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3D Kimodameshi -Japanese Horror Game-

3D Kimodameshi -Japanese Horror Game- for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SIRIUS located at 〒170-0013 東京都豊島区東池袋1-17-11パークハイツ池袋1105. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its been years since i last play the demo.. now that i found the full version of it i fell so happy 😂 but sadly it only has japanese language so i dont really understand what happened 😂
This game definitely deserves a higher user rating then it has the gameplay is incredibly simple you walk around a creepy house and look at things from certain angles and see how the environment changes and how things move sounds boring but in execution is actually quite atmospheric the house feels like the developer put some effort into it the more you pay attention to your surroundings the creepier everything is overall it's a simple game done very well
Typical horror game just stroll around looking for ghost then new room unlocked, tbh i dont feel scared at all instead i feel annoyed by how slow character movement srsly...
Wau amaising it is expirience to horror japan good but i problem that when we move slooly but i will give 5 star
i do not know where the start button is its all in Japanies i clicked all the buttons 2 buttens went off the app and the middle button showed me what to do in the game but no start button please put some English subtitles to show what to click
AMAZING HORROR GAME EVER! AWESOME QUALITY! GRAPHICS! EVERTHING! hope there will be more updates like the Performance of the game! And even more Scarier music in the game!
Simple gameplay, easy to understand, dark and spooky house, the jumpscares are brilliant. It may seem slow or boring at first but all you have to do is walk around and look at things from a certain angle and keep an eye on the subtle changes in order to progress. There is a certain jumpscare that almost gave me a heart attack. Give this a go.
i'm scared to play this if I walk it's a dark house.... so scary creepy game😯😱😲 I was stupid to play this game again it's april now I play this again
I love Japanese games i am a huge fan of indie horror games and i would definitely recommend it to my youtuber friends the language only being japanese is a major yes and the language for the game is perfect it fits really well and i would also pay tribute to the developer for making the game and i would love to collaborate with the developer to create my own horror game big love and the controls are insane to use i love it and ill enjoy my experiences on the game
Very good game. Shame that the game isn't in English but I am interested to see if there will be a second one. I really enjoyed playing this.
I like it but it scared the hell out of me but there is only one thing I can't understand that it has no English meaning for the Japanese language
The game has a terrible guidance on this game that leaves me clueless and sometimes the guidance on this game bugs it really is that bad of a design no advertisement remover so it can be alot faster to finish this game
Please translate the game in english. I liked this game but, plzzz make hints easier. And make the game easier. I recorded the gameplay and converted it into VR video and I asked my younger brother to see that video in VR. He was nearly to die when there was first jumpscare, and I hardly have fear of horror games, but this game took me to scream and also throw away the phone from my hands.
Almost gave me heart attack it is scary 😳 and jumpscare is scary and spooky 😳 love it and always each jumpscare give me heart attack but still love it
I like the game but I wish there was a save. Or a way to store hints. Starting from the beginning each time is a bit draining. And for the amount of time this game has been on my tablet - I'm assuming years - without a single upgrade? He the developers forgotten about it? It's scary but trying to progress into the game isn't planned enough. Needs improvement.
This is the best game ever pls update this pls i love this game it's super creepy you are in a abandoned house cool and i love to make a horror gane too!!!!
It's a haunted house tour. No clear instructions where to look at in order to progress. The 360° control makes me dizzy and sick.
This is very creepy and scary game. It's graphics are also good. That dolls are so creepy. But one condition is that the language is only japanese. Pls improve the language. Pls turn into English. I like this game so I will give 5 stars.
I Love This game The Jumpscare in Stares Is Super Scary OMg Im Still Waiting for the Parrt 2 ohhh And Also Made Teke Teke Horror Japanese Urban Legend Game!!!
Slow and boring. The game makes you walk and look at some specifically nonsense angles/areas over and over for further progressions.
It would be better if i actually knew how to progress in the game, i got stuck in the first room and i had no clue what to do
This game is great! Got scared right away playing it! All I have to do is walk around, and look at different things. Delightful horror atmosphere! This game would make a perfect VR game!
I love this game because of it's atmosphere and horror background music it really a nice horror mobilegame I highly recommend you this game 👌
Don't play doesn't have instructions on how to play plus you should make it English language to you know again worst game ever
Great graphics and more jumpscares can you make a part 2 this game please and more jumpscares👍👍👍
I'll give it mad props for the atmosphere and the graphics! It reminds me of a setting that would be in Fatal Frame and I love it. Just can't figure out how to beat it...
nice graphics. i love the juon films & a game based on it is good in my book. but is there an english version ? sadly, i can't read kanji.
Great gameplay and every part of this game is amazing and every scare was perfect and made me jump. I can't wait for more to come out.
I gave this one star because to be honest it would not load it kept crashing i am playing this with a samsung mate 10 wich i expect to load fast and everything was in japanese i couldnt read it but thats not your problem so you guys, i dont recommend!
Played before seems like the same designer as fatal frame as long as you keep makng top of the line games ill play them you have my loyalty as a gamer i was tester for play station played everything first so im very picky what i choose my props Larry Don Leo aka Angelfire
One of the Best scariest game! I need to play more game like this! Please, make more horror games! Thank you very much!
It's a awesome game.. I love it ..🙂 but yeah it's very scary sometime it's really shocked me 😬😬
Best game I ever played . The jumpscare give me heart attack and it's very spooky game I love the graphics
I Once installed it and it won't open. whenever I tap the first thing that appear with a japanese words, it goes back to the home screen.. why? And please set up a different language so I could understand you. thank
im so excited to play the game it looks so cool but when i open it in a good 5minits its stop and go back home it contineu again so i delete it so can you fix it for me?
great horror! i won't sleep tonight, but it was a fun experience to go through. can't wait for the next game!
very scarry game for me because it reminds me of my house and well i just let my imagination run wild now i cant sleep.
I think the graphics in this game are amazing but I don't like how it only has 1 language, I couldn't interact with anything even tho I tried tapping everything. There was an open door but I couldn't get through like an invisible wall was there. At first the game crashed but I tried it again & it just didn't work.
This game gives me nightmares that jumpscare on top floor at the staircase almost gave me heartattack there 😵 I don't know but this game deserve more rating keep up. That jumpscare I screamed right there my heart was racing so fast that I thought it will pop out from my chest any moment now CREEPIEST game i have ever played.
Bad game. It is very challenging and you need to have a lot of patience and look around the place at different angles if you want to progress. And if you don't find the place you need to look at, there is a hint showing you where it is, but you have to watch a long ad. And if you want to stop and continue later, you can't, if you exit you'll lose all your progress and you'll need to start again.
The game has no objective either to escape the house or any other thing,just roam around the house. And it is written in Japanese
Like you game...is little bit scary and creepy but the control so hard to control?but i support you game
Really nice game,i think this game will be more good if it has interaction and another languages option..