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8 Ball Hero

8 Ball Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. located at PO Box 930 Oxford OX1 9RW. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's ok and who ever said the lights are too much well I bet you didn't put any money on it and it's free or get a new FOOKIN phone but do far I would like to play a full game so when that happens I'll do 5 stars
It's good for beginners and go far for professionals. Very satisfying thank you for that wonderful work. Really appreciated
The boring part is that it fast forwards the game and ONLY allows you to play a few balls, why not allow us to play the full game, please with your next update allow us to play the whole game, the graphics are awesome, and this game is the only game I have seen people on it, but please enable us to play the full game from breaking to 8th ball both 8 and 9 ball enabled
Great time passing game (that i seem to have become slightly addicted too) would be made better if you could play friends that are logged in at the same time as you. Also maybe reward excellent shots/break building by giving the option of superior cues, chalks and also the option of using a rest for the full length table shots (which would be realistic in real life) other than those few very minor comments it is WELL WORTH A DOWNLOAD. OVERALL GOOD APP.
please make 8 ball hero on all android tablet devices .its only on android cellphone .i have tablets and the game is not on google play store .its a awesome pool game to play and its like your score soccer games .they are fun to play .wish there was no hearts to loose on the games.just play it way through .thanks .
So I reached lvl 320 2 months ago and the next lvl keeps saying coming soon. How soon are we talking about because I'm about to uninstall the game.
Feels like im playing in a real tournament..the spin the tricks kick shot bunk shots almost real..i play it everyday even though the task is pocketing only 3 to 5 balls but its not easy to hit the in the open the others are hiding..if you want to play this game you should have knowleged in real billiard game and i invite everybody to try this exciting and challenging game. .i have only one request in you guys hope build another one but whole game instead..rate 5 on this,,good job though..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Great way to pass time, need to have more,or easier ways to earn money. have mini pool games to earn hearts and cash, then would give 5 stars.
Like the game but it makes you miss shots that you make over& over again by making the cue ball or pool balls slightly curve one way or another when you are good at the game. Thats cheating period.
This game had me jumping with excitement, literally! So cool how you can pull off amazing trick shots, and I found myself cheering for my player character because the story is actually emotionally compelling.
Sweet. Would b five stars if it had more playing modes like multiplayer cutt throught an 9 ball. An straight trick shots mode
love the game but hate that you lose "energy" on career games. eliminating this minor factor it's actually a pretty good game.
horrible game the controls dont function right and the micro transactions are ridiculous even for a mobile game id rate 0 if i could
Telling you the objectives only after you have finished the level is plain pathetic. I know you want us to pay for the energy and what not but that objective could have completed with other methods.
Good Game Like The Have Play As Well don't Forget the 3D IS REALLY 3D not saying it is THEN IT NOT 3D. THIS HAVE IS FOR SURE 3D😎😎😎
Everything is going on well,it time for me to type a name I will use then boom I can't access my keyboard what a wack game
I loved it cause I'm type nice in pool I stay playing 8 ball pool in Facebook w my family and friends so I already know how to play plus I played pool in real life as well w my family and friends so I'm type good I use 2 play as well w my right hand man in house cause his mother and father had a pool table house so we will always play w da family me and my brother from a other mother would get litty and drink sum henny and play pool together good vibes I so remember dem days I miss you lil bro
Ok in the early stages...later games the ball doesn't follow the highlighted path and the cue ball almost always hides behind anothe ball. If you're shooting stripes and your ball goes in plus a solid it's game over. Creator of this game doesn't know the rules of billiards.
An interesting pool game with a progress system similar to the football game however with a whole lot fairer gameplay. The only issues I have are the forced "5 second" ads between levels and not knowing the objectives till after you complete a level. You could spend ages trying to complete a level only to get one star because you didn't pot in the right holes. But a good game for pool and snooker fans.
You know, the game is dope, I love it! But them in app purchased are seriously the worst rip off I've ever seen. Like... €6 for 24 hours of infinite energy? Cmon at least get me infinite energy for the rest of eternity. My only complaint, the in app purchases are too expensive.
Not to bad... I enjoy the challenges. Only real complaint would be not knowing the star objectives pryor to playing. Kinda sucks that you gotta play it 1st to see what they are...
Psychics of this game is terrible. Side spins doesn't properly flick the cue ball where you want it and the mere fact you can't use any spin on the cue ball until level 30 is stupid. It's the fundamental of pool and you can't even use it. Poor game and quality. Dont waste time downloading it.
this app is annoying it keeps on crashing everytime you had a great chance to win the game.. it pissed me off
This isn't how billiards is played. This game only lets you shoot a few balls per game instead of playing a game from start to finish and in real billiards if you miss a ball, you don't start over. This game gives you ⭐s based on things that have nothing to do with real billiards objectives and you don't know what the game's objectives are until AFTER you've already played that level. 😢 It's just strange.
Great until you reach upper levels, when your health runs out they want $50.00 to continue. I stupidly paid $5.00 for nothing...but I'm addicted, starting over, lost everything, from lv46!!!!!!
It's a fun game just wish there was someway to adjust the sensitivity, but other than that it's cool game....
As a pool League Player this game is honestly nearly perfect! the only downside i have or rather request is that you get to see the challenges of a round before you end the match... there are normally 3 challenges in a round and you only see them AFTER you have finished the match, have an option to see them BEFORE so we can go into a match knowing what to do. Other than that this game is stunning and awesome!
This is more pushed towards puzzle players than actual pool players. You are not able to play 8 or 9 ball and Must follow story mode. Would not recommend this game to pool enthusiasts.
Fun game but its rigged to make you spend money πŸ’° the game doesn't give out rewards regardless of how far you advance in the game . Some shots are impossible without extra shot balls .
only trick shots, no actual pool game and you need to pay to keep playing if yoy miss too many shots, garbage app.
I used to play for fun and it's very interesting that you could in you're own way of making a winner some how. More like trick shots.
I gotta say, this game is AWSOME! It feels as if youre really in a Tournament. The pressure is on!!! I love it!
Magic game. But I have completed all levels I've been waiting for the next season for 6 months. That's why is 4 stars. But for everything else it's a 5 star game.
This game is awesome, hands down. can be a little challenging for me at times, but still very enjoyable. 5 stars 2thumbs up
If you want to play a game of pool its not here. Game play seems to be you complete half completed games. you are the other personality in your characters head. Graphics are great. Good arcade experience.
requests are a little vague, as which pocket you need to use in order to get three stars and when you pocket a ball cleanly (no rails or caroms) game doesn't reconize it, have completed game 240, waiting for the next levels, also have reset game and started over from gm 1 vying for all stars each gam
This game is just nonsense, it doesn't have anything to do with 8 ball pool, it is only practice, it has good graphics but no real time play either versus human nor computer. Just adds, don't download it.
I wanted to play your game. but you have all the countries flag but Jordan. I dont know how did you forget that -_- !
Very dissapointing from first touch games a snooker must be not like this make it like dream league soccer full matches in career mode make a multiplayer and event mode and finish this energy system then see people will more like it well at this stage less than 1 stars my new regards will be after next update plz imrpove the system
An okay game i guess but the pay to play '3 life' model is so old and just forces people to put it down. No replay value and gets boring quickly
love the graphics and sound effects,but it has a lame campaign,let us play full frames and full tournaments,you know like how pool is actually played.
I like to play 8 ball hero at first because,when i was download the apps and play the ads,i said wow amazing video game, i was wondering when i saw it, so i made my own avatar first, then play the game, wow!!! So cool. So im very thankfull for this apps...
Not a bad game,but I thought I was going 2be able 2play against other players. Plus yall put balls in spots where there's no way 2make a shot unless u buy. 95$ to spot a cue ball?????😣. It's ok but challenging a person is more of a challenge.
The graphics and music are excellent. The word β€˜shame' has been used in the application which is not an appropriate language and considered as a language below the formal status. The body language of the player that loses the match is also not appropriate. Games are played for enjoyment, sharper state of mind,proper use of time etc.. Games should have no link with shame. Also, some levels of game do not show the target to win the match before it is played.
Its different but in a great way you should try it nothing like traditional pool games they keep it interesting
I like the stragedic side of it, you get to learn some tricks that you can apply to an actual game of pool but I would prefer if you could also play a straight game in this app rather than just figuring out the puzzles they give you, however it's still downloading as it does have some entertainment value.
Great game, however I have been waiting for a while for more levels. When will there be an update with new levels πŸ˜•
This game is very good. but please make it multiplayer like 8 ball pool. then it will be a very good game. then i will give 5 star
at first I thought this will be just another 8 ball poll, but not. With aim guide is kinda not fair for some, but it does help me understand how to use the spin irl. But, the game dev should have the requirement how to get 3 stars BEFORE we play the level, not after the finishing it, so I dont have to play it twice. Anyway, this game teach me how to 'One Cue' otherwise you lose, nice one.
brilliant game it's not one where you're playing the whole game but it sets you up for trick shots and requires you to complete certain tasks to 3 star the table, it has actually shown me some old tricks I forgot about.
Any idea when the "coming soon" levels will be coming any time "soon". Its been months!! Still waiting for coming soon???
This Game Is Very Fun ...and the graphics are insane and is easy to control this game is all around five star in my vote no complaints from me
The best. Now its just levels with some objective to complete, Hope i will get full game play with this amazing features
game was great up until level 72 we've you've designed the most impossible level and set everyone up to fail or force you to spend money on perks to beat the level.
Needs to have a way to adjust sensitivity. Also, I have been playing billiards for 30+ years and never have I heard of a loss when you pocket an opponent's ball. Some levels are nearly impossible to beat with out flukes. I want to see my opponent get out of some of these situations. Been waiting for almost 2 months for the next level to be there. You have until Memorial day to update it or I will delete.
5 stars before...now I gave only 1 star due to no updates, no new games for months now. Always coming soon. Will soon uninstall this app if still no new games coming very soon.
I like the way you get to choose which ball to hit first and I like how you can change camera style from 3D to 2D. I also like how you can customise your own character.
Unfortunately it's not possible to aim precisely, touching the screen sometimes moves too much, that ruins a great game. I had to hit the cushion to hit the ball indirectly. Impossible to move in a smooth way. You should look at some of your competitors, they use a very good way to aim precisely. Uninstalling, pity I was ready to give you 5 stars.
Really!!!!!! I hit ok to your privacy and it shut my phone down tried it again and same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are NO opponents, this game is only practice. Such a shame because the premise is really awesome. You can design your own logo, name, appearance and country of origin. There are objectives you have to meet to get ALL the stars BUT you only get to know what the objectives are AFTER you play the round, then you have to repeat the round in order to get the max points.
Love it. So much fun and professional type pool. Enjoy this game like I did when playing Soccer Hero, Football Hero and others. Like to see sequels to these games. Keep it up.
Basically just Candy Crush Pool. You don't actually play pool, you play puzzles and have to wait or pay when you run out of lives
If you're looking for a solid looking pool game that also plays well, unfortunately this won't be it. I played almost all the way through season 1 and it's basically a pool game with a puzzle-like attitude. You get fast forwarded to the last few shots of the match and you have to finish it out. Not sure when it gets difficult, but I got perfect everytime, first try...so I don't know. Don't get me wrong though, this is a decent game, just not for someone like me.
I play pool many times before in real life but this game is really really good it's like it's real competition I love it
Stupid game, don't even play pool you hit premade shots that are stupidly easy, then you get missions or bonuses that are impossible to get the stars without a few trys then you are outa energy. Waste of time.
I love this game, but how much season to end it? And would be great if you add a gear icon in bottom of screen to slowly aiming, so we can easily making shot. [Edit] I'm complete play all level (320 levels). I'm not found any game offline like this, have story and have quest in each levels.
This is without a doubt, the best billiards game ive ever played. Its fun, full of challenges that test yer skill, while developing it. And best of all; no human opponents to shame you when you make a mistake. Its encouraging and helpful, and it teaches you how to make different shots, cleaner shots, while helping you develop a solid skill base. And whats also cool; is that it rewards good playing with power boosters and unstoppable skill shots. When yer done here, you'll be a pro playing hero.
I install the game, and when ever i take a shot , a black vertical line appears. Idk why that happens , but it frightens me every time that my Screen is dying (which it normally does not) FIX that!!
Other people may think this game is hard, but that might be because they're making it hard for their selves, I am not having any problems yet, but if I do I will let everyone know. Including Google Play. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Nice alternative to a regular 8 ball game. Tough to stay in the mood to finish so many matches however maybe you can pick up were you left off after a spell away from the App.
one of the coolest ideas and smoothness of a pool game that I've played, and I know that it just got released but im hoping that you guys add more content and maybe some sort of multiplayer and different game modes plus maybe full matches? and can you guys add a touch control where you can tap anywhere on the screen and the guide line would go there instead of swiping continuously also add a sensitivity control. thanks for this master piece I hope you keep it up.
Love the game. A refreshing change to the conventional game. How do you fair if the pot is the least of your worries. Not getting 5* as your latest update didn't add any more levels. Isn't coming soon enough!
Love your game but missing one by one game. Me vs computer or anyone full game from start. Turn by turn. Please add the system.
Just started playing, but so far a very good game. Control of the stick is a little hectic but workable.
I downloaded this game from an ad, but when I try to play it my phone makes a weird sound and it restarts my phone.
Cant fault this game just need more levels now ive smashed all of them and its been saying coming soon for far to long only reason i dint give it 5 stars
Frame rate is close to zero . And no online play? no actual games, just scenarios? A big NOPE. Just not fun a all.
Starts out slow and easy then really challenges your abilities to cut and bank the balls. Really enjoyed the game!πŸ˜ƒ
It's actually a decent game but it gets really hard around level twenty. Impossible shots and of course you can buy extra shots for real money. I am uninstalling!
Instead of just having pool scenarios to play, it would also be nice if we can play 300+ computer AI opponents in career mode with a solo and team tournaments. Players can play in some 100 events (4 of them majors , and one of them an end-year championship where the top 8 see who can take the cup). The set-up of this career mode can be designed like Friday Night Pool 3D (PC). The user's interface is simple to Android but still can add a lot of touch to the game with year-end rank & race also.
Simply superb just like their other games. I can't wait for the premise of this game having multiplayer. This game just captures the aesthetic of what pro pool is all about. Realism is on point, and the power-ups are a great touch of arcade feel. Although the storylines are not as deep as in Score Hero, this is the best pool game I have ever played. Hands down. The best.
Jus a pool game ,easy controls, quick matches, I've only played a couple pool games....this one the best of one's I've tried
The best pool game out there !! Nothing comes close to the realistic action and stunning graphics of this game. Well done !!
Good... i am currently waiting for the next session been waiting at 320 for a while now... yes i made it to the end. And want more. Only pool i have been able to play since quarantined.
Bravo!! Love this Pool game!! 6 Stars!! Sometimes just feel like "Go it alone!!" The other pool games are very nice too! Except those are more for one on one with others that you end up playing against one again, due to computer programmer I suppose! I do have other Pool gameto play w/frds!! Just a btw>This is why I give you a 6 Stars!! I could write more, except I want to go play 8 Ball HERO!!!!! Thank you for a really nice game!! Fan of your Develpers I am all in!! Tammie aka Trueblue!! :)
I realy enjoy this game..but after level 320 theres no other level. it say coming soon i was waiting for a week to have a new level.i hope you continue to create another level.
Familiar concept to anyone who has played the other "Hero" games, this time, taking up the mantle of a professional 8-Ball player. So far, none of the levels or challenges therein are overly difficult and progression is as expected. I dropped one star from the controls section for lack of a sensitivity setting for aiming but it's not broken. If you like Score Hero and are a pool fan, definitely check this one out!
I loved playing pool when I was in my teens back when I had all the time in the world to waste but now that I'm older and unable to walk or use my hands I can only play pool and other billiards games on tablet or computer. I'm just finding it hard to find games that are challenging cuz I've competed against some of the best in the world in my younger years.
Great game till there is nothing left to do. Unfortunately I will be uninstalling the app because there is nothing to do except the daily lucky pot and I don't have room on my phone for just daily. I hope for new levels soon or I will never know. Thanks
When aiming off the cushions. The ball wont actually go where you have it aimed. once you start pulling the cue back it changes the aim direction.
Great game 2 stars because they don't develop this game anymore. I have 3* on all levels now. Just say coming soon. 2 months later nothing added??
Nice graphics, smooth gameplay, able to customize character and really easy to get a hang of playing!
Well graphics n easy to play. But there is problem in adds section ,they shows 10 bucx on ad, but they don't give u the money.4th time it happen
it is useless i get to the end of level 4 then i put my name is and it wont let me submit it. i have uninstalled it and installed it again several times and still doesnt work so rubbish
It teaches the angles of the game. Very good if you are learning how to play. Even experienced players will like to go back to the basics. Learn the rails and ball control. I think everyone will be satisfied with this game.
I liked the game as I done the first 4 levels.... then I got to pick and name and it wouldn't let me continue . I click done on my keyboard and he just stand there and nothing would happen. (Samsung galaxy j4plus)
There are options to control graphics quality, but the game goes into two-frames-per-second mode after a ball is potted and a flash of light comes out of the pocket regardless of any settings. Please remove or optimise (50 times) these bells and whistles: they add nothing of value, only make the game unplayable on older phones.
Pretty good, odd bug where if you knock an opponents ball in combination with your own, hitting your ball first of course, it's a foul which isn't correct with BCA or APA rules afaik.
love this game.Would recommend this game to anyone but does anyone know how to get past level 105 without spending money? Lost interest in the game and I don't believe in paying to play as I'm already paying for fkn mobile data!
Somebody dissed my tetris and took her out of store so I looked around and found this after a very thorough search. You guys came thru on the graphics and touch aiming system, appreciate the option to gently let go of your pool stick without tapping the cue ball if you accidentally swipe or pull it back for sure. The ESPN pro atmosphere is a pretty nice touch to but I still have yet to play a full game. Could be an extended tutorial thing but we'll see. Met my goal for one handed gameplay tho!
Love the cometary. But I think they could really make us play together with the same conmentry like the football games
Makes you think, that's for sure lol.. grand game so far.. hoping it doesn't turn into a cash grab πŸ‘
I know two stars is not a good review...but the fact is that I'm absolutely HOOKED on this game. It's a blast to play. The issue I have is the "energy" system. I get that people create these games to make a living, but I DO NOT LIKE that there isn't a permanently unlimited play option. you can buy a day of pressure-free play for $5.00... FIVE BUCKS!! FOR ONE DAY!! I'd absolutely pay $9.99 to unlock it and pay extra for boosts...but this seems like very greedy, blatant cash-grab.
This game is great, excellent graphics, nice tables, at the beginning you will enjoy playing it a lot, yet it is stingy game, when you reach harder levels you can't win without the assistance options, those options needs money, how to make money? You either watch 30 to 40 ads each ad 30 seconds, or pay real money for some, you will spend 15 minutes to finish a small game, 14 of them are ads. Other than that there is stars for each win, from 1 to 3, to win them you have to achieve 3 challenges,
Tell the objectives BEFORE the match. Aggravating playing almost every single level over to do the objectives we should have known BEFORE them match.
game was great up until level 72 we've you've designed the most impossible level and set everyone up to fail or force you to spend money on perks to beat the level. seems to be a common theme with your game every so often you reach a nearly impossible level to beat without spending money on perks. you're a joke and so is your game
The only thing I don't like is when I progress stage 105 the game takes me back to the tutorial and I have to start over
I am waiting for one year already to add some new levels. The game is cool but you need to put some new levels
ridiculous. not full billiards. dumb 2 and 3 shot matches, no breaks. uninstalling. whoever said they are a league player and that this is great gets paid by these folks.