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911 Emergency Dispatcher

911 Emergency Dispatcher for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Five Bits, Inc. located at Dorado Oeste, Betania Panama City, Panama. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is great, really great. It doesn't have that many ads, it's definitely had some but not like the other games that bombard you with massive amounts of ads. But the problem that make me giving it 3 stars is bcs its laggy(im fine with this actually since I use it for free) but they frequently glitching and closing down by itself and its pretty annoying since i have to constantly play the same case or day because of it. Hope the developer fixing it tho, its a good game for real.
Everything takes WAY too long to download! Oh my gosh, also it crashed my phone, my phone went off and would not turn on for a few minutes, after it opened it was super laggy, DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Horrible experience. Why do I write these like this? I sound kind of like a Karen lol, anyways no, definetly will be uninstalling.
It's an amazing game!!!! I love it how time to time you can actually help with the dispatch! My only problem though is, that there is so many ads! But you can use a hack where you turn your wi-fi of so its ok! I rate it 5 stars! :)
This game sucks its buggy as hell it crashes my phone every 5 mins needs a lot of work doing to it before I play it again and just for the record I hate adds way to many maybe if you worked on the game I mite pay for ads to be removed I only put 1 star because I had to at its current state it ain't worth any stars to be honest really bad
Very interesting, I actually want to be an emergency dispatcher someday! Some of the choices are funny but not to the point where you are stuck between two idiotic responses.... Like some games. Kudos on actually developing a game that's playable and enjoyable. Nice to be able to kill time with something interactive and even educational.
Not a bad game but has become unplayable. Game will randomly freeze after a few seconds on my S20FE and I have to quit the game. Tried reinstalling it but it hasn't worked.
I'm really enjoying the game and it's also funny but the only reason for the 4 stars are because there are way to many adverts and even if you don't want to upgrade vehicles quicker by watching an advert you still get an advert anyway ๐Ÿ™„
I think this game is very fun in all but, there is a few complaints. I love to rate games and I would definitely say this is a good game. But after 100 levels it just startes to repeat. I also think you guys should add another thing to do a level like do the case or something. And I wish the options were a little harder. That's all. I would say this is a 8/10 really fun!
I love the idea of this game and its actually really fun to play! ^_^ I just wish it wasn't so laggy and the ads are annoying when I'm trying to play. Pls fix these mistakes!
The game is entertaining and I like how you get more vehicles. The are quite a few ads which take about 10 seconds to completely get rid of them. If I am on airplane mode it gets rid of the ads but it doesnt allow me to unlock new vehicles. Fix this.
I love love the game but I gave it three stars becoz 1. For some reason it freezes closes the app WHILE I'M PLAYING!! 2. It's a bit laggy Both these make it hard to enjoy the game and I JUST STARTED PLAYING IT so plz fix these๐Ÿคฆ
Its pretty good! However they might be a mistake..the ai says a fire happened last week? Unless you wanted the game to be silly or unrealistic, its a cool game
This game was fun for the first 100 calls. It included a lot of different emergencies and I appreciated the levels up. I have 2 complaints. After u hit level 100, it just repeats the ones u already did. This makes the game boring because you're just repeating the same emergencies. There's not a lot of dispatchers. I feel like you could have added a few more. But other than this I definitely recommend this game incase you're bored and have nothing to do.
It's cool. Only it's a little boring it's should be more advanced you know? It's better to have a cool advanced technology game. Or they can make it like it's more and better crimes or other dangerous hazards. So I'm rating it a 3 cuz it's cool only they should update the game. If the update it, I will be very happy. Also, in the menu they should add a robot with female and male. Also, again, they should add more options when typing to endangered people. So not that bad. Ya
I love the upgrades and the mini games and some of the realistic situations and aggravating callers. Lol Someone called because there has been mistreating another one called because they were hungry LOL and you get to yell at them and hang up and that's awesome!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ Thanks guys for another awesome game!
Very Awesome... best game Ive ever played...and very less ads, compared to other games. Yes, it has ads but the skip option comes in 2 to 2 secs. Thank you so much for making the game! Can't stop playing!!! The chats are awesome!!! Very good game developed/ designed!! Very good mind!! Keep working and making more special games... Thanks once again!!!!
I love this game it is amazing but there is 2 problems one that it always Laggs and my phone says: "911 Emergency Dispatch is not responding" every level I play at some point and problem two is that every level has an add and I know u can get rid of that but SOME PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE MONEY to buy these things so maybe u can get rid of them for free sometimes or something otherwise this game is great!
This is a fantastic game. Not that many ads which i like, and why did i rate it only 4 stars? Well, because if i had to choose, this would not be my favorate game. I like it, but i rate it a 4 stars because it only has around only 2-3 options for the words people say. For optional saying. Thanks for the gamd and i would recommend people to play kt only in their free-time and when theyre bored. Maybe make the prizes free because once i had to watch a 1 minute ad and it was a nightmare. i like it!
Such a fun game and a good time killer. I absolutely love that when you unlock a truck or patrol you don't need to watch an ad for it. Keep up the good work creators!
The games kinda fun its a good time waster but it quit and now when i try to open it its a blank red screen and it freezes my phone
very good game i love this game the game is very different its 5/5 (half) best game ive ever see yes but only one problem is the game is too short and easy make it more hard and long so that it popular always #UPDATEbetter I'll recommend all to play Yes one more problem the game's chat is good but answers are weird and questions also make it more serious aspecially the answers both should be serious and should not be same just that.
This game is the best. When I saw the ad of this game I thought that there will be more of other tasks than just reciving calls. But you only recive calls. There is also no unnecessary ads. It is awesome.
It's ok but it could be better u get a tone of money and can't do anything with it? U also should be able to change your look for you person. Like I would like to see girls that have big whight, not closed eyes but eyes with color and different hair color and styles.
Amazing and fun game and I really recommend that you play but it takes a while to get a new emergency department and there are loads of adverts so please fix it
Oh dear, so great idea poorly executed, after every action is an advert, yes you can get rid of them for ยฃ2.50 but is the game worth that? No. Crashes a lot usually after adverts but as they're 50% of the game it's hard to tell whether it's that or the game itself. A lot of games include adverts but this level is crazy. Honestly don't bother.
it's cool and fun just kinda laggy on my Android but thats all its a pretty good game overall and i think its really fun to play when you're bored or traveling :))
The idea is cool, but the game itself is actually really stupid. And not the funny kind of stupid, the cringey kind. You have only 2 possible answers for each statement on the calls, many of which are outrageous but trying way too hard to be funny. Did I mention many of your answers are often nonsensical and in broken english? Worst of all, you have to watch and ad after EVERY level. Greedy! I can understand 1 every few levels, but give me a break! Great idea for a game, but sadly not worth it.
This game is so much fun and I could play it for hours! You get to unlock dispatches and help people in mostly hilarious situations with funny responses. I really recommend this game to absolutelly anyone looking for a new game to get addicted to.
Don't bother! Too many ads takes the fun out if playing. After every call there's an ad for 30 seconds to a Minute. Can't be bothered with it so I'm deleting it
Horrible game just horrible! I gave it so many tries but every time I send a dispatcher it just kicks me out! I can't even get past level 2! I thought it would be so cool but no! Never get this game it's way too glitchy listen to those hater comments they are true. Never ever ever get this game in your whole entire life! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜  If my tablet would let me I would rate this zero stars
Looked like a fun game in the ads, but it froze after the first option. I tried to restart the app but the same thing happened five times.
Challenging for a 10 year old, maybe. Super easy "dispatches" that take about 15 seconds to get through only to be forced to watch a 30 second advertisement after each one. Uninstalling!
This games pretty good but I have some problems its very laggy and glitcy and theirs always ads in these types of games, I recommend downloading this game but be ready for ads. Other than the ads its great! ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘Œ
This is really fun, I think it's a good games for kids because it may help them in the idea of emergencies (I have no clue what I wrote)
It's all the time kicking me out of the game. I'm stuck on day two because of this and I started yesterday. And sometimes the situations are VERY stupid. Level one is one example. The caller says that "they ate too much bagels". It's their problem and I wrote "next time don't be such a pig" and I was just saying that
I think it's a very good game, especially when it gives new cars over time, one is this and the other is that not all people who call ask for help, some of them call for fun, and I think this is very cool.
The game is not bad, but the horrible thing I hate about it is that It's so laggy that it keeps kicking me out. I could not even finish one level without me being kicked out. So please fix it. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜
Ridiculous game utterly Ridiculous game...in the beginning it was alright but when the game levelling up it became worst and worst so much lagg..so much ads๐Ÿ˜‘ the worst game ever in my life.. update and take of all the ads in it..the ads are one who ruining the game..not only that why is it so much laggy.....not good as much as I thought...I except a lot but what it was useless..I'm saying that improve you're games..I think that's it bye..
It is a very fun game, its funny and kinda corny but its a good time waster. However the game does lag a lot, please fix this issue other then that I would give it a 4 star rating but 3 for now
Meh. Not a bad game as long as you use an internet blocker to block the dumb ads. Very repetitive and after u locking Military they try to make jabs at Trump. Uninstalled for being politically motivated and full if dumb jokes.
Bad experience from me I open the app it lags so bad then the app stops responding mid-game then brings me back to the home screen saying the app a Has stopped . I can't play because it happens all the time I dislike this app. Unplayable without it crashing.
I understand without paying to get rid of the ads they're going to be shown, but after every single call is REALLY ANNOYING!!! Wouldn't be so bad if they were like after every third or fourth call
It's an okay game. All your really doing is taking orders from people to make sure they're OK. But one thing I would add in this game is like getting the bad guy inside the house & arresting then. Also, when I always need to claim my new reward for 'saving' someone's life it takes me eto an add and doesn't let me get my reward.
My experience playing this game for the first time I downloaded as of 5/12/21 I said I would love this game because I always wanted to be a DISPATCHER. And with the levels go up on this game it's cool until the SOUND GOES OUT AND YOU CAN NOT HEAR THE DISPATCHER OR THE PERSON ON CALL COMMUNICATE WITH THE DISPATCHER AND I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THE AUDIO TO THESE CALLS AND IM LOOKING FORWARD FOR AN BUG FIXES TO THIS GAME IT CAN REALLY LEARN AND TEACH PEOPLE IN THE WORLD HOW TO MAINTAIN THINGS. RATE 3
I would rate this app 5 stars, but there are some annoying things about the app that I really do not like! 1. There are too many ads! I understand you need to earn money to keep the game up, but there are way too many ads! 2. There's no music which it makes the game get boring after a while because there's no music and nothing to listen to! 3. Just about all levels are the same! The app is still super fun! I'd recommend this app to my friends!
The stay mmos so badd I like the mergen season you get to failed them if you like To but when I did the firefighters thing in Lily killed my phone please update that so it'll not happen please
If you're looking for something realistic and challenging, this is definitely NOT the game you want to play. The questions/answers can be pretty silly/amusing at times. At one point you even get access to a ghost patrol car. The amount of ads (skippable after 5s) can be annoying. (You get 1 before and 1 after which is typical for this company. I'm starting to think that this company puts out games solely for the money generated by the ads.) However I have yet to actually uninstall this game. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The game is fun but the graphics are awful. And once in a while the game kicks me out I don't know if it's my phone or the game but anyway. What I'm trying to say is if you can please make the graphics better this game will be much better.
The game is good . The only bad thing is that after day 90 , every challenge is the same as before. They should add new challenges!!!!
I have tried to install over 12 times and it keeps saying CANT INSTALL this app is getting on my nerves.
I dont know if its a glitch or something but when I try to go into the office screen it cuts the screen in half where i can still see the avatar and cant upgrade my office. Its a fun game but that makes it hard to enjoy it.
Okay this game is fun, but a lot of things bother me. For one, there are WAY too many ads. It would be nice if you would limit it to an ad every 5 round instead of after every round. Also, it is really boring becauae it is the same thing just repeating over and over again. It would be nice for it to be a little bit different. Other than that, I like the concept of it.
I love it!!! It's so entertaining and fun! Even the ones that arent in need ! I put 5 stars because it's amazing:) but too many adds Please fix that! But other than that its Amazing
Not many ads. Riiiight, there's an ad after every dispatch. Not as good as I was expecting. Pretty boring
A promising game ruined by adverts, an in-game day lasts approximately 30 seconds, and then you're forced to sit through an advert after each section. This means you'll spend alot of time waiting rather than playing which completely ruins the immersion. tlThis decreases the chance of people paying to remove ads because the experience isn't solid enough to sell the game. The game has some decent humour, though it does verge in stupidity occasionally.
ok this game IS fun like super fun! but this is when 4 stars comes in, there is some weird and stupid emergencies. and and there responces kind of sucks only sometimes. but its magicly fun to play!!!
This is a good game, but I dont like how there are to many ads I have to watch. I don't want to turn off my Wi-Fi just so I have no ads. Please take away the ads, it's very annoying. But overall it's a very very good entertaining game! :)
It's pretty good but I wish I could earn money on this game for doing all the work to save people's lives and rescues the cats other than that it's pretty good
The game is silly and fun. What I'm not a fan of is that they force you to watch ads to upgrade (every 5-7 upgrades you MUST watch an ad). Annoying! Also, the game only took me abt 5 hours of playtime to get thru.
This game is so much cool , and after playing 3-4 rounds we get a car , i am all most at the day 26 , and the most good thing is that it dosen't have so many ads it showes ad after playing 3 rounds
This is a very good game.I really enjoyed it but I can't give 5 stars,cuz it has so many ads I didn't liked that...But the game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Good game but after day 110 (which by the way doesn't take long to get to) the calls start repeating themselves. Shame the writers are so lazy.
Some calls sound stupid be can be real. So far i have made every correct call. I see my breif time as a fire dispatcher 40 years ago is still with me. Ive been experincing the game freezing up now and then , also the game would be even more interesting if there were one ad for every four calls instead of every call, real dispatchers handle call affter call with no breaks. I had to remove the game and reinstall because it wasnt loading, the game freezes after day 35 and wont load.
This is a great and fun game but I can't pass level 5 it says app isn't responding so I either have to reopen the app, close the app, or delete the app I expected better. Don't download this app, but you may if you want to try and pass 5
I was sceptical at 1st, being a real 911 dispatcher, I don't see how you could make a game of it. I am really enjoying it! There is a lot of ads but it's fun.
I rate it a 3 because every single dispatch there's always an ad and it's very annoying so could you update the game to less ads I would appreciate it thank you bye
This game used to be nice and fun but after u get the superman there are no more new forces to get . Also after u get past level 100 or so they keep repeating the same dialogue it is like starting all over again . And I haven't even mentioned the ads they are so annoying u have one every time u finish a level that is why I play offline so if u don't want ads just turn of your Internet and no more ads other than that I will recommend downloading this game and glad to see your updating the game
Fun game . It seems to exit after you play one or two level when the screen close you have to start all over it would be better if it would stop glitching
I love the game overall it's just you want to much money, for example any time I press no thanks it still gives me an ad. But like I said, it's a good game.
This is a good game but it is saying that pest control is 911 like what but Uther than that it Is an amazing game
I like this game but there was a ad for me after every single call. I barely actually got to play the game.
If the developer wasn't so greedy with all the ads it wouldn't be half bad. After every rescue attempt there's an ad. Literally an ad every 40 seconds. You can't enjoy a game that way.
I love this game it is really satisfying and we can also learn what to go on fire or for a theif i love this game but i gave 4 stars because the ads were really coming very faster in between the match also thats the problem or else i love this game so much๐Ÿ’“
Too many ads, graphics are so bad, animations are bad, it really annoys me that every call i complete a scene of police car or other emergancy cars going to a location will be played. And really bad mechanics.
I like the game so far............when saw 911 emergency ad people were way many ads i installed it for first few levels there was no ads ...........after every level i see an ad ............ plz reduse these ads.......... but we can know way many types of uniform and types of emergency car ......... ...... ..... by the way i don't understand why you have putten superhero............ so i like the game and that's why i have given 4/5 you guy must try this game....... Thanx
This game is fun and perfect for kids but there is one thing that is bothering me๐Ÿ˜“. To begin with, when i finished a day and it shows there will be a new vehicle it says to get a better chance to get it i click no but it still gives me an ad please fix that. Secondly, after everymission i complete it kicks me of the game . It is still a very fun game though๐Ÿ‘
The game is ok, but honestly I expected something more serious not a "bad, edgy jokes" app with some grammar mistakes. It's super annoying that the ads play every 10 seconds, I have to play with my data off. If you're looking for something that will keep you distracted for 5 minutes but will annoy you the whole time, that's for you.
This is so buggy and glitchly the characters just stand next to the chair do a little jig for like a minute and then they just appear on the chair. COMPLETELY A WASTE OF TIME!!!!! AND THERE'S NO SOUND LIKE IN THE ADDS
I like this Game but like when you send the like cops you just Drive or just kick the door instead of killing a kidnapper. Some people just call 9-11 with no reason to call 9-11 that's so dumb to call 9-11 with no reason! I like this Game. There's way to many adds like way too many adds like after a level pop There's an add!! But fix some parts of this Game Please!!
You getlots of money which is a good thing but the bad thing is that you can't spend the money on anything and another bad thing is they are repeating the same questions for me(I'm on level 112) and its annoying, and another bad part is you can't unlock new things when you get a higher level. The good part of this game is that you can joke around and ask some questions and more
Its really fun, it makes you wanna grow up to be succesful people! I hope younger audiences play this game, it can teach them what to do in such a situation. 10/10
So far it's good, but keep saying game not working. I paid for no ads ๐Ÿ˜•, should of just kept my money since it keep saying game not working๐Ÿ˜ก.
in App Purchases I purchased the ad remover in the game, which is being advertised falsely. It only removes ads from the storyline. You are FORCED to watch an ADs whenever you complete a total of 5 vehicle upgrades. This is false advertising. I want my money back OR you make AD vehicle upgrades optional making cash the primary upgrade cost.
Very cool but it gets kinda boring after a while. maybe animal vehicles and more levels? other than that great game.
It's fun until you get to level 100, at level 100 it starts to repeat the levels. I would recommend playing it with wifi and data off though because there are alot of ads.
This game is cool infinite lvl keep it up man! But there's or thing ADS I hate ads but there's a tip: u can turn off the internet connection so u can play without ad so this is a very useful tip but I love the game 4 start Good game
This game is fun and all but after an advertisement comes on and then the exit button shows up, I click it and then my screen freezes up. I can never get back to the game after clicking the exit button on an ad. I just downloaded this game yesterday and less than an hour today I started playing it and the freeze up thing constantly keeps happening. I'd say try and update the game system.
I really like this game it's so funny and entertaining! It's very good for a mobile game and doesn't have that much ads which makes the game 10x more enjoyable. 100% would recommend for anyone looking for a good mobile game to play!
Ok game but the ads last longer than gameplay does! And you get an ad after single "call". Average play is 15 seconds, average ad is 35 seconds. Uninstalled.
Its really good but when i complete a level its says accelerate 35% i dont click i click no thanks it just plays the ad so i uninstalled it
DUDE, this game is awesome, and the fact that you actually get to do the the work of the emergency dispatch, but even though that it shows 7+ it's like 15+, it's not child friendly, I mean like the words are so inappropriate, and I have to watch an ad after every round and a few seconds before the round starts all you see is a black screen, I whoud rate this a five โญโญโญโญโญ , if it wasn't for the ads, inappropriate words and the screen, anyways tonishko out.
I am really enjoying this game. I just hate that there's an AD after every dispatch. ๐Ÿ˜’ Other than that I love playing this in my down time.
I will say this is a decent game but there are way to much adds! Every time i finish a report its an add and i dont want to watch an add to upgrade the veichles. I dont recomend this game overall because its a laggy game as well i hope you fix the adds and the lag
The game was enjoyable until you reach day 90. When that happens it won't show you the screen with the calls. If you get call 90 like I did, you get promoted but you can't see what you're promoted to until the dispatcher sits back down. When day 91 begins, the same problem exists. Is this part of the game or what?!
This game is pretty good. There are not a whole lot of ads, which is a wonderful start and its a clear giveaway that this game was developed with care. This game could also teach people how to become a dispatcher which is helpful!
I love this game so much it felt like I am a police officer๐Ÿ‘ฎ. But the ads keep popping everytime after you finish play the game. But I tried to play without wi-fi and the ads stop๐Ÿ˜Š.
I don't know if this only happened to me but when I first tried to install it,I couldn't install it for some reason,I also tried multiple times but I had to wait like 1 day just to install it,and when I finally installed it,it keeps crashing and it's so laggy,I thought it was because my phone storage is short so I deleted alot of my games,all of my photos and youtube stuff but still no changes, I hope you fix this soon because I do think it will be a good game
I liked the game and it's concept, big thumbs up! But i would like the comment the glitch, and most of the time the game stops to respond whenever i reach the higher level. Please fix this
Just started the game, so I've given it a four star ratings, alright so far no glitches or disruption but the ads are a hassle, less ads is an option for this game.
I like this game because it's simple to play, it's funny and i don't have to harass my friends to get things needed to level up. Good role play
WORST AD GAME EVER!!! There's a static ad at the bottom, a pop-up ad after every level. Those are FINE, but then there's an ad after EVERY LEVEL. You get "free" upgrades in the garage by watching an ad BUT THERE'S NO CHOICE on whether to just PAY for the upgrade or to watch the ad. Cute concept, HORRIBLE execution. Also many misspellings and language errors, INCLUDING THE WORD AD!! Don't waste your valuable time on this ad trap.
So cool!you have to answer calls and unlock new things like animal patrol and ghost patrol but you have the main things like police and fire people and paramedics. You should try this game!
It's in no way realistic It doesn't show what real dispatchers go through, real emergencys, extrication, structure fire none of that. I tried giving it a try but I just hate it there is way better games out there.
I love this game and all of the different levels and ranks , but I really hate it when you get loads and loads of money and your salary increases , but there is no way you can spend all this money so it's really pointless , please review this please ! As I would love to keep on playing ! Thanks
I enjoy this game but yall nees to fix the laggyness because it's really annoying and sometimes it closes out the app by itself because it's so laggy and also the ads why are there so many ads I mean I'm okay with you but the laginess of the game I'm not cuz like it keeps like closing out the game because of how laggy it is like y'all really need to do something about that but I really enjoy this game though.
I love this game it is REALLY awesome and fun.You sould download it:)I would give it a five but it has a lot of ads.
Game is okay definitely could be better. Like being able to dispatch police and fire together. How about making it a little more real. Get rid of ghost stuff
It's a good game, very addicting. The only thing that bugs me is the constant ads, even if I don't choose to watch an add for an extra boost, I still have to watch one.
The game is GREAT!!! there's lots of calls and many options to say and I love how you can joke around with the caller. I do have a couple of issues with the game tho like when you try to joke around with the caller it fails the mission, the game doesn't give you freedom on what to say and you have to pick certain ones to complete the mission. Another issue is the money you earn there isn't anything to spend it on which makes the money you earn pointless. If you want no ads trun your WiFi off.
I like the Game. Its really fun, and you can see how the Police officers really have to Deal whit real Konsequenzes.๐Ÿ‘โœจ
THIS GAME IS A TOTAL MESS,so hello whos reading this i will tell you why i gave 1 star rating oh this game.So its very fun but the reason its 1 star rating because everytime you go in every few seconds it imediently exited me out of the game and its very laggy im deleting it its super anoying i can even pass day to because of this so i recommend not getting this.Hope this helped you out but this was just my experience so it might be diffrent from your experience.
I like the game but it gets boring sometimes..... I am really good at it to and it can be I wouldn't say bad but it has some inappropriate parts. I think if you are interested in the game you would like it more than me cause I didn't Really download it because I liked it I was just looking and I said I need a new game cause I'm bord. I hope this helped.๐Ÿค—thx for reading
This is overall a pretty decent app though there is one problem. HOW THE HECK CAN SOMEONES GOLDFISH DROWN!?! This was literally a call from someone asking for help. I was expecting "sir is this a joke?" But NO! Also the dispatcher seem to always asume genders that everyone calling is a boy. Overall not bad for what it is.
Nice game but it would be a better game if u can fix the freezes and bugs . I will give it 5 stars if only those (probs) are fixed.
Nice app with intertaining controls. But this is supposed to be for kids..... Sometimes it says bad terms and words that should not be in the game. Even if you block them off that's still inappropriate to put in an app for kids. So try to make things a bit more appropriate if you're gonna make an app for kids.
I do like this game but it gets boring after a while and I wish you could choose from a variety of emergency services and the game not just give you 3 services to choose from.From this I will give you โญโญโญ but I was tempted to say three stars was definanatly pushing it for me. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ž. I now am about to delete this game.Do not download if you get bored of the same things in a game.I have not enjoyed the experience of this game.
THIS GAME HAS SO MANY ADS AND I DONT LIKE THAT, but the game is really fun and entertaining when your in a car or anywhere.
I think the game was great and humourous. Some ppl said there were lots and lots of adds, but I don't think so. ๐Ÿค” The only complain I have is that the screen turns black randomly and freezes for like... 5 min's. Besides that I think it's greate๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Interesting for what it is, yes it has ALOT of ads. Everytime you complete a level its an ad there, but 98% of the ads give you the option to fwd through them about 3- 5 seconds into the ad so that's fine with me.. other then that. Pretty cool game.
It is fun but the game cuts off in the middle of playing it. When you answer the questions the game freeze and goes black.
This game is very fun and amazing and i would like to say that if you for example when you send a unit u should do what happends when u send like some parts we see what happends in the scene of rescue but most of the time not so this game would be more fun to add the rest of the rescue in the game when you send an unit and thank you for reading :)
Hello SuperSonic Studios LTD, your game 911 Emergency Dispatcher is fun. But I have 1 problem. There is a stupid Ad always coming in my screen. That ad named "Match Masters". When it shows in my screen...NOTHING! Nothing to show, just a black dark screen. No video, please remove that stupid Ad ๐Ÿ˜’. Remove the bad words in choices, because maybe the children learn it. And please update it like in the pictures. Thank you!
This game is just like the adverts! The in-game ads can always be skipped unless you ask for an ad go be played to win a reward, which is always an optional choice.
Started off good, lot of ads so I purchased it. 3 bucks no big deal, but the game starts repeating after 110 or so calls. Was fun until then. I hope they add to it soon, maybe multi agency calls would be interesting. I however would not suggest buying it right now.
Don't bother with this game if you like watching ads, you watch more ads than playing the game, there's plenty of games out there that don't force you to watch ads every single level, this one is every 10 seconds give or take of play then forces you to watch 30-second ad, don't download this game and give them the satisfaction of ad time
After the recent update I did for this game 4 hours ago the game still lags after like I do 15 missions the game locks up so you're update didn't fix anything and plus the ads are crazy why is it that I cannot upgrade my vehicles even though I got sufficient money you force to watch an ad and that is wrong I got the game to play the game not to watch ads
Very glitchy and laggy, I just installed the game and reached day 5. When I tap on police dispatch then it kicks me out of the game. And also there are ads after every level, but if compared to other games then it's fine.The game is actually fun so I gave it 2 stars.
Love this game! Great to play anywhere but it is great for playing when your trying to fall asleep. Its entertaining and the keyboard sounds are so nice. Love how you dont have to watch ads to unlock things! Overall I love this game! Keep up the great work!
More like a game for a 10 year old. Not only incredibly boring but also filled with ads even if you opt not to watch for a bonus. I've Ben playing less than 1 day and it has already crashed on me over 10 times. Useless and uninstalling.