down. I finished all other worlds so now I cant play the game anymore :( Please fix this bug!
Easy to pick up hard to master, after being tired of the top rhythm game charts being filled with nothing but clones of the same 3 games it's refreshing to have something actually engaging which doesn't bombard you with advertising every 30 or so seconds. I reccomend this to anyone who considers themselves a fan of rhythm games, if they have somehow not heard of it already.
I love this game!! It's simple and fun, aandtge levels get challenging as they go so you won't get bored!!
I'd try to boot up the game, but all it would say is "Something went wrong!" so I tried uninstalling the game and re-installing it, but it didn't work
[Never mind, the bugs have been fixed :)] This is a very good game, with very interesting mechanics all throughout! Simple to pick up yet hard to master. I have always loved this game, ever since first finding it over 2 years ago.
This is the best rhythm game I ever bought it but I'm not recommend for kids under 10 because it has a super extreme gameplay very nice game :D
Nice and freaking challanging at some level. But it will be 5 star if dev make a checkpoint every 20%-30% of the progress. It's frustrating to repeat the whole song when it come to a miss/late tapping at 90% or above. Hope dev can fix this on the next update. Realy love this game anyway.
Amazing Rythmn Game and rather a great training tool. Would recommend it to all sort of Rythmn game players to hone their skills
Release World XO pleaseee, i played that on pc ver already, but i want it on mobile :) Edit: i found that you can do secret code input to access this and manage to beat it.. But please add it to legit world selection lol
Amazing game! Great support! - This game costs $2 and new levels are added regularly. No IAP or ads or anything like that. Check out the official Discord to learn how to access the secret levels!
This game is so fun in love how when I beat the first boss I was so happy but I knew it was just getting harder so I would go on until I get a new phone maybe but I hope not
Amazing game but I have just 1 request, please add the ability to make a custom level like in the PC version, thanks for your time :D
Great rythm game, only thing I'd want to be added is to allow steam to mobile saves if that would be possible.
Amazing Game. I love it so much that I play it almost every day! Its such a brilliant game. I recommend people look at the game first and if they love it, then they should get it.
This game is AMAZING. The music is awesome, the gameplay is fantastic, and its one of the best rhythm games I have ever played, thank you for making this. <3
As someone w/ years of general Rhythm Game playing and high level Mania 4k and CH experience, I can confidently say this is an amazingly put together rhythm game. The music is all original (and very high quality) and it's simple to learn, while also having an astronomical skill ceiling. My only real issue is that touch inputs on phones are notoriously laggy (usually 200ms+) which can make the game very awkward to adjust to at first, as you often need to tap a frame or 2 earlier than you'd think.
You dont get guidance for invisible tiles like on the steam version but it's still a really fun game! Correction: just turn the graphics up 😅
Have this on pc I'm getting 300+ audio latency on my huawei p30 bare had any on my steam version. Otherwise its a good game and the issue may be device specific.
The sound would not sync up. I tried recalibrating a couple times and each time the offset was way different from the last. I'd fail each level before the music even started. I learned to play using just the visuals but it was not fun since I'd have to purposely play off beat.
Awesome work! Gets extremely harder when we progress from one world to next, so it would be good if you could add more levels in each world.
Execelent game! I thought it was a cool game on itch.io until I found out about it on tablet. Amazing Game , good price Buy it!
Why It only shows black screen when i opened it? I want to continue on level 4 after playing the demo on browser.plss fix it. Thank you
You know that game about jumping over someone?This is the same thing.I was stuck on 1-X For About 150Times.Gud Game
One of the best rhythm games I've played. Very simple, yet very challenging. It helps train your ear rhythmically to keep up with the beat. Really enjoyable. Well done. Hope you guys create more rhythm games.
Great game! It would be great if there was a "practice mode" like in Beat Saber or guitar hero. A mode where you can start from a specific place, no-fail enabled and the option to reduce speed. Unrelated: Whoever made level 9. Please more of that!
I hope they also add costume level on mobile so I can play whenever I want. Btw I also make an ADOFAI content. Checkout my instagram @bonysubono069 thanks ^^
If you like rhythm games, you will love this! Simple and executed fantastically. I haven't enjoyed a rhythm game this much since Cytus. I love that you can speed up the tracks to really test your limits. It adds the sense that you can always do better which is great for replayability. The training levels before the full "boss track" is a nice touch and the music itself is enjoyable to listen to, especially towards the end. The final track genuinely feels like a reward! Really great job :)
This game is amazing! If you like games like osu! or other rythm games you're going to love this one, its simple to play but hard to master, the original music its super catchy and perfect for the gameplay, i would also recommend this game if you are a musician. I bought it twice cause its also available for pc. Im super happy I saw that tokaku and miraie video about this game. Love it!
As a rhythm gamer for over 20 years (since the Beatmania Complete Mix days), this is such a fun and challenging rhythm game! My only issue is that the sound level for some songs is too quiet and I wish there was a way to normalize then.
After I saw Tokaku's review on YouTube, I knew I had to play this game for myself. So far, it's the bee's knees!
Yeah I'm having fun with this game... The calibration kinda hard to understand but it doesn't matter... The control are good and the gameplay is easy to catchup... Really hope level editor will be added soon...
The game is awesome despite it's simple game mechanics. If you like rhythm games then this game would be good for you.
I can't get past 40% on the first level. I try to calibrate it and it won't do it. I try and tap to the rythm and it says let's just go with the original game settings and won't calibrate. I try and tap to the rhythm and it won't do it. If I follow it visually I can get to 40% of the first level but then I am not taping in rythm to the music at all I am just following the visual squares so I don't die. I can not get past 40% on the first level. This game is impossible. Don't waste your time.
Great rhythm game if you wanna get frustrated really fast. Took a little while to properly calibrate though.
Great game. The one issue i have is that after buying it on mobile, if i wanted to play it with keyboard (touchscreen is less precise) i'd have to buy it on pc too
The game is fabulous on steam. love the music. love the gameplay. I thought it would be amazing to have it on my phone. However, it's obvious that the developer have made no effort on optimising the game for mobile users. The game is lag af and unplayable on my phone (Huawei p20 lite). I hope this could be improved. until then.
This game is extremely fun and I only have one gripe. In the steam version, theres support for custom maps, but this version doesnt have that. That's completely fine, it's still one of my favorite mobile rythem games.
This is my first true rhythm game, and I'm enjoying waaaaaay too much than I should've. This game is addictive as heck.
The game is simple, it may not look that interesting until you actually play it, which totally blew my mind when I did. How hard could a game with 2 orbs spinning around be? It starts off easy to get players into the game, but the final stages especially the challenges are very difficult. Amazing high quality music and aesthetic level design. As a person who has been playing rhythm games for years, I would say it's one of the best rhythm games out there! Overall, spectacular game!
This game is really fun! It's the perfect pocket rhythm game when games like Phigros and DEEMO are getting a tad boring, and also perfect for people just getting into the rhythm game genre.. I've personally been playing this game competitively on speedrun leaderboards but it's also a nice game to just relax and play when you're bored or just feel like tapping your screen to the rhythm
Absolutely love this game, and it just so happens that I'm a drummer too. I'm addicted to it! A real pity that it's so short though. Would've loved it even more if it had some endless mode etc. Just 3 suggestions for the game. One, there's no orientation change even when rotating the phone. Please implement this! Two, an option to disable haptic feedback would be nice. Maybe change it to a sound instead too. Three, my 'worlds' all have accuracy over 100%. Not sure if it's a bug? Thank you!
A suprisingly well made music game with original music tailored specifically to the gameplay. Constant updates with added hidden levels.
One of the best rythym games on Android, hands down. If you're into games like this then you'll love this one. Absolutely addicting as hell and just a joy to play. Just goes to show how much more important the actual gameplay is in a game, than it's graphics are. Props to the developer(s). Awesome job!!
SUPER challenging yet super fun! The beats are fun to play to and the graphics are amazing as well. Still havent beaten everything and it always presentes a challenge and ultimate playability. Looking forward to more songs!
8 hours deep now and I love the pain! Stages 3 & 6 give a bad impression on the difficulty by being overly long and uninteresting musically, but 7-11 are some of the finest pieces of rhythm gaming I've played in years. The jazzier, off-tempo instrumentals lend themselves really well to the tile-based system, with the bass drum on later electronic tracks driving behind every note tapped. It really builds into a fantastic game. Don't let 6-X ruin that!
An absolutely wonderful game that achieves everything it sets out to be - a simple, yet challenging rhythm game. Due to the controls being so simple, it doesn't fall into the problem that most other mobile rhythm games have, which is being harder to play on a smaller screen. A Dance of Fire and Ice plays wonderfully on any device that can run it. The gameplay paired with equally fantastic music and surprisingly engaging custom visuals for each level makes the price tag absolutely worth it. 5/5.
Pretty good up until a certain point where the tutorial does not really give you a good sense of each unique mechanic. World five in particular is kind of where it drops off at and where you will find yourself repeating the previous tutorial levels. Overall a pretty good game but could use some polishing up.
Beautiful, calming and yet still challenging. 5 stars for this And wasted 1 hour fixing this broken play store thingey and buying this game was worth it.
Fantastic rhythmical game. The music is catchy and you will find yourself humming it randomly during the day! No ads! What a bonus! Definitely recommend!
Like the warning said, this game is very reliant on rhythm and keeping the beat. That being said, it's a game that have a simple control or gameplay, but really hard to master, at least for me. It is my first time buying a game. Definitely, worth my money. I'm going to stay with this game so my sense of rhythm can be corrected. Hehe.
This game is a very fun and challenging rhythm game! The concept of the game is very simple while giving you a very easy "just tap to the beat" type of gameplay. It does a very good job at expanding on how to play while increasing the difficulty. I highly recommend you play this game!
unlike a lot of rythym games, because of the calibration, i actually can play to the beat. most of the older games are off by a few seconds, but this one is amazingly accurate
Phew! I first thought it was simple when I saw it on social media where influencer plays it, it looks real simple! But after I downloaded it, and experienced, it was extremely interesting and unexpectedly hard. For me, it really is an interesting game and helps you to get the beat well. I highly recommend playing this game!
Very simple game mechanics, which gets quite challenging in later levels. I had no Lags whatsoever on my OP3, which is critical for a good expirience. No ads, just the game. Can recommend! I also tried the online Demo of "Rhythm Doctor", which i can also recommend. It's also a Single Button Rhythm game, but with completely different mechanics.
I bought the game, booting it up, nothing happened. Waited for 1 hour for the game to start, it didnt load. I tried re-installing rhe game and restarting my phone, still didnt work. Fix it pls
Really good. Could be better if it had an exit button and if it remembered last progress so one can continue without having to manually skip tutorials. Also, a wonderful feature would be to have the initial beat of the level continue after failing, so one can seamlessly restart the level into that beat. Ending the audio abruptly upon failing is very anticlimactic. Same for the menu music that ends abruptly when entering the settings - at least fade it out!
This is by far one of my favorite rhythm games. I found it on tiktok, bought it on steam and now I'm on the phone. Even my 4 yr old and 6 yr old are addicted.
Solid Rhythm game. Love the music and quirks some of the levels have. Wish it had custom levels from players, or curated levels.
kinda laggy sometimes which makes it occasionally frustrating, but i love the idea and when it works its really fun!
This game is great. For me, the only thing lacking in this game is saving progress online, custom level and custom songs. I wish this game had an account to be able to save progress online.
This game is one of the best rhythm games I have ever played. The music is catchy and the level graphics are amazing and still well optimized. The concept is an amazing idea and was executed excellently. The balancing on the levels is decent, and the levels are lots of fun to play and unique in their own way. This is a rhythm game for beginners, but not a beginner's rhythm game. Looking forward to the addition of the level editor on the mobile version!
An excellent rhythm game that helps build muscle memory used in most rhythm games. Highly suggest to any new or even skilled players of rhythm games.
Severe difficulty spike after 5-x, but other than that love your game! Love the aesthetic and the music. First time I was interested in playing a rhythm game. Sometimes I get angry because I cant hear the beat because it faded into the background. This game is an absolute steal for $2 Cheers, Donovan
I like the game But if you can make the bigining of the level start by tap not by counting No 1 2 3 just tap ang go Because it is boring avry time i lose and start again and wait for 1 2 3
I love the game (I'm a regular PC player) but it's awful on mobile. I have the latest 120hz phone (S20 Ultra) and the game is very choppy. Big disappointment. Edit: This is resolved - amazing!
Incredibly fun rhythm game, really provided a challenge, but was never too infuriating. Also, the input delay can be calibrated, so it means I can play with Bluetooth headphones connected, which really improves the game, because I can now play when out and about.
The windup is a bad stage and I cant move on cause of it I've been trying for weeks and I've beaten every stage I could but this level is holding me back from having fun
A charming, wonderful one-button rhythm game I have adored ever since it was just a finished proof-of-concept. You will move your way through many well-crafted stages with custom music and heaps of love, all with the brutal unforgivingness that makes it all the more worth it. Ever since the full release, the game is beautiful whose graphics complement the experience with so much room for creativity and expression. I love this game. I even have it on Steam too! Much love from the UKSRT folks!
Best game I've ever played on a phone. Great for drummers. Innovative approach to rhythm games and awesome songs. Update: moooore leveeeels aaahhhrrggg!!! Can't stop!
Good work on the fixes. I saw the changes and im glad, especially with the new levels coming in. I also have the pc version and with that said if its not too much to ask, will we ever get the ability to play custom maps in here? I mean its okay if we cant make our own custom levels here but being able to play custom maps here would be amazing.
Bought the PC version on Steam, but kinda hard to calibrate (so I just stick with the default calibration for now)
Great Rhythm game. I've been playing it for quite sometime on both my cellphone and PC. This game was developed by a company that understands musical theory and how to turn it on its head. I cant wait for their next game Rhythm Doctor to finally get its release. Keep it up.
simple but fun! (i would consider it a hard game) nice, that there are new levels, keep it up! to Devs: i find myself playing the game only orientating with hearing because video ist sometimes a bit laggy. how about coloring the floor green or red depending on hitting perfect / too late/... (different colors for early and late!!)
To be honest for 2 dollars this game is really good. It can be very frustrating though so if you don't like that then I wouldn't download, but if you do this game is perfect for you. Because at the end of the day the feeling you get from beating the level you've been stuck on is amazing.
Nails the minimalist approach while providing incredible depth of its mind and rhythm bending mechanics.
This is my third time playing through this game. It is a phenomenal rhythm game with amazing, and unique music as well as a creative but easy to understand concept. The graphics are a little downgraded compared to the computer version but that's to be expected I think, the game still looks wonderful and keeps essentially all of its charm.
Really fun and addictive with a great challenge. I reccomend this to those who enjoy rhythm games with a great challenge and simple controls