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4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by LOTUM GmbH located at Am Goldstein 1, 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game....addicted. So disappointed i had to start over after spending so much money to buy coins. I followed the instructions that was sent to me to transfer the game from old device to new device. Just didnt WORK. I was @ level 4003. Had it for a number of yrs and played during my spear time smh
I love the the game. I'm only at level 2604 and doing daily puzzle for years.. but lately I can't play offline. Pics will not load if offline. I cannot do update or maybe no more updates? can somebody tell me why? edited: almost a month but to response!
Too many ads. It's probably ok later when you are not going through ten levels every five minutes, but I'm the beginning I'm getting ads every 30 seconds.
I have been playing this for years, level up to 4000 something, 20,000 plus coins. When you did the recent update, it all vanished, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now it is set back to one! I am NOT happy. Are you planning to fix this so I can have my coins and level back?
Have had the app for a while, however the new update is very glitchy. Videos freeze up and screen goes black every so often.
This game is really a good one in just 35 MB, but the reason I gave it 3 stars is that the progress doesnt get saved, yesterday my mom's mobile was having some issues and it wasnt able to start the game, so I gained some courage and reinstalled it, I am saying like this is because my mom plays this alot, its her fav game so I was feeling a little bad for my mom as the game doesnt save the progress, Devs of this game PLEASE make a way we can save progress, please Thanks :) fix the prob and get 5โ˜†
Love this app. Hope the multiplayer option returns soon. Wonderful way to keep in contact across the miles.
I like that it's been interesting and it get harder and harder so if you don't like it hard hard then don't download it
The only thing I used to get a letter one every 24 hours in a word I was stuck on what happened that doesn't happen now. I guess I might have to quit it doesn't seem fair to have to buy a letter for 60 when you only give for and now 32 if you watch an ad. If it stays this way I won't be playing. Thank you.
Absolutely no contact after sending many emails. Pity as the game is good. The email requests for transferring coins and levels ignored along with complaints regarding the non functioning boost buttons.
I have played this for a couple of years and enjoyed it. This latest version has obnoxious sound effects that have ruined it for me. Very disappointed.
Nice game it help boost the young childrens brain even. Me it make my little brother and sister know new words that is why i give it a 5 star love the person who created this game but when i reach 300 in the game it get very hard but i have to give it a 5 star best game i ever play so nice as i say it help the young ones in my family my grandmother play itt and it help her to remember words thank you so friggin much for 4 pic one word
this app is mind blowing, everytime i play it i feel relax but please improve on the pictograph same pictures are no clear and some ideas don't make sense but it's a great app, I'd recommend it to someone who usually love challenges like me
It's a really addictive game. I like how there is no bugs and glitches. And I really like the game because it really makes time go by fast and it's kind of challenging to and I like challenges. It's also very relaxing. So if you want to have a good puzzle get this game.
actually,this isnt my first time to play this game,i really love it,but when i reached 300+ level,it was so hard,so i uninstalled it and install again and again. there was no problem in it,but hope to make the points of the game more higher than 4pts every correct answer,maybe 5pts is better๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜lol
Its good,could be better but its good Like they should give us more coins after solving every hard levels.
ALL DATA LOST if you need to change phones or anything, your data, levels, badges, NOTHING from this app comes with you. All other apps and games kept the data consistent from one device to the other, this one showed up empty, no way to go backup, copy, move data. If you don't care about starting from zero, great this app is good; otherwise it is a full waste.
the new version has some pictures that don't show up so I couldn't solve the puzzle without using a lot of my coins. also, it has annoying pop up ads. seriously considering removing 4 pics 1 word from my device.
Its a great game but you dont get a lot of coins, now am stuck at level 371, i dont know the answer and i dont have enough coins. Daily challenge is my only chance. Aside this, its a good game and very addictive
The game is a five star without the annoyingly over excessive ads. Also the ad free is a scam, you have to buy it every time you install the game. Give people the option to create an account and pay for it once and not multiple times
I love the game! but the joker is too expensive! I can't solve a 8 letter word in a hard level without jokers! I can't play online like in Facebook and get help from my friends or help them myself! I can't watch a video to get money and I stay days unable to solve anything! if this problem gets fixed, I will give 5 stars
Love this app. Had technical problems until I downloaded it directly. That is the only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars. Now, I have no issue.
The game is easy and fun and keeps me entertained. BUT the only thing thats making me consider uninstalling it is the amount of ADs. Too much. Its repeats. Its long. Its unnecessary. And a totally bummer. If it wasnt for the ADs i wud give this game a full 5 star rating.
I like this awesome puzzle I have more learned while answering the games puzzles.This puzzles gives me more fun and smartness.It was hard to answer but if you catch up the clue,you were certainly think off.
I really love that game because it's very challenging . As a french speaking person, it helps me a lot in revising my english vocabulary and spellings of words and decoverying new word. But sometimes it' s very hard to find out some words mainly when it is linked to a cultural meaming.
EXCESSIVE ads. Not worth the play time on the puzzles. Lotum got too greedy with the ads now this game is just annoying. An ad after each puzzle is excessive and undesirable. Uninstalled for good.
This has been a fun game for years, and I've purchased the paid version and had it on multiple phones. However, the recent updates have made it slower and removed the two multiplayer options that I had enjoyed in the past. The addition of daily challenges really doesn't make up for the deficiencies now. Please restore the multiplayer games, and remove whatever changes are slowing things down.
I've been playing this game for quite a while and yet I'm still addicted to it. It's an exersice for my brain and helps me in battling dull moments. Highly recommended especially to those looking for stress reliever. I'm pretty sure you will also love it. Kudos to the app developer. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Enjoyable and sometimes challenging. I wish you could skip a screen and come back to it. As always, adds are annoying. I still give it 5 stars as it isn't as frustrating as others.
Each update seems to be making the gameplay slower and slower with unnecessary animations and lag in between levels. Also, please bring back some for of multiplayer mode.
Great game but 1 major issue I have. There needs to be a way to back up progress, like connecting it with Facebook or Google like many other apps do. Every time I replace my device I have to start over again and it's very frustrating. I hope this is something thst can be improved. Otherwise I love this app!!!!!
Its fun and tests your brain a lot. The only thibg that bugs me are the endless amount of ads- but besides that, its a wonderful game. Definitely would reccommend if you want to wrack your brain a bit.
I love this game and in this one your not stuck, you can move on to the next pic, So actually when you're stuck in a "Corentin", This game helps pass the time and exercises the brain
Played this game for a few years now. Always fun! The new update gives it a fresh look with some new fun challenges added in!
Interesting and more challenging as you progress. I'm at the 'hard ' level and can't find how to get back to a less difficult level so I often have to wait for a clue to pop into my notifications. Not ideal!
Great game! Can be very challenging. New version seems to be more difficult which requires buying coins to help solve puzzle.
Great game, but the amount of ads is too damn high. I could not get through more than 2 puzzles before I had to sit through a 30 second ad. Im all for advertising, but there were WAY TOO MANY for.me to be able to actually enjoy the game. I actually made sure I paid attention to how many puzzles I could get through before I saw an ad, two was the max. I got spammed with ads after almost every puzzle. And I made through almost 500 of them before I just couldn't take it anymore. Not worth it.
I've been playing this game for years and honestly there are times that I got boring and ending up uninstalling this game app especially when the pictures where really really hard to guess ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ๏ธ.But nah, call me crazy but I can't really settle my self w/o playing it.In the end I got to install it again and again.๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„This app is really amazing, tho, some are easy to guess but its challenging!!
Fun game. Ads are annoying. Playing on rooted phone with adblockers. Otherwise, it is impossible to play free.
4 pics 1 word i like it make some one explode with thinking. But the thing that i like it so much is that makes you not to think deeep but here on the surface One thing i also forget. Please make this game linkable to google accounts where game can save its data . So that when someone accidentally lost or hard reset his or her smartphone will not start from level 1. You remember like candycrush when you connect to Facebook it will just go to your previous level. Sorry for my english.
With recent update multiplayer option has been removed. That's been one of the feature I liked most and purchase this app. Kindly restore it.
It's good but it's very hard when I got on the hard level I been on the hard level for about a month but the rest is good but hard a little and I do enjoy it its just hard sometimes to figure out the answer when you get on it the rest it pretty much easy so that's the reason why I gave you 4 stars I would give it 5 if it was more easy when you get on the hard level so that's why I gave you 4 stars and not 5 stars but it was still joyfully, greatfull, and amazing I have a lot of respect to this.
great brain..just the ads is the problem. I wish I could back up my progress on email. Each time I change devices I have to begin. Sucks!
Best app for when I want to unwind & check in with my eyes and mind. It's also amazing at end of work day to take a step back and connect with cognitive process and let go of the day.
Its a good game and its honestly kindda adicting its also fun to make a race on whos gonna get and solve the word first, the adds placement are not bad not a lot of adds pop up which is great overall I still rated it 4 stars because it lag sometimes but I still love this game so much and I recomend it for everyone who finds it fun to solve words!
I've been playing this game 4pics 1word for months..it helps me recall words that have been forgotten in years as time goes by.. Vocabulary , spelling of difficult words is also important ..Fun playing this game everyday aside from playing other games too, but it's more fun playing with other friends on facebook especially my contacts.
Too many ads and too many other pop-ups. It screws up the flow of the game. Don't waste my time when I'm trying to waste my time! Uninstalling.
Long time player, a great game and worthy of 5 stars. However... changes/updates over the last few months as to the game-play format and the integration of intrusive ads at almost every turn has virtually removed any flow to the game. It is no longer fun as you can literally spend more time navigating ads than you do actual game play. The ads also create significant lag in screen transitions. The developers have missed the boat badly. Sorry, gave the "new" way a chance but have to delete app.
Keeps my brain active!! It's challenging to see different perspective on similar things and also learn new things along the way when I can't solve them!! A great learning app 100%!!
I have played this game on and off for more than 10 years now. I have played it on 5 different telephone. I really enjoy the game. I think the cost for a hint should be about 50 and then each correct answer you get should be around 15 to 20. It seems ludicrous to me to pay 60 points for a hint when you only get for each time you saw off one.
I loved this game. I loved the graphics,game play,pics and its very easy to control it can also get hints in this game for rupees 60 I have no complaints for this game it's fantastic.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘that is why I have given it 5 stars ๐Ÿ˜‰
Really good game!It entertains me a a lot and it help with vocab!I would defintly suggest!๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿ˜‚โค
It is a nice game,improves your thinking and vocabulary.Would strongly recommend for improving your IQ and it is much better than millions of games which are just time wasters.
It's good game, I play it everyday. But I've noticed that I'm playing the same challenges for the third time. Almost at level 16000. I've done all the updates and downloaded new challenges, as requested. Does this mean it's Game Over for me? I'm at 25500 now. When can I download new puzzles again? Haven't done so since level 7000. I'm getting the same puzzles over and over again!
It's a remarkable game of intuition in which puzzles can be solved by observing clues. Definitely a worthwhile attention trainer if you're not the type to get easily frustrated and uninstall the bloody thing after staying one week on a puzzle. I've been playing it for two years now and the trick is to be patient, keep a clear head and instead of looking for the answer, wait for the answer to come to you. Otherwise, resort to coins. I'm at level 8669 and its just as amazing as levele 1.
Hate the latest update. Have enjoyed playing the game for years but hardly bother any more. The clues are sometimes so obscure and yet we no longer get any letters to help work out the puzzle. I also used to enjoy the sound of bonus ponts going into our score. Why do you continually meddle with things ?
I love this game and was borderline addicted to playing, until I made the decision to upgrade my phone after 4 years. You can't continue your game journey and lose access to all coins and level. I've lost heart now and stopped playing
I've played this game for a long time. I rated just 3 star because of a 30 sec. Ad after each game played. It wasn't like that before. I don't mind ads but it gets annoying with that many.
The new look is just amazing! Simply love it! ๐Ÿ˜ As a premium user I have the option to view ads for more coins and that is just great! Well done team lotum! ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
WHAT THE HELL?! Everytime I press play the screen goes black, then it kicks me off. Why is it working for me, but for other people? It's not my phone because I installed one like this and it didn't kick me off! This isn't fair when it's working for other people and not for me! This is so freaking stupid and upsetting. I just want to play it without it kicking me off. Some game! PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM so I can play it and enjoy myself. Why are games that doesn't work so disappointing?
This is the best Riddle Game for almost a decade and a years right now! And i'm so happy to hear that this game is greatly improved and updated so far! This is the best game in terms of finding answers in the help of four pictures! Thank you so much for this wonderful game!
Been playing this game for really long time and like it a lot. But recently, there are some annoying Chinese commercials keep showing up... I'm fine with commercials, it's a free game after all. But these Chinese commercials, they give you close button after count down, but you have to click like a thousand time to close it... As if the count down was fake... Super annoying... I'm considering uninstall the game because of that...
It is a nice game. But I am disappointed because it did not updated right. Because I can not open it. And I do not want to reinstall because I have around 38,793 coins. So maybe the new update will open. I been playing from when you guys started the game THANKS.
This game sucks now since the update! I have been playing this game for yrs and loved the multi-player part as my husband and I played always however since the new updates and getting rid of the multi-player function this game is not fun anymore. Please bring back the multi-player. It would have been 5 stars but since the update its one as its boring now
My favorite game!!! The random ads are super annoying though but besides that, I love the game. It keeps me busy on my way to work in the bus :)
I enjoy this puzzle/game. I usually play by myself, but when I am stumped I work with my wife and enjoy it even better when we stretch our minds together to discern the appropriate answer.
I've always enjoyed playing this game, especially when you get into the higher levels, which I was at before my phone died on me a couple of days ago and I had to get a new one. The technician at Verizon transferred all of my apps and programs to my new phone. I don't understand why, when I went in to play it today on my new phone and this game is the only game where I had to start over again at #1. This just isn't right.
I love the app, keeps me busy and my mind in check. Two Flaws though we can't save the game to continued when you change your phone you always have start from level 1. The new look is awesome but can we be enabled to juggle the letters in the middle of a level. Last time I reached level 5001 and it seemed like it was level 1. Add more exciting level up there.
Enjoy the game itself, but lately you have been displaying pictures that depict gay people kissing, cuddling etc. Unlike some people in this world, I still have rights too. This used to be a site I played with my Grandchildren, but they are raised in conservative homes, and I as Grandmother do not want to explain some of the behaviors shown and now considered ok....for many they are not. I would appreciate it if you were a bit more careful depicting lifestyles not embraced by a lot of people
I updated on the 20.2.21 and since then it doesn't always load all 4 pics it was fine before the update. I love this game and gutted as it now seems broken. I liked it because you could play offline but now its only getting a low rating from me until its fixed however I do like the update of daily challenges for rewards.
Nice game but the recent updates play the ads first before showing the puzzle. Just gonna finish this months puzzle theme then its uninstall time.
I have enjoyed this game since so many years please add the multiplayer. There is no multiplayer in this new version..
Too many ADs , every other level an AD pops up. I installed after about 10 minutes of playing , after level 29 or so the ADs seemed to be getting longer! I used to love this game a few years ago, now with all the ADs and pop ups it's very annoying.
The game play is really great but I got stuck for let's say 8-10 hours last night and then I go play again today and like every single answer I provided Last night repeats. Like same pic and words as last night. Different order but same puzzles. Did I break the game?
Good game but an ad after every single level just ruins it. Also the points for a hint are quite high, there should also be different points awarded based on the length of the word.
I like playing the game only problem I have is I got a new phone and when I downloaded the app I have to start at the beginning. It would be nice if there was a way to start with the level you left off at and keep your coins/ points.
It's a very good game but I gave 4 star because when I downloaded the game I don't get the multiplayer option now l am on 568 level still I can't play multiplayer. I will be very grateful if you will solve my problem. But after all the app is amazing ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Have to start over at level 1 each time I open the app. Game is too easy and boring. I downloaded this after seeing the ad in another game. It promised to challenge my brain, but this game is too easy. It might challenge a child but not an adult. Uninstalled.
It wouldn't update and the suggested fixes didn't work. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. When I opened it it sent me back to level 1. Other Apps don't send you back to the start if you're forced to reinstall them ๐Ÿ˜’
I really like this game and i never get bored of it but, the only problem is that i want to play multi-player.. Last year i played multi-player with my friends but when i deleted this app and reinstall it, i can't play with my friends anymore, please fix this problem. Sorry for my bad grammar but i hope that you get what i wanted to say๐Ÿ˜„..... ..... ๐Ÿ˜That's all.
I am SPEECHLESS. This is awesome. Best game ever. I learn a lot of new words. Love it. Perfect. Change nothing about it. Well, I guess you can add spanish words so I can learn spanish faster. I love it. Five stars for sureโญโญโญโญโญ
Great game but an advert after every 3 words is too much. Especially the Memories advert. It last longer than it takes to solve 6 or 7 words. If you are not a patient person don't download this game. I am deleting it.
I Love This Game! Currently On Level 2407! Great! One Problem.. I Just Can't Play Multiplayer, The Button Isn't There :( Update: The new update has completely ruined it. 2nd Edit: ever since update the game is freezing and being buggy. i am on level 5818 now.
This game used to be very addictive but I am sure the advertisements are much more frequent. It is a lot more than I remember. I understand this is the way developers make money but too many ads can make the game very annoying and I will soon end up uninstalling. Shame it is a fun puzzle game overall.
Far too many ads. I just downloaded it and within 5 mins I was onto the second video so no real time to get into it enough to tolerate the ads.
I love very much this game sometimes hard but after few think about the word .I have find the correct word.Friends also they are helped me to correct spell or they are barrow my phone to played this games because they said .This game can train in brain got to became intelligent...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚but were just laughing about that...We are really enjoy it .Really love this๐Ÿ’•
I've had this game for almost one year now.... Suddenly the daily puzzles disappeared... Now I have to download the game all over again ๐Ÿ˜ซ... Please fix this
This is a very nice game. Keeps all your senses active and helps you find a solution to many problem all at ago. Such a robust game.
Some pics are not accurate to word. And to those complaining about ads, just close your wifi or mobile data and play it then no ads will disturb you(telling this from experiencesince I played this game for since it was released).. and to those who need hints, just go to your phone setting and change the date to another day you'll get hint. This game has so many flaws. Too easy to cheat. Giving you 2 ok make it 3 star just because when I first played I find it challenging.
It is excellent but regularly it doesn't show daily words don't know why and also lots of advertisement is very disturbing so have to stop and exit and don't feel like continuing. Thanks again
Sorry for rating only 1 star, it's just that i cant open the app. I keep on waiting and repeating but it still cant open..I hope you will do something about it.. Thank you
switched phones and lost all my progress. ibeas very far in the game and I had purchased it as well. it's not fair that if you switch phones you cannot regain your game. very upset about it.
I really like this game but I absolutely hate the free hints every time I log off.... free hints ruin the game for me. Makes the game way to easy. Wish there was a way to turn that off.....
I want the original version back. This has way too many ads and takes too long to go from puzzle to puzzle because of giving coins now. Ihave no idea why coins are needed. I'm happy to just have the count of puzzles solved like before. I may be deleting this and finding another game to play.
Why tf would you discontinue multiplayer mode? It was the only thing worthwhile playing amongst an otherwise boring single game format. I have been playing multiplayer mode for years and have consistently ranked number 1 every month for the past 18 months. All that achievement has now disappeared, much like this app from my phone
To my opinion this game really rock's,, i mean even if you don't have a clue about the pics, they sometimes give you hints or you have to play the daily puzzle to earn coins which you can use in exchange of hints
It was really a good and interesting kind of word game. This game was making me think every time that there's another daily puzzle to answer. I am recommending you to download this cause this will make your brain cells smarter
Used to love this and decided to recently install it again. I was just disappointed with the amount of advertisement that shows up ever few levels. The worse part is that the advertisement is non skippable for 30 seconds! I don't usually mind advertisements but that's just too much. I unistalled it less than 10 minutes of starting the game.
Longtime player since last.update can no longer get the daily puzzles to work. Says to check internet connect ,which is not the problem. So I no longer get to play those games. Otherwise I love.this game really challenges your verbal skills
It has become more difficult to play and no more free hints. I was stuck on a puzzle for over a month. Also, you can't cash out from the daily puzzle because there are no more extra days. I will delete the app and I ๐Ÿ™„
05/10/20: Enjoying this 4 Pics 1 Word game. The only 2 issues were, I couldn't locate the instructions, so when it asked if you wanted to pay to receive a hint, I thought it was with cash, and the Hints took some time to appear. The ads don't bother me too much. 24/10/20: I like the change made where a Free Letter is provided to help figure out the Word.
(12/8/19) Just hope you can catch up on the Bonus daily puzzles using coins just like in daily puzzle. *EDIT* A suggestion for the ability to CLOUD SAVE to your Google account!. Lost many months worth of progress due to the inability to save progress, well that's it for me then.
love it but have to turn off mobile data because of ads. And a lot of them are heavy ads, use up a lot of data over time.
I have been playing this game from I was a child...I do not like the update of this game please change it back...I will be looking forward for the change..
I understand there are a lot of ads that's bothersome but I could get past that. Also, sometimes the words did not match up with the pictures and that was frustrating, but I kept playing. That is, until I saw 2 men kissing in a picture todayโ€ฆ that I won't stand for. Deleting now.
The app keeps on freezing. I have to close it and open it again and again. The coins I spend are also lost. The new update has a lot of bugs
I can't wait to put the fifth star on the game... but please, add level selector, making able to replay our favorite levels. And an easy and more secure backup & restore feature.
I have been playing this game for years and have quite enjoyed it. However since the last upgrade the link to the app has vanished. I could still get in through the library but it won't open the app. How do I fix this without having to reinstall and begin all over again?... Help!
I love 4pics 1 word! It is one of the first things that I do after I have completed my daily morning routine. The only complaint that I have is that every time I change my phone I lose my points and have to start all over again!
This game is great it gets you to lean new words along with jogging your memory with words you haven't thought of in awhile. i haven't had any problems and It runs pretty nicely. Only thing I don't like is the adds after every word but if you buy the no ads version it's more enjoyable.
4 pics l word at age 80 l totally loved playing l can't get it back what can be done? My status picture is doll house on ho,,,,,,,, me screen how do. I get it back,,?
I really love this game and yes it can be challenging at times but hey what's a good game without a little bit of challenge. This game really deserves a 5 star and i would definitely recommend you to give it a try๐Ÿ˜Š.
it's okay. the app could do with a bit more polish. the puzzles are a good variety of levels. the pricing on the hints is expensive though compared to the rewards given for completing puzzles
I Don't think you deserve 1 star. There is nothing so annoying then adds popping up every literally every minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely you would know not to spoil the experience by placing so many adds dammmm!!!!
I've been playing this game for years and recently I've noticed significant lag when going from one screen to another. It takes 20 seconds or more to open the daily games. The audio from ads keeps running even after the ad has been dismissed and the game play has started. I've checked for updates, and there aren't any. Not sure how to fix what used to be a 5 star app. It's so frustrating to play now that I'm about to give up on it.
It's very unique pictures mixed up for one word in in a way you could not have been able to do and when you get the word correct you start looking at the pictures again and see that the way they are put together really means the word so adorable it's educational too
What is with this lag of loading and lag of transitioning from page to page lately? It is quite frustrating to say the least. I'm ready to be rid of this app. Please fix your loading bugs.
I loved this game, played through messenger. Now can't get on. I have had to download the app. I was on 3707, now I need to start over and put up with pop up adds. Messenger had videos that played. That was tolerable but this is terrible. I have requested assistance to get my old game back. But it seems nobody is interested. Game play .... Go Figure, I can't post until every star is filled.
It's alright but the position of the social media icons on the right hand side obscuring the pictures is really annoying, I've looked in the settings to try & shift them to above but can't find anything to do this with. I may be uninstalling it soon as this issue is really annoying!
Once I paid, better with no ads. Now the words are often not words and abbreviations like admin and mayo. The levels are too many 2500 words is a lot to get through for a badge. Why not every 500?
Have been playing this game for at least 6 years... love it!! Sadly I don't know if we can transfer the badges from an old phone to a new one :( there go 4 years from my old phone and 2 more from the one before that! Really relaxing game all in all
The amount of ads per session of multiplayer is ridiculous, I understand you earn from ads as I too am a game developer. But giving ads after every multiplayer match is ridiculous! Also after solving words 3-4 rounds there's an ad, your basically stopping the flow of the game or even the interest to play. Why not keep atleast an ad after every 10 round for single player and after 5 games for multiplayer? Stop being a greedy gold digger. One star for you and uninstalling the game.
I have always loved 4 pics 1 word the only thing I don't like is that whenever I change my device and install it on my new device I have to start all over again from the beginning I cannot continue so I Iost all my badges from the Islands I've already completed and that made me very sad because I like to go back and look at them.
I have been playing this game for 8+ years & was up to 4500 bonus points. It recently "updated",(when I got a new phone), & is now extremely slower than before - plus I lost all my bonus points & had to begin completely over. Very frustrating. Now it has twice the ads & lots of lag when changing screens. Looking for a newer, faster version.
Had this game on my old device for about a year, was close to level 2000. When I changed devices, I had to start from scratch โ˜น
Love this game, the only snag is too many adverts and also sometimes the pictures don't relate with the word. Other that that it's a fun game and I am enjoying. Hope I don't meet other snags in future (fingers crossed).
It would be fun if there wasn't an ad after EVERY one. They take 5 seconds to solve then you have to spent 30 seconds waiting for the ad to end. Waste of time
March 24, 2021 update is laggy. Still laggy despite of the recent update (April 15, 2021 update). I think it lags because it keeps trying to load adds even when offline. Updated May 17, 2021 but it still lags. May 20, 2021 app update still have the lag problem. I can't even watch ads because the app freezes.
The "new look" means you can only play 1 or 2 levels off line now. I don't have wifi everywhere I go. So now I can only play a level or two if I have an internet connection. My phone DATA is limited, so I do not waste it on games.
Having very bad experience in my Motorola Android one mobile phone. I've been playing the game since many years in my iPhone with no issues. The game hangs every now and then. No update is available if that would be the problem.
Love the game, especially the new look a few weeks back. Play it daily. But for the past few days, I'm unable to even open the app since the update. Please fix
Love this game. I had made my way up to levels in the 4000s. This game does not save your settings or progress thru google play, you cant sign in to save it. So i started over, Im in the 1000s games and since all the updates, the pictures couldnt make it harder. After figuring out the word, im set wondering how the hell did they came up with that. Save yourself a headache and try a similar app that will save your games to google play.
Good game but there are too many long ads. 5 second ads I can handle but 16 and 30 second ads no thanks it absolutely kills the game. Sorry but I think I might Uninstall it.
I have enjoyed playing this for 5 years and gotten quite high up in the game. SO disappointed that my game progress won't transfer to my new phone. No menu to choose to save in Google play. Transferring from phone to phone put me back to square one. Company did not respond to my email. What a disservice to people who play this game.
I had this game for more than 3 years I think, today my niece unistalled the game by mistake and I have to start from 1 with mire Tha 100thousand points, this game doesn't have backup๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Since a week or so it freezes on the correct answer. If you want a hint it just takes your coins and give nothing in return..lost thousands like this. Also the daily hints have disappeared. Not fun anymore.
Too many ads, I understand money must be made for the game to stay free but please reduce the rate at which ads pop up. Biggest issue remains loss of data when one changes phones. To solve this, make it possible for users to create profiles to save user data. This way change of devices will not result in such losses. Thank you.
I've had this game for years, but the recent update is a mixed bag. It started off OK, as I was enjoying the harder levels that were cropping up (the levels with the chilli pepper icons) but they've disappeared. And the new daily challenges are a con, as completing them is supposed to earn you coins, however, these coins are not being added to my coin total!! Not much point in completing a challenge if the rewards are stolen from you! Reached level 6468,and puzzles are repeats,I recognise them!
Game is good. Good entertainer with lot of new words to learn. But there are lot of inappropriate game ads which is totally unfit for kids. If you are letting ur kids play this game make sure u keep an eye on them.. why I am not able to see multiplayer at all??
Hello, I have experienced a lot of updates from you recently and I would like to say what a job you have done with the new design, you obviously spent time on it and didn't rush anything, I'm guessing multiplayer only got taken away so you can match the design to the rest of the games current form. I absolutely can not wait for it and thanks for the 1,250 coins from the update and the upcoming multiplayer section. Love the fact that you can see your badges from 5 years ago. Thanks and Good Work!