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3DTuning for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 3DTuning located at Yerevan, Armenia. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There is a problem when I want to send my car for a challenge. Over all quite a nice game. Hope ypu can fix that problem.
This game is wholesome, loved the graphics quality and the cars. But, I'd be happy if you add McLaren p1, 720s and senna. Please add them! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
I have just installed this app and there is nothing compared to what it is capable of. Considering most people playing racing games are more in cars than the racing itself, this app is just made for them. But on the dark side, it isn't as smooth as it should be and the cars are not truely 3d. There even isn't any graphics controlling option in the settings. If only this app had these options, it would be a legend.
Love this game got some cool car in the collection this is by far the best game that I've played graphics are top class but do please and more cars like McLean, and 2017 gtr,more wheels for recreations but again this game is the best it's a must have download now and add the svj,bumper delete, more car start ups But overall 5 star rating
When i save my car the game just freezes. I just spent about 20 minutes of designing a car and it has all just gone down the drain just because of a simple bug. (Please provide customers around the world with an answer)
I love this game but the reason behind giving the 4 stars is because many cars are lock and almost 56% of cars take money.........
This app is incredible for designing show builds or just playing around in general but really the main concern I have is the lack of customization for the 2nd gen dodge and some other trucks that are only in a single configuration (Ex. Single cab only can't be an extended or crew)
Game sucks It shows alot when the game developer writes back. It shows u guys r intrested. The game freezes to much and purches r no needed.All in all its a very good/great game. I have an huawei p9lite It freezes when u r saving a foto and when u loading a car
I had to lower my review, I really enjoy the app, I love the tuning options, however for the second time now I have lost everything in my garage and all of my purchases. I had over 15 cars and had multiple purchases and for the second time, everything has been erased for absolutely no reason. I have attempted to reset my password and am unable to get any emails. Extreamly disappointing.
There has to be a mode where you can drive your cars around but other than the game is absolutely fun
It's taking longer than usual to load now after the latest update. It also doesn't seem to recognize my subscription to the game and now I am not able to access the paid packs that I have bought previously. I really hope this gets fixed soon because i'm getting tired of having to wait 10 minutes just to play this game.
It's not as good as it could be, I suggest white letter tires or multi colored tire lettering, and wider variety of rim selections. Custom decal options,( windshield door windows and rear window as well) tire stretching options roof racks, diffuser options etc. I have a 99 civic I take 2 shows. One of the most customized cars in the world with literally the widest selection of parts globally. I would like 2 see a function on the app where I could do this,and I wld be happy. As well the comunity
The best app for us truck owners, but needs more parts added, I own Fuel Zephyrs for my F150 and they're not on the app yet.. and theres not levels or 3" lifts yet... I'm sure they're adding as much as possible as fast as they can..I'm patiently waiting..
Best app ever. Car fans would love it after installing. There is a big collection of cars, but would be very glad getting more.
Love this . Helps me design my dream car even tho its years away , I love being able to fabricate the fantasy and bring it to life
this is a pretty good game, but i have some complaints. instead of having the separate "limited options" tab, make it so that each car with limited options is under the appropriate brand in the car selection screen. the amc gremlin x doesnt load. it always gets stuck at 41%. not sure if other cars have this problem. when the camera is at a certain angle while certain parts are installed on certain cars, the car disappears completely. other than that, this is a great game.
Not happy at all i downloaded the game and paid for the doge pack to customize it but i did not unlock anyting but the game still took my money really not happy
This is the best tuning app by far. Although one issue is that when I am in the middle of modifying my cars, the app will freeze sometimes and I'll have to reset the app and start all over again.
The best game in my life to modify cars,bikes and trucks I am also a car, monster cars and trucks lover . Can you add pagani cars also. Can you add some more things for better experien've
Really great game, the graphics are exceptional and the layout is awesome. One thing though, I feel like the cars you've been adding recently are a bit lazy, only having minimal changes to the exterior. I get that all the upcoming cars in the car schedule are supercars high-end performance cars that are dufficult change while still looking good, but perhaps you could add cars that are not on the schedule that have a lot more modification options? Thanks.
Bezt app ever so addicted. Need autosave feature and better photo editing abilities for the backgrounds
Cool game... Would like to see some more cars though... Fox Body Mustang, Mustang II, some classic Mopars... Maybe some other more common stuff... New Dart, older G-Body GMs, even some trucks like the Avalanche and Ranger...
I love it but i do wish they had a cat eye chevy duramax in there but also maybe some more ways to customize your car like wheeles and camber set where we can choose or maybe just a little bit more camber and bigger tires
Hey developer, u need to re think where to put google ads.. it blocking challenge button.. i cant even do anything
Most of the customisation needs to be paid.there is only limited(extremely limited,like only colours) options of customisation for free which i hate
This is a fun game to customize multiple cars of your choice and can you update the game for like drag wings for the old school cars like 69 camaro and 85 camaro and more also
Game needs the 2005-2009 model Mustang. Not sure why it's not in here everyone just considers the 2010-2013 the same exact model when they're only similar by their chassis.
Its a good app but for some reason all the vehicles wheels are cut in half so i only see 50% of the wheels from the middle down
The configurator is great, I just wish I seen more options for cars. Preferably like ones people actually have. I personally would like to see more options for the 95 and 00 cobra rs, or atleast a base model of the cars. Or an 03 cobra
I was casually roaming the app trying to add someone as a friend and I accidentally logged out and I can't log back in, now I can't customize any of the really good stuff
Hello Developers of 3DTuning I would like you to take into consideration that it would be a massive improvement to add bumber deletes, Add more Lamborghinis,and more Modern Supercars. It also be brilliant if you added the FORD EDGE and the FORD FOCUS RS '17 And many more cars Thanks This game is incredible please make it even better
This is an amazing game, especially since I'm in a car crew on GTA. It helps me choose colours for the crew, build cars and see how they would look for meets! Also, if you are reading this devs, I would be very interested to see a more retro style to this, as in 64 bit racing with the cars you have customize. i would even be happy to help design the graphics since I would love it! Epic game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ
I love its amazing But that's not the reason I'm writing this comment,the reason is I wanted to tell the developer to add concept cars which would make the game much better. That's it (I hope they do and if they do they should add the infinite project black S. most of the things are money and the only way you can get those coins are by ads so can you guys change this (suggestion if we win those competition we can 1 coin every like you get i also wrote a email about this.
It's great to customise your favourite car, but I hope that it can add more some new models & other models cars where they don't have in this or that country. And also please add more accessories for Pickups & SUVs such as step bars, fender flares, hardtop canopies (for Pickups only), roof light bars, base racks & roof boxes. But there's a problems such as game freeze, please fix this issue quickly as possible. This is my review, thank you.
Website is absolutely incredible, runs amazing with loads of customisation (for stance and HD cars). However I recommend recommend that you introduce a few updates adding more customisation for all the not stance or HD cars such as Honda S2000, Lamborghini Gallardo, 2004 Subaru WRX STI to name a few. It's amazing that you have most peoples favourite cars but some just can't be customised as much as others. Would love to see an update in future for this. Best customisation website so far though โค
Great game just fed up with some glitches. When wanting to change wheel size it freezes, fitting new tyres the tyres disappear and some of the cars have the front wheels turned what makes it hard to modify. I always liked the suspension adjustment on the main screen as it makes it a lot easier when doing the wheels and sorting ride hight instead of having to go to the end of the tabs to low it.
Why would you have to pay for customizations in the mobile versions, yet on a pc its completly free. I mean why would you waste your money on this when you can do it for no charge
Context 3d not available, wrong render mode or missing device support. All of a sudden I couldn't open the app. Tried uninstalling. Razer Phone 2 newest updates. I used to have a 5 star review, check edit history.
i love this game i just wish that there was some way you could import car modles that you make to a different app and drive them and maybe also be able to get into engine mods that would make this game me 1000 time better but i still love thus game
It's cool it's just that there's too many things that you have to buy please change that thank you :D
I like being able to cuetomize all these cars an trucks. I would like to see the votes and where i stand as it goes on . ๐Ÿš— thank you. I am on this at least every day. I think I'm doing something wrong because I have not been any worse challenge except for like 2. I also paid for the subscription and there's some stuff I don't get it still locked I don't understand..... Thank you for fixing the problem.
Hi the app is good but i have few issues with saving the car i tuned ... Its showing in screen " Uploading " and its remaining like that ( once i let it 1 hour and nothing..), until i restart and tune the car again ( sometimes i have to restart 2-3 times ...) itd frustrating . ๐Ÿ˜’ Phone is Priv and its running great in another all apps and conection i have 4G always so.... And also i will be really happy ( i think not only me ) if you can introduce '99 Dodge Neon Pl too ! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
It's a great well made app and it works really well and looks really good. However most of the items are locked. Although it is really well put together a $22 subscription to be able to actually use the app to simply visually customize a car and screenshot the picture is not worth the price they are asking. The only other option paying one to two dollars for a single customization option such as rims or brake pads.
It is a great app! All though, I would really like to see like lowriding wheels and hd classics because those are my favourite and also the color designs. I really love using this app. I would recommend trying this
Everything is great. The team helped me with my problem, thanks guys there's no bug anymore. Just great exerience. Great HD cars been playing for a while now, however the option where we could watch an ad keeps disappearing for some reason now i can not unlock alot of options, so i cant play the game now.๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ
It's pretty great. Wish you could customize more things like positioning of vents and grill opening dimensions. Needs more old cars and luxury import cars /SUV
It is a good game however more vehicles need to be added like the isuzu dmax, 2020 chevrolet colorado 4 door truck, toyota axio, nissan frontier, suzuki swift, toyota corolla ae114, toyota runx
Love it already, lots of familiar cars but if a few side skirts and bumpers could be a bit more linear when the get low. And ONE car i would love to see added, 2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8.
This is one of the best app I have used since I've been using 3DT on PC. I would originally give it a 5 star, but there's 2 issues I have with 3DT. Some cars need body kits like the Ford fiesta and Ford focus, aswell as the Mazda rx7. Another issue I have is the Mitsubishi eclipse but in the app it's a Mitsubishi spider under the name Mitsubishi eclipse. I was wondering if you guys were able to add the actual Mitsubishi eclipse anytime soon?
It's an awesome app I've had it for a few years and have finished hundreds of customized vehicles with the great offset/chassis/widebody kits ๐Ÿค˜ I would however make all body styles of trucks lol
Loved the experience but had to a give low rating because the game keeps crashing during loading *almost all the time.* Kindly fix these issues.
Best that it gets when it comes to cars , manufacturers , accessories , etc .would. Love a discount lol . GREAT JOB TO THE CREATORS . 1 problem is that it either freezes or restarts everytime I exit out of it , which means I have to start projects over .. But I Love The Game Otherwise !
Good overall experience, hard to understand at times, I'd also like to see more SUVs, one specifically the shelby durango from 2000
Its quite annoying. The website version is completely free and no stupid pop-ads. Then on here. You basically have the stupid basic vehicles and have to buy all of the cars. I seriously hate when companies do this. Make a game or software on the computer for free, but as soon it comes to phone. Nope, buy it or buy extensions just to do what the website version can do. It just annoying. Oh and you can't login with google, if you had a login on Google on computer. You can't even use it.
It is very good overall but there could be a few more cars eg:Austin mini Cooper '64. The graphics should be higher and there should be more customisations to do with the engine and parts. Not just the body. There should be more wide body kits and should be able to change the campers.
The main thing about this app is that it wants me to buy things that should be free which is rims and other apperance items and the problem is that i don't want to spend money on something that should already be free.
It's fun It should be cool if the truck section you could everything and add new supra make options for delorean to make time machine
The app stays stuck when loading on 41% for more then 10min.. Then when my phone rings its starts all over again๐Ÿ™„.
I love this game with all the kitts for all the car But I'd rather see minivans like chrysler town country and the dodge caravan Odessy toyota sienna A 2017 Nissan maxima sport and luxury edition, 2002 avalon 2018 camry Chevy trailblazer Family trucker wagons More muscle cars And customize car interiors
Iv been looking for a game like this for ages I think you can attract more people of different ages and really expand this game if it had more cars like Holden and Ford and if you get more upgrades for the cars would be amazing
It's a good app! Although, sometimes, it doesn't respond (it keeps freezing) and it won't load on certain cars. There's also a few bugs such as when you go back to work on a car you save, and that car had multiple colors on it, it sometimes makes the entire car one color (I saw this in the KOENIGSEGG REGERA). You should also change all cars to high definition, allow us to change the backgrounds for our cars, and update the older cars as they need more customization options, like the Mazda RX-7.
If you want to customise cars, bikes and trucks this is the game for you. It has a wide variety of vehicles to choose from to add body kits, change the colour, etc. Once creating the car you can then challenge players with your vehicle to see who's vehicle is the best. Two things in this game i would like to be able to do is change the headlight colour to a colour of my choice on certain vehicles and to be able to change the red lines on the koenigsegg agera to a different colour.
I like the idea of what you are able to do. I want to customize my vehicle(s) and wanted an app to help me visualize what they make look like and possibly cost. It really looks good, but it is only select vehicles currently. Will look forward to the updates
It's great to customise your favourite car, but I hope that it can more add more some new models and other models cars where they don't have in this or that country. Thank you.
I can't save my cars even though it says I can, there is no button to save my tuned cars there's only a camera button,menu button, and the tuning stuff
The customisation on this game is incredible and the list of cats never ends. This game is the best car customisation game and I recommend it to anyone interested in cars
I won't mind having additional features please add more vinyl options and color options and please make colors on the wheels more accurate
This app is amazing, but I just want 2 things to be added, 1 is online comparison with other people's cars against yours, and that you can drive your build around a bit. Otherwise it's pretty good. Good job ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ.
game is awesome but no tech support, spend so much time getting my reward tokens only to see them disappear, I'll leave the game for a couple of hours but not close it and when I return my tokens are on "0", I've lost 2 lots of 80 tokens thats alot of time, and this is the second or third time I'm posting this without a response?
Games pretty dope. Should add more front bumper options for the second generation dodge ram. 4th gen bumper conversion would be cool or more offroad bumpers
Like how you can customize really any car, but i would like to see a 2006 dodge ram 2500 mega cab added, i saw you have the 4th gen mega cab, let get the 2006 to 2009 mega cab on there ๐Ÿ‘
I love this app. Can make very unique vehicles lots of fun and its really addicting but it would be great if you could add more upgrades for the limited options cars. There's sweet body kits in real life for some of them.
There is no car schedule menu in truck configurator and in tuning configurator car schedule menu don' t have hummer h1 in it. Please help !!!
This is now my favorite app, exactly what I'm looking for, gets me excited and relaxed, glitches on some cars are encountered but totally understandable for the app getting frequent updates. I hope we'd get more 70s and 80s popular japanese imports with full options.
Very fun app. When we going to see a engine option. Maybe something for hondas and acuras. Possibly some b series or something.
I've consistently had issues with restoring purchases and as of late the purchases are not restored and am furious because I've purchased all if the upgrades and packages, but am now unable to use them. It's absolutely pathetic that I'm not able to use my customizations or have access to the features on my cars. Fix this.
great game, you'll never get a better VEHICLE customization on your pc let a lone your phone. But there are some cars that has all ways needing to be added for poor little us in Australia. GU patrol ute and 4x4, gt f/ gt fpv falcon, and series of Landcruiser
it would be awsome if some ome could come up with an app that has nearly any vehicle and accessories/part. i have a dream car and would like to virtually build it and maybe a few more. but there dosent seem to be an app i can fo that. maybe somethin for yall to look in to?
The website is very fun, you can do pretty much what ever you want, however, the mobile version has quite a bit of stuff from what I saw locked by purchases and has a lot more ads. Highly recommend the website over the app, but if you want to spend the money, they both can be a whirl of fun. (If you see this puplishers, consider this a request for a 69 Corvette)
Great game the customisation is limitless, but there are some bugs still, such as when I save a car n I want to edit it in the garage it will not load put a blank screen
I LLLLLLOOOOOOOVE THE game but it takes forever to respond and glitches it's so hard to play the game.
it is a very good game for modifing car but if some cars like toyota allion,premio will be added it will be more enjoyable game.thank you
Love the app 100% but I am not able to purchase the subscription or the car part categorys I have money its just like the in game link is not working except for 2 or 3 things, it will not let me purchase the Silverado, dodge ram, or the subscription
I like the game I wish u could tale off the rear and front bumper and it would be cool if back fires would be cool when u rev please make it possible like if u think so too. Thanks love the game!!
I really do think this kills most of my time when i am usually bored but i really think this is an awesome game. Maybe add more engine start ups for cars like the gtr, because i expected a rev option on the gallardo. Also if you can rev the vehicle but when you finish reving it doesnt cut out and then does the end. Also if you can can you add engine tunee like a twin turbo or stuff but all for free to equip so that when you rev it will make the turbo flutter. Add flames to when you rev.
Terrible app I tried to open it and it took ages to open I then clicked on a car waited for it to load which took 5 minutes and when it did load I couldn't even do anything and the app just shut down saying it wasn't responding overall terrible experience (this was using a Samsung galaxy s20 ultra btw)
This is by far the absolutely best tuning app in any app store.Nothing even comes close to how good this app is.Although it could be better in a few ways,the fact that not any other app can even come close to the things you can do in this app just makes it 5 stars.The developers just get it and they listen to our gripes as well.How anyone can rate them less than 5 stars is absurd.Theres always going to be haters but if you rate this less than 5 stars,your brain dead and should go to candy crush
Satisfying, but can you please add more models, i personally want mitsubishi mirage, i want to see what my car looks like in certain designs
very good tuning app. I hope the off-chamber wheel bug was fixed. overall great app and interface. and wow. you update this app constantly. BRAVO! And...you didn't get approved by Liberty walk for the Huracรกn or 458? that would be preety cool
I love the app and use it every day. I recommend everyone try it. However, I paid the 15 dollar subscription twice already. It doesn't always register that I have it and that is very frustrating and a little questionable. I would love if this problem could be fixed ASAP.
Its a great app, but it does have couple of small issues (unexpected crashes and stuff). Also the website version of this configurator is a lot better and offers more free functionality that you have to pay for in the mobile app.
It's a really cool app, but for me..way to much lag and only three cars to chose from..very boring...but it's still cool the way it currently is..I just want more selections of cars instead of having to buy them with real money
I really love the game , It has all realistic features. Also can you please make the truck configuration and parts free or is it not an option?
This is Awesome app but a lot of cars are not in it Like Corvette c3 c5 And others and no classics Man please add cars that are old mean classic cars And also add lowriders
Sucks. Why do u have to pay to customize a vehicle? Thats whack. I downloaded this app for fun but i cant do anything. Thanks for a waste of my time, just know whoever gets this cant do much and u have to pay for almost everything.
I think that you should add bikes too i know they dont have much tuning potential but it would just be more nice
Awesome app love all the trucks what would be cool if you offered a 80's style Chevy stepside pickup and you should include the Bigfoot suspension and components along with the bigfoot decals on all the trucks
This is very fun but I wish the trucks were free I got it for the trucks and was disappointed when i saw I had to pay upwards of $20 for all the trucks which all the cars are free except some classic muscle and a few others
The concept and graphics for this app are great, have used it determining my paint selection for my 69 Cutlass. My only real complaint would be the minimal amout of OE stripe and hood scoop selections for the Muscle Car era cars. Not really a fan of the modern cars so I stick with the classics but love what you guys are doing. Might suggest adding a wheel size option. Other then that, great work! Gives me something to relax with in downtime.
Hate the adds that appear now when choosing modifications. Ruins the entire experience!!! Not happy about this change.
It's nice..could use a feature of adding your own vehicle and customize it or have an idea how you want to..
This app is amazing. I can modify so many cars. I dont think they need to improve upon that concept but it would be great if there were more normal everyday cars. Maybe more cars the average person has owned and can relate with. Also this may be a stretch but maybe a feature that allows body molding (stretching and changing car body parts for more extreme looks). This game is however perfect and I hope they continue to add more features.
Overall a good experience, but the graphics are a bit choppy and I will like a bit more viewing angles for the cars.
Good but could be better. Yes it has all the sports cars and exotic cars. But it would be better if it had you daily drivers. Like a Sentra and mini vans, and Buick and 2000's trucks. Overall and solid 3 Stars
Been long time fan and subscriber. i love the app its fun to customize the cars and trucks i especially like the truck configurator just need to be able turn off the VS. Notifications they get annoying and wont turn off, other that that solid app and NEED to add 1970 454 chevelle and a 2005 F350 super duty Keep up the solid work!
It's been freezing and crashing recently. Parts not loading and ads freezing. Game is crashing and unplayable
Love the availability of basically any car you can think of, except the Dodge Dakota's!they should totally be under the tuner section, beings their size and configurations, 93 Dakota LE v8 pleeeeaaaassseee
Game has been freezing when I try to change wheel size and my subscription is not working for the games they need to update the game so it will run properly to be able to do anything on the game
This app includes tons of Liscensed vehicles to choose from and customize to your heart's content. Not too many ads but there is a problem where and as will block event voting causing you to have no control of the app. A good Add-On would be custom images that can be uploaded and added onto the body of the vehicle
I live the app but there is one problem the some times the start button does not show please fix that problem
U didnt fix the bug its worst now , use data and also wife but it is slow than ever . Nice game but after customize and to wait the stuff to apply on the vehicle , it takes forever to load . Haizz ..pls fix again pls . Tq
This was my favorite app until now. I dont know if it has to do with the rewarded ads feature they just added but i already purchased the $15 subscription and now it wont let me restore my purchase so i can have all of those features again. Im not going to watch ads if ive already paid the subscription amount.
I love this app. However I wish the developer would add more cars, and more choices such as camber and bidy kits for all cars. I also would like to suggest that the developer would make a profile of each user which can be edited like having a picture in your profile in the app. Overall the app is really great considering the fact that there are tons of cars to choose from.
I really love this app! I have been in the car business for over twenty years and I enjoy and appreciate any apparatus or implement that helps me to do what I love to do.i appreciate whomever came up with this app ! Thanks everyone that has put in on this excellent app .thanks again and I will surely give up that fifth star if the play is as thorough as the stock.
Fantastic... Great features even after the update every thing is even better easy to 'tune' and lots of cars
I really think they should add every car model and car brand in this game but overall it's a very wonderful game. And they also should have 2007-2014 Chevy Suburben and Silverado.
I'm using MI Note 6 pro, having 4GB RAM with SDM636 and Adreno 509 GPU still, App is too much slow ๐Ÿ˜’ Laging issues Taking too much Loading time (although I have a good internet connection). Overall app is not optimize as good as I was expecting.
This app is great. I love it, I want to become a car designer and this app helps me too learn many things and I can also create renders of various supercars, daily driven cars and hypercars etc. But the problem is we cannot look into interiors and mold the exteriors as we want and yes we also cannot share our renders with peoples to get ideas for their vehicles. But I really loved this app and it is easy to run on smartphones.
I love this game. No like frfr its like u have yo own cAR/tRuck. But i am really waiting on THE NEW Bentley coup any new Bentley truck. And the new Mercedes Maybach 2019 model 2020 model and a 2021 model all the designs and Lighting and Sound and last but not least the new Rolls-Royce truck Phantom Ghost and Rolls-Royce Dawn. I'm really waiting for the new update come out with new future cars and I hope they added a Mercedes Maybach limo to๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐ŸคคWait ...that might be to greedy for some reason๐Ÿ˜‚
The lag kills me. But all and all a very nice game. Love the graphics. But, just that it lags horribly. Please, can you guys fix it?
This app is great! Its just that i find it a tad bit annoying that i have to pay for some car items...but i get that you have to make money....so i am giving this 4 stars because i love the app so much. But i wish the loading of things could be better.
The game is amazing and I would give you guys 5 starts. They issue I'm having in the app game there are few cars to tune, the parts to upgrade are just 2 or 3. Especially if you use a specific body upgrade you can not attach anything so the excitement drops. I know you guys can deliver. Make the changes please.
Dear Developers, Your game is very good, I love customising cars, but I really wish you would add a Datsun 240Z, Nissan Fairlady or a Honda Civic Type-R 2018. Thank You.
this app let's young people interested in cars express their creative and petrol head side. I feel however that recently the cars added haven't really been that exciting. I would personally like the addition of rally legends(lancia), more from ferarri, Mercedes, audi, porsche and Lamborghini(such as their older models). however, I cant fault you guys for all this effort yet still making tha app free. so thankyou.
great tuning app I have been enjoying it. has alot of vehicles to choose from. there are in-app purchases for some turning features but are really reasonable on price. if you haven't tried it or it's been awhile since the last time you have you should check it out.
Just downloaded and paid for muscle car pack but it hasnt appeared on the app. Not a good start for the app. Decided to go all out and just buy subscription but wont let me access offset packs. Also app doesn't fit screen size correctly. Quite buggy.
Ok The game is awesome. I love it . The only issue I have is the fact that I paid for all the options separately. Which is fine. The must have expired. However since I liked the app so much I got a subscription. I paid for it. Have a receipt but I never got to use it . It simply didnt work . So I contacted 3DTuning and have been trying for 17 days to get the people at 3D Tuning to fix it so I can use my subscription I paid for on the 13th. It's now the 30 th and the situation is still not solv
I like this app just some things I would like to see get better. Definitely would like to see the less popular cars on here too. I have a 99 1st gen honda crv, a 16 dodge journey, 2nd gen 96 dodge 2500 cummins, 93 acura integra and the list goes on mostly mid 80s to late 90s all of the cars I've listed aren't available. Also having to spend only real cash on upgraded parts is a lil harsh. I wanna be able to build these cars but with real cash I can build real cars and last the app locks up alot
It's a very good game for car enthusiasts. There should be a feature where we could do custom liveries. There are a lot of bugs in the game that should be resolved as it stops working and we have to restart the game and redo the car all again
Used to absolutely love this game, but now since I redownload it, for some reason it wont load or do anything. I tap to open the game, and the 3d tuning home screen up, then goes black. Please help! Im having withdrawal!
The game is very nice and the upgrades but im so disappointed because the cars cannot be played. You must update the game that the cars can be played or hear the sound or the tune of the car, and put some racing events or car show. I think you must put that events. I'm hoping that my review to your game will improve your gameโœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜…
The game itself is really good and is an amazing idea for car enthusiasts and has heaps of potential however ive found while playing on Android and Apple the app has lots of bugs and glitches that cause the app to frequently stop working and needing a restart, causing a loss of the car. Wait times also seem to get a bit annoying after a while to open a car and save it. Also adding a feature that allows all the cars to have the same background and same position while in "my garage" would be nice.
It is great game but u have to spend all of ur money and you cant drive or test drive ur cars or trucks if u see this i would update that and i think u should put a trophy truck type thing in there Oh and one more thing can u make diseals with smoke stacks
Love this app, gives me inspiration on what to do and makes customization simpler on your actual car... But I can't enter challenges, so a little help with that would be highly appreciated.
I mean. Really neat app. Really neat. Just wish there was some love for the F-body. Trying to get a good visualizer to generate some ideas of what I want to do with my own. If you are looking for this particular style of car, you won't find here yet. Maybe they'll add it?
This is a good car tuning game I have ever seen before . Please make more things like light colour change , more vinyls
I've been using the website version for a long while now and now I am happy that there is now mobile form. As a young car enthusiast I have used the site and now the app to create the cars of my dreams.
Awesome game... It would be fun though if you could do a engine swap with the cars but everything elce is flawless
This game is by far, the most detailed car tuning mobile game there is. This game is amazing, I used to play everyday. Although, Im having major issues with trying to reset my password. I go through the steps to reset my password and I end up never receiveing an email with a link to reset my password or anything to help at all. I've paid for quite a few features in game, so I do admit, it's very frustrating right now that I cannot access my paid features and cannot reset my password..
It keeps lagging spent so much time customizing my car but then lags on adding a part and I have to restart the whole thing again