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98 Cards

98 Cards for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by VdH located at Malplaquetstra├če 15b 13347 Berlin. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At first thought it was going to be extremely difficult but managed to win one after less than 10-15 tries. So it's doable but requires focus, and definitely a lot of fun. Also appreciate ads are not annoying as in so many apps. Definitely a 5 stars. Thanks!
Game would definitely be better if they didn't start you off in such a bad way every time. I've only played one game where every card I got wasn't somewhere between 40 and 60. Statistically this is impossible, but happens EVERY game
Fun game. Depends on luck of the deal to a certain degree, but challenging as well. Ads with sound shows up after every 3rd game, but it's free so worth it. Scoring could be better, I set a high score I'll never beat so even when I win now it's disappointing. Would be better if it showed how each time compares to past games.
It's a fun, short game that's fairly challenging and at least offers something to concentrate on for a bit. The ads are well placed and never interfere with a game while you're playing. Simple concept but I always go back to it :)
Really fun solitaire. Only givinf it four stars, because I think the app could be improved by adding more game modes. Same basic conceot, but maybe have 198 cards, or maybe, you're allowed to go backwards by 10, but also by 1. Lots of little rules you could come up with.
Great game. Have been playing every day for over a year. Please add some stats like score history, average cards left, average time etc and a definite 5 star game.
Only review I'll write because is amazingly thought out. So incredible. EDIT: can't access leaderboard or see my past scores. Doesn't take away much but it would be cool to keep track of my progress or how I compare to others. It still lists my current hiscore after each completed game RE-EDIT: the scoring system seems arbitrary. I'm also concerned about things like my best time or least amount of cards and my final doesn't tell this information
after half a year of playing this game. today i have finally won hip hip hooray! felt good to finally eat this game.. im ready for the next challenging game..
Great game, it's about luck with how cards fall but all card games are like that. What I like is that I need to concentrate, think a bit and it's enjoyable. What I would like improved is the colours of cards are a bit dull and the size of cards are really small. Would be cool if landscape was possible. All in all great game!
Won it on my third attempt, therefore slightly perplexed at how i see on some reviews saying people have been trying for almost a year. But, nevertheless, its an enjoyable game.
Nice concept and design, but deck seems to be purposefully stacked against you and maybe 1 of 20 games is actually winnable. Quickly loses fun factor. Seems difficult but actually winning games is impossible way more often than not.
Fun game! Would love to have a way to repeat the order of cards so I could try different strategies. Microsoft Freecell game has an official number associated with each game. Another fun idea would be to do a daily (or weekly) tournament where everyone is given the same order of cards.
Good that it's a card game, and basically free. Bad that it's not that great a game. Insane amount of luck or chance involved. No skill needed. Just don't get many middle cards early, and you'll do well. Otherwise, you lose.
Simple, but very engaging puzzle game. It'll test your decision making, card counting, maybe event your ability to predict odds.
I see many reviews complaining about how much luck is involved. I agree with this compliant. A card game should not be based on luck. We live in a digital age that allows programming to make the unfair and burdensome issue of luck obsolete in card games. Its time to progress forward, and make it so digital card games can be won on skill alone. Other than not being able to win every time because of the "luck of the draw" problem, its a good game/app. As soon as this issue is addressed, I will edit this review to complain about how easy it is.
A tough little card game. Largely based off what the 8 cards at the bottom are, and some numbers bite you in the bum. The people who have apparently won, 1 in every 10 must be super geniuses. Very tough to get below 20 cards!
This game is great for winding down, also love that you don't need wifi. Not very many ads which is nice.
A really great game. I didn't rate it higher for two reasons. There is no explanation of the points system other than you get more points for more cards (well duh), and you get points for playing fast. Is the exact formula a big secret or something? How am I supposed to develop an optimum playing style of I don't know the scoring mechanism? Also, I don't particularly like that it's timed in the first place. This should be a pure strategy game not a race. You need a mode where time is not a factor.
A nice concept but definitely needs levels, score history etc. to keep it addictive. I win like once every 10 games. The computer tries to screw you over as much as possible, which is fine for a hard mode. However I wouldn't be uninstalling this game if there were more variants to it to keep me motivated and keep playing
Like the game, but if you switch phones, you lose all progress and have to start all over. Turned me off.
Great game! Very simple concept but difficult to win. Keeps me coming back for more. Graphics and controls are both great. One of the few apps I've sunk money into (removed ads).
To date, I have only written reviews for two or three or games. To get a written review from me, the game should meet all, or most, of the things that I like in a game. This game meets all of them. The rules are easy to understand, it's challenging and interesting, and the graphics are simple. Also, because I like entertainment when I travel, another plus for this game is that it can be played without an internet connection. This game is great way to give your brain a light workout. I wish I had come up with this idea myself!!
I don't usually give reviews on games, but this is an exception. The gameplay is simple but addicting. My attention span is very short, yet I have played this game for hours. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone with space on their device!
The only glaring issue with this game is that there is no way to keep track of which cards have already been played other than grab a pen and paper. This would be useful to have because sometimes I'm holding onto a card expecting to use it in addition to another card I hope to draw, but I have no way of knowing if I already played that card or not. So there is a big strategic dimension that the game is not tapping into
Great little game, with a clean minimalistic design and simple logical game play. Removed 2 stars because: 1) The scoring system makes no sense what so ever and the scoring history lacks essential info like 'number of cards left' and time. 2) The needs to be different difficulty modes. An Easy mode with a new card every time a card is played, Medium mode with 2 cards (the current default), and a Hard mode with 3 new cards every 3 cards played. Would increase rating if these 2 issues addressed.
It's "the game" but single player only, and you can't see the cards that have been played so far. Sorry, but that last bit is essential to completing the last few cards. Would recommend people get the card game rather than this.
Too much luck, not enough skill. I can tell within the first 12 cards (8 starters and two turns) if I'm going to have a good game. Makes the game feel way too arbitrary.
Just wow. Simple and mindbending. People who are requesting the cards that have been played are dumb. In no card game, virtual or real you can see the cards that have been played or the ones that have not appeared yet. Keep up the great work, add some other rule like multiplication, or squared numbers. You deserve 6 stars because this one is one of the best games i've ever played on a phone.
Awesome card game. It's so difficult and I hunk it will take about 50 hours to design proper algorithm for this game. I love it.