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80 Days

80 Days for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by inkle Ltd located at 18 Brampton Road, Cambridge CB1 3HL, United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Language, Violent References, Alcohol and Tobacco Reference) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is crazy addicting. Imagine the best choose your adventure book, throw in some spontaneous events, and a whole lot of strategy. I've played through at least 10 times and I'm still going back for more.
Fun game. Interesting world and characters. Good replayability for the money as there are soo many routes to take. There some strangeness to discover as it's set in a steampunk version of the novel.
A quite enjoyable text based game. Played it twice through making different choices and it definitely changed the experience. I can see myself coming back to this from time to time
One of the most compelling interactive fiction games I've played on any platform. The stories, and there are so many, are beautiful, funny, heart-warming, compelling, and memorable. The loop of the game, travelling between cities and countries and continents, purchasing goods, chatting with folk, taking in the scenery, and contemplating life as a simple valet, is a seamless experience. Once a bedtime story, now a seemingly-endless tale I can take with me anywhere, I cannot recommend this enough.
This is an amazing game. There's so much unique dialogue and diverse conversations you can have with the people you meet. It actually feels like you're traveling the world.
A fabulous game, with a deep story to explore. I'm on my fourth play through so far, and each time has been dramatically different. There's a whole world that you only catch glimpses of, rewarding you for digging deeper. My only complaint is that some of the controls are a little touchy (moving things around suitcases can be tough, for example) but this is a minor hiccup on an otherwise great game. Well worth the cost.
Instant classic. I honestly expected very little from this game. Instead it literally had me on the edge of my seat after a 2 week delay in east Asia, a 1 week detour in the Pacific (in which I pirated a ship), and 1 week detour in the Caribbean (getting kidnapped by pirates (seriously)). I ended up making it on day 79 with an extremely lucky final 3 days. I see almost infinite replay value due to 1000s of potential routes and player choices that directly affect the storyline.
I've never seen a game on any platform that can be replayed this many times and offer a consistently new experience
I thought this game would stick to experiences of the contemporary world. Learning about the world is what drew me to the game in the first place. But it has funny things such as moving cities and what not. I thought the makers would take thorough care in ensuring that everything is drawn from the real world. Sadly, that's not the case. Also, finished the game in first go. Down voting to 1 star to draw attention.
An excellent choose your own adventure game. One of the best phone games I have played, very worth the price.
It's remarkable how well-executed this game is.. Since there are so many variations in paths you can take to accomplish your goal, there are many available options for replayability.
Love this! Almost every path is a different and interesting adventure. It's fairly easy to make it back in 80 Days I find, so the joy is in taking the most new and interesting way home. Beautifully written and a joy to play. Some minor interface issues in vertical mode but nothing too irritating.
Actually pretty good for a text based game but while it's fun to "live" the old Jules Verne novel by yourself, I feel it gets repetitive after a while. I'm happy I played it (and managed to win my bet and go around the world in only 69 days) but once will be enough and I'll be uninstalling the game and probably will never play it again. But then again, who knows?
Really love this game! It has engaging writing and the characters are lovely too. Before, I thought the play time per round will be rather short but it is actually not! Beside, one route could differ a lot from another so it keep us away from being bored. So far I have played two times but there are still around many unexplored cities to be seen! I am excited to see more 😊
I absolutely loved it, the world has an incredible atmosphere with an almost full steampunk vibe. I got to visit many cities around the world including my own, I found the character interactions very compelling with several intense unforgettable moments. I finished my first game in only 69 days as I raced across the Atlantic ocean after having to sell all my possessions. If I had any suggestions it would be to have different difficulties. Other than that I would gladly recommend it to anyone.
This game was pretty fun, it took a couple of playthroughs to get under 80, the different encounters were unexpected and fun. I also love the background story of the automatons, especially the living ones in the Caribbean. I hope new content gets added, I'd love a list at the end of different stats, most used outfit, total number of finished sets, etc. Achievements could be neat too. Do women valets exist? An option to choose gender with different dialogue cards and outcomes could be fun too.
Absolutely love this one. So much replay value! Keep coming back to it. Wonderfully engaging and chill experience playing it
This game would get five stars easily if there were achievements. But after playing three times I have nothing to play for. No objective. But if there were achievements I would continue to play all the time.
This game is excellent. Like those old choose your ending books. It took me a week of playing it for a few hours each night, to finish one ending and I loved every second of it. Highly recommend it for every book lover.
I tried playing this game but It wasn't really the type of game I normally play. I didn't get very far and realized that the text format wasn't the platform i liked. If the game was a mmorpg with illustrations I would like it more. However for a text based game it was one of the more exciting text styled games. Don't get me wrong I prefer image based games but this wasn't that bad. The texts were fairly enjoyable for texts and the graphics were basic. If i had to pay I would pass.
Fun idea but too easy - I have played this through twice, the first time I did it in 72 days, the second in 63 days. I really like the idea but it isn't challenging enough to make it satisfying! I also find the suitcases really difficult to navigate - whilst trying to move things they keep closing because the swiping isn't calibrated well.
Played it for free with Google play pass. I was considering buying in it until I noticed there's been no updates for over a year!
Smart and interesting and funny and totally uninterested in profits, gambling or addicting people. I have no idea what this game is doing on mobile, but for the love of God, buy it while you can!
The writing in this game is wildly high calibre. I didn't expect it. Good job, folks. The replayability is also huge because not only are there so many different routes to take, but certain events happen if you leave at certain times and then on top of THAT there are 8 different seeds with whole different stories. Give the writer(s?) a raise.
The controls are a bit rough. Your game is time based. You have to prepare suitcases and switching items to other suit cases is hard to do. So sometimes you miss a flight,ship,ect.. Because you can't move your items easily. Makes it frustrating because of the controls. You look on the map and it is super sensitive and hard to navigate. The game is enjoyable but the controls really impact your experience.
Awesome! It's a steam punk version of Around the World in 80 Days. I like that you can continue the adventure even if you go past the 80 day deadline.
Love this game! I have a blast finding my way around the world. The contraptions are the best part. Who wouldn't love cities that walk, and trains that turn into submarines. You really let us embrace the wonder of Jules Verne. Thanks.
Great game! Absolutely fantastic! When I downloaded the game, I thought it's just circumnavigating the globe and money management but holy cow there's a whole freaking lore in here. And some people probably give bad reviews because some vehicles are weird but they simply don't get that it's steampunk alternate reality. Sure, the control's a bit rough but you'll get used to it eventually. Btw I managed to get around the world in 48 days and right now playing some more to understand the lore
I just finished my second gameplay, and it was just as fun the second time. I was skeptical because I've found other cyoa games I've downloaded to be boring and slightly misogynistic, so I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I liked that players have to make decisions quickly, it made the game feel exciting but not stressful. There were a few game mechanics that could have been improved, but I still found it to be a fun game with a lot of replayability.
I agree with others Players Reviews that the Text is Really wooden. I found myself skim reading a lot of it. The characters were both 1 dimensions l. The choices were limited. That said, I initially enjoyed the premise of the game; but got bored of it, took a long break, and took weeks to "feel" like playing again. I really hated the tedium of the traveling times and often making boring conversation along the journey with characters who were completely irrelevant to the story/game.
Fantastic title with no in-app purchases or wait times. Just finished my first play through and am very impressed with the CYOA aspect with inventory along the way. I did it in 74 days with two missed travel opportunities due to timing. Will play through again and try a different route knowing what I know now. Going through Canada was a great experience for my Suave character but I feel like South America is going to be quite a bit faster if I can go from Brazil to Portual on an Airship or something. To be determined. The writing is truly the star of the show here. Absolutely brilliant script.
Fun adventures, and after my 4th game I understood - anything can happen, I would sudgest some save option, maybe not unlimited but for example 3 savestates per game or so, thou I understand lack of them aswell - in real adventure you don't really have savestates. But great game, well done, I imagine how nice would be to play thru other Jules Verne books inspired games similar to this one
I wanted to get this game for years but never had the opportunity. Now, I've tried playing in twice, over a year apart, and it's been terrible both times. The social interactions lack depth, the random, thrown off course events make it very frustrating, and the saving system makes you lose tedious progress. As someone who loves choose your own adventures, this was a massive disappointment.
I was rather excited to play this game, having enjoyed the novel it's based on as a child. Sadly, the way the developers have chosen to restrict the player's decisions, not allowing one to go back at any point, when mistakes are easily made and options are terribly limited, completely ruins the experience, for me. The music and visual style capture the spirit of the journey wonderfully, but having to restart each time one makes an error is preposterously frustrating. What a silly waste of time!
This is a really fun game for those of us who like to read good, interesting stories. Think of this as an excellent interactive novel, and not so much as a video game. You play a French butler in the employ of an eccentric English gentleman who must win a bet to travel around the world in 80 days. The game makes the most sense if you embrace that role: you are responsible for everything, including keeping your master comfortable, managing funds and deciding itinerary
Imagine a magical Choose a Your Own Adventure book that rewrites itself based on choices you make! That's what 80 Days is. The game rewards multiple playthroughs, opening up routes and events that*do not exist when you first begin the game*. Each city you visit is a new story. Sometimes you'll run into the same person, but only if you travel the route that allows this to happen. The game does not allow you to backtrack, so If you miss a connection, it's gone- like real life. Fantastic game.
Really enjoyable! Loved the steampunk update to the story, a nice surprise. Lots to explore surprisingly replayable as well to visit different cities and try different things.
This was a great game. So far Ive played it all the way through twice. Each time was a completely different story altogether. If you like text adventure games at all I promise you will enjoy this one for the interesting characters and plots full of twists. That being said, I think this game is worth playing even if you arent a fan of text games. I got just as much enjoyment picking different paths to travel and managing your characters recources. This game is well worth the money spent.
The game is amazing. Even though it has quite simple mechanics, the authors did a decent job to keep a player engaged from the beginning to the very end of a journey. By far I have completed the game several times, but I nearly covered all the possible scenarios, so I am carrying on. Very good game indeed. Have it on both PC and my phone. Thank you!
Great game! Rearranging your suitcases is tricky, but other than that this is just as good as the PC version.
An exceptional game and story every time. I had this game on my phone for 4 years, I'm ashamed I didn't play it, what a phenomenal game.
Such a wonderfully imaginative adventure with myriad outcomes and plenty of different approaches and events in which to partake. Great for older kids and adults and an absolute delight for anyone with an imagination. A hearty 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ πŸ›©οΈπŸ§³πŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒπŸš’πŸš‚πŸŽˆ πŸ—ΊοΈ
This is perhaps one of my favourite mobile games, and the one that showed me they could be much more than bad microtransaction-filled garbage. Would also be great for people who don't play many games, as it's effectively a slightly more in depth choose your own adventure book, with all the reading that goes with that. Fantastic art style, high replayability, and very well written.
I have mixed feelings about that game. On one hand it is very beautiful, imaginative and good written. On the other hand it's have very little replay value and way too repetitive. If you have Google Play pass then grab it and spend an evening or two with it. If you don't have it then I wouldn't bother with the game, it doesn't worth the price.
"Sorry, an unknown problem has occurred." is all I get. Same if the "Retry button" is pressed. Tried uninstalling and re-installing and it didn't work.
It's sort of glitched out when I first opened it, but once I restarted it, I loved it this game! Fun combination of choose your own adventure and survival. Extremely high replay value!
Absolutely amazing. So many cities to visit, so many paths to take, and people to talk to, and items to trade! And I love that even should you fail your trip, you don't get a "you lost" screen but rather get to finish your trip, and try again. I wish, though, that the game would let you drop it and pick up at any time. Right now, the game only gets saved at cities, so you lose progress if you close the game in the middle of travelling between cities.
Quite how you turn a rollicking Victorian adventure novel into a game so wearily slow and tedious while also stripping the two main characters of their joie de vivre is quite beyond me. The script is unbearably wooden compared to Verne's original, the Steampunk additions strike me as superficial, the game mechanics seem clunky, and I have had more fun auditing my accounts. Around the World in 80 Years, more like. I play games to escape from tedium, not to be embraced by it. What even?
Marvelous experience. The graphics are nice and clean, with a really cool steampunk aesthetic. The choices/routes you can take are many, and so this game needs quite a lot of (unique) playthroughs if you want to see all it has to offer. Superb writingβ€”greatly engaging, and it does encourage you to play through the game many times to see all of its possible routes. Overall, I really recommend getting this game.
Great game, be great if it was sims style characters with 3d travel but that would be epic coding to do lol. Maybe one day someone will make a real earth or historic 3d adventure with journey options.
Whenever I get a new phone, I always play through this game! It's perfect really, always a different story and so many adventures to have.
It is an unusual things when a mobile game surprises you, but 80 Days has succeeded in doing such with me. The mechanics are relatively simple, but they come together to create incentive to experiment in regards to journeys- and considering there are more than 100 cities the room to experiment is vast. However, the true reason to buy this game is the writing- for it manages to condense the essence of RPG storytelling down in a way that surpasses many larger RPGs.
A cool choose your own adventure game. Sure it's a little repetitive, but the design and writing are excellent. Would benefit from some more skill based choices, but otherwise very good.
Great game. The English is complicated, though - for me who's not a native - and I couldn't find a place to switch to my mother language. But the experience is incredible.
(Ever read the Choose Your Own Adventure books? This is the game!) I didn't like this game at first. But I'm used to linear games where my choices don't really matter and the outcome of the game is the same for every player. But in 80 days, every action has a consequence and each subsequent option is based on those choices made before. I am coming back after playing the Sorcery! series and recommend those if you enjoy this game!
This is a great game, I went around the world about 20 times, shortest time was 40 days completed. Trying different routes and making as much money as possible was fun as well, no matter how long it took. The text format is engaging, love the music and the choose-your-own-adventure format, which reminds me of those books from long ago. Some of the content though was pretty white-person-centric, I know it is the 1800s, but I was offended several times by some descriptions of people of color
I do like the game, it is fun and slightly emmersive and takes some strategy but also lick. Honestly I'm only rating it 3 stars because it gets old pretty quick. Other than that it's a good game.
I really liked this game And it has a lot of replay value if you don't try to play it the exact same way each time. Doing the same thing at just a different time can yield different scenarios.
What a great update on the Choose Your Own Adventure genre. This is more of an adventure than a game and the world building is the draw here. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to pick it up and get lost in a strange pre-war fictional steam punk era.
An excellent experience. The gameplay and graphics are so well done and the storylines are thoroughly enjoyable.
I've traveled around the world about a dozen times now, so I'll say this is a very entertaining game with a lot of replay value. A few things could be better such as the menu navigation and conversation flow. Would be interesting to see different starting locations other than London so we can explore places that wouldn't be in the ideal route (such as South Africa and South America!) I tried going to the North Pole on one playthrough and that was my favorite storyline. (Try it!)
It was really easy to skip too much, or mess up. What I got from players that succeeded was that it mostly came down to luck regarding routes and items. I had many chances to play it free with playpass and it always disappointed.
Initially was enamored because of the beautiful chiaroscuro graphics but the writing gets redundant over time. No exciting payoff to rehashing the stories numerous times as the character choices all seem the same with more or less the same consequences. Bad purchase :(
For a narrative, it is actually pretty good. The goal seems pretty clear. Their are a few different dialogue options to choose from which is nice. Personally, not a mega huge fan, but overall it is good. I would recommend this.
Great experience. I was a bit surprised in the beginning when I saw that the world is SiFi, but the creators integrated perfectly the new world into the realities of the 19th century. As a down size I finished twice in under 70 days even though I had been delayed on the way multiple times or take detours on purpose to make profit. Maybe the creators should increase the difficulty to be more challenging.