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60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AndromedaGames located at 서울특별시 구로구 구로3동 222-7 코오롱디지털빌란트 1507. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wonderful game. Smooth animations. Easy interface. Nice art style. Cheery music. Good, fast menus. Sadly it doesn't agree with my phone: It usually crashes when loading main quest "gem bonus" ads or entering the evil overlord dungeon. The last straw was that I got an error when trying to rebirth. It wouldn't let me. I closed the app. I came back and my last 25 minutes of hands-on main quest progress was lost.
Update: the game has been fixed so i changed from a 1 to 4 star now. If you like idle games then you will really like this one. Guilds even have monster raids to do. Reason its not 5 star is getting stones to do raids takes a long time if guilmates are not doing dungeons to get stones.. Also you can get kicked from guild just before raid and and games takes your stones auto after raids so you do the hard work but can miss out. Stone donation system needs fixed.
seems to be a great game. just don't understand guild and a few more things. I would recommend if you like games like this. level up is fast
great game crashes every now and again. compared to crush them all this game makes the cut the heroes are more interesting.
Well your previous reconnecting issue is back, where I can't play cause I'm stuck at loading screen and can only play with a loading bar, was fixed last update, but I guess that was only temporary. Still not working even after update
I downloaded and it won't open. I uninstalled and re-downloaded it and it still won't open. It's a hard pass for me. No thanks.
Can't connect to Google Play account. I don't want to use my FB account just for playing a game. Kindly fix this issue.
I could never login initially. I only received a 'Server is busy. Try again later.' message. If the server is down for maintenance, I would expect a message stating as much, otherwise i would expect the game to work. i can only assume they haven't rented enough server space to handle their current player base. Edit: For clarification, my connection was verifyably not an issue. No other app at the time was having connection issues. Just to reiterate, the app said the SERVER was busy.
I guess I was never needed, I am a f2p player, I played this game for a year and more but when I formatted my phone and tried to log in again with my FB, I was back to level 1 again. All the hours I spent with this F* piece of cr*p amounts to nothing. Tried to contact the Devs but there's no reply. Sorry to *Elite* I never had the chance to say goodbye. Nickname is LohHwell. So long. Gonna delete this 😭.
this game is the worst game ive'd played it always crash after opening it for 1 minutes and full of bugs too please fix it
Quite a fun little time burner been playing a few days now and I'm still finding stuff out I highly recommend trying it.
network connection issues inhibit play. I really enjoy the game and would totally rate 5* if I didn't constantly run into connection issues preventing me from playing. when I am able to play the game is fantastic, beautiful, and rather addicting. look forward to this being resolved.
My account was randomly locked tonight. after over a year spent playing this game. They just randomly lock my account. I will be request refunds for all money spent on this game
Great game. I like the gold gain system, it gives gold every 5 seconds. Also has a neat piggy bank feature.
not a bad game if you like idle games howeveri would like to seemore playble gods that extend my exitment when i open thesegame it should also have more race specific features and make diffrent races specialize in diffrent areas like defense offence utility ect. thats my recommendation
At first it was fun. But when i opened the game the next day, it's just reconnecting and reconnecting. Couple of hours have passed and it is still reconnecting. Please fix that
Don't play this game. This game is dead. Infested with cheaters and customer support are nowhere to be found. Sad to say that the OG players quit this game.
The game is good. Really, I like it. The only issue for me is the delay when leveling up city and heroes and any other button. It's really annoying that sometimes even if I rapidly click, sometimes the button just stops working. Also always a pop up that says server is busy. Fix it please. After that I'll give 5stars
Amazing game. The devs are definitely up to their job and they are very generous when it comes to compensation. Haven't paid a single penny and im at lvl 550 RN.. just be mindful and if you like reading, this game is for you.
It's a fun idle game. Recently. However I can't reconnect to my. Facebook account and thus my progress. Isn't there anymore
I've played probably too many idle RPGs. Far too many same same, copy paste knocked off knockoffs. This is not one of them. It's vastly superior graphically, it's very giving with gems, and the characters are both cool, and funny, at times simultaneously. I'm only a few days in now, but I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. The evil Lord minigame can feel a little punishing at times, but it pushes you too evaluate and optimise your team. Side note buy every copy of every rune that you can.
funny game, easy to play, cute graphic. Performance not smooth, sometime tapping upgrade it lag or slow.
This game is truly incredible, but it consumes alot of time as we are required to play the dungeon every 100 minutes and the offline idling is bad as it can't reach the previous stage before rebirth. Overall, this game is a huge waste of time if you want to be competitive.
Don't play this game. This game is dead. Infested with cheaters and customer support are nowhere to be found. Their all focus to other game Noblesse Zero.
Really fun game! Just wish you could start 50% of the way, starting from 1 is ridiculous. I know there is a way with paying, but still, nonspenders should be able to get part of the way.
What's New? Nice Sweep System... FINALLY. And, we need more explanation on which stats, relic, or equipment are applied on PVP...
Nice idle game no need to invest many ours of gaming you can visit every couple of hours to maintain your heroes and resources.
Support is awesome, they give you diamonds if you are experiencing a bug and they really try to help you solve your problems in-game. They give you time-logs or advices. I get an answer in every complaint I submitted so I love support! However hero chances are sometimes unbelievable.
The game is fine for the most part but summon rates are absolute trash theres a summon event everyday but the chances of actially getting the summon rate up heroes are minimal. Then the collection event that resets every update i swear changes the rates at which those heroes appear as well cause when they arent in the event i see them all the time but when in the event literally lucky to find them
I have been playing this game since Day 1. Pre-Registered for it and started playing it the instant it came out. The game was fun, but here is the problem. As of 5:40AM June 20th, 2019, I pressed the app icon to play the game, and I was prompted with a message that said "Your Account Is Locked. Please Log-in With A Different Account." I spent money on this game. I have done absolutely nothing that would entail anyone to lock my account. My account is linked through Google Play Games. How dare you
Well I'm giving it one star basically because I can't even connect with my Wi-Fi it says that I have to reconnect over and over again so yeah I can't give it more stars if I can't even play the game right .? Edit:they are triyng to fix the problems that the players are facing so from 1 to 3 for now
Best Hero Collector/Upgrader game in the app store (IMO) So many things to collect and upgrade its a Haven for a player like me (that comes from PC ARPG's). Earn all your coins gems and dungeon materials. Daily gifts/Every few hours. Probably the most F2P friendly game! Gameplay might be stale for some as you don't directly control your heroes. Love the whole anime-ish art style it has. Game is underrated! Highly Recommend this for any mobile phone/tablet or even PC emulators. TY Andromeda!
Horrible customer support. Mailed them about game breaking bugs I was facing and I have received 0 replies as of date. They simply don't care.
Have tried opening the app SRVERAL times in the last 2 days.....and it WILL NOT open. Is there a server problem or a code problem we're not aware of?
NEVER PLAYING ANY ANDROMEDA GAME EVER AGAIN.. AND YOU SHOULD ALL TOO. Devs doesn't even care and seems to be closing the game with no announcements.. Just when the games getting better for me, it's dying now.. such a waste of a good game..
Like many others are experiencing. I cannot connect anymore on mobile data, whereas I used to before the update. The connection is stable and other games work. It's been about 2 weeks in with this problem. Game is fun when it works.
Iove the game. It looks very pay to win and all the top people look like they have spent tonnes to get where they are but i made it all the way to the top guild as f2p. I have only spent money on this game because to me the amount of time i have spent on it is worth it. Devs deserve every cent for such a beautifully animated game.
I am getting server busy the first time I am loading it. So unless you guys are under maintenance (8 p.m. Central Standard) than I am going to this is completely unacceptable. Especially with how popular 60 Sec Hero was for pc. So to not expect that kind of traffic on your servers is just bad planning on your part. Get this fixed a.s.a.p. and maybe I'll consider changing your ratings.
Format is fun and different at first. No offline idle. The setup is awkward and confusing with very little to go on. As you progress you realize how much of a grind demand there is. The evolution..I just can't without tickets will take forever. Good ideas, got lost in translation...
The mechanics of the game are good, rechargeable stuff recharges quickly and its idle friendly. BUT. Its constantly reconnecting to server and then says "SERVER BUSY", repeatedly, turning into a loading screen simulator. Too frustrating to deal with.
amazing game with really good potentials and still in early stage! Game mechanics are fun and refresing, and strategy is very important too. Using the right support hero makes the difference between winning a stage or not! Also the Devs are generous with freebies, listen and respond to feedback promptly, and there are always new updates coming out!
Highly addictive. constant progress with rewards, and thus notifications, throughout the day. After a month or more playing from launch I was still in the top 1% for levels but 7% for pvp because w/o paying in I was thousands of upgrade levels behind. If you want a game for progress every time you open it this is a pretty good one. If you want in to the top 10% look elsewhere.
Disappointing. I lost my account the same way as the other guy. I accidentally uninstalled the game from my phone and later reinstalled it, but could not get back my nearly 1 year old account. I did linked it to google but when I tried logging in through google it didn't reconnect to my previous game data. Now I lost 1 year worth of progress.. Is there a fix?
Can't run on rooted devices or emulators - neither of which apply to my device - yet game tells me it's terminated for this reason, and thus is unplayable. ----- Edit: Thank you, morons, for telling me to not run on an emulator or rooted device when I already stated that I am not on an emulator nor is my device rooted. It was, in fact, new from the factory when I got it and I have not attempted to root it. You deserve this 1 star and worse.
I feel powerful in this game since it makes us is easy to become strong , can you also make the party limit to 15 to make me happier and the others to become more stronger
Its an amazing game. Only problem i have is the dungeon stages. My main heroes are asia. I need to keep switching american or african heroes to play dungeon that cannot use asia heroes. I know other idle rpg game for dungeon have to set heroes separately from main. It would be awesome if u could do it too. Juz a suggestion. Peace
Very fun and entertaining game. You can play hardcore or casual without really falling behind, the offline idling helps a lot to casual players.
I might be able to enjoy this game if wi-fi would stay intact. As is now I have come close to throwing my tablet across the room because of the message "server is busy". I get to play the game about 5 seconds for every 5 minutes. This game does NOT deserve even 1 star!!
can't even start the game constant server issues tell me to click something that isn't showing will re-review if fixed. Edited: Now I'm able to play I love it that you for the reply.
It's a copy paste of Videogame Guardians. Different graphics, but everything else is the same. By same, I mean the engine appears to be identical, as if they're using the same code but slapped on a different skin. Very confusing considering this is a different company.
Not working on mobile data. My mobile data speed is fast, works well with other games except this. It keeps reconnecting and never loads up. I managed to use my phone as a hotspot and got it running that way with my own mobile data proving that the problem is not my mobile data. I don't know what is causing this but if I din't needed to be connected to the wifi in order to run I would rate it 5 stars.
I liked the game so far but when i tried connecting outside of wifi im stuck at the connecting screen. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Sucks I can only play when there is Wifi. Other than that its simple and fun. Great time killer.
It's like Endless Frontier but way more balanced and with some wacky characters! It's very F2P and the grind is rewarding. With some strategy you can play with any hero you want.
I've been playing this game since June. Every patch or update they manage to screw something up. Each time you reach out to the devs about bugs, drop rates, imbalance issues they want video proof even for problems that have no way to document them. They always have an excuse on why you're having trouble with the current state of the game and reassure it's just you even when multiple users on Reddit are having the same issues. The game itself is fun but the developers are ruining the game.
I love this game! i like it because there's NO ads, and it is a very very FUN game, i gave it a 3 stars because it's not really a PERFECT game, but it is a GOOD game! I still like it. :)
Worst developer I've ever seen. Cut off all means of communication and then abandoned the game entirely. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME OR ANY GAME FROM ANDROMEDA.
there are a lot of characters in this game, though some characters are better in stats but you can basically go with any character you want
Something is wrong with the game. It wont load. I've been playing for a while but it went down yesterday and it wont load up. What's going on?
Two weeks and 'maintenances' in a row that many weekly reset systems remain broken, and nothing new being added/updated in a couple months. A disappointing end.
Game problem with black screen with low android os version, android 5 can't login game, fix it, please!!!
cant enjoy the game because my phone keep closing the game to prevent overheat every 60 seconds. no option to lower any part of game quality and the game is not optimized for performance and to focused on jamming everything in single packages. there is bunch of other phone games on play store with better optimization for example 'chess rush'. my overheat prevention only react around 20-180 or more minute. such huge gap even though i enjoy the 10 minute i spent on this game though.
Gonna give 3* coz of cheaters still work their magic at guild rankings and the "Fly! Superboard!" summon event sucks! The summon rate is insanely low.
Waaay too confusing for new players, tutorial is very confusing as well. Might be fun once you get to know the mechanics, but I ain't got no time for that, way too many things happening at once, screw that !
Was nice game,but last 2 weeks getting terrible from Dev side,no weekly reset ,also long time no new updates,looks game dieing,think for uninstall after 1,5 years of playing
Why cant i play the game? It always show no connection but i can other game just fine with my internet connection
I have tried to log in and create characters to. Play, but the server keep popping notifications and told me the server is busy and try again later. I used 30 min to keep trying pressing OK to continue into the account but end up making me felt so disappointed to this game which I can't enter into the game and did not able to play for once.
Stay away from this game. so many horrible game breaking bugs. developers do not care. Not only was my character level reset to level 1 earlier this week but then before the weekly reset the game kicked me from my guild. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME DO NOT DOWNLOAD. the developers take days to reply and they are not helpful in the slightest. I will be requesting chargebacks from my bank for the money spent on this game
Cant give 5* to a game that has so much server issues. Non-stop Server Error ...nope dont even suggest it my connection....cuase it f ot was i wouldnt be playing on my other games.
This is one of my favorite f2p games its super rewarding without paying and if you do packs are unique you can get what you want. Support staff best of any game ive played, great AFK time killer.
I love this game and I only have it for a couple of days . This game remind me of Monster Quad and Idles Heroes , the way you make progress days by day and weeks by week give you a thrill to progress more . I don't think I will get bored of this game soon . You guys should definitely download !!😄
This is the best gacha game I have played. Props to the developers. You get a decent amount of in-game currency every day, you get 1 free summon every hour that stacks up to 5, and every hero is obtainable without having to purchase anything. The only thing that slows down progress is ranking up your team and gear. It is a grind heavy game that turns into an idle game much later down the line. It is worth trying out.
Its okay, better than AFK arena but with more to do like building construction and gaining Gold like its raining Unicorns
its so addicting and im enjoying this game much the devs are so considerate because im using trash cell phone but im still enjoying it my cell phone is 2015 brand but i can still play this game a big thumbs up and its not pay to win
I really really like this game , its so good but i just got a problem that really makes me think im wasting my time , my stage isnt moving if i go offline , like if i offline at stage 478 i stay at stage 478 till i open the game again , pls fix this bug it really bothering me -_-