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94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic

94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Scimob located at Webedia 2 rue Paul Vaillant Couturier 92300 Levallois-Perret France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game. However the amount of ads is ludicrous. Its at the very least every two guesses. If you want to go ad free it's Β£2.69 a week. Absolutely ridiculous.
It's okay, but really aggressive advertising with every click. The last update ruined the game in my opinion.
I really enjoy this game. Sometimes its hard but I use the jokers to give me hints. I really feel good when I get all the answers without cheating by looking on the internet. Every time I make a move, I have to watch advertisement.
This app is perfect gaming wise BUT the number of apps is out of control. Ad after every guess? Thats too much Perfect game but I just have to uninstall it because of the amount of ads and I wont be the only one
This game is fun overall, has some ads, some of the puzzles are hard to solve and some you wouldn't have even considered an option to put it in as an answer.
Loved this game for years, but all of a sudden theres a 30 second ad after each incorrect guess ending any and all enjoyment of this game.
Ads are insane. There is no concept of balance regarding advertisement/gameplay time ratio. It feels like there's an ad every time I do anything and it really takes away from getting into the game. I don't know about other people, but personally, I find myself MUCH more likely to pay attention to and click on/install apps from ads when I chose to watch the ads (for free coins, etc) or when they play rarely which makes them more interesting. Constant forced ads lead to rage-uninstalls.
Every time you get a right answer it plays an add. This means every 5-10 seconds there's an add popping up!!! It's ridiculous!
Nice game but wayyyy too many ads. Every single time you tap, an ad pops up that is usually 5sec long. Makes me want to uninstall even though the game itself is really good.
i enjoyed the game but there too many ads!! its reaaaally annoying! like evertime you type, an ad would pop up! ridiculous!
So many ads, ad every 1-3 guesses, sometimes multiple ads in a row, and it's a monthly fee to remove ads. Too bad, it would be a decent game if it wasn't so annoying.
Very bad app,i could not even play once as soon as i turn it on it takes me to my homescreen when i checked other apps and games i was was able to use them and play on them and fact my phone is a brand new one..I hate it i gave one star because there was no option for 0..i read some ratings they r telling there are too many adds so can somebody reply and tell me how to open if any shortcut or anything....
It's quite difficult even on the first levels butapart from that I like the game but I don't like how u pick the longest ads though so I gave it three stars -Thankyou :)
It is a nice game, but the adds keeps bothering me everytime, it is so irritating. Can u please work with the adds in your game, there are so many of it.
Not working, had to download game play which made it worse. Plenty of more similar games. Very disappointed as I was a fan.
Haven't played in a long time and decided to reinstall it. Mad at my self for doing it. There is an ad after each guess making it enjoyable like it use to be. Had to uninstall. Understand having ads but that was way to much.
This really is a great game! It's addicting and a lot of fun. However, if you don't purchase the premium to lose the ads, there will be a 30 second ad after every guess! Super frustrating.
I USED to love this game. It has way too many ads now. Every time you type in an answer whether it's right or wrong an ad pops up. It ruined the whole game for me. If there was a flat charge to get rid of ads I'd do it but its $3 a week. No way. Uninstalling.
I love this game because i played this before when i was a kid and now in this quarantine period I decided to install it again to play it with my brother, the problem is that every level that you enter or play, there's an ad popping up and that's really annoying for me. Hope you remove these ads or atleast minimize them. Thank you.
Tf when i was about to type a word the ad always appear, i have no problem with ads but this is too much it's ruining the game tf im so dissapointed every second or every minute ads always appear
Why are there so many ads?! I'm getting really frustrated about there being so many add and I don't want to have to pay extra for no ads.
I paid for an add free version of this game. Played a lot of the levels stopes playing for a while, upgraded my handset and installed ally apps only to find that I now have to pay for a subscription service in order to use the app add free. Seriously? This is beyond a joke. This app definitely doesn't justify a subscription.
I used to really enjoy this game but now the amount of ads is just ridiculous im contemplating just deleting it if u can't even play it due to the amount of ads!
A cool game, BUT OMG, as of today, Sept. 22nd, ADS ARE OFF THE CHAIN annoying!!! I can't even get in three seconds w/o a damn ad popping up!!! If this can be fixed, great. If not, it'll go on the backburner of games I don't play that often.
Love this game. I wish we could keep our progress in case we change phones or be able to play the game on different devices but continuing the progress
Too many ads, and answers are too basic & restricted. Doesn't allow for possibility of multiple correct alternative answers. I'm not even sure where they get most answers from
Way too many ads. I'm talking ads between menus and after a random number of guesses, which can be as low as 1, by the way. Not interesting enough as a family feud clone to be worth the time.
worst game ever!!!!! It won't let you use what come to your mind you're able to use only words that they come up with(example: Flags with three colors: lots of flags have three colors but they only corrects the word they want to. Over all just bad
I use to like it very much but the ads are too much and its very annoying. In the middle of typing ads pop up . So so many . I might uninstall
This game is not nearly as much fun as it used to be. There are way more ads, plus they used to give you the first letter of the words for free. Now it's cumbersome to play and really not much fun.
Too many ads. I used to love this game but now there's an ad after every guess i make instead the end of each category!!! To time consuming now when i should be relaxing and fun
I'm pretty sure they just got some AI to make the answers because they sometimes don't make any sense and there is a very annoying bug when you switch from the word/picture to your guesses its all in the same spot and impossible to see it does get back to normal once you get something right or just click a few times but its still a bug and an annoying one at that
Well my experience has been amazing so far. There has been no glitch or the app just suddenly stopping. So I will say the experience has been wonderful. I love the app❀
Love the game, but too many ads. Even in the middle of typing an answer ads can pop up! I know you guys need to survive, but you can rest assured I'll be watching those ads for the free jokers anyway. I turn off my internet to enjoy the game, otherwise i would have uninstalled already.
Used to like it, have played it casually for a long time. Sadly, it's unplayable now with an ad playing every two guesses!
I used to play this game long time ago and it was a lot of fun. Frustrating at times but challenging. I downloaded it today to find out that there's an ad waiting for you after each attempt. Straight uninstall.
Can play while hubs is driving and no anxiety over having to come up with answers quickly. We have been playing for years. Also when we are waiting for food at a restaurant.
The app let's me do the the first 3 introduction levels but won't let me play the actual levels I passed them and the first level won't even unlock Can this be fixed or no?
Way too many ads. It's normal for apps to have ads but this is unplayable, for almost every try you get an ad. It used to be a great time killer, now it's just a time waste.
ADS - I used to love this game but now there is an advertisement every 2 minutes. Frustrating. Uninstalling.
Used to play this religiously. Now it's unplayable garbage with CONSTANT ads. And it would be great if I could guess without constantly being prompted to use a joker. What the hell happened, guys? This game used to be amazing.
I've downloaded the game before and deleted it , and forgot why ! Now that I installed again I remembered why and I'm going to delete it again for the same reason ! Too many ads !! they pop out everytime you answer ! TWICE !
I love this game still!it makes you think but I like that.i love all the different topics too!thank you for the great game.i just put this game back on.determined to finish it this time!great relaxer for these times!still loving the game makes me think hard!I still love this game it makes me really thinking it back on again it's hard at times but I'm determined this timestill doing it!this game is getting more harder but I'm learning lots of new wordsstill love this gametes put the game backon.
I like the game but the most horrible thing is ADS!!!! THERE ARE TOO MANY ADS! AFTER EACH WORD YOU GUESS AN AD POPS UP AND AFTER EACH QUESTION AND EACH LEVEL! It would be really helpful if you reduce the number of ads in the game!!
Decent mind workout. I started off being too abstract with my answers, but once you get used to the way that they are intending the answers to be (the average person's response), then it becomes a lot easier.
I love this game because it helps you know more things if you need them. There are very few ads and I just love it!
Used to love the game and play it daily but now every two right or wrong answers an ad interrupts and annoys. I understand that ads are essential for a free app but I do see them between questions which I think it should be enough. Sadly I'm uninstalling it even almost at level 300.
Worst game ever played. I DON'T want to give 1 star too but without star I can't feedback it . Instead of it we can play coin master very good game, I had played atleast 400 games on play store . The games of 1mb to 2.5gb games I played on my Android mobile but this game is worst. More trivia games are there but it's very bad game ever. Don't download, waste of time, there are more options of trivia games but don't use it.
Ads are really a problem. Like its annoying that an ad pops up when you are writing your answers and they are long.
Hats off to the app developers for turning one of the best apps of it's kind into an unplayable mess. An ad every couple of guesses is just ridiculous. It's getting deleted. Terrible.
I had enjoyed this game for a while. I just started playing again and see that there is an ad after EVERY SINGLE WORD typed in.
This game used to be fun, but now adds pop up in the middle of levels, even while I'm typing in answers. Not worth the time anymore...
This is the second time i review and still giving one star, although game is good, the annoying amount of ads everytime I guesd are too much for giving me a chance to like the game.
This USED TO be a good game, now there is an advert after every guess it's terrible. They want you to pay a subscription to remove ads. Don't download - you will only be disappointed.
Very good game just alot of adds when you try and type something a add comes up and you go into the website wich is quite irritating but overall a lovely game it lets you think and enjoy it at the same time just the adds wich is a problem for me, but this is my opinion
Loved this game a lott. But now there are adds every few seconds which is extremely annoying for everyone. Might make us uninstall
It's a fine game in concept, But there is one major problem. There are SO MANY ADS. I understand an ad every once in a while. but every time you leave a level or sometimes, every time you miss a question, you get an ad. If you aren't bothered by ads, it's a decent game
Great game but the ads are out of control. This game has more than any game I've ever played. Fix it or lose yet another customer.
The game is great. I used to play it years ago.... But the amount of ads that pop up is ridiculous. It has an ad between every guess. I get between levels.
I like the game but the app has so many ads to the point that I get irritated while playing. So many wasted time watching ads.
It's a pretty good game,brain exercise tho the ads there are way too many ads. Please do something about that it really bothers alot of people
Im only doing this for the coins. But its a good game. Lots of complaints about ads that I've seen, but if you turn off wifi and data before opening the app, then you are offline so ads can't load. Anyways. 5 stars.
I love it ther us not that many of the adds at all for me but I love it and I play on it every day and every night
I really enjoy this game. Sometimes its hard but I use the jokers to give me hints. I really feel good when I get all the answers without cheating by looking on the internet.
I quite loved this game and liked the experience. But one of the hardest parts is scrolling all the way down to a 200+ level. Every time I exit from a level, it takes me to the top of the page and I have to go all the way down to get to the next one.
I used to play this game with my family, and I enjoyed it a lot. Then I recently downloaded it again as I thought it would be a nice way to spend time, but I'm now deleting it right after. They have killed the game, it has become a non-ending succession of ads, each single time we guess a word. A great example of a genius game absolutely ruined.
are you kidding me!? I had this game on a previous phone and loved it. just downloaded this to new phone and the forced Google play ads are the worst I've ever seen....forget it, not even worth it!!!! 2021 - still horrible
So I downloaded this game at the first level ithere wasn't any ads and it was fine until I got to the second level everytime I guessed on of the words an ad would pop up and the ads to promote the game was definitely not similar to how the game actually was I was very disappointed and frustrated that there was an add everytime I guessed something I do not recommend getting this game I installed it for 20 minutes and I did not like it
The game itself is fun. But at times, there is an ad after every word you guess. It seems you can't touch the screen without an ad popping up. Way too many ads!
Yeah just opened to play after many months away and the ADS ARE AS ANNOYING AS THESE CAPS. What happened? Deleting I don't have 30 seconds to wait in between every freaking guess. What a shame was a fun game.
I love this game. It's challenging and quite addictive. However there are a lot of ads. Please dial them down just a little bit. Thank you!
I loved this game, but the ads are extreme. Literally every time you touch the screen (such as for pressing enter when entering a word or pressing the back button or opening the menu etc), literally every Tim an ad pops up and you have to wait a few seconds before you can continue. I would even be willing to buy a version without ads, but not for 2.99$ per WEEK! I just uninstall it and recommend to not even install it.
Playing this game is fun but why they're so many ads in this game ? Every time I write an answer ad comes along too. It's really frustrating.
The game itself is great and fun but every time i press on anything go straight to the ads πŸ™„πŸ™„ and it ruins the game experience hope the developers will reduce the in game ads one day
I love this game! The only reason I gave it 4 is because of ads after every answer. But other than that it's very entertaining and fun. Highly recommend😎
The thing that makes this only 3*** is that when on a new device I have to start from the beginning again. If I'm on phone or tablet I end up with 2 games so can be at different levels. A while back I made it to a high level but now on new tablet I'm at level 1 again. Signing into Google play only saves progress on device I play on. It isn't synced so I do get frustrated and such with the game and take breaks from playing as I'm repeating myself.
The game's really good. But too much ads. I know its essential to keep the app going but ads for single click is too much. Everytime I press a key while using the app a ad pops up. That's really very annoying keeping in mind that it's a brain game and sometimes it becomes really irritating.
Would have rated higher but something has changed and now ads randomly pop up as soon as you start a level, and multiple times. I've played this game for months and loved it but these ads make it hard to play. I understand an ad after each level is completed maybe, but to have an ad two times while trying to type one answer in is just idiotic.
There is an add after every guess, even if it's wrong, and every time I choose a level its incredibly annoying.
Its an ok game in my opinion it is fun and gives out a challenge sometimes if your one of those people who like to complete/ have/ try something new or challenge yourself whilst having fun
The ridiculous amount of ads after practically every answer you gave earns this game the low stars. I played this game a few years ago and dismayed with how its deteroited with age and should of got better due to the good game concept it has.
It is very interesting game. We enjoyed very much I played this game more. This game is good for our mind. I enjoyed a lot Thank you!!
I used to play this game before then it got deleted for some reason and before when I played it there were barely any ads but now there is an ad every 2 seconds not worth getting because you will just be watching ads more than actually playing the game.
I used to play this game a few years ago and it was great, I loved it! Installed it again today and there are way too many ads this time around. An ad pops up every minute or so, even if you're typing in the answers or just thinking about them. I'm very disappointed.
I used to LOVE this app: a good game, plus ads only happened as a way of purchasing hints. A great system. Now, you get an ad after every single guess. I used to guess back to back within seconds, now it's one guess and then a 5-30 second ad again and again. It takes two ads to leave one segment and return to the main menu. This app is dead to the overload of ads.
Way, way to many ads. After each turn, there is an ad unless u pay them!!!! I don't mind some ads for a free game, but this is ridiculous and makes the game COMPLETE UNENJOYABLE!!!! It's unfortunate, it could have been a decent game πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž I wouldn't waste my time downloading it. I'm uninstalling it.
The worst app ever! Ads after every answer!?! If I could give it a minus rating, I would. I hate, hate this kind of garbage. Please don't download and play it.
Why are there ads after every guess???? Its a fun game but ruined by ads, it makes it unplayable. I get you need to make money but and ad after every guess?? Too much
So that I get 50 coins, I would rate 5 stars. Honest review- 3 stars. Why? Because of ads. SO MANY ADS! In the older version I could happily give 5 stars, but now, since a few updates, SO MANY ADS!!! THERE IS AN AD AFTER EVERY WORD GUESS. Annoying that way, but the game is surely awesome. Thankyou and please lessen the number of ads.
This used to be a really good game but now the frequency of ads makes the free version nearly unplayable. I get more ads than guesses.
Absolute trash, fun idea but as soon as you get past the intro levels it plays an af after every single answer you enter
Love this game! Fun! get your brain thinking Still love this game! Addicting! Edit: This game has become intolerable!! The ads are INSANE!! I can't even play without seeing an ad! This game used to be fun and challenging now these stupid ads are taking away from that. I have no choice but to UNINSTALL!! I can't tolerate these ads every time I complete an answer! This is RIDICULOUS! 😠 This didn't used to be like this.
I used to love this game but now there are far too many ads that just pop up all the time, sometimes in quick succession. This has now completely ruined the game and to pay over Β£2 a week to be VIP is extortionate. Just another developer more interested in money than providing good content. Will be uninstalling.
I couldn't even guess two words with out an ad. It was ad after ad. I probably had at least one ad every minute.
Used to love this game and decided to go back to it. However, ads have been put inbetween every action, making an engaging and challenging game frustrating and unplayable. Hope that is changed soon, but I'm uninstalling for now.
It is a favorite of mine. Since last night I cannot get free letters when they are offered. I am using my points when I shouldn't have to. The ads literally pop after every move. Not as fun as it was.
Like many others, I used to love this game and now it is nearly unplayable because of the constant ads. Uninstalling.
It's not easy as it's seems bu i Enjoy it, everytime i need to think something i felt like i'm going crazy, and i'm happy if i'll answered it correctly, mind sharpener! I had to ask my partner if he knew this. Later on he joined me... Hahaha... I'm 34 and because of my work that requires so much time, i forgot to maglibang... And i'm so excitde to learn more through this game... Pasensya na sa english ko.... Ang hirap eh... Bye for now magsasagot pa ako... Para akong nag eexam eh... Nkakalibang.
Most ad-driven games like to serve an ad after each level or stage. Not this game though. This game can squeeze three or four into each level!
I used to love this game but now the ads have become so excessive you spend more time suffering the ads than you do playing the game. If this continues I will delete it. When I first started this game five years ago I gave it 5 stars now a definite 1 star.
Way too many ads, it's hard to play the game at all. I used to have it a while ago then reinstalled it but I've uninstalled it again because it's really irritating because as soon as you try and do something there's an add pop up.
Great game, I love it. The only thing I would say is that there are lots of ads if you are connected to WiFi.
Playing this game is fun but why they're so many ads in this game ? Every time I write an answer ad comes along too. It's really frustrating..
At first I loved this game but the farther you go, the more frequent the ads are. Every few seconds, another ad....will even interrupt your turns. It's very annoying. Uninstalling it.
There are WAY too many ads now in this game!!! After almost every guess is another ad. This is ridiculous, even for a free app!
Used to be a pretty enjoyable game but now the ads have become ridiculous. They pop up literally in the middle of typing an answer and you constantly end up accidentally clicking on ad. It's unplayable now.
Before when I was playing this game was very cool and I loved it. Now, there is ads every times, it became impossible to play cause almost every time u write a word there's an ad popping on ur screen and that's really annoying, WE can't play like that, please just do few ads sometimes, not almost every times and u can make something like "watch the ad to get coins",I don't know if u already did it cause I didn't have the time to go the shop(if there is one)cause it's impossible to play it.
I have to agree with others. Tried to play and way too many ads. I am so disappointed. I played 2 rounds and quit. Why so many ads?
Every other minute an ad pops up. We get it, you earn through ads and need them to keep a free version, but incessant ads are too irritating. I cannot play an entire level with at least 3 ads. Uninstalling for that sole reason.
This game is great but this new recent update there are more ads than usual, I would be in the middle of typing a word then it will go right into an ad. If it wasn't for all the ads this would easily get 5 stars
I have been playing this a lot lately, it's good fun and addictive. Some of the levels repeat (I just got exact same picture I've had before) but good variety overall. However the addition of ads popping up after guesses is really annoying. I could put up with it for hints or at the end of a level but it's really off-putting now. My other negative would be once you advance in the game you have to scroll all the way down every time. It would be nice to have a way to jump down to where you're at.
Really fun game but WAY TOO MANY ads & WAY TOO LONG! Gets very annoying. Now I have an issue with not getting points for watching a video OR clicking on joker. It does nothing. I uninstalled & reinstalled, had to start fm square one & the same thing is still happening! WTH is with this game???? FIX IT! Jan 2020 Now I can't even get thru a game without multiple ads!!! Come on!!!!!
*** update*** ads are terrible!! Sometimes one second apart once i have typed one letter an ad appears.... there is just way to many ads...this is not an exaggeration....so dissapointing. Since the update I can't see what I'm typing.It was a good game until this happened. Now not good at all.
When you watch ads to get coins, you get a message saying that you don't have enough coins to get the hint, bs
The ads are DISRESPECTFUL! Waaay too many. As you're typing in your answer, an ad will pop up. So annoying. It wasn't like that before. I'll probably Uninstall because it's too disruptive of the game
I LOVED this game as my family and i would spend ages trying to complete the levels but now i hardly play it. Why? Wayyyyyy too many ads. Every guess i made there was an ad so now i just dont play it. How Disappointing...
I love this game still!it makes you think but I like that.i love all the different topics too!thank you for the great game.i just put this game back on.determined to finish it this time!great relaxer for these times!still loving the game makes me think hard!I still love this game it makes me really thinking it back on again it's hard at times but I'm determined this timestill doing it!this game is getting more harder but I'm learning lots of new wordsstill love this gametes put the game back on
This game used to be great fun to play,but lately the ads are too much they are even popping up when youre in the middle of typing your answer now😑😑...also having to scroll all the way down the levels after you complete one is annoying...I used to recommend this game to friends not anymore if the ads arent sorted i will be deleting very soon
NEWS FLASH! I had given this a horrible rating a few months back - for the heck of it I tried playing it again because it is such a great game - to my surprise they actually FIXED the problems with the Ads! They still pop up but you can immediately close them and get back to the game! YES! Great job, thank you!
I don't know if there was a new update, but every single world I type in now an ad pops up!!! So irritating. I used to love this game. Probably going to delete.
Its a fun game. But the reason i only give 4 stars out of 5 is that there is so much ads. I hope you will decrease it or don't give any ads at all HAHHAHA . Thank u for the game!!
An ad after every guess is absolutely ridiculous. I like the game itself but the number of ads makes it rather unenjoyable.
Really great game, I enjoy playing it a lot. But it is so annoing when I come back from a level and I have to scroll all the way down to select the next one. I would suggest, if possible, that when you come back from a level to remain with the scroll to that level, not at level 1. Despite that, it's a really fun game, I like it a lot.
Fun game but ads pop up all the time. I understand ads for money, but the ads for this game are too frequent. Almost every other guess causes an ad to spawn.
An ad after every guess?! What the hell people? I've played this game for quiet a while and have always enjoyed it. Now I'm uninstalling it because that is obnoxious that you feel the need to flood people with ads after every guess. Right or wrong. Doesn't matter. Here's an ad. Oh whats that? Another one? You sure? Its only been one word, but okay. BAM!!!! ANOTHER AD!!!!
I have to say this was a great game once. Now, you have a ad after every (and I mean EVERY) guess you make. This has to be the worst ad system on the android market. So unfortunate. It took the G out of the game and replaced it with an L to make it LAME. Download, but be forewarned - ads coming your way.
This used to be a very enjoyable app. I spent hours and hours on it years ago on my old phone. Now it is nearly impossible to play with all the ads. How disappointing.
This WAS a great fun game but now there is an advert after every guess, this will not force me to get an ad blocker just to uninstall. I understand ads are important but not after every guess!!!!!
The game is fun but the experience is totally ruined by the amount of adds on this application. It's insane. You put in an answer and whether it's a good or bad answer, there's an add after each entry. Insanely displeasing.
Nothing but ads. I used to really enjoy this game, and even when it was ads after completing each level it was reasonable. Now its ads after every guess. I won't be playing again unfortunately.
Great game but the ads are unbearable. I've played this game since 2017 its only got worse with the adverts. I'll now be uninstalling.
Fun to play, but recently the ads are so often and distracting, I will be uninstalling. When you guess a word wrong up pops an ad. Hate that!
I used to love this game, however, recently there's been way too many ads. You make two guesses & there's an ad! You try to exit a puzzle & there's an ad! It's ridiculous & almost unplayable. I might have to resort to only playing without WiFi to avoid the annoying ads.
Great game, but the ads are ridicoulus. Ad after every right or wrong answer that's crazy. Plz fix how many ads are in the game.
Love this app just started using it just there is a lot of adds but you should definitely check it out😁😁
The ads are intolerable. They literally play between every single guess (wrong or right) and even sometimes an ad will start playing part way through typing an answer. There are more ads than game play. Unless you play off-line, it's practically unplayable.
This game is only for particular regions... Also Most of the time it accepts the exact word. How am i suppose to know the EXACT WORD!!! For example, the given word is gps... The app wont accept locate but will accept location....
How disappointing! I loved to play this game but the ads are WAY too much now. I don't mind an ad in between categories or to watch an ad for a hint, but it is literally an ad every 3 guesses or so. Uninstall!
I love this game still!it makes you think but I like that.i love all the different topics too!thank you for the great game.i just put this game back on.determined to finish it this time!great relaxer for these times!still loving the game makes me think hard!I still love this game it makes me really thinking it back on again it's hard at times but I'm determined this timestill doing it!this game is getting more harder but I'm learning lots of new wordsstill love this gametes put the game back ons
It's a really neat concept and a fun game but THE ADS. I can only play it when I turn the wifi off (because then there's no ads), so I rarely play because I usually need to have wifi on. I don't like that I have to watch an entire ad after every single guess, it ruins a lot of the appeal to the game, and makes it irritating to play. I understand that apps need some ads to make money but there doesn't need to be an ad literally every few seconds.
Used to love this game. Hadn't played in a little while and wanted to play again. Saying the ads are excessive is being kind. The free version didn't used to be like this. It's not even playable anymore and the only way to remove the obnoxious amount of ads is to get the subscription at $2.99/wk. Sadly 'Uninstall' is the best option.
I do enjoy this game, although sometimes the answers leave a little to be desired haha. For some reason now I appear to get A LOT of ads- literally after putting sometimes putting in 2 letters to one answer of a question. I can understand maybe once the task is complete, or even after filling in each possible question but not when attempting to put letters in for 1 possible answer.
It's very fun and it works your brain. There are ways that you can get a hint, but you have to pay or watch an add.
I really enjoyed this game, I emphasize that this is past tense however. I came back to play it after a while. Not only was the game buggy but every time I made a guess I get hit with an ad. For a game about making guesses it makes it pretty damn annoying to play. At this point it feels a lot more like an interactive ad than anything else.
I used to have 5 stars for this game, but after reinstalling it I noticed to is riddled with ads. They pop up on every possible touch of your screen. I even sneezed on it and it showed me an ad. Try sending a wrong answer 10 times and you get 10 ads. Sometimes, you get an ad after seeing an ad. Even though I am not against seeing ads, i like games which do it occasionally. With this game, as nice as it is, the whole experience is so fuhhed up.
This app used to be a face of mine but there's no way I'm playing this anymore with an ad literally every 3 seconds. I came here to see if I was crazy or it was just me and it turns out it wasn't just me. You can't even play the game anymore.
Fun game that if you are bored you can play it and enjoy...really loved the idea of the game to think and answer questions and little English upgrade I really loved it
Formally rated high marks, but since latest update, there is in ad about every 5 or 10 seconds, and it is truly obnoxious. Upset because i really liked this game and had thousands of coins saved up, but now it is unplayable.
This use to be a really good game but now you can't get one answer done without ads popping up every 2 seconds.
This game was one of my favorites but now I get an ad almost after every guess! There used to be a reasonable amount of ads but now they are excessive. This makes the game unplayable and no longer fun. Can this be fixed? If not then I will have to uninstall.
I just downloaded the game, and I'm already tired of the ads. The game itself is fun and challenging, but as soon as you get out of the walk through levels there are way too many ads.
Addicting! 3 stars because I hate games that offer weekly subscriptions. I'll pay to go add free and maybe a couple of other things, but one thing I'll never do is subscribe weekly or monthly.
This used to be one of my favorite games. Now they have added a completely excessive amount of ads. After every guess, right or wrong, I get an add. THIS WHOLE GAME HAS JUST BECOME NON-STOP ADDS. I spend more time now watching adds then playing the game. It takes me 3 seconds to make my new guess and type it...but then I get a 45 second long add🀬🀬🀬🀬
Way too much ads. I'm okay with ads most of the time but the game has so much ads that it keeps you from playing and enjoying it. Ads pop out of nowhere while i'm typing something. Way too annoying.
I've been playing on and off for over a year and was enjoying it but now they've added adverts after every guess when before it was when you changed screen. Hoping this gets changed otherwise will delete.
Very good app and game. but too many adds. i know why developers like manu adds. (money). but we are humans too. so if we are kids and dont have money to buy a package (no adds). So... But i give you 5 stars.
I used to play this a while ago on another device, I absolutely loved it and I paid for it because this game and the people behind it deserved the support. Now that I went back into this game there's an ad every to every other time I put in a word. They do not deserve the support being moneygrabbers like this, its absurd, and its very sad to see how they have ruined this lovely game like that 😣
Completely plagued with Ads. Used to love this game but it has been completely ruined with the insane amount of ads.
Used to absolutely love this game but now there's an ad after every single guess. More time with ads than playing the game. Even tho you can skip after 5 seconds it's still way too many. Sadly uninstalling.