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911 Rescue Simulator 3D

911 Rescue Simulator 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Boris Tsarkov located at 445021, Russian Federation, Samarskaya obl, Togliatty city, Golosov st. 107-108. The game is suitable for Teen and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's okay but I crashed into a other street because it started to drive by its self please fix creator and the pictures fuel you too I brought it and it fueled me so don't fall for it
OK on the 5th mission on the rain map needs more time y'all expect to get an ambulance, or a bus and the car u respond in to get there in 4 minutes when the distance is over 4000 m that is not enough time
Well, it loaded. I went 200 meters and it force closed. Tried again, didn't even finish getting in the car before it closed again. Waste of 50 mb. Im going to try a third time. If it fails im going to uninstall. What's with all these 3D games sucking balls? Btw. Tried again, pathetic
The cars are very slow, the tilt is unresponsive unless you are in the middle of the road so it wants you to hit the guardrails. You have to stop IN the green section on the correct side of the wreck.
I don't even know how to explain it? My screen light gets really dim and the game is ..... really bad
The graphics are dated, and the gameplay is almost non-existent. The point of the game is to drive to the scene of an accident, which involves holding a "gas pedal" button while moving on a straight road the entire time (no obstacles or turns) until you arrive. Once you are there, a dialogue box will appear asking you what you want to do next. Whichever emergency unit you choose, you'll then have to drive that same road on a different vehicle and do the same thing over again. There is nothing more to this game then pressing a "gas pedal" button and watching a car move on a straight road.
Please please please give more time on Rain Level 5! Saw others having EXACT SAME PROBLEM, so it's not just me.
Its sooooooooooo lame and my is thare a school bus? Anyway... -_- ▪ and thare shuld be helicopters! Soo who ever made this game thare a #####
I don't get it, but this is a good game.I don't think it's a bad game. I think everyone that hates this game is a stupid ,dumb, and nothing but a great big jerk.So if you hate this game, GO GET HIT IN THE FACE BY A SEMI TRUCK!!!!
I wish I could vote lower than one star. It doesn't let you play, all you do is choose the terrain and then the level and it freezes.
Your dang ads would never go away. I ever made room on my device for your game. The pictures fool you.
I feel this could have the potential to be a really good game but needs a lot of work. It needs to feel more realistic it's too arcade like. I also like the idea of the cockpit view but the little things need to be fixed like seeing the ground through the air vents. Overall a great idea. If it were more realistic and was cleaned up I would play it.
Lights are dim sirens don't sound good cars feel really slow not exactly realistic. Multiple units cannot be called.
Hated it did not let me dive rigth and you only have 4 mins i THINK you need more mins plz plz plz now
This is an epic rescue hero love triangle game FOR ADULTS ONLY! Great acting performances by the buff rescue hero and the lusty mangled up accident girl. YOU, the rookie EMT cadet, complete this bloody car crash love triangle. Can you find love on a lonely highway? Five Stars!
I love this game I've been waiting 7 years to get this game just one month ago it didnot want to work until yesterday but nowe the game is working
Unfortunately I found this very boring as all you do is drive on an empty road to the scene and simply select which back up vehicle is needed, only to then drive the vehicle back to the crash scene. Poor driving and too simple. I wish someone could make a rescue game realistic! I loved doing the 911 missions on GTA San Andreas however have yet to find a more child friendly version of a rescue game
This is terrible, wrong way of dispatching. And calling for fire is wrong? It's a MVA rollover, not a fender bender. Terrible game....
I try to play the game, and an ad pops up, so I tap "no thanks" to take it off, but it just stays there and then another ad comes up and then I can't do a thing
I hate this game it bearly got to selection screan and there was already an ad i dont recommend anyone to play this game
Just driving a sluggish vehicle to an accident and then deciding if you need to send another sluggish vehicle to an accident. That's it. Also, a lot of ads.
This dose not work!!! When u open it and u choose one it totally freezes and then the screen goes black!!! Its not worth ur time don't download this game!!!!
This app freaking sucks and someone needs to take it off of the appstore/google play store dont let the pictures fool you at all i made that mistake
Great game good idea but there is just a couple of people the sirens and lights need to be more dramtic maybe where you can control them yourself and the vehicles need to stay at the scene if you have to have a second vehicle and the last thing is open the map up make it with cars and scenery and not just on the highway expand last let us work the calls not get there and it's over give us more
No real goal, ugly graphics, terrible controls. You drive down an empty road, park in a green square with controls that barely work, decide what backup you want, and then go back to the beginning of the road and drive the backup vehicle down the same road to the same green square. You don't even interact with the wreck. The next level is the same thing with a different curve in the road. Very boring.
Warning do not get it so don't let the pictures fool you I opened this app and it just froze and said loading but if you don't take my word and installed it blame yourself
Add traffic, headlights, intersections and different roads, and add more different vehicles like helicopters and make it so u can upgrade ur vehicles and add a police chase mode and it will be a nearly perfect game. And also.. The police radio sounds like its from need for speed carbon