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7 years from now

7 years from now for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by hiraya-space located at Neyagawa, Osaka, Japan. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The absolute best. The story is the best thing I've ever understood and read in my entire life! This changed me so much. I really wouldn't mind paying for this game. Why was this free anyways, with such a really well thought out, really deep, very meaningful and user emotion-tangling story? This is just great. Please add more content even if paid, or an ad must be played first. The game is worth the money.
Amazing. It's one of those rare games that have a deep, interesting plotline, a beautiful soundtrack, and also smooth gameplay. I didn't expect much at first. I thought it was going to be another boring, predictive story game, but oh boy, was I wrong. Really made me emotional. Thanks!
For starters, I didn't know what to expect. I was sort of turned off by the tile per tile move and the way the map moved but after a few chapters I was so emerged with the story. Although the first chapters were just plot twists getting slapped on my face and not being able to complete the mysteries but in the end the puzzles pieces slowly came together! I just couldn't believe it. Thank you for making this and a happy ending too! Thank you so much! It was so much fun to play.
It has been a long time since i feel so moved by a story. Without a doubt i found a gold scroll which tells about a magnificent story. There is so much plot twist that even the creator bombard us with it, it still leave a nice feelin. There is not much in-game feature cause this is really is a visual novel, but remind you that this will be a legendary visual novel, 7 years from now
Damn thisnwas the most beautiful game I've ever played. The mystery the twists the plot the emotional parts everything was on point. Can't find a single mistake with this game. I would seriously live to see an anime adaptation of this game. Amazing storyline. Awesome!!! Good job
I want MoooOrrrReeee, the story is so good even I'm a person that hates reading, you made me a person that wants to read more. Thanks a lot whoever made this because this app change me in a good way β€’^^β€’. Here is the 5 star Bravooo , Bravoooo~~~~ AND!! I want to read more of your work thank you.......
Really nice story. Hey you guys should make manga version or anime. Seriously come on just do it. I am sure there're a lot who want this story in manga or anime. Anyways this is the masterpiece.Keep up the good work guys. I am looking forward to other masterpieces like this. Peace out ✌
A few months ago I said this was the best game ive ever played, but now i look back and see, the fun lasted for very little, not much actions happened and many other parts of the story needed to be paid(the plot are kinda weird). The soundtracks and music were good though...
I didn't think I was going to like this game at first, but after playing through the story, I am In love! I think that this is a great game with great character development and one of the best stories I have ever seen. Gameplay was lacking, but the story made up for it! This is one of the rare 1/100 really good games on the app store that Is free. Overall, this is a masterpiece of a game.
This is absolutely! Words can't describe on how amazing is everything on this game is! Amazing plot, Amazing story line, amazing music! Words can't describe how greatly tailored was this game was, full of plot twists, full of surprises and what is a very likely sad ending (in my perspective) turns out to be the opposite of what am I expecting! Great job devs! I hope you create more freemium games like this! And I hope
Guys you must try this game! Be warned though, play the game with a box of tissues by your side (if you are an emotional person that is), and the game is just amazing and so creative! Welldone to the creators for making such a unique game! πŸ‘ Could we please give them a round of an applause!
Even though the controls were a bit weird, the plot was really good. Some parts of it genuinely made me cry and there's a lot of cool idead and plot twists!
Very emotional game! Gotta admit that. The speech and the dialogue were very good. Also the game is not pretty short nor pretty big so I loved it!πŸ‘πŸ»
I'm not sure if I can consider this as a game since all you actually do is walk around and talk to people. You don't even get to choose what to reply. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER!!! This is a masterpiece story wise. This is a kind of content that can be turned into an anime and I think that it should be. I thought it's going to be a short game since I thought in near the end but boy, I was wrong. If you liked Steins Gate then this will make you ecstatic because it delivers the same pain and thrill.
This is the best game ever, i promise i won't spoil the game, but bro best game ever made, sad story, i def recommend dis, anyway, i got soo confused during all the cliffhangers, way too many emotions going in my brain lol, best game keep it up!
This game is one of the rare masterpiece hiding in the shady corners of play store. The story is too good to be adapted into a web series or movie. In terms of gameplay, it was so good, I never really new when I finished it.
If you are looking for a game with a great story this is the game for you! This game is amazing, very emotional, and super cute. I'm not lying about it being emotional because I teared up at some parts. I couldn't wait to get home everyday to play this .You will not be disappointed this game is definitely worth playing. 10/10.
This is an amazing game with an Original interesting yet not so sophisticated story with great characters and message. I really enjoyed playing thru all of the game and if there exists a sequel I would be more than interested to try it out. I highly recommend this game to a person who likes stories and adventures. It would be better if the user could choose the action to affect the story line but nevertheless it was amazing because each time you start the game, you get addicted and attached to it
It is the best simulation game, this made me cry, no doubt this made me remember that I am human, practically I did not cry, but this is a very nice work I hope you do more chapters, so I can see Aoi and Haruto, together 7 years later, I will wait all the time in the world, without a doubt I will go back to the past and erase my memories to play it.
Hats off to the developers, this game here is the best game i have ever played.Its full of twists,suspense,which I liked the most,in the ending of many chapters, there will a suspense.still it nearly made me cry. Yea its soo sad. The story waaay goood.....Keep it up developers.....
This game is so awesome, the plot twists are incredible, not to mention the cliffhangers! You think you are just gonna look for your memories but actually you are trying to save your friends, spot the lies, and time leap! I honestly did not expect that at all, I highly recommend this game it is so cool!
Not exactly a game, but i dont care, cause the story is very well written, there are plot twist after plot twist, the characters are very well fleshed out, i love the game.
As a game this is subpar since all you do is tap to make your character to go to the indicated space on screen. As an experience, this is an unfolding of a very beautiful story carved by human choices, mistakes, inexperience with the gravity of great power and a leap of faith to find the last glimmer of hope. To cling on to... Read the game, it's definitely worth your time.
Unbelievable! It's such an amazing experience that will last for long in my memory. I'm just happy to see and download this story game. Even though we don't make any choices and rush for time I still felt the action of the entire story. It's pretty long story by the way than I expected. Keep up that good work!
I really like this app. Not sure it can be call a game cuz there are mostly reading but i enjoyed that! There are a lot of plot twists so u cant expect what will happen next. Its also really sad at some moments. Hope u make more! ^ ^
The story was really long but incredible. It was a great game with awesome graphics. It just feel sad that some parts are locked but that's ok since it does not affect the main story that much. Pls create more games like these and keep it up !!!
I have mixed feelings about this game. It's a visual novel, and you have no real choices. Once I realized that, I enjoyed it more. Gameplay was simple. Ads were minimal. The tap to trigger conversations was a little clunky, mostly because you have to tap a sprite's feet and not their head. I liked the story...mostly. There were a few plot holes or points that didn't make much sense to me, and sometimes character motivations weren't clear. Overall, I enjoyed the game even with the flaws.
One of the very few games that made me emotional....great effort, music, story, additional content that too free of any cost, character development, plot twists and yeah the cliffhangers. I somehow relate to this game. Good job guys!
I thought this was gonna be a regular platform game but i instantly fell in love with it . I was so emotionally invested in the plot and the story is so well written! Plus i loved it so much that i continued to play the epilogue
I don't always rate apps, however this one is a bit special. When I first saw this app, I was rather skeptical. After reading many positive reviews, I decided to give the app a go, and I'm glad I did. I particularly liked the graphics, and found the characters to be enjoyable. The music matched perfectly with the app, and I found myself curious for the next little chapter. The chapters are not long and boring, but rather short and simple. Overall, I highly recommend.
The game is literally amazing! I liked it. It's the most story that changed my feelings... I just feel am gonna cry... It's 40 chapter. It's pretty longπŸ˜… Anyways the only bad thing is that they didn't put ending for this story... The boy will go to the past to save the girl (aoi) but they didn't say if he succeeded.... PLZ make an end for this nice story.
A great and unique story! It was really heartwarming and enlightening. The mix of sad and happy moments is well-made! The sudden turns at the end of each chapter also added a bit of suspense and excitement. Honestly though, it's hard to put my thoughts into words, nevertheless, I had an amazing experience from this app!
Wow this game is just pure beauty,the story is just so damn magnificent.The story hits you with so many emotions combine with the amazing music.I hope to see more game like this.Tbh I hope the story can get an anime adaptation.
The story was amazing! It was very heart warming... The only complaint I have is that it's not that interactive, literally the only interactive thing you do is walking to a certain place or to someone, buut the graphics were good and there were some pretty good plot twists. This game is actually pretty fun and a good time killer so I'd definitely recommend playing it.
This game has an amazing storyline. It captures the devotion of young love perfectly. The story explores the background of each character with amazing detail allowing me to sympathise with them and see them differently. The explanation of time travel somehow isnt paradoxical at all surprisingly. The happy ending left me crying happy tears and the mysterious parts left me thinking crazy hard. I would definitely recommend this story. It is awesome.
The game was great It has 2 types of control, the tap and joystick The story was sad but I'm sure not all story ends in a happy ending BGM is great and you can play it all if you can finish the story It has some sidestories and epilogue but some are only unlockable by watching an ad or buying the plans,if possible, just remove the buying part of it to make it a perfect game
This game is very emotional. I enjoyed it. Ads don't play for more than 3 seconds when offline. The storyline was very amazing and well-written. The plot twists had me surprised every single time. It made it more interesting. It was saddening when it ended. Well, the game is wholesome. A rainbow journey of emotions. Very good!πŸ’•
This was one of the best games I have ever played in my whole life, I may have cried a little... ONLY A LITTLE! This game has an amazing storyline and I have never seen a game like this (its so original :')). The quality is amazing, even if your actions are limited, the game is addictive, and I personally LOVE the soundtrack, so I really REALLY recommend this game to you guys!!
Damn this game is super amazing! I'll recommend you if you like story with a lot of plot twist. I did a full story in a day (I know it isnt healthy but oh well i did it-). Even tho you cant really move much, still its such an amazing story! (Actually i wrote this to grt extra story , sorry tee-hee)
THIS IS AN AMAZING APP!!! IT WAS SO SAD!! I cried only a little bit..BUT STILL!! AMAZING APP DEVELOPERS!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!! I HOPE YOU MAKE ANOTHER GAME LIKE THIS!!! AMAZING!!! I usually delete apps that I've finished, and I finished this app. But you know what? Im keeping it!!! ITS BECAUSE ITS SO AWESOME!!!! ITS A REALLY TOUCHING STORY OF A BOY AND A GIRL!! I think I'm making this review too long. Also, BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!! THANKS DEVS!!!!!
This game is really a 100% adorable! The story is very good which I think if its a Netflix movie, I'LL WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES BIT BY BIT! The controls are okay, language and text don't have problems in grammar and arrangement. I really recommend this game for people who like to read books. Because its like a book, the difference is you can play it yourself like you're immersed in the situation. Nice work developers! I hoped I've seen the game earlier β™₯️
I enjoyed the game so much! It got me so hooked that I finished it in 1 day. I love the story and the twists in it. Thank you for making this beautiful game free to all. Kudos! ❀️
It was pretty good! Story wise, was good made me cry like a little baby lol. I wish we couldve interacted in the game. Overall the game was great and free. would definitely recommend.
Not like a game; all you do is walk :/ BUT BUT BUT!! The story is so great and exciting, I couldn't put it down... Plots defied, characters were understood deeply, graphics were pixel but THAT ain't ruinin this masterpiece story! Please make a part two of this game, how we save Aoi and get her to not be our sister cause thats weird. But still. PLEASE MAKE A SECOND EDITION TO THIS GAME.... PS. This is one addicting game makin ya wanna stay and finish. You just need to know what happens next πŸ˜‚
It was an amazing game, one of the best I've ever played. It has a short but good story, and the whole go back in time thing is a nice concept to use here. BUT if I have one gripe and one gripe with this game it's the fact at the very end I got suck on a plant and couldn't move! I didn't have any other saves of that playthrough so I quit in a rage. But if you don't get stuck and lose your save, good game 8/10
I love this game! I admit it was kinda boring for awhile but once the whole story started to fit then my attention was peaked. I was going to be upset if the ending was unsatisfying but it was amazing! I am not a pixelated game fan but this game is too good to not play!
I love this story! It played with my emotions and the ending! I really recommend installing it of you like visual novels(Idk if it counts as a visual novel). Just install it if you want a really good story. The story is really sad and the characters are all loveable. I really got into this after the 2nd chapter.
If your looking for the best story-based game to play I highly recommend you to play this game it has a lot of Plot twist for th player to know and the story is so, so... How can I explain this, it's so beautiful from the bottom of my heart I wish the creators of this game create some more games like this it's like a masterpiece for me. For the creator and author of the game β€œthank you for everything” for making us the Players to value all people in our life that's all.. Sincerely, Marjhon
This random find is more of an interactive visual novel than a game. I really love the storyline! Plot twist after plot twist. Every chapter transition surprises you and brings you deeper.
The story is very amazing. Lots of surprises, and inspiring moments. I'd definitely recommend it to my friends. There might not have been much to do, but it's worth reading every single line. I love it so much, I'm grateful for playing the game!!
It's a very fun game! I love how it's done and the storytelling. I was a bit sad that the game ended cause I loved it so much, you should try playing it!
this game is a roller-coaster of emotions. it'll play with your mind and feelings, i don't even know why this is free. this is worth a lot more. but im glad it is, because if it wasn't then I'll probably won't get to discover this type of game. the plot is amazing that you'll wish this was a real anime instead haha. this is my first time rating a game and i have no regrets of rating this game my first ever. pizzas are rad
Best story ever period,now THAT was a very pleasant experience sure the gameplay is...mediocore but damn the story is top notch (i want to write spoilers but gotta hold back no?) And yes this game had ads but for the very first time i actually love having ads between the gameplay (an ad after every chapter) because it gives me time to process everything that hapenned during that chapter (yes its that confusing at times but the plot twist is simply amazing) this is how vn should be
It is a one-of-a-kind story with amazing delivery through the storytelling. The timing and order of the major reveals and emotional sucker punches is absolutely flawless. I had mental whiplash from all the times I suspected the story of following a popular trope, but got the rug pulled out from under me constantly. However, it doesn't do so at the cost of it being too confusing to keep up with. I personally don't like anything pixel style, where the entire world looks like it is made from legos, but I know that's my own personal preference about that artistic choice. The atmospheric music is dramatic and adds to the emotion of the story in the best kind of way. I felt like calling it a game is a bit misleading regarding what you can expect. It is really more of a visual novel that is just interactive enough to keep us people with restless energy consistently engaged and attentive. There is no stress on the player with puzzles or time restraints for tasks and also nothing that requires quick reflexes. As someone who has gotten stuck in many types of games, that all really isn't a bad thing.
This game is the greatest game I will ever have. I saw this game randomly in the app store and said why not. I sat on my bed for hours doing nothing but playing this game. The graphics and controls were amazing. People are just being to picky. The graphics were cute and simple. The controls, were so easy and nothing about it was confusing. You needed no tutorial. The story line and twists in it left me in tears and goosebumps. The game is a beautiful work of art. Trust me, please, get this game.
I saw this like a year ago, but I was 11 that time and my English is not so good (I'm a Filipino). This time, I decided to download this and it was so great! Highly recommended! But the end of epilogue made me confused a little bit. They promised that Aoi will still find Haruto even if he will be reincarnated, reborn, or something..? And I'm not sure because if Haruto was reborn after a while of his death, they would have a 10 year gap... which is... I don't know! But I loved it so much!!!!!!!β™‘β™‘
The more one delves into this game the more confused one becomes. But it totally makes sense at the end of the game. One of the mind boggling backstories to an amazing simple gaming algorithm. Just gets u hooked by the mere simplicity of the game and the strength of the plot. Absolutely enjoyed the entire experience.
This game is truly one of the best out there.. really original. When you think that you're about to finish playing, it'll surprise you with another suspense & you'll get hooked right back into the story. Well that's what happens to me! Don't take my words for it, try it for yourself!
The story was very intriguing and please make it into an anime already. I'll totally cry and re-watch every episode of it. The game itself wasn't super interactive, it was just walking around but the story kept me going! Really awesome plot!
I can't believe this is a free mobile game right now it's so different than the casual games we have all the time it's unique the story was fun with many plots and twist the game music is also great the only problem is the controls is a little bit wacky but other than that I recommend people to play it this game is great and I just love it :)
I really love this game!,the setting the music and the gameplay the graphics are VERY NICE.you can't find a good game like this all the time I like how as the chapter ended it revealed something shocking which was perfect the controls were pretty nice overall I'd say in my opinion this is my favorite game and I'd play it a second time.so if you're thinking about installing this game DO SO!!! you wouldn't regret it!πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„
This game is the best visual novel I have ever played. The story is amazing there is always twists and turns. This game was one of the few to get me to cry near the end and it is not too short but not long enough to make it boring. This game is made even better due to the fact that it is actually free to play and only has ads. Even if this game was 4.99$ it would be worth every cent. (IAP's) All are post-game and are not needed to get a full experience are actually add-ons to the main story.
Best. Game. I've. Ever. Played. THIS GAME GOT ME IN THE FEELS- I am so glad that I found this and I will definitely recommend this to my friends! Keep up the great work! Words can't describe how really beautiful this game is, it is truly a remarkable, breathtaking one. β€πŸ’•
Everything is just perfect about this game. So heartwarming and touching. The plot twist and storylines are shocking and make us wanna know more about the ending. 100% recommend this game!! ❀❀❀ Give you hearts and 5 stars!!
At first I wanted to check put some apps and found this one. This game has a beautiful storyline that just makes you wanna cry. I didn't know games like this exists. The art is cute and simple and I am digging the music. To those who look at reviews first and then install, this game is really worth playing.
This was a pretty interesting story, although a little too convoluted at times. There are ads but only between chapters so it doesn't ruin the experience. This is a visual novel so don't expect many interactions, there are no plot choices to make. Still, the mystery and bonds between characters are worth it.
This was one of the best visual novels that I ever read. Although the interaction in the game was limited, I enjoyed the story and all the plot twists. Also, there are side stories continuing from the main story, so don't miss it! (Give some support to the developer)
I absolutely love this game, especially the dialauge! Sometimes it wouldn't make sense, but dont change it, I love honestly that because it gives the game personality and makes it funny! There were a few times I cried but I think that's great because it makes the story so much more interesting when people show strong emotion towards the storyline and chatacters! All that I have left to say is that this is a beautiful game that shows love, passion, friendship, honesty and thoughtfulness.
I don't know what else to say rather than perfection, its really touching and I have to admit, the story is so nice, exciting, and unpredictable with those plot twists. I really like the story, the characters, the controls which you can easily save your progress. The music really fits the game and story, making it even more sad in certain times. I really like this and I highly recommend this to others! Keep up the awesome work devs :D
This is an amazing VN! It's really long, the story is intriguing, the dialogue is amazing, and I just can't say enough about it! It's also offline! I cried so many times... it's just beautiful! Please make more games, and continue this one! I looove it!
I love this game!The story are really interesting!I love the ending!I am happy that everyone's alive in the end!Love the plot and characters too!I recommend anyone to play this game!This game can make you smile,laugh and even cry!
This was absolutely amazing, The story has so many twists and turns and Is so great, ik speechless. This deserves a anime adaption because the story is honestly the best I've ever seen, this game should be more widely known because the game blew my mind. Thank you for this experience.
Wow! I am awed by this beautiful, mysterious story! The writing is brilliant all around, from the characters to the twists at the end of every single chapter, which either gave me chills or brought tears to my eyes; they were shocking and suprising each and every time. Music was chosen perfectly. And the ending connects it all into a masterpiece. Thank you for writing one of the few stories that'll stick with me for a very long time.
I honestly loved it! It has such unpredictable storyline that makes it even mkre interesting to read, the soundtracks made it even more interesting. it has some sort of mind manipulation effect, you would think something, but by the next chapterm you'll think of it's opposite. And for everyone reading this review, i highly recommend it, if you love visual novels.😁
This game is great! The story is beautiful, but somehow I felt like reading Makoto Shinkai's story. I thought the game wouldn't ended like that, but wow, I wasn't expected the plot twist. BGMs were amazing too. Even tho the graphic was simple and sometimes it's difficult to control, this game's worthy to play. Well done, dev! πŸ€β€οΈ
This game is more on story-telling so don't expect it to be like other games out there. The story is full of twist and turns. Every end of chapter leaves an impression and makes you not want to stop playing. The story is full of emotions and those ninja cutting onions. And lastly, the soundtracks are relaxing and also full of emotions. If you play this game I recommend using earphones.
This game is so perfect for me. I'm fascinated by the work. It has everything and it was exactly the game I was looking for. I finished the game within a few days and I love it. You given everything to it. The texture, the storyline, everything, it fits into a game. I hope there's more. Well Done!!! ^^
This game isn't too long, it takes about 3 hours to complete the whole game. But even so, in that short period of time, so much emotions have been invoked, each character development was so deep, making me feel even more attracted to the game, feeling the temptation to continue playing. I swear I actually teared inside playing this. Only issue I have I guess is the advertisements like they appear between every chapter is annoying but other than that, one of the best games ever!
For a free moible game with minimal ads, it was a very enjoyable experience for a game. The plot was very interesting (however sometimes confusing) and the songtrack for the game was also really good. My only complaints are the game could be eaiser to maneuver, especially for players that wish to experience the story a second time. Maybe adding in a way to speed ahead dialogue or just clicking to certain chapters would be nice (you can save and load, but amount of slots wouldn't be sufficient.)
Id just like to say that I'm glad my Friend forced me to play this and I did not regret, later on it's depressing but in the end it's a Happy Ending, how I love happy endings, A Great Game..if only I could rate more than 5 stars I would...Great Story overall,
Thank You so much for making this game. I enjoyed it a lot. I Was amazed of the story. The story line is so smooth with a combination of a plot twist. It went perfectly well. And I hope You'll Make another game like this with different characters, different story line in the future. Keep up the good work guys and I'll keep on track on your games. Thank you so much, I Love ItπŸ’–πŸ’–
I love this game!! I also love the story!! I love it all!! Especially Haruto and Aoi!! I'm so happy for them. Even Director and Dr Ichiki. All of them!! It's cute !! This is tye best game I've ever played!! It's also free!! T hank you for this :)))
Incredible game.So interesting and kinda boring.everytime i leave the game without saved progress for the chapter I was on IT TOOK ME BACK TO CHAPTER 1. I WAS IN CHAPTER 25 FOR GODS SAKE! THEN I SAVED THE PROGRESS FOR CHAPTER 24 AND CONTINUED IN CHAPTER 25 I WAS ALMOST DONE WITH THE CHAPTER THEN I EXITEDTHE GAME BY MISTAKE AND I WENT BACK TO FRICKING CHAPTER 1 im sorry but I use love this game now.UPDATE IT!please i cant start again from the start thats UNFAIR πŸ™„
Love it! The story is very original, the plot twists are unexpected, and the BGM is lovely! I also love the relationships between each characters, platonic or not. Definitely recommend this if you like storytelling games :)
One of the most heartfelt and BEST game I ever played. I cried OK *sob sob* At first I got frustrated because the MC keeps repeating the day he got in his town, but yo that's just actually the beginning of a good game. Also, it teaches you that there really isn't an evil person that didn't start as a good one. Situations forced them to do something bad but if you actually talk to them and understand why they did it would convince you to try to help them in which the MC did. Highly recommend.
Omg i love this game, it has had me hooked from the start. I haven't finished it yet but the story line has many twists and turns. The only thing I will say is that it's more of a interactive story than a game but that doesn't bother me. I really hope the developer has more like this!
very cool game , a bit confusing at first but it really gets you emotional cant wait to see what happened after the final leap edit : I should probably say something about the game , right ? So if you are expecting a game dont bother , this feels more like one of those visual novels , but the story is good so stick around if you like good stories
Goddam those plot twists! I started playing in the morning, it is late night now and I can't stop playing. Well done! EDIT: OK, now I definitely wonder what you guys inhaled to have written such a story. It goes on and on, I just can't follow the finer details any more. There even seems to be unlockable stories of other characters but I am not sure I want to go that direction as well. Dammson :)
I would give 9/10 Because the soundtrack in the game is a lagging in my phone (idk why tho,all of my games are fine. This one is lagging and it makes the soundtrack sound a bit weird but also funny. So at the moment that i was supposed to sad and crying,but i am laughing too because the game's sound :''<) BUT BECAUSE I LOVE IT,AND CURIOUS HOW IT GONNA END,I KEEP PLAYING IT XX'D IT'S A GOOD GAME THOO!!) If you are a Person who enjoy story and not the gameplay I highly recommend this game!
This is the cutest game I've ever played!! You should definitely write a book about this, I don't know if you already had, but it's amazing!! Completely recommended for those who just need a story with so much background. It's not a normal game where you make the decisions but it's mostly like an interaction rpg book. I loved it, thank you so much for creating it. πŸ’•πŸ’•
the story is too good!! Heck, it can even be an anime!! Yeah, i know that this isnt a game and can understand why some people are hating on this (actually, i want to delete all the negative reviews xD) but its like a visual novel! If you have a thing for awesome story, this game is for you! The chapters and epilogues are awesome! The story gets somewhat confusing in epilogues but it was still thrilling... Best visual novel ever
This is the BEST GAME EVER! or should i say visual novel? Idk but in this game there were like no choice option but it was ok because i hate it when i have to make choices beacuse if you do the wrong choice you end the game and hade to restart... But it was a short game...hope it was a little longer. I glad there was a good ending (opps spoilers) But i really wanna part 2 plssss i will definitely support this game till the very end!!πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Feels more like a VN than a game. It is great that the ads do not really disrupt the gameplay. The clicking might get annoying at times but really glad that I finished this! Very touching story that is worth a few hours of your time. EDIT: MUST READ THE EPILOGUE! 😒
I want a part 2 of this game I haven't cried in 5 years and this game has made me I am depressed that there isn't other games like this If you make a part two of this game with the same characters I will even pay $10 for the full game please :( I want this games ending to continue it deserves a part 2 I want to see them together, this game is one of the best games ever please let everyone know if your making a second part I will be the first to play it and tell everyone about it
I finished the game!! Honestly, it was just like reading a good book, only you could see the scenarios first-hand and there was an awesome musical score to go along with it. What an adventure! It was so emotional and sweet with amazing plots and characters. Every chapter will leave you on a bone-chilling cliffhanger making you unable to resist the urge to keep going! No spoilers or anything, but I can assure you: it does have a great ending. P.S., Be sure to play the epilogue!!πŸ₯°
I've downloaded and tried to get though this game several times now, but every time I just CANNOT BE BOTHERED TO PLAY IT! It's boring, it's flat (ironically), the translation leaves something to be desired, and the controls! Don't get me started on the controls! And worst of all, it's ugly! I'm sorry, I tried but I really, really can't see the appeal of this game.
Great story line and score for a free game. Controls were a bit annoying to handle, but of a minor concern.
I realize now why all things in the story are jumbled. I really relate on some part of the story. It's a heart warming and unforgettable novel. I don't care about the dialogues or how little the flexeblity of the game. I see hundreds of games, but this one is exceptional to my standards. Also ads are ignorable. I'm very thankful to all who work for this game. And its my pleasure to experience the game myself before I stop to play anymore games. Thank you very much.
Wow a wonderful game. I don't cry when playing a game but when playing this game I broke into tears this game was fantastic. Great music,good texture, everything is great. I expect 7 years from now 2 to come and be the best game available on mobile πŸ‘ congratulations πŸ‘You should make this an anime....πŸ˜€
I LOVE this game! It has really intriguing chapters that just makes you wanna play more, and honestly the graphics are amazing! I'd highly recommend downloading this game it's totally worth it. Please make more games like this!
Emotional Interactive Storybook. very much not a game, but the story is very well written and the music is used to great effect. Overall, a worthwhile experience. My only complaint is that there are too many loading screens. I wish the chapters had been longer in order to make the story less broken up by loading screens.
The controls may be a bit too simple like just a click n' go but the story is so in depth and made me immersed in the puzzles making in the mind like what will happen next? Who is that guy? How is this possible? Anyways, the story touched me. Imma give you 5 stars.
This has got to be the best pixel game I've ever played on mobile! The storytelling is SUPERIOR 100/10 This game deserves to be adapted in to a TV series, Anime or Movie it's that GOOD! It's massive spiral wave of emotional storytelling with very impacful music put in to it. MUSIC is also 100/10 Oh my god I would pay everyone all I can just to support the creators this is truly a work of art I loved every chapter.
This Game is something, it's unexpected and very emotional. I recommend this game if you want to read/play a story with many unexpected stuff. Average 10 minutes per chapter for me :) Great Job to the staff who made this game! Thank you <3
A beautiful story with themes of happiness and finding it in grim places. I won't say anything that spoils it. It definitely had it's twists and turns, and it answers every question in the end, so don't worry about feeling dissatisfied. You don't make any choices that change the story, either, so instead of expecting that, you should simply enjoy the story that's presented to you. I rate it five because even with it's "cut to black - surprise - next chapter" pattern, it's still very interesting.
Damn! i was surprised when i played the last chapter of Aoi's world. i really ship them! i hope they will become good friends or lovers . my only wish is that this game will make a anime series ( i hope! ) "I'll be waiting for you, 7 years from now..."
I really loved the plot as well as the characters. I recommend this game to people who are bored and want to play something unique. Although I got tired in the middle of the after episodes so i quitπŸ˜…
Definitely this is one of the best offline game I've ever played. The story is really emotional and the different soundtracks used in different situations are great. There is suspense at the end of each chapter which made me curious to play nonstop. And I finished playing this game in only one day! Totally free to play! Great job developers!
My friend recommend this to me so i was curious and when i play it i have this urged to end the game, there are a lot of mystery which so exciting for me i even cried on some of the chapters haha my favorite chapter is chapter 39 and also the ending, i really love this game it's like as if i was reading a manga it was the best experience ever. 😊
Once the screen goes black and the music stops, you know it's going to be an unexpected turn of events. I like how the game was brought up to a kid just wanting to know his history however with it he managed to remember everyone and shine light to everything especially when he did keep his promise in the end. If there's a part 2 I would play it but can you change the controls a bit? It just gets tiring walking back and forth however overall it was one of the best games I've ever played. 😍😍😍
Owww gosh i don't know wgat to say but, this game made me cry because of the story honestly this is the best game I've ever had, and I'm thinking about if the story of the game is in real life, that would be a awesome, and i wonder if this is anime movie I'll probably watch it a thousand times because its so beautiful so touching story of BEST FRIENDS i wish there's a part two of it I'll wait......... 😊
This is such a good game! You dont have to actually do anything. You move the character around and the story unfolds itself. This game has such an amazing story! It's full of mystery and many surprises. It was also.. kinda sad. I was very moved by it. But it had a really good ending! I absolutely loved it (it was so well written! Whoever wrote the story should write books or something). I just expected a little pixel game, but got so much more! Im happy I played this. You might be too :)
This game was so amazing. I never thought it was like this. I tought it was only a game but it turned out it was also a story. I think I was reading a novel with drawing. ( I don't know what I'm taking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) Anyways it is a beautiful game. It is worthy to download it. It inspires me from something that only me knows. Thank you for making this game, it somehow gave me light to my dark days. Again thank you. I hope you can make another game like this. ( I hope they can read this. )
This game is just amazing. Honestly I expected it to be over quite quickly, it just seemed like I was going to be collecting memory from the past. But as I went on the storyline got more complicated, interesting, touching and confusing. But it all comes together and is crystal clear in the end, it's worth the hours of playing this game. I can't count the times my eyes widened at the unexpected twist in the story. The audio also fits the context. I definitely recommend this game to everyone!!
Gosh. The emotions... You know, this game hit me quite hard. I didn't shed a tear but it make my heart fell heavy. In my opinion, this game is more like a low quality anime, but it's so good that the graphic doesn't matter. Anyway, this game is good and emotional. You must play it.
Oh my gosh, I loved this so much! The story was full of twists and it definitely played on my emotions. I may have teared up a couple of times... haha. But overall it was incredible. It's something I would even sit and watch as a movie. The concept is great. Well done to the makers! You've done an amazing job. Thank you!!
Hi,I've just finished the game...... It's..... It's so well made ,the controls, the design...... Even the whole story! This is to wholesome,it almost made me cry!!Well to the dev,you/you guys did a very very good job!Please do keep it up! I give you all my blessings,I just hope that every game is like this.... Well that's all!
this game is soo cool!, it had me moved! I was really sad at the beginning when I heard about aoi's passing (the girl with the red ribbon) and giving her friend her heart..that was really sad!,but then I saw at the end he tried to go back in time to save her!, overall the game is so awesome, the storyline is great (perfect for an anime or a book) the graphics was so cute! I liked how the characters were bouncing instead of walking it was really cute lol! and I highly recommend this game!
I remember downloading this 2 years ago in 2018 and it struck me in the heart especially the ending. I played it again today to watch the side stories and I just wanna say that this story app is the best out of all the apps I have in my phone.
I absolutely loved it! It's got cute square graphics, an awesome story, and great characters! Sure it may have issues but all games do! The only problems were that I finished it in one day, the controls, and the plot holes. But some small plot holes are bound to happen! Anyway I would recommend it! At first I just thought it would join my other games that I would just leave alone but this one kept me engaged! So many twists and turns! I wanted to know what would happen next! 5 stars for sure!
Played this on a plane ride across the pacific, and I was surprised how many hours it took up. 6 or 7 I think? Gameplay is simple enough, the controls could use a bit of fine tuning, but the thing you play it for is the story, which is heart grabbing and engaging. I found the repetitive walking got old about 4 hours in, but I finished it all in one sitting, so that could be just my experience. Well worth a playthrough if you've got the time and are willing to let it affect you.
This game was incredible! The plot twist left me in awe! Even though the graphics are simple, but people say the best sometimes comes from the simplest thingsβ˜† Awesome game 😒😒 Highly recommended for people who are looking for a time to relax and enjoy an amazing story packed in cutely in a package.β™‘ Thank you for creating this awesome game ^β‚©^
OMG THIS GAME IS A TRUE GEM!!! There sooo many twist and turns to this game that it never felt boring. The quality is top notch for a mobile game. The story... Wooo Boi THE STORY! My heart 😒... this game is a roller-coaster of emotions and I thank you ( to those who made this beautiful game) if I could rate this a 10/10. PERFECT GAME, NO REGRETS.
The plotline is good. But I would've liked it I can make a decision on what path I want to take. Personally, I prefer to use toggle keys to navigate. I want it to have task list, maps, a wider setting perhaps, characters needed to be more defined. I hope in the future, there can be more scenarios for the player to delve into.
Beautiful. The story was great, stunning really. While some of the plot twists seems like they were pulled right out of someone's ass, they were executed beautifully. There's quite a depth to each of the characters, making all of them endearing and loveable. The sleepless nights spent playing this game was worth it.
5 stars. Storylines are awesome, the sceneries are calming, the whole game is just AMAZING. I hope you do make more games like this. Would love to play more of these.
So this actually made me cry and go through all the stuff I regret from my life,decisions I should've made,memories I could've had and somebody I would've been. The story is beautiful and keeps you locked in and I just can't describe the emotion I had throughout playing this game. Thanks.
I have no words for this, I can only say that you should definitely give this game a chance, the characters are all great and I found myself tearing up on more than one occassion while reading/playing through the story. I want to just say that if I could experience this game over again like I did for this first time, I would.
Oh my gosh, I don't know how to describe it... I have download this game and keep it in my phone untouch for almost a year. I'm glad that I played and finished the game...the story (of course), game play, graphic and music are all well made. Thanks for making this beautiful game, I really want to see anime version of this game πŸ˜€
I love how it always caught me off guard whenever there's a revelation hahahaha Anywas the story picks up slowly but when you get to the interesting parts you'll get hooked. I love the plot as its not fast paced. It was a great story. Kudos to the author and the team who made this game.
This the the first time for me to crying because a game,its really touch my heart somehow,this game really have a great storyline,and yeah the goosebump I felt when I go throught the storyline..Its really amaze me.The storyline is PERFECT...I love it so much :)
Godd the plot twists are amazing each and every time! You know that the fade in black transition will happen but it's somehow always unexpected. The storyline was soo good that I didn't want it to end. I find the story has this bittersweet tone to it and it's definitely playing with my emotions. I'm really amazed how engaged I am with the story that even the simplistic graphics somehow didn't even matter to me. Great job dev(s)! I'll always be here supporting for more of your future titles!
The story is very heartwarming and beautiful! I'd rate this a 5 because of the story. Spoilers: The story will be very long with many Chapters, but the whole story is very interesting and amazing! Anyways, this is such a good game, and you should definitely try this out!
(Check my edit history for more context) This game... deserves the money it asked for. The sidequels were amazing. It definitely gives new insights as to what happened, answering questions no one would ever thought and some more. As for the post-story 'epilogue' (it's long enough that it's more of a short sequel), it's really good. I believe you can read it without paying, but you'd have to watch ads. Anyways, this is the best (finished) story game I've ever played on mobile. So do play it!
I really enjoyed 7 years from now. It's a well-written story that really tugs on your heartstrings. The characters are developed well over the story, and the music is really fittting to every scene. I recommend this game to anyone who's a fan of drama, romance, and emotional storytelling. The story reminded me of the film Your Name, and anyone who liked that movie would really enjoy this game!
The plot and story of the game is unique and beautiful. Soundtracks used match the current event in the story. A few bugs encountered are when you are able to control your character in the midst of a conversation, making the textbox "infinite". If a fix is applied to this bug, this game would definitely deserve five stars.
The game is truly a masterpiece. It's more of a visual novel than a game but if you're a person who's into story-telling then this game is for you!!! Don't let the simple graphics pull you away from this beautiful story. The plot-twist is shocking, the story is sad, beautiful and heart-warming. Do give this game/Visual novel a try, I'm sure you're going to love it!!!
A long read, a lot of twists and turns, ohs and ahs, a couple of tear-jerking moments, a chuckle here and there. The translation could use a bit of work but overall it was definitely worth the download! Kudos to the devs! By the way this would make a great animated movie! 😊
Story: 10/5 Art: 3/5 So, recommendations. There should be many save slots or there could be a menu wherein you could access any of the chapters. After all, there would be instances wherein a player might want to reread certain parts. Second, it would be far better if players would be given choices at least. Last minor detail, something bothering me is the chat bubbles. It's just, it doesn't quite match with the art. I mean, cubes and all then suddenly there are curves?! I find it inconsistent.
Very emotional and nice game .... Great story ... I love it.... You can make it more better by putting voices it will be way more better .... Thanks for making this game .... I love this game cause I value my friends
I just completed this game and wow ! I'm truly touched. The story, the music, the twists ! This game is truly wonderful and I just want to say that this is by far the best game I've ever played and maybe the best I'll ever play unless Royal Road from The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is released in real life. Then 7 years from now and Royal Road would be the best two games I'd have ever played in this life. To the developers, if you read this, I'd like to say that you've all made a beautiful game
AMAZING. This game is perfect and really fun and interesting. This is the exceotion to the rule of cliche. Normally we have games on the playstore where you just promote violence and kill endless creatures in an mml or perhaps you start another game about a story but the storyline is boring and bland and poorly written where you can not "feel" the characters and their feelings and actions. It doesn't have massive graphics or high details on aesthetics but it retains the amazingness of good story