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7x7 - Best Color Strategy Game

7x7 - Best Color Strategy Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by NinthDecimal, Inc. located at 150 Post Street, Suite #500, San Francisco, CA 94108. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Update Aug 2019: Now even launches the Samsung browser randomly to push unwanted ads even when not even using 7x7. Had to uninstall. Beware! I'll update this review with the name of a better game when I find one. These j3rks need to be out of business! Punishes players by displaying ads when they do well. It's now horrible
Spoiled a good game with advertising spamming. A bit of ads for revenue is ok but sitting and watching a forced 30sec loud and lousy video ad every few minutes is irritating. 1 star and uninstall after this review. Killing the goose for golden egg eh!
Edited Review as of 7/2019. Ads. No need to install unless you like ads. Game was great before ads and analytics took over.
I expect some ads on a free game, BUT... These ads are out of control. 30 second required ads after every combo? You really can't even play a game anymore. It's no longer worth it, don't waste your time.
Great game but with a recent update (like 2018 recent) every other turn is a 30 second video commercial. Uninstalled.
Great game, very good time killer. After a few updates the ads are unbearable. Any time you get a combo you recieve a "reward" which continues to load an advertisement. Cannot even play the game anymore
This game is fun. Big con is the ads it automatically plays after a few moves. Very annoying. Uninstalled.
Used to love this game . Didnt mind banner adds but the new adds stopping game play from a puzzle game is awful. Will no longer be playing suggest you find a knock off version
Good game but not able to sign into Google therefore high scores don't save so with nothing to beat it's a bit pointless. I've seen anothet review saying the same this needs to be fixed and then I would give 5*
Excellent game totally ruined by frequent and intrusive advertising, I understand the owners want to make money but why not just make a version which you have to pay for - I'd happily buy it.
Please consider doing an update of the app to Android 10 and working connection with Google Play Games. Thanks
Be sure to switch to airplane mode before you start to avoid the numerous repeated minute-long video ads. Otherwise great game; enjoying it since 2014.
Uninstalled. I used to love this game. Totally addicted.. But now?? Every move I make, I'm getting a Kiip reward.. One game, ten interruptions.. and for what.. A "reward" which if, God forbid you click on it, takes you to some website which looks decidedly suspicious and of no "reward" benefit whatsoever.. So today I've been forced to uninstall. Its just not worth the effort any more. What a shame.
Best strategy game? Every next move you planned will be blocked, every time you cleared four squares, 6 empties one will be occupied, your game is over before you knew it. There is no thinking needed, let alone strategy. Your score depend purely on luck´╝îyou could scored as high as 80k points today, and the next game, you are done with only 13k points! And the developer has the audacity to claim "the best strategy" game?
I really used to enjoy playing this game. I even weathered the storm of problem that grew ought of the apparent efforts to boost ad revenue. But the result - loud, intrusive ads that pop up at inopportune times - have made the game nearly unplayable. Shame!
I love this game, but it says in latest update that it now has augmented reality (which is the ONLY reason I allowed the app access to my camera). Call out to the developers... Where's the Augmented Reality feature?
I HATE the ads. Those dang kiip rewards just suck and mess up the game. Really great and time waster. It would be 5 stars but for the ads.
The ads are finally gone! But Google play connection broke. This is a rare game that I can keep coming back to and would give 5 starts with a quick fix.
Update 2018: The ads are terrible.. I would happily pay a few bucks for the game instead. Can't log in with Google either. Really used to enjoy this game. Review from 2013: I've found my new addiction. I loved Tetris, but this game is infinitely better. Beautiful, simple design. A pleasure to play!
I love this game but I am deleting it because it has way to many adds. I have it on my tablet and it is not full of adds. I put it on my phone and it plays the same add every time I clear a row. This game is good but the adds are to much. Buy 7x7.
The game was perfect until the addition of ads! Remove them and the rating will go up. Edit to add 12-19-17: Can no longer sign in with Google, all achievements gone now. No longer worth it.
I decided to give this a try after reading reviews and looking at the screen shots. I'm not the type to play computer games but thought I should get a few for an occasional diversion. Well this app diversion became a fun addiction. Easy at the start to get you sucked in it soon becomes a challenge that engrosses you until the final empty square is filled. I set a goal to best 6000 and just got 6696. Whoo hoooo! UPDATE 3-7-2013 My wife never plays computer games and I avoided showing her when I was playing. She caught me once, started playing, and now she's hooked. She just got 8800 and is Happeeee!. I just got 19,152 but I'm sure some have past 20K. The trick is to get Move Where-evers during Level 1 so you can get out of jams later. So for those who think it's too easy at the start... think again. UPDATE 3-26-2013 When you get a great score share it to yourself. I had to when I passed 32,352. A lot of Anywhere Moves helped clear the deck and keep me going. Taking risks early paid off later... big time! UPDATE 6-6-2013 41,316 Smashed my old record. Building up 20 Move Anywhere's early did the trick. UPDATE 10-29-2015 New record = 41,748. Took over 2 years to beat. 12-8-2018 53688!