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550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack

550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by CommaLite. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I play a shuffle cat card game previously, it was like a poker game, then I experienced problems with my phone and now I can't find the game on play store anymore.
Trying to play my favourite Osmosis but there seems to be a bug that makes it virtually impossible to stack the cards, no matter where I try to drop the card it refuses to stick to the stack. Very annoying!
For the impressive range of game styles, there's disturbingly little effort put into making games work as stated (can't go between Aces and Kings in Pyramid Golf), having a properly set UI (you have to touch on a graphic blocking view of the "Other" category to access it), or basic spelling (like seeing the joy of increasing your "Winnig Percent" after winning a deal). It's so disappointing to see such an expansive game filled with this many flaws.
I woild give it more stars if 1) The title of the games were clearer. 2) If it really was "Infinite" on the redeal like it says. I changed it to 1 star because EVERY game I've played that says infinite redeals has given me an x after first deal. UPDATE : ALL games r giving me an x after first deal. Not ok. If u fix it I'll b back. Otherwise I'm done w/this game
I would give it 5 because it's very addictive, and never even had the slidest idea there were so many ways to play but the fact that in a lot of the games I'm not in control and have to move how the game is dictating me I want to solve it not taken by the hand and hand it to me it sucks I uninstalled it once because of the same reason. Other than that I recommend it you'll have fun.
I love playing dominoes me nd my family play real dominoes all da time when we have family gatherings or parties!!!!
It's no longer possible to listen to anything whilst playing this game. Doing anything on your phone (including opening the game and every time theres an ad) will pause what you're listening without restarting. It's a shame because it was a great game.
I like it when it said the name of the game that had stars but now I'm having nothing but trouble with the font, and understanding it because I have severe Autism and Learning difficulties so please fix this problem by putting it back the way it was easy for me to understand it. I don't know why developer's think everyone is normal and have the same understand (comprehension) because I have a comprehension of a child of 5, please fix this problem and respond to this message on review please 🙏!
I have played alternations 202 times and not once have I won I think there r some games u can never win
Mediocre game that works for the most part. Some games seem to have gameplay that's different from the instructions. Auto play can mess up your game when it sends cards to the foundation when you still need to use them.
Excellent games and the permissions requested are not intrusive. Game play is not overrun with ads. It's a rarity to see honest app developers these days. Great game to inspire thinking and pass time. Nicely done. For those wishing to play music uninterrupted, shut off the sound from the main menu.
This was a wonderful set of games until about a month and a half ago. The game now continually crashes while being played IF if loads to be played at all. With repeated uninstalling and reinstalling the app it will operate properly for a while then fail again. on the whole, an app that I once recommended is now one I cannot begin to recommend.
My favorite solitare game! The only issue I have is when there is no more space for cards and it goes below the screen and is no longer accessible. Also some of the rules need to be more detailed (perhaps add pictures of gameplay).
I love playing these card games, but lately every few seconds or minutes I get an ad. Too many ads popping up.
This was a great solitaire app, with lots of different types of games. However, just recently, it has started showing the as banner, part way down the screen, which does not allow you to carry on playing. What has happened? Can it be fixed?
Have used this app for many years on my old computer and now on this phone. Was very happy with it until the last couple of years. You no longer get a full deck to play with; you have a useless drag bar on the side that keeps the screen scrolling; it spaces out so you have to uninstall then reload; now it's going blank and doesn't keep accurate tally keeps you at the 35% range. Noticed when it goes blank you're actually starting over. Must have beginner programmers messing with the games.
Like the games thank you!!!! Some games I had to learn but I learned them quickly thank you for the update.
This isn't bad for a solitaire game collection. My lower rating is because there is no options menu to adjust features like auto play. I find it frustrating when you play an ace on the foundation and, boom, all the following sequence cards automatically play. It would be better to add an options menu for such gameplay adjustments. uninstalled.
Worst Solitaire Collection i have found in 24 years. Chance of winning on the games is total bull. For instance i am playing one which says high chance of winning. Now played 29 rounds and still not won one. Total waste of time. Many more collections out there that are worth getting as you can actually win in them. Stay well clear of this one. The developers don't give a rats ass about all the poor ratings either, or they would do something to make the games playable and winnable.
There are many games I haven't seen before , but the rules are rarely correct. For example, it will say that you can move piles of cards in the correct order, but most of the time you can't. There are other issues as well.
Love it, has such variety of games and appearance. Quite relaxing. Can be installed onto Soundcard to save space on phone's hard drive. Except, as someone else pointed out, you can't leave game without losing the rest of the game. My phone can do "Undo" & "Redo." To avoid ads, turn off your internet before starting. They just sit quietly at bottom anyway. StepStone :-)
Lots, LOTS of different games. Some I can't win and some I can't lose and many in between. I love the graphics at the end when I win a game. Very few ads if any. In fact I'm trying to figure out right now how to buy it. You really don't need any other solitaire game than this one
You can't wrap from K to A when needed. So you can't finish the game. This needs fixing, badly! Looks nice, but it doesn't work!
Terrible for me 1. no options. cant customize game itself.2. in this app you play their way or no way. ie: some easy games are impossible to win like Pyramid. once you've cleared the board and click on the excess Reserve you cannot win unless the excess reserve matches each card. however if you play golf and clear the board, when you click the remaining Reserve cards you automatically win. 3. this app state chances of winning Yukon low. I've won every Yukon game. deleting app
Not enough instructions. The cards don't always move when clicked. Tried every solitaire collection in the Google Play Store and just about every one's the same. Another 15GB of phone data hacked for the month again by Google crooks and friends that have nothing better to do. Maybe they have to chew.
Unbelievable varied assortment! However cant stop automatic play. There's a button called autoplay, but even unchecked it basically does everything for you. An option to literally Drag&Drop "only" would be great! It's FREE and there are NO intrusive permissions which is FANTASTIC! But a left hand option, a way to SEARCH by name and FAV games, a way to change various rules per game, better more realistic sounds and more varied card decks and backgrounds would be icing on an already PERFECT cake.
It's ok. It won't rotate. Can't search by name of game. What's great about this app is it doesn't have to many ads ! It's got a very nice balance of play to ads. And best of all It has NEVER once asked me to rate it ! Apps that constantly beg me to rate them ALWAYS get the lowest I can give. I may not be great at math however, even I know if I play a game only twice and win each time...my percentage of wins is 100%, so why did it display 50% ? But overall this is a good app.
Love this game but there is a glitch in Ali Baba. You are supposed to be able to move cards in descending order, same suit but it won't let you. The original version of this game on my computer does not have this glitch. Please fix!
On some games, you can't wrap from K to A if needed. So you can't finish the game. This needs fixing, badly! Nice looking app, but ...
I would give it 5 stars but the instructions for many of the games are muddled. Many of the games are repeats, thus they can say 550+ but not really. I've found some that are impossible, but also some that are just the right difficulty but still winnable with some skill.
The only options this game has is changing the front & back of the card face, background color and whether you want auto move on or off. You cannot change the card display or layout, you cannot choose your draw, you cannot select for left or right hand deals or draws. This is one of the worst displays of Solitaire I've ever played. Would not recommend this poor excuse of a game package to anyone.
It's amazingly hard, at least some of the games are. But it sparks your brain. so, I happen to love it.
It's a good solitaire collection. It has a tiny fault in it,s designing, that is the vertical designe which gives the look of the game a jammed space when you are playing and therefore the players "eyes" could be lost in the board🔰
The games are great but they have a tenancy to skip ahead to the next game your playing or you sometimes have to do the same game twice.
I like the variety of games. It would be nice to be able to mark the games I've tried and have a spot to set aside the ones I really like so I can come back to them. Especially helpful if I forget the name of the game.
Lots of variety Athena, Golf, Antarctica, Legion, .... Some, virtually unloseable; some, rarely winnable. Makes for a relaxing break from the niggling interruptions and crushing demands of a stressful work environment.
I like this app, because it has 🎯 Games I like to play! It also includes directions for the games! .
I've only had the app for a few days and it works great. The only drawback is there are so many games it's hard to find the one you want. Have noticed that on some games you cannot shuffle cards to other piles therefore you can't win get those games it may be a glitch.
Been playing since I was a kid, now I'm 64 & this is by far the best collection of Solitaire games EVER! .Thanx so much guys.. Seriously, download this app, you will not be sorry!
Great game, love the variety in solitaire games. I encountered a strange glitch playing Algerian patience, where 3 if the 8 tableau piles were all diamonds and I couldn't complete the game
Have never had a problem with this game app whatsoever ... n its the best game app i've ever had thanku
Lovely collection of solitaires although the Canfield type games such as Acme don't allow cards on the reserves to be played on the foundations despite saying differently in the rules and other solitaire collections. Some games don't follow the rules either such as those in the bakers dozen category Could do with a landscape mode especially with some of the multideck games
Pretty good actually, not too many ads, lots of options and so many games!, instructions could be better though.
4 stars Love the variety. Instructions to every game is great. I like to challenge myself so I really like seeing stats right away. I have to play spider solitaire every day, just to start my day. I held one star back because some of the games don't seem to work properly, according to the instructions.
If you cant find a game you like in this app then there is something wrong and you dont need to be playing solitare.
Question. Is there a distinctive difference between RE-DEAL and RE-SHUFFLE? I know for a fact that any card game that has a re-dealing or re-shuffling of the cards does not deal the cards out in the same sequences because that is impossible. Your app has 100% advantages in which it is supposed to be 50% and 50%. Cheating is for crooks. I really enjoyed your app but due to the cheating i am uninstalling your biased junk.
Glitch in the system makes winnable games unwinnable, because cards that should be able to move, won't. If the rules say reserve cards are available to move to foundation or tableau, you shouldn't have to move them to the tableau before they can be played on the foundation. This glitch is very annoying, and has caused my win percentage to drop. Otherwise, good variety of games, nice graphics. Would be 5stars if not for the glitch
Ads have gotten much more obnoxious since my original review. Developer is unresponsive. Do not install this game or you will be sorry.
Love the game but it just don't move like it used to. It used to automatically send the cards up when I would win. Now it makes me send every card up one by one. Not enjoying as much now.
Been playing game some time now, suddenly unable to open, tried uninstallin and re install but still no joy.
This is my favorite solitaire pack. Works well ads are not a problem at all they're very few of them. And there are tons of games.
the game selection is amazing. It is fun to try new games every day. I have to click the question mark to learn how to play each game as I go. Unfortunately, the rules for each game don't always apply. If it says that you can play ace on King or king on ace, or that you can move groups, It says you can, but you can't. I think it's a programming issue. Some of the games I have played before, and the written rules are correct. Over half of those I have tried work correctly, so I'll keep it.
Well... the ads cut off my music and sermons, the game doesnt allow for my screen to sleep, so if I am called away and dont manually shut the screen down it stays open and drains the battery very quickly, sometimes stays on for hours and the device gets close to overheating, and so far at least a few instruction sets dont match the game they represent... other than all that its a user friendly interface and a good variety of games.