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7 Wonders

7 Wonders for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Repos Production located at 22 rue des comédiens 1000 Bruxelles. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This latest "update" is the worst I've ever seen in an app. It completely trashed what used to be a near-perfect app. Some actions (mainly Olympia) don't work when they should and the icons are so tiny they're unusable. The most agregious flaw is the removal of the banners that provide information about cards which can be played in chains. The (ugly) symbols that have replaced them don't provide any (essential) information about the function of chainable cards. Give back the original version!
Dissappearing purchases - I purchased the leaders in app extension. It worked well for less than a week and now they no longer appear as an option in my game and I'm being asked to pay for them again. Not going to happen. Not sure if there is a fix for this but I reached out to the app developer but they have not bothered to get back in touch. Too bad since the game is pretty good. Oh well.
Worked really well until it started to freeze (recent update?) Frustrating as you have to exit game and it gets lost. Other games store where you have got to and you can resume play. Please fix this glitch. I love using the app as it helps me to understand the board game and the variables with each city.
This an exceptionally good implementation of a brilliant game. I have really enjoyed it, and the expansions. Unlike others I've had no issues with the expansions no longer being a available. Viewing the other factions cards is intuitive once you know how, but isn't initially obvious, especially on the higher player counts.
The latest update has rendered the game unplayable to the extent that we should have the option of a refund!!! Very slow and sluggish, too many delays, but even if we could somehow manage to live with that, the icons are so tiny now that playing on a 6" phone will give you an instant headache. Either give us the option of going back, or allow options to increase sizes and turn off animations, or offer a refund for people who simply can't use this app anymore.
Very well made! I like that you can hold your finger on a card to get a quick explanation of what it does. The app is very well designed and clean. For a game that has a lot of pieces to it, you've done a great job at making it easy to understand. Playing with 7 AI players seems to crash the game at some point each time, not sure why. I have the latest app version and OS, running on a galaxy S8. I've heard from others that the latest 7 wonders version has been crashing for them too.
Major update made game unplayable on my device. Can barely see cards and layout. Previous version really showcased the art of the game! This version's dark backgrounds and miniscule fonts are a major downgrade. Hopefully will be resolved.
Wow! Big update. Ingame cards became less clear. Symbols are just too small. And animations when playing the card, they look great, but i hate them. I loved to play couple quick rounds with ia, no waiting, just dropping the cards like crazy. Now i must look at some aditional effects that just take extra time. I disabled "effects" in settings but it still its considerebly slower compared to older verssion. Love the game, but please allow me to disable them fully so that i could enjoy the game.
The game seemed to work decent but the fact that there is an unchangeable timer of like 30 secs for each turn is ridiculous. We should be able to change the timer or turn it off completely if we want to in custom games. Just tried playing it with a group of friends that are pretty hardcore about it, and we all had issues with the timer. It's not enough time to see what everyone has and make competitive decisions. It's functional but very disappointing on such a weird random forced feature.
Good game and very decent interface (assuming the number of items to show). Two problems: 1. It is very hard to open opponents cards (for opponents that are not next to you) I need to swipe several times before I succeed (too little area for the swipe to catch?) 2. It would be extremely useful to show what is the order of each player (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) Right now I need to remember what is shown at the very beginning, which is very difficult Besides that great game and great implementation.
Very well designed game. Very close to the actual board game. I think it's a poor move that you don't let me "pass the phone/tablet" to play with people I'm with, we all have to add the app and play on our own devices to play with real people. I love how Smallworld does it, it makes passing time in the car or in a line a breeze, if this app added that ability, it would be 5 stars.
I still think the game is great, but I'm not really a fan of the new interface. While most of it is nice, I don't like that everything is smaller than it was and that it seems to have slowed down the game a bit.
The old interface was beautiful and perfect from a usability perspective. This new one is definitely not as pretty, doesn't look good on my display due to sampling of textures and aliasing, and the symbols are smaller. The whole interface just feels hard to look at after seeing the first iteration. The game is fun though.
They changed a decent interface into a terrible one; with low information density, and pointless, time wasting animations - the opposite of what you want from a board game adaptation. I wouldn't have bought it if it looked like this in the first place.
A great app for this game. Games are much faster in the app and the layout and functions are pretty decent. Sometimes it's tricky to view other opponents cards with the swiping mechanic but other than that a solid gameplay experience. All that being said....it's no longer working on my phone since I switched to from a pixel to a pixel 4XL. It fails to install correctly and gets stuck on the title page. Would rate 4 or 5 stars if not for that.
Was 5/5 stars easy. Then they reworked everything. It added a bunch of cards, changed all the UI. Not as clean, not as easy to view resource types. And no effort to restore the classic version. Disappointing. Such a good app a few months ago. Would have bought the old one, but don't buy this one.
Generally great, but I bought the leaders and cities expansions on my phone but now only seem to be able to play them on that device. I can play the normal game fine on a tablet but not expansions. I don't know if that's intentional or a bug. Seems a little money grabbing if so, but otherwise awesome. EDIT: Dropped to 1* as after paying for expansions and being able to play for a limited time the game is now prompting me to pay again. Currently out of pocket.
Game totally stopped working. Won't even open. Please fix!!!!! This is one of my absolute favorite games, the app works well, the interface is good, it's just a great game overall. But now it doesn't work at all - can't even get to the main menu, it just gets stuck on the loading screen. This would be an easy 5 star rating if the app still worked, and I will update this review to 5 stars once it is fixed. I've tried contacting the developer via email and have gotten no response. Please fix!!!
Newest version far more playable, everything is back to the original size and they kept the newmodernist theme, very beautiful! Gameplay seems to differ from the physical version: some wonders and cards have changed.
Update has made the game incredibly slow, and it now glitches a lot too - I keep getting glitches mid game that can only be solved by quitting. And what's with making everything so small? It's impossible to read what's on the cards now, especially with the resolution being downgraded so much. I like the new cards and the design is really cool, but I loved this app before. Please revert this back to the old version while you work out these issues so I can continue to play the game I love!
It was a great game... Then they updated it. Not the icons are too small, and upgrade paths on buildings are unclear. I really wish they still had the classic mode available, wouldn't be too hard to add back in. I don't play it anymore because of these changes.
Love the game. There are problems with joining games sometimes since the update rolled out but we hope to see improvements soon. Also please fix the backlight turning off when you're idle then automatically forfeits you from the game when you turn it back on because it is annoying. More power to you all 😊
This would be a 5 star, but there are a few features this could use (most of all more expansion content). After a recent update though, the game crashes at different times. It isn't consistent enough for me to identify a root cause as it is before, during, and after games.
A very good adaptation of the board game. The UI is intuitive and easy to use, though it still has a few annoyances. Also, the AI doesn't have the "fear of losing" that a human has and so seems to take more risks (e.g. not taking resource cards or taking too many) so sometimes you can be caught out if you are expecting your neighbour to take a particular resource. This makes the play experience different from playing the actual board game (not bad, just different).
Garbage thru and thru. They had to change what was a good game into 'an improved' version where things don't work right, the charm of the old style is now lost in a sea of too-small, too-stupid iconography. Makes me sad. After reviewing the comments by the dev team, I am even more deeply saddened. Clearly little to no insight into customer service was employed. It's code for goodness sake, make two sets of rules, classic and new, for those of us who think the new rules stink.
While it is a challenge to learn on mobile (learning the board game is better) playing on mobile is so much funner! All the rules are managed for you and the shuffling is instant. This is how 7 Wonders is meant to be played! Can play a match in 5 minutes.
Love the game.. but, bought both expansions twice and it would register in-app only until the next reboot!!! Pressing the "Restore Purchase" does NOTHING. Emailed the developer and NO REPLY!!!
EDIT: Yet another month and no fix in sight. Game still unplayable on the Pixel 3a. Game has been completely broken for a few months now. Unable to get past the title screen, stuck in an endless loading loop. I've done every iteration of uninstalling, clearing data, and allowing permissions there is and still can't play. Looks like I'm far from the only one with this issue.
The game works as it is supposed to. It hasn't crashed yet (been a few weeks). The reason I gave 1 star is because the game does not save the offline game (vs AI). Sometimes, I had to close the app in the middle of a game. But when I opened it back, the game wasn't saved, and I had to restart a new game. This is a very severe limitation to the playability of the game since many other competitor games (for instance, Ticket to ride, settlers of Catan, etc.) SAVE your current (offline) game and you can pick up where you left off.
Used to love this app - why break it with v2? Now unplayable, far too small and I have a reasonably sized phone. I'm sure this would work on tablets but this app isn't built for phones. Don't waste time or money. Just read the other reviews. Wow. To the developers: yes you can rollback your changes, and you should, stop saying you can't. The number of negative reviews here is embarrassing, you clearly haven't tested this. Rollback, put this into testing and try again when you've fixed it.
Easy to play, fast, but tiny on the phone! Bought the game as curiosity, as I am a huge fan of the board versions, and I am quite happy with the mobile phone experience, even if that would be good if we could see the cards of all other players. Another things which would be good : having access to some kind of stats!
Good but some limitations. I love the game 7 Wonders and this app captures it decently well. However I have some frustrations with it. First there's no ability to set difficulty, I find the AI too easy and have no way to make them better, secondly there are very few options, I would really like a way to have all the players use the A side of the board, but this isn't possible. Also the interface is poorly designed, requiring you to say you don't need a tutorial each time you start the game.
It crashes all the time with the following message:client offline. I am on a stable mobile network. It keeps dropping out my mates too. It is really annoying! I have purchased both the leaders and the cities. I am very disappointed, I was not able to play a single game for 2 months now. :(
Why would you screw the UI so bad ?! In my opinion the new UI and the new Graphics are so so bad! This is a step backwards and it ruined my experience. I will have a hard time to continue play this game with this poor graphics. And on top of all that it is lagging so much right now. The cards info is non existent. You can't see the card name nor what it cast. Just green field if it is available. You should really consider rolling it back to the previous version.
I love this game. I only wish the final points breakdown didn't just have colors. it would be awsome if you could click on it and see what those points were for. I always forget what color is what. There should be a pass and play offline option
Awesome game never played the table top one but I really like the concept, gameplay, the visuals, and the music. The AI is balanced never tried online gaming but anyway overall really nice game.
I'm a big fan of the game 7ws and I've played hundreds of games on this app. I've bought all the expansions along the way and overall the app is pretty good. My biggest complaint is my app has grown to a total size of 3.25GB with 2.81GB of Data. I'm curious what the Data contains and what will happen if I clear it. There is/was a bug at one point with deciding the science symbol for a wild science card or spy. The leader that gives 3 additional points per set was not factored in and the app would incorrectly choose maximizing a particular symbol over getting the next set. There was a sporadic bug that doubled the military value of a card when played, but that seems to have been resolved. The interface for choosing a trade scenario to build a card can be limiting especially considering the leader that gets you a coin from the bank per neighbor. The app may give you the option to trade for two resources from your left or two from your right but not the option of one to the left and one to the right, which would get you an additional coin from the bank. It would be nice if the app let you look through the burnt/discarded cards at the end of the game to satisfy curiosity.
Revert to the old game please. The new version is tacky, laggy and illegible. Why are the boards getting balance patched? Balance changes have been beautifully achieved using expansion packs in the past. Now my boardgame and the app are different games and that's a bad thing. Please revert changes.
Love the game, love the app - when it works. I have experienced the disappearing purchases others have mentioned and now I am very disappointed to find the app is currently not compatible with my new Samsung S10+. When I install the app I get a message saying from the Play Store saying the app was not installed. Opening the (partially installed) app results in infinite loading screen. Have tried all suggestions such as restarts, uninstall/reinstall, clear cache and data in the app and the Play Store. Nothing works. Other users have posted similar issues related to various other devices. It seems the app needs an update to improve compatibility with newer devices. *An Android update fixed this - yay!
Love the game! Got it at Christmas and enjoyed it so much :) I bought it on the phone so I can have it wherever I go. The only thing I would recommend is maybe adding more expansions. Other than that I would give it six stars for how much my friends and I enjoyed. Thank you for a great family game :)
The new user interface is not friendly, requirements to build own pyramid is very small, hard to see. The old interface is much better. Please revert back, I don't enjoy playing using new interface.
Up until the latest update, my rating for this app would have been roughly 4 and 1/2 stars. It was quick, easy, it flowed well, I could fully customize games down to what Wonder each of my opponents was using. But this latest update has made the game quite awful. It stutters, churns, has slowed down, and features have been outright removed. Please give me the ability to revert to an earlier version of this game because this latest update has robbed the game of the fun that I once had with it
Love the boardgame and several of its expansions. The previous version of the app was great, too. The latest version is terrible, however - bad UI/UX design, pixelated graphics, and won't even display the custom bot name in the scoreboard. I would have the old version if only possible.
I hate the new ui. I like that they added the annivesary leaders/cities. Adjusting the wonder boards is a mixed bag. They made Bab even stronger when it was already one of the best. I really hate the new ui. Everything is smaller and the resolution is also worse.
Game has undergone a complete change to the interface and is totally unplayable now. You cannot tell at a glance what expansions are being used, what cards can stack or what you're purchasing from neighbours. Game doesn't run in background when you need to make calls or browse other apps waiting for other players to join! Games will also end if the host leaves rather than being commmuted to AI. FIX THIS!!! 😡
Ugh the March 2021 update is awful! The graphics make it nearly impossible to identify the cards. You also can barely distinguish card colors with the edging. Please reconsider this redesign. It's not user friendly.
Great game, if I only play the original. -1* The Leaders expansion is so buggy, sometimes the leaders don't even load when it comes to the their phase (and it times out) The phone equivilent of alt tab will get them back, if it doesn't time out during the reload but this causes hosted games to crash. Note: I can finally get the cities expansion working now. Only after buying the Leaders expansion.
Have recently reinstalled on my Xiaomi Note 9s and the game remains stuck on the initial loading screen.
The new version is trying to polish something that was already highly polished. An almost unnecessary rebrand. I appreciate what you have tried to do but the appeal of the original was the speed it ran at even on my S7. I screen shared this to my tv and even on Performance Mode it was sluggish with sound fade outs and graphics glitches. Was looking forward to possible more expansions even paid for like Armada. Sorry dev team, you did a good enough job before.
Good game, could be nice to have the 3 wonders from the wonder pack + why not Armada! I'm not fan of the swipe action to see the cards other players have played, most of the time my phone is showing the notification bar instead. A double click might have been better. Game is bugged with Olympia (A) which refuses you sometimes to play a card without paying the cost while 2nd stage of the wonder built. Sometimes surrounding AI don't take any ressource just to block you, even if they lose terribly
Bought all expantions and now the game wont open. Stuck on opening page. Love the boatd game this made me upset.
Game doesn't run in background when you need to make calls or browse other apps waiting for other players to join! Games will also end if the host leaves rather than being commmuted to AI. FIX THIS!!! 😡
The 2.0 update for this game added great new content but also made the UI much more clunky and less easy to get important info from. Seriously went from a 5/5 to 3/5 game play experience. I doubt anyone enjoys the new animations. Been playing this game for years now on my phone and really struggling to enjoy it now...
Oh dear, what have you done. sluggish interface makes it unplayable and the style choice has taken it away from feeling like playing a traditional board/card game to a cheap app. This is usually one of my go to apps but tried today and just had to turn it off :-( (Adding the following after devs feedback as it is only fair). If the sluggishness is fixed and add an option to revert back to original styling if we choose then this would be a 5* app as the game itself is awesome.
Great adaptation of my favorite board game. One question: are there any plans to add the boards from the Wonder Pack? I'd love to play Stonehenge and the rest--and I think Manneken Pis would be more fun with the app keeping track of the stages of the wonder.
I dislike the new version and am hugely disappointed I can't return to the previous version. I used to spend a lot of time playing, but have stopped now. It's much harder to see the cards and wonder boards, some wonder boards have changed, including my favorite Olympia. Think long and hard before you change!
The update is working fine but I am so disappointed. Everything is TEENY and DARK. Not good for old people eyes like mine! I have to touch everything to enlarge, which really slows down play. I so enjoyed the beautiful artwork in the previous version. Very sad it's gone. UPDATED REVIEW! I am very happy to report the problems with the last update have been addressed. The game is brighter and the larger icons are easier to see. Thank you for listening!
I love 7 wonders and always enjoyed the app, but they just released a new update that makes it unplayable. The new cards and design makes it very difficult/impossible to read what you need to pay for resources and what the other players have. I hope they will release anktner update soon but otherwise will no longer be able to use the app.
At this point I probably have at least 500 games logged. Love the app version. 10/10, would recommend. You still can't use Solomon (leader that lets you build a card from the discards) when you build Roma B's second or third wonder. It's a little annoying and makes the card way less powerful. Hopefully that gets fixed, or if I don't know the rules of the card, please let me know. :)
Ok I've tried contacting the developer and not getting any response. Game cannot fully install and hangs at initial load screen. Completely unusable on a OnePlus 7T. Requested refund from Google play but it was turned down as it is "the developer's responsibility".
Wonderful Quick Adaption of Board Game If you love 7 wonders, this is an easy choice for you. This app is an slick and beautiful of the tabletop game. You can play a game in less than 5 minutes and if you get the expansions they include the anniversary packs/2nd edition material. The interface is top notch. I couldn't recommend this app enough. Amazing work.
Worked great on my old Android phone, but I got a newer, bigger, faster one now and it just gets stuck on the loading screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. Tried accessing on WiFi and 4G. Even tried it in airplane mode. The game does not work. What's more, I was seeing posts online about this problem dated FOUR YEARS AGO, and it apparently still isn't fixed. Giving two stars because I enjoyed it when I could play it before, but this is a major issue.
I'm not terribly fond of the presentation. Everything was straightforward and clear with the original look of the app, and now everything seems tiny and pixellated. Some things to note: - No China/Mannekin Pis/Abu Simbel or Stonehenge, even AFTER the huge update? I mean, you have it ON THE MAP in the intro screen. It's about time you put the expansion boards in the game, come on. - The music, for some reason, turns itself up really, REALLY loudly when a winner is going to be announced. - One Black Card in the 3rd Age has the effect of "You gain 5 Victory Points, every other player loses 3 coins", but the card says 5/5. - When signing up for Online Games, you are sometimes thrown into a game another player quit, instead of a lobby for a new match. -Effects that let you choose cards at the end of Ages (such as Olympia) don't work. As is, I honestly can't recommend the app until this and a lot of issues are fixed. This was my favorite game to have, and I feel like the upgrade was a huge letdown, especially in the visual department.
Obviously the game is awesome. The level change graphics are awesome. However the latest update has made things smaller (and they were just about visible on a phone in the first place). Can the animation have an on/off option? Can there be an option to make things big/small? Accessibility for my eyes is less.
I installed the game on my Goolge Pixel 3a today and cannot load the game at all. Stuck at the wonders starting scene. Dev teams, please take a look and fix it.
Game works great, but I think there's a scoring error. You get 1 point for every three coins, but if you add the leader or guild that also gives you 1 point for every three coins, it only scores one point. It should score 2 for every three coins if you add one of those.
No longer works on a Lenovo Tab 2 :( please revert to older version. Tried clearing the cache as suggested. Makes no difference, cards not visible so unplayable. Tried latest update 12 April and the cards are still not visible :(
This major "update" is a major downgrade in playability of this app. The art is less sharp. The game play is slower, and has added unneeded animations. I love this board game, and the previous version of the app. I won't be playing it anymore.
I love the boardgame and this version is pretty cool too. Easy to learn because you can read the meaning of the cards, although some are not very clear. Fast to play especially when you don't have much time. Some bugs I've seen: - The peace token crashes the game. For example, when there are 4 players and two use the token, the game gets stuck on "waiting for the other players" at the end of the era. I guess it cannot resolve what happens with the war phase then. - I can't really see the not-neighbors cards by sliding because my phone shows phone's menu - time, battery etc.
Much like the real board game playing live takes awhile as some players are slow,but playing the computer is fast and lifelike.
Leaders Expansion stopped working for some reason but is available again. So upping from 2 to 4 stars. Overall it's a pretty good adaptation but could use some improvements... to layout of opponents cards, add more expansions, allow skipping of combat cutscenes, show something for the leader who earns money for military victories, debt column... There is a small bug where sometimes music plays despite being turned off when audio output is changed (workaround by turning music on and off again).
Still an awesome game in digital version. One big bummer is that you can't see the deck of all players when it is more than 3 making it difficult to strategize . But still a very enjoyable game to play. I prefer the board version more.
Implementation is mostly good, with all necessary information well laid out on small screens, but it frustrates me that I have to complete a local game in one sitting: exiting the app or regular crashes will lose the game state. Haven't talked to the support team about this yet, so possible they'll have suggestions
Premises: - I own the 2nd edition of the board game and Cities/Leaders expansions; - I started with v2.0.2; - I play on a Samsung Note 8. Review: I don't get the recent bad reviews. Reading them almost made me choose not to buy the app, luckily I still got it. The game is smooth, perfectly aligned with the 2nd edition of the board game, all the information is clearly displayed and easily accessible. I'm having lot of fun and I recommend it to all enthusiasts of the board game. 5 deserved stars
A really excellent implementation of 7 Wonders as a digital experience. I have one main complaint, but I'll start with the good: - very snappy. Unlike Agricola, the AI doesn't sit and think. Very few moments of lag in action (and usually no more than 1-2 seconds once or twice per round) - artwork displays beautifully - touch and hold is a fantastic way to bring up card text, and I find the explanations are really well done and simple - the music is a nice unobtrusive touch, as are the sound effects (particularly the military phase) Complaint: it's missing quite a fair few cards, unfortunately. A lot of leaders and even a few cities are missing from the expansions. I don't know why, but it makes a big difference in gameplay and replayability. Other: haven't tried online yet, so I can't comment.
Quick and easy game, the paid expansions are worth it if you want to change the game. They provide options for different strategies and alter the experience enough to turn it into something new. Nice implementation of the boardgame, everything is clear, easy ux, no crashes, no bugs. :-)
The new update is awful. They've made the cards TINY, and the symbols are impossible to read. On my tablet, the resolution is so bad, all of the symbols just look like blurry smudges. This really needs to be fixed. It literally hurts my eyes to try to play.
App will not work on Redmi Note 9 Pro. Freezes at opening screen. Wonders symbol blinks. No text in bar on screen. Please help.
The game is broken on my OnePlus 5. First, it forgot about my in app purchases, and I never heard back from customer support when I emailed. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that helped and it's stuck on the loading splash screen.
The recent update to the UI is sadly very poor and has made the game pretty much unplayable. Cards are much harder to read due to poor colour contrasts. The new card playing motion is just annoying. When pressing a field to bring up more info, the window jerks from its starting position to a new position. Absolutely love the game but sorry, the update has spoilt it for me.
Great but needs work. Sometimes it crashes and can't recover, and it takes the system a few seconds to respond to closing requests. some of the controls are hard to read. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN UNDO OPTION. Take a look at the Dominion web game. Making this available as a web game also would be so great, then I could see stuff better. You really need a big screen to play this. But it is a great game and is mostly playable, and the AI is challenging.
Great AI, almost no bugs, which is impressive for such a complex game! Smooth play, fast AIs, I usually only win 30-40% of the time-- the AI is good enough to beat you if you get complacent and they appear to have coherent strategies. Only bug I noticed in 300+ games was one instance of miscounting shields in my favor by two in Age I.
Love 7 wonders boardgame. Played a 7 player game today on the app against all other human players. It would not let me choose my end and 3rd leader putting me at a severe disadvantage. This needs fixing asap as it looked like my neighbours had no problems at all. I even played the 1st leader being the one that lets me play my other leaders for free! Good app mostly but 1 stat as this was extremely annoying and made the entire game not point playing
The first version was perfect in all aspects. The new version somehow managed to compelitely ruin the game. - New UI is so tiny that even on a tablet it's almost unreadable, icons are not visible, cards that are based on eachother are not recognizable - Unnecessarry animations - Relevant information is hidden (military strength of neighbours) I'm struggling to find any positive changes in v2..
I love this board game. Prior app was solid 4 stars. Update is HORRIBLE. Please undo ASAP. Whoever greenlit this update is sabotaging your product. You can barely read anything on the screen compared to the old app. The color choices on some cards are difficult to discern.... And before you ask, I have perfect vision and I'm not color blind. Folks who do have sight issues will likely find this game unplayable. Don't change the entire look and feel of gameplay after my return window expires.
I liked this game a lot. I bought both the expansions for $3 each. They stopped working a while ago. I tried "restore purchases" under options, no good. I finally bought them again a few days ago. They stopped working again! This is unacceptable! Until they fix this known issue, they get one star from me.
Pretty cool game and very enjoyable you will have a hard time if you havent played the board game before but the app helps you lern how to play. I suggest playing it with your friends since lobbies are empty most of the time
Quick games 10-15mins. Multiplayer with full chat options. Only negative is there isn't a huge breathe of strategies. A lot of rounds can feel similar even when I'm trying different draft strategies. I don't think it's a bad thing if your product makes me say, 'i want more.'
I love this game, everything looks exactly like the boxed set. It's quite seamless and flows. When are you going to add the four additional wonders (Stonehenge, Great Wall, etc)? The intense music drives me a bit insane. I just keep the volume off. I like how 7W Duel changes between a few different scores. I wish there were some sort of remedy for players that don't respond during the game, like an option to buzz/alert. I usually end up leaving after someone doesn't respond after two turns.
Prettier, but originally felt a bit sluggish and some icons were difficult to read compared to old version. This is now all fixed in latest update. Well done . Very happy so far. Only played 1 game with new update.