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5 Differences Online

5 Differences Online for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Smart Project GMBH located at Kirchstrasse 52, 3097 Liebefeld, 3097 Liebefeld, SWITZERLAND. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Yup good one. Anyway, this game is better than i thought. I give 4 stars because 1.When i am lost a round i need to wait 11 minutes 2.i cant zoom the picture 3.it is so hard to get a free coin so.. maybe this game will need diamonds i think and the diamonds is for buying those coins 4.The chest maybe.. when we already unlocked the item please change the chest with maybe coins or anything or else we cant unlock it. Yeah its an exellent game but please fix this. Thanks.
Sorry about my previous review, it was too easy to win in 1 - 5(or 6) level, so i think its just a fake player(from computer player), but after that, the games bcome harder and harder with so many smarter player, then i know they're real (human). Sorry ✌ Its recomended !! I mean it!!
I had problems with not registering the differences after I've spot them (although the speed of Internet is very good and the phone is one of the top). I've lost games and coins. When trying to solve the problem with Igor (from support email in Russia) they've promised they will give me the upgrade in game and the compensatory coins. Nothing happened, so they have now another bad review, an uninstall and one star.
Has anyone not seen how fake and computerized this app is? I was addicted to it, then I realized how they used the profile pictures of that who are playing, but these people weren't actually playing. Test it out! Take a scene and leave all the obvious differences.... see how long it will go back and forth to your opponent... what a joke turned me right off the app completely. There was so many times I had to tend to my little one and left the app running, and when I came back an hour la
Strangely addictive even though its quite difficult in parts. Coins to buy hints are difficult to earn sometimes but very expensive to buy and its maddening when you win a set and you only need 1 item you choose a duplicate so have to got through it all again . Sometimes the difference is so subtle but I am getting better at it and even if you lose you can try again after 10 minutes or so
Like the game but find myself needing to use hints a lot for the really hard to find differences wish there was a way to get them without paying for coins fun game but takes too long sometimes to load up the picture or circle what's different I find myself having to close it and reopen it a lot
Been playing for a coup days now - still waiting to see the girl they showed getting undressed in the advertisement. How can they continue to get away with this false advertising?
I personally, love the game it is help me to stay focused at all time, the only thing I don't like is that the app is not respond sometimes. ⭐⭐Now I get back with another feedback, I when down to two stars, I recently updated the game because it's was give me problem to download, and I realized I need to update, and now I can not pass to another level if I don't have enough coin or I have to buy it, so I decide to uninstall this game and moving forward with another app.
Had there been an exit option, I'd definitely rated it 5*. Once you open the game, the only way to exit it is to 'force stop' it else it remains active in memory no matter even if you cleared it from the recents.
SCAM Game !!!! Buffers so you can't see your picture allowing opponents to get ahead. Or if you're in a tournament freezes and resets score so doesn't have to pay out.
Really like the game and NO ads!!! But I'm finding as I get further on in the game, some of the differences are almost too small to see. I'm on level 163 and when I've used coins to see where a diffence is, I've still not been able to see it! Maybe it's designed like that so you have to buy coins.
Great game! It's not extremely hard; yet, it is hard enough to be challenging. You REALLY have to pay attention to details!
Used to love this game before that recent upgrade. Just trying to lure the player to pay in order to get more coins. That missing puzzle pieces require luck or else need to pay more coins or redo the previous game. Waste of time and effort.
It steals the extra coins . It highlight the item and then doesn't let me have the item. Waste my coins waste my time. I did like the game but can't afford it.
Really great game , what i love about this game is we dont have to wait for any energy bar to fillup to play. Just play as many levels you want. And the battle royal also really good. Love this game 😘!!
This game is addictive. I love it. I love the multiplayer part of it. My only opinion is when we finish an episode why dont we win coins????? It was completed we should be rewarded. It is challenging. Think about that.
This can be fun, but I must admit, there are times when I truly cannot see some differences - sometimes even after I have gotten a hint and examined after the fact! I also wish that, if my opponent beats me, the game would show me the differences that I missed.
I love playing this game, but beware. Its easy to get caught up and end up spending money. Also, if you use more than 1 device, be sure to login through Facebook. I lost $8 worth of coins immediately after buying them because I then logged in through Facebook. I thought it would retain me at the higher level and I wouldnt lose my coins I'd just purchased because I was on the device that was at a higher level. I lost my coins and was kicked back to the lower level. Also, hate the waiting!!!
I think is the best differences game so far because it is a competition, not a bored game where you play alone. However, i think you should make 2 big upgrades. It would be better if there was a chat room where you can talk with other players and also...add them. And have a friend list. I have played with good players and I would love to play with them again. But once the game is over, they're gone.
I wish I could give this game 5 stars, however, it gets stuck on a loading screen half of the time, which means I miss half of the first round. Also, they stopped showing videos for coins which sucks!!!
Uninstall and install every time once logged out of the game, this is nonsense and please do improve the game settings
The game has been updated, I do not like it and have uninstalled it. Have to repeat levels in order to collect all items to move on to the next phase. Doesn’t make no sense at all, done with it!
Game is a rip-off... daily bonus 4 tokens...they updated the game now it's impossible to go forward unless you buy tokens...you can win round after round and get nothing...your daily bonus is a joke 4 tokens are you kidding me..you get nothing for winning a tournament. Or winning when you're playing a single player.. You act like it cost you money by giving free tokens
It's not online. The matches are with fake players. Reply: okay, then why are they always playing with the same pattern and finishing the matches at the same time, after me? Furthermore if I stop marking differences they stop too. No one has beaten me so far. Other thing: I downloaded this game to my tablet too and that showed a completely different tournament leaderboard. Why?
I like it, I just wish that it would give you more free hints before you run out! I refuse to buy any chances yet . I also hate too many ads. But not much you can do about those.
This game would be better if the puzzles were not as hard. Some of the puzzles are almost impossible to solve. Once you loose you are forced to wait a certain amount of time to play again. This game forces you to spend money in order to keep playing. You only get one coin each time you win which takes a lot of time to acquire the coins you need for help.
wonderfull game me n the wife like would have given 4 5 stars but we dont like can be hard getting to the end and its time to get prize you won but you shuffle it up in trunks and if you miss you have to pay, to try the other trunks if you do not have enough coins then you lose the prize n all the time it took to win it i agree with laura reece, only the rich spendy types will make it to the top 100 you got lot players tone the cost down abit J Reed
If I could put no stars on here I would. It's a major waste of time. It has tons of bugs. And the support staff is useless save your time and download a real game!...IF A GAME IS STARTED BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED BEFORE THE GAME ENDS BEFORE MIDNIGHT IN A GAME OR NOT YOU SHOULD GET WHAT YOU EARNED. TRASHY GAME. ADS FOR IT ARE TRASH. JUST USELESS. THE GAME STARTED BEFORE MIDNIGHT NOT AFTER.
A very good puzzle game But some features could be included 1.chat option 2.making friends in game And plz don't give bold pictures...
Great game. It's challenging and competitive. You just have to wait 12minutes to play again if you lose or pay 30 coins. The purchasing of coins is not a good rate for the number you get. But it's fun and worth the time.
Still a newbie. The game is pretty interesting & fun. Many quests, collectibles, minigames, etc. The difference in game mods in such varieties are superb. Just that, it seems I reaaaaaally need a good connection(I use 4Gvolte). Even when I play other games normally, I can't seem to play this one with full enjoyment- especially when mostly all I could do is wait for the pictures to appear while watching opponents scoring. Sometimes it's just a pink board, my net or a bug 😒?? but losing = waiting
This game is awesome. I am so addictive to this game. I just wish the items bought were a bit more reasonable in in price!
Competitive Spot The Difference! Yay! Except...not. There are a few big problems: 1) No rank matching system. Player ability seems to follow a power distribution. I've played thousands of people and no one has ever come close to beating me. There are other players as good, but the odds that I'll ever be randomly matched with them are miniscule. 2) Other gaming elements are annoying. The fake shell game with 1/3 chance to pick the right item, with slow and repetitive animations drives me nuts.
its a very fun game. but now i cant even get to the playing page. after the event over, everytime i tried to login the game, got stuck at the winners result page, dont have any exit option, please fix it!!!!!!
This game does not play fair, when you select some of the differences, it does not give you credit. It gives you warnings, like penalties and that's not right. I played a few challenges to make sure it wasn't user error, but it did the same thing. Not sure how long this App will be on my phone. I enjoy fair playing games, but don't cheat me because you want me to purchase coins for hints-no thank you!
Throw 50 assorted needles into a cup. Take a picture of it. Open it in Photoshop. Remove one needle. Move one a millimeter. Make one a millimeter longer. Rotate one half a degree. Change the shape of the reflection of light on another. Change the shape of a shadow. Show someone both pictures side-by-side, with a distracting, flashing light next to them that says "BUY A CLUE", and let them find the differences. Make no mistake, this game exists to get you to spend money.
If you lose you have to wait 12 minutes before you can play again. This is stupid. Removing app, there are better ones available to play....the response given does nothing to help the issues..game removed!!!!!
I love the game for the most part. Sometimes when you find a difference and tap the screen, the game still counts it wrong. Sometimes I tap and it does nothing. I wish there was a time limit when you and your opponent get stuck. Some games take a lifetime. I know the devlopers say you need to rest your eyes when you lose but I hate the waiting period. You can play non stop if you always win but lose once and you jave to wait 12 minutes. It doesn't make sense to me.
The game is great fun when it works but you'll be playing along and all of a sudden you get a blank screen. It is obvious your opponent can see their picture because it keeps going back and forth between you and him and he keeps getting points. Disappointing especially when you are on a winning streak.
Fun and challenging, but occasionally when switching to second picture it times out and doesn't show the new picture.
Enjoyable fun game with exciting gifts, surprising different and fun images.They should only take at most 5 points from your magnifine glass when you need it. The mega prize game is too long they should change it to 14 days instead, 30 days is far too long, secondly I'm not keen on the graphics of the game abit old fashioned, makes the game look old with pale colours ancient Greek style. Would be better if the graphics were more advanced colourful fibrant with smoother looking graphics.
Love this game but since the new update its not working.. Takes forever to load please fixed the bugs
Silly that you have to wait so long to play again when you lose. And the in app purchases are way too expensive
Fun but I would like an option to see the games I lost. When the opponent finds all the differences it just closes. It would be good to see the ones I couldn't find. Other than that really fun.
Seriously awesome game but some time pixel problem occured which must be improved and there should be also more free coins
This is the worst experience I have with a game Does not load...takes forever to open..tells me I no wifi.then in a middle of a game disconnects. Charge 10 coins for 1 clue. I am out
This would be a great game if it didn't hang up so much. I often touch the screen and nothing happens. Have to restart the game, and then I can continue most of the time, but not always. This problem occurs on both my Galaxy A51 and my Galaxy tablet.
It is so nice, love the photos and the challanges. Wish we could make the phoctures bigger but it is fun as is
I love this game. Only few things i would add to make extra fun is being able to have a friends list of some sort. Sometimes I play someone and they were for sure a challenge and wish I could play them again. Also, it would be nice to get more coins when playing. The game is amazing is why I still gave it 5 stars
I love to play this game. But it's ready hard to get free coin. And other things is,when loss the game. U have to wait for another minutes to play again. And it's make me hate. Why don't just use life, just like others game.. it's even more fun and for sure we will happy to play. Please improve it!! I will ONLY give u 3 Stars.until u IMPROVE IT!
The puzzle pieces are the worst, having to replay games you have already won just to get pieces is driving me away from playing. Also quit making one difference so hard to find, I just end up quitting the game after searching for more than 15 to 20 minutes.
When I play a game and have to wait hours for the openante to decide whether to lose or close. There should be a time limit, u can, t wait hours for the openante to decide. Please put a time limit its much easier, thank you
I really enjoy to play this game but unable to open ROOMS. After 3 rd other rooms are greyed with a caption SOON. But now I'm at 129th level but unable to plays all the rooms in all the episodes. What is the way to get in? What I have done wrong? Please share the solution because ROOMS is the most interesting part in this game. That's why I'm giving it 3 stars otherwise it's a 5 Star game.
Are you kidding me?! In the middle of the game when I was 1 difference away from going to another stage the game froze and said there was a 'connection issue'!! It clearly wasn't! I had my wifi as well as mobile data on! The game kept on 'refreshing' and after waiting for 5 minutes I just had to restart it and I've lost the game and my coins!! Fix your bugs!!
They game is fun. There is 2 reasons why it only gets 2 stars. First the daily bonus max out at 4 coins no matter how many more days in a row you login. Second evertime I get to day/level 8 of finding all the special items the puzzles, it kicks me back to day! This is the reason why I will not put another cent into this game!!!
Great game! Very challenging, makes you think and focus. I absolutely love it... However, I wish you didn't have to wait 11 minutes everytime you lose a level. Maybe the developers can consider having lives (3-5) and after you lose X number of times, then you need to wait to refill lives. I also wish we had more treats or rewards for passing a level.
Game malfunction I went to play against opponents but the page never showed for me to find any differences however the opponent was able to see and collect Stars so when I reset it it took me out of the game for 30 minutes or 30 tokens to restart the game I don't feel that's fair it was a malfunction on the game end not mine
The app is great fun to keep the mind sharp. I haven't experienced any glitches thus far. Give it a try!
Theres some kind error on this game. I can't play this game, it stuck in announcement winner of the event. It cannot closed anywhere
It's a pretty decent game. However, if we lose a match we have to wait over 11 minutes to play again. I don't understand why you all can't give lives.
It is fun and engaging. However....I see the coin prices just went up A LOT, and they were already stupid expensive (greedy much?). As a result. I will not be buying any more coins, and I have spent several hundred $$. I mean, at least when you play the slot machines, you have a slim shot of winning something tangible. Also, some of the differences, are not visible to most human eyeballs. Also, the full game rules should be readily available in written format in the app.
I like the game but all of a sudden it makes my tablet make a ticking noise!! Even when my volume is all the way down!!☹
Loved this game untill they just changed it. It sucks!!! It's harder to get free coins and jump through hoops to play game!!!
I like the game for the most part but it just sucks that you use 10 coins when you need help but unless you're leveling up, you only get 1 coin a day. Or 4 a day once you've signed in consecutively for 4 days. You accrue slower then you use.
I love this game... it needs to be have a backup or something similar. I reached high levels, took complete backup from my Android phone application went as normal as it was backed up to my Samsung account. But I lost all levels and started from scratch. Can I have my account back and then register it to my Facebook account? I reached almost Medal 20 and over level 550?
Warning: Very addictive game!! Too expensive. Thats why rating is 3.9. I got to level 80. All of a sudden the challenges became more complicated and had to find more objects but the rewards you received remained the same. I had to come out of my pocket to win. So if you don't have the money, its best not to play, and, the challengers are Bots not real people.
This game is fun and challenging. Some of the changes are blatant and some are very subtle but you can use coins to help with those. I really enjoy that the Bonus games are the ACTUAL GAMES that you see in the ads (pull the pins in the correct order)! Many other games show them and you never have anything like it in the game (just typical match items in a row monotony). You are always playing with others (exept the Bonus games) where you are competing to find the differences first. There are also occasionally collaborative matches where you are paired up with someone else to take on two others to find the items first! There is variety and challenge to keep it very interesting.
It is really very good game . It make our brain sharp by making us solve the puzzle . It is a very good quality and nice game . There are lots of interesting puzzle in it . 😘
I would give it 5 stars but the games can go on for a long time if no one can find the last one or they don't want to use their hints (my last round spent around 15/20 minutes just trying to find one last difference). I think there needs to be some kind of time limit to avoid this.
The Game is nice but my biggest problem is when the picture is delayed in appearing and I lose because of that
So it an okay calm game. Issues I have are some of the boxes are quite small and specific. I have lost games because I hit just outside that specific area and been fooled into thinking I was mistaken. But plus side NO ADS.
I think this game starts off super easy and then gets difficult quickly. The differences are weird things like how long past of a picture is or how wide a square is compared to the square in the next picture. It's also usually way more than 5 differences you have to find. If you don't spend money or figure out the rhythm of the game it stops being fun.
There are some puzzles which you can't find the difference and the game takes long time to finish and at the after getting boared i always quit the game
I think you guys should end the room match or match between 2 people after certain time goes by and both participants don't find the last match and so whoever has more score should win. There has been times when I got tired of finding it and waiting for other person to find it so I had to close game in order to try another game. Otherwise it's a very addictive game
Fun and addictive game, the down side is that you can't play against your friends or do coop matches, it's only against random players which is why I'm giving it only 4 stars. I'm past level 220 and I don't agree with reviews that say hints are expensive. Some differences are difficult to spot but I rarely need to require hints and have close to 600 ingame currency (a hint costs 10) without spending any money on the game.
Tournaments could be better. Having entered my first one I'm really frustrated. Even used the chat in game and it didn't help. I just don't understand why I find 6 out of 8 differences and have less points than the other team with two finds. I just got defeated have won the first game 6 to 2 and the last game 5 to 3. Even with the explanation it makes no sense. Really annoying. Other than that the games pretty good. Although you do need a lot of coins to find the really hidden differences.
This game is ridiculous. You get no coins for completing any rounds. Doesn't matter what level you're at you only get 20 coins to level up. If you manage to get to the 30th day you need over 400 items to complete the daily quest which is impossible unless you want spend all day doing nothing but sitting in this game. Will be deleting don't waste your time. There are way better games out there
I forgot why I Uninstalled this game until today. You have to wait 10 minutes just to play again if you lose. It's ridiculous. Uninstalling again and will NOT download again.
Damn id hate to strain my eyes if i lose my first level for the day ill have to wait 11 minutes and then a 2nd after then thats 22 minutes of rest!! Good game for meditation!! πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ (Maybe after 5 levels are played in a row regardless of win or lose you should add the 11 minute wait until the next 5 games can be played if it is necessary for eye health.)
I want to give it 5 stars, but, they make you wait if you lose, or pay 30 coins, which are way too expensive anyway, if they fixed that, it would be a great game.
I share every time it gives me the chance...until a few days ago when Facebook took down 4 of my posts and told me they go against Community Standards. Wouldn't let me dispute it. Still love the game, but will not be sharing. Don't want to get suspended from Facebook over a game. Sorry.
This is an awesome game it's very challening and the differences are hard to find as you get higher in the game. The only problem I have sometime is the smaller details due to my age. I think their should be a goal or challenge to win a magnifier of some sort now that is an idea. Other than that all is great i love the game I play every night because it is good for the brain.
Worst game ..u say tht use hints ..but on daily basis only u can earn 2 coins only... Sometimes differences are actually not visible.. rated zero
I don't like that you have to guess what box your piece is in so you can advance to the next level. If you guess the wrong box you have to lose coins until you pick the correct box or replay it. This is being unistalled as soon as I'm finished using the coins I just purchased to move to the next level!
Addicting, although I find it difficult to play at times. Wish that when we lose , you would show us which ones we missed. Would also like to play alone . Why must I always play against others ? That should be an option
Love the game but thought if you invited friends to it that would help towards (free) coins, obviously not which is disappointing. Maybe even after we finish an episode give out bonus coins keep us motivated today as of just now you only want our money to get coins which is a shame as it s a good game and rewards keeps us players playing
Game is a rip-off... daily bonus 4 tokens...they updated the game now it's impossible to go forward unless you buy tokens...you can win round after round and get nothing
Very slow very hard if you have a small screen, some of the photos are tiny they ask for money alot!! I am sure there are other games more suitable for mobile players.
I honestly just got bored very quickly but one thing I find stupid is to call it "5 differences" then the number of differences keeps going up, don't specify a number than exceed it. Not a bad game and I usually like these kinds of things but for some reason this one didn't hold my interest. It can be challenging and hints are cheap, just wasn't for me I guess
Fun but Frustrating. If it freezes up, there's NO getting back in the game. Might as well end it and start all over, because it won't unfreeze nor remember your place...and you lose ANY coins used in that game. There's no way to reach out either, cause I've tried and gotten no-where.
I think this game is awesome. I love playing this game because you REALLY have to pay close attention to detail. I've played several others, and out of all the ones I've played this one is the best of all times. I would definitely recommend this game and I "RECOMMEND" the developers make the same version for PC.
I like the game but some of the findings are really too hard. Also, i have to keep uninstalling and installing because it won't load all the way. It's annoying!!!!!!!
This game is okay. It starts out slow. I hope it gets more challenging. I hope that it has the puzzle that teased me into downloading it.
You spend too much money on the game. I spent a lot this month. I think the coins should be cheaper and the awards in game should be bigger. Also if you lose on certain level I hate the waiting - you should be able to play again the same level. They do all so you can spend more money. I am deliting this game. If you don't spend money it is a great game.
Well I will say this the 12-minute waiting period sucks when you lose a game is totally ridiculous that just gave me a chance to look at other games during that time and WOW did we find a better one. Our Facebook group team of 68 all but 2 went to this other game and deleted this game. This developer should understand that people want to play the game not wait to play the game so yeah thanks for that 12 wait time gave us a better chance to find a better game thank you for that.
I love this game. I just wish they would show you where the difference was when you do not win, cause sometimes you can be searching for awhile. It would be nice to see where it was.
Loved the pics and stages, but you Charged to much (10 coins) per find. When I got to unlock the next level I need 75 coins or I could not go on. It was like you were forcing me to make a purchase. I made purchased in previous levels but I did not appreciate being force to purchase.
Fun game! Only complaint is that as you are playing there will be a pop up in the lower right when you acquire items. This blocks a portion of the play field and is a bit of a hindrance. Other than that it's a lot of fun and I recommend it if you enjoy these types of games.
Enjoyable game, love the fact you dont have to pay to play a level/round, that is the great part of this game. Some puzzles are hard and can take a while to find but once you know want to keep a eye out for it becomes a bit faster. Not the best for left handed people but not something to hate about very very minor. No chat page too which I love too.
Just started the game and I had to open another app and when I came back, my game already disappeared and is asking me to wait for 10 minutes or pay coins..
Love this game. Makes you want to find items fast. Its a fast-paced game. You want to keep getting better.
Too hard...Hurts my eyes...clues should be a little more obvious. No, you should make the pics expandable. Also, your game is badly made.
Earning coins is ridiculously slow. And one loss means you have to wait almost 15 minutes to play again. Everything pushes you to spend real money. No thanks
There is rare options for bulb or hint, sometimes touch is not accessible, and if you lose one round, you last all coins on this level..
After fight event over, i got stuck at winners page screen... only see 3 top champ and no button for quit Reinstall the game and same result Login with other phone and still stuck
Poorly designed differences. Pictures are too small and you can't zoom in. Puts a lot of pressure in the eyes to find the objects. After a while, you are forced to buy hints. And the hints are a rip off. Not recommended.
Pretty challenging game. Enjoyed playing, but the higher you get some differences are so minor that they are impossible to spot without using coins. The daily challenge was cool until the 28th day when almost 100 items are needed for each of the 3 stages. Getting only between 4 to 8 per game would take ALL DAY. that was a bit ridiculous and leaves no way to get to the 30 day 500 coin bonus.
Fun game to play but can't tell if I am actually playing against other players or simulated play. That aside, best spot the difference I have come across
I've been enjoying this game. Some of the puzzles are fairly difficult. Don't like how long it takes to earn coins to buy hints.
I give 4 stars only because it seems that you are playing against bots but not real people. I noticed that while passing the levels (actually I'm on 43 level) and I am pretty sure in that now when I am passing 24 hours challenge where you need to play in pair with someone. On all the levels the person who plays in pair with you always finds only two differences, not one, not five but always two. It seems very strange. So it would be more funny playing against real people.
Its an awesome game to play. It's fun exciting and it gets you thinking. It would've been nicer if it was offline. Should make more games like this.
(UPDATED) Has potential but keeps glitching and not showing some of the pics when you vs other players. It's not lagging and crashing it's showing no picture at all when it loads some of the rounds
This game is fun and makes you pay attention to detail. You compete against others which makes it more enjoyable! Fun for kids and adults...teaches patience
Now I remember why I stopped playing this game. You charge for everything. If you choose a prize that you already have you have to pay to get another. And if you also have that you have to pay again! And the 1 coin here and 2 coins there prize sucks because to get a hint you have to pay 10 each time!
Very addictive but very very expensive, and if u get 1 loss you have to wait up to half an hr to have another go. I think I will find another game.
When I saw the advert it was find the item not find the differences. I don't want to compete with others. From the reviews I don't need someone telling me to take a rest. Uninstalled
5 Differences Online - great pastime. I'm enjoying laying in the couch & playing this game. Good graphics, nothing too taxing on the brain after a hard day's work. Really relaxing. πŸ˜„
Very addictive and fun. However, some of the differences are so small and minor, a reasonable person would never find them with a coin hint. Also recommend offering coin gifts lower than the top 100 players in tournament.
Very fun game! I had no idea it would be timed as well as a head to head match but that only adds to the excitement. 😊 I just began playing today so I will come back as the differences become more intricate in detail! Until then...happy hunting!!!
I enjoy the game with the exception of the small amount of coins you earn. I think coins should be awarded after each level completed.
Love the game, but got to the point that you can help the hero's and I see the difference but can't get it so you get stuck because I think it's a glitch because even the opposite player can't get it
Not good in my opinion. The fact that you have to wait for 12 minutes, or pony up 30 coins is annoying and confusing. Scam to get people to spend money I guess.
This game is such a cheat. It promise you 500 coins if you play for 30 days and you can see the days you play but what they do is restart your days if you don't keep up. Also they take your coins when you stop playing. I had 10 coins when I left the game and when I went back on, I had 5 coins. Mind you use 10 coins when you get a hint so what happened to my 5 coins. They cheat because they want you to spend money and they also cheat on the game where there is no difference they'll mark as
I like the game, but I don't like constantly being hounded to rate the game. Perhaps when someone chooses to be reminded later, the interval will be longer.
Game is fun, bit i feel that we should get more rewards to use. Also some of the differences are so small it would be nice to be able to enlarge the pict instead of me wearing 2 pairs of glasses.
This game is garbage. It's super easy for a few levels then when you get really good at it it fakes having a difference until you pay to buy coins to have it show you a hint that miraculously apears out of nowhere. Cheating garbage app that is a joyless cash grab! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
This is the absolute best find 5 differences I have ever played. However, the area you press should be a few more pixels. often gets errors and misses. however, very fun game. thanks to the developers!
I had just started playing this game. Despite some bugs I was enjoying it. I had the top spot on the leader board and was also top of the current event. I saw the option to 'save' my progress to Facebook and decided 'saving' wasn't a bad idea. The devs don't seem to know what the term means. My progress was wiped out, as was my user name and profile info. Everything I spent so much effort accumulating was gone. Signing out didn't fix anything. I dont remember a game where I felt so ripped off
I like this game but I have 13 rooms that just say "soon" when is soon seriously? Game is getting boring because I can access any of the special rooms. Open them!
Addictive, fun and can be expensive. I got to play it the rooms tournament once and I don't know how to get a ticket? Is it spontaneous or is there something I haven't clicked?
5390444Ran into a game that had 2 clear differences that weren't accepted because they where errors. I ended having to pay penalty points or lose the game because it wouldn't accept 2 clear differences. This is the 2nd game I have spotted that had an error. The first time I didn't have a chance to screenshot it for the developer. This recent error had 2 errors in the game that they will get fixed. However, I still didn't get my penalty points I paid because I kept pushing those clear differences
Game is really awesome and cool.. but waiting after losing the match is not a fare one actually.. but one more thing I can tell like if we play with our friends or making friends in games.. will be more enjoyful.. I don't know exactly whether we can play with our friends.. if yes please let me know.. I will be grateful to you. And few days back only I installed this game and wanna give 5 star but only thing is i can't play this game with my friends as a Opponent Thanks for your consideration..
My game has disappeared. When I check for the app it says "install"??? What happened to my game???..I was advised to redownload the app and my previous status should show, this did not occur.🀐
Love the game but the hints are extremely expensive. Glad they finally added some ways to get a few free coins. They needs more!
It's fun. I love spot the difference type games. However, 10 coins ($1) is pretty pricey for a single hint when your first days of a streak, you only get 1 & 2 coins. I don't have that kind of time or money. Also, getting booted from play for 12 minutes after losing a single round has me wondering about the business model. Once that happens, I'm done for the day, as I go do other things. One question: What's the deal with the pets? How does one go about getting them?
I cannot login from my Samsung galaxy note. Loading 70% and notification pop out mention...Authorization error... but cannot log in to facebook...it just hang ..
Its a good game, but if you lose you have to wait 10 min to play again. I usually just play another game yhat doesn't make me wait. The developer response i got that I needed to rest my eyes after a loss is ridiculous. If I don't lose i keep playing!
I like playing but it's kinda a rip off. Some of the differences are very very hard to see and sometimes I wonder if they are even there. And I touch on differences but it is very particular on where you touch. I'll play because of the challenge but I'm not going to continue much longer. The rewards are 1, 2, coins at a time, skimpy...
I would give this game 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact if you lose you can't play the game until 11 minutes have lapsed, if this wasn't on the game I'd probably be playing it more often, but unfortunately for this game it has and it gives me plenty enough time to get bored waiting and I then leave and play a different game that doesn't have that odd 11 minute thing.
Well, I really don't understand why you call it 5 differences when most of the Time you'll have to find more than 5, honestly, why isn't the game just called find the differences? On my end It's very easy to solve, uninstalling it and that's it, but the one star review stays. Update, 20/01/21, don't say sometimes, when it is most of the times more than 5 differences, in any case, for me, the problem is solved, deleted! The low star review, stays!!!
Has the makings of a good game.. But having to spend real money to get just one hint, then having to wait before playing again if you lose makes it suck. There are plenty of these types of games, so unintalling this one.
This game challenges me like no other!! Perfect for an over active brain that needs constant stimulation.
Added the game where you have to match the item to the background is horrible, I'm spending more time on it now which is annoying as it all because of this added feature which can also use the coins too, I'm not playing it again.
This is just...Awful. Now you have to get pieces of puzzles in chest (which you have to be super lucky with), to unlock next episode? What is this supposed to be?? The keys were definitely better option. It's gonna take me 100 years to get into the next episode. In-game, sometimes, I can't even find the last difference, thinking that it's not even there and you can't finish the game. Ah, the good ol' clock... After looking into one picture for 5 or more minutes, it just hurts my eyes... The players are actually bots, and it's 100% obvious. If you can't find the difference, the bots will guess 5 more differences and they just stop until you find the difference, it just feels like trolling from them. It would also be nice if you lose the game, why doesn't it show where the differences were??? Even my Grandma says it's bad and probably will stop playing it. After this bad update her game loads slowly, and randomly in-game her internet stops working, even though, our Wi-Fi is perfect. This game was really fun in the past, I have played it with my grandma 2 years ago but now it's just... Awful and bad. Please make the game better.
Since playing this game for the past 3-5 months I have observed: -It's extremely sexist and racist..I tried to ignore it but it kept me thinking that -Every pic is either misogynistic, racist, sexist, cartoonish or all models that have been cut/paste into scenes - It's really expensive Don't take my word for it, try it yourself and understand what I'm saying..Apparently Middle East countries don't care about the POWER OF WOMEN! DELETING GAME NOW!!! 😀😀😀😀
The game is ok but the only thing that I would suggest is to make available collecting coins for adverts although yes adverts are annoying but if it means that I can gain 3 or 5 coins for watching 1 advert then thats fine.
Wanted to like it. But I get 10 levels in and can't progress. The puzzles go from being fun brain teasers, to excruciating. You can't zoom in so that makes finding tiny details really hard. And some of the differences are ridiculously hard to spot. Then they gate keep you from trying again with a cool down. They really want you to spend money on this game. I would if it felt fair, but it doesn't so I won't.
I have played the game for about 7 months. I got frustrated sometimes, but hey, it's all part of the experience. And then, the new update happened. In order to unlock your path further, you need to either find puzzles (and as it is based on pure luck , it doesn't happen) or pay. I don't like it that way, so I am uninstalling it now. Shame.
Love this game, but it freezes up constantly, I have other games, but this is the only one that just does not want to work unless the weather is perfect and nothing else is on in the house!!
Good concept would have been fun but played 10 min. Then forced to use or buy coins or wait 11 min.VERY VERY Irratating. Totally dislike games that make you wait or pay. Sorry but this is a total turn off. Too many other good games. Get rid of that and I will be back along with many others I'm sure!
Nice game but the one thing that annoys me is that when, for example, i have 2 more differences to find but there are in fact 3 or 4. Also these 12 min between games if you lose it's ridiculous. Make it 5 or smth.
I love looking for differences puzzles. This one is very good. The on,y thing I don't like, is there's no time limit if you can't find something. You could be looking forever! There should be 5 minute rule or something.
Used to love this game. Now it makes you pay to continue to play. I have willingly paid lots of money for coins but now it's required. I won't be playing anymore.
I'm having trouble with the new game, I really like it but it's really hard to find things with a Blank screen. I don't understand why this is happening. Usually happens on the 3rd game my opponent can see theirs. Can you help???