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3D Hunting™ Alaskan Hunt Plus!

3D Hunting™ Alaskan Hunt Plus! for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Machineworks Northwest LLC located at 250 Church St SE #300, Salem, OR 97301. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Only get 6 or 7 bullets yet u need 10 skins to buy more ammo so have to part with real money, terrible app, I can only assume everyone who gave this app positive feedback works for the developers?
I hit every deer, team out of ammo and didn't have enough skins to get any more. Great if you want to pay or litter your phone for 30 second of play.
Alot of ppl are complaining about the bullets and skins but what ppl dont realize is when u start a new game u lose items and trophys but u keep your skins,so just keep building up your skins until u can buy a few tags and your first gun. Ps.. the colt handgun doubles the point value of every kill so its by far the best skin maker.
Cant even walk, so slow, only 7 bullets and needs 10 SKINS for more bullets? IMPOSSIBLE! How i wish i could rate 0*!
Love this game very addicting! only reason I don't give 5 stars is I have lost all my skins a couple times and go back to where I was when I started that session.. Kinda disappointing. But other than those 3 times that has happened I have never had a problem. Great game glad I installed!
it takes a long time to have skins. it gets very boring after some time of playing. add new features and i'll give more stars
Can't do anything with out paying. There is a reason I download a free app!!!! Also wld b a lot better if u cld move around and not just spin circles.
I played had six bullets to start made six easy one shot kills each kill equals one skin. Went to get more ammo but needed ten skins to buy so to buy the first pack you have use money.
This game is really slow and freezes. It's terrible. You only begin with seven ammo and when i first went on it i used up all my ammo because it kept freezing and i could not click where i wanted properly. Do not install it's a waste of time.
How are you even supposed to get ammo if they dont hive you enough bullets for 12 skins!?!?! It horrible, looks fun, DONT DOWNLOAD IT
it was fun to play at the begining, but you can walk anywhere, and now for no reason the app refuses to open, the very first toime it worked fine but now it just never opens, ive even cleard all data and uninstalled and reintsalled, waste of time only gave it one star because im FORCED to give it a star, it deserves to be deleted tbh
I was very pleased with the idea of the game .but also very disapointed with how costly the game is ..sadly it was for this reason it maid my instant delete list.. If the game wasn't so expensive then people probably wudnt just take the free tour and delete it right after. Thankyou
Start your hunt if you run out of ammo just restart your hunt by going to the menu, do not buy ammo of you do not want to continue your hunt. To many 1 star review from people who do not knowing how to play.
Its an ok game. I don't like how you can't walk around, you run out of bullets so fast, all I shoot is deer. Idk I just think it could be so much better, I was being nice giving it 2 stars.
Now that I have figured out how to get more ammunition it is a good game. Right now there is a bug in it... The ground is all sorts of different colors. I wish it were easier to get the weapons and the tags though.
The basis of the game is great, but I bought $3.00 worth of credits, bought the bow and scoped rifle. You can't switch between the two and then when I closed the game all my stuff disappeared. Don't do it!
You have to start new hunt until you get enough skins to continue. The only problem I see is every now and then my phone will shut down.
It's the only good hunting game available but it needs a lot of work it's not all that fun but it's small and easy
I paid for 600 skins and I got them then when I baught the gun I wanted I couldn't use it! Don't get this app.
Wouldn't be a bad game but you can't get anywhere or buy a better weapon because game has you under a squeeze to buy more ammo or better yet the full game. Writer has poor intentions. You win no extra value in prize for rack size, shoot distance, or point of impact. Terrible
DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I've shot probably 60 deer and thats all its been letting me shoot. Plus you have to pay for ammo. And stay in one spot the whole game. This game is ridiculous. Immediately uninstalled. I would rate a 0.
The only thing this is good for is sitting on the John. Outside of that no challenge, no incentive & just the same theme over n over again. Gets old after awhile.
its great game until you shoot your seven bullets and get seven skins.. to get more bullets you need 10 skins. so you are stuck and have to pay, klick ads OR do as i did and uninstall. Lost of fun for a minute or so..
It's so bad they give you like 4 shots then you have to PAY for more, their just trying to get money out of you. Do not download!
F'n waste of time! You only get 7 bullets to start which gets you 7 skins, but it takes 10 skins to get more ammo. Rip..... Off......! You are a greedy developer. People will go elsewhere. Besides, the game pretty much sucks anyway so it's not even worth spending real money on, lol. Greed+gay game+bad graphics = SUCK IT, lol!!!
Ugly, stupid, dumb, rachett game. Very slow and how are you going to say its free and its not. Makers of the game, read it and learn, this game is dreadful and it should not even be an app. Now that my anger is out I can go on about my bussiness.
They say u can get free skins by downloading other apparently but it doesn't work they are just trying to get money for a wack as* game sucks sucks and sucks again don't waste ur time
I was able to beat the game in hrs. Starting with 7 bullets is fine. There is no challenge in the game. I was able to buy all the way up to grizzly bear without buying camo or anything, plus I never had to buy better weapons. Didn't have to put real money into the game. Thankful for that because its not worth putting money into.
This game isnt lame cause even though its hard to get ammo, if you restart your hunt you still keep your skin and if you have enough skin you can go to the shop and click tags where you can by better animals to hunt, i got the 25 skin one and each one i kill i get 2 skins for
I read the reviews of how bad this game is... I should have listened. Don't waste your time. It's a game that wants you to pay to play. F*@k that!! Look elsewhere for hunting games!! Listen to the reviews!!!
they don't give you enough ammunition to start with to continue on the game. unless you want to spend your real money on what they call skins to buy more ammunition. I know all these games do it like this in one way or another. this seems more like a con job then a tribute.
Would have made it a 0 star review but not a option. Not enough ammo to get past first stage unless you download or sigh up for other crap.
Was ok until everytime I buy grizzly tags and go hunting it takes away from me every time I stop the game or come back to it I don't have grizzly tags anymore and I have to repurchase its bulls**t
This game use to be free and you had 15 bullets to start with (enough to get way more ammo) but now you only get 7 and must pay to practicaly start ofc in the game. Wtf? Plus game not all that great needs better graphics, better hunting system(besides a dude on a picknik table in the middle no where that can't walk around), ect. Use to be fun but now it sucks and has a slight lag -.- 0 stars
Poor Poor Poor. You get so little free ammo the deer will have died of old age before you've earned a scoped rifle. In all I think it's been ruined by the greed of the developer.
3 shots for bears no matter what gun. Rocket takes up 5 rounds for every shot n still takes 3 shots for bears, doesnt matter where you hit on anything. Besides bears, all animals make same sound. Skins per type of gun should be looked over. Fix or uninstalling