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2D Strike

2D Strike for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Ivan qSchulz located at Ivan Schulz Zeitzer Str. 14 04600 Altenburg Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its pretty a pretty good game although I have a few suggestions for the map editor. 1 Add the "teliportation orbs" as a object you can put on the map so you can have them in custom maps. That would be cool. 2 Add the ability to make the buttons that you press and something happens. Make it so that each button must either claim turret"s", summon a cracked wall, or summon an object such as a gun. Also make it so it says what map friends are on instead of just saying 'online'.
Very awesome game☺ There are so many modes, map in the game. This is best for offline. I rated it for10/10 #ENJOY
I love this game one cool game and can u plz make it an fps mode and extend z maps and you can equip 3weapons I'm mean each slot you can equip 3weapons and make an animation when you when I change guns and make the avatars customizable and money and gems too and make it more ez to make a group cause I got 11friends my other friend wants me to make a group cause he doesn't have enough score like over 500score only my other friend can't make too nahhh thats all HAVE FUN PLAYING GUYS
I like this game this game is have a many mob and weption one thin you don' t have a new weption in star ship trooper you have this weption very fun to kild bugs and you need a skins for soldie you need marin skins and teorrs skins too this game very very very very fun to play you can play with other player to you play solo you can make a many money and you can by havey michen gun and rocket luncher
Very good game please improve its graphics and control please include somting more like as sprint jump and map moving
Its a nice game but please add an option on/off for enemy minimap to see the enemy also i love the way you add a car but please add more vehicles like Tank,Motorcycle because the game is good for vehicles..i love the game so much
I haven't tried the whole game but what I do want you to change is the texture of the guns because the game look a bit pixelly(but its a good thing) butyou tried to make the guns realistic So If you could do the gun texture matching to the whole game it will be lot more cool to see. also can you just minimize the joysticks because I feel like its very big for me when Firing
Hi owner of this game can you fix the When you join a server its lag and add more guns,mode,map, And when your the admin in a room you cannot glitch:( anyways i like your game:).
Good multiplayer game. I only ask the developers to change the way of making maps. As a map maker i find it really hard because some place cant be reached.
Plss update this bugs and new things: -Juggernaut can't fight using knife, update this -new weapon: laser -new in weapon shop: teleport -bots can't find a way toward its enemy than the players, just longen it. Plss join me in you, Ivan thx... :)
ngl it's a great game! but why do you need 100,000 points just to upload your map creations on public? that's a lot... with that amount, you could at LEAST earn points by killing bots. at this point most servers mostly have bots and the players not that much. there are other servers that full of players but wether they ban you for no reason (idk what I did though which makes even harder to earn it) or they don't take seriously (which is fine by me but the fact that servers aren't that much).
It's not a very big size app so why not to try it? When you get boored it's not a bad idea to delete it so ehy not try to hide it? This game is good offline and fun also it has easy control so highly recommended 5/5 for a free game
Thank you 2D strike you improve the anti cheats to this game some hacking his/her game to get some score and i request to put report and ban a player if he/she cheats
I love this game, it's so awesome but I rate 1 star because of hackers and host banning people just because they are bad at game :(
too great for 2d download and gave it five stars users they deserved it plsss improve tha game more and there are cheaters online plss fix naniiui
Its a great game and i dont mind the ads and i have suggestions 1. give the sniper rifle the ability to zoom (like being able to scroll off the screen and snipe your targets) also the bullet should travel faster 2. perhaps each of the team bases have an interoir which is kinda like another game map but just an interior, it would add cqb to the game, also your camera would be zoomed and other areas not in your line of sight would be blacked out 3. add a map maker people would love it thx
I love this game! Also I can do create an my own map and I will share it to server then i did it i love this game there's no lag smoothie gameplay and chattings and free change Team so i rate this 9 stars and please give it an best update....
Its a great game but when i play this game the bots like to destroy bushes and box the like idiot plz bro update this game it will be better game.
Love it! Love all the unique gamemodes most shooting games fail to add. Love the simplicity, which makes it fun and you can never, ever get bored of this! I love simple games, maybe you do, but if you are still reading this, download this freaking game now or you'll forget it and you will regret it!
I like the game but theres alot of hackers and my profile got bugged or something it reseted my whole score and everything is zero please fix that bug that resets your profile to zero i like the game but theres a problem
It's kinda fun when played offline... The online games are just pure toxicity. I feel like it needs some sort of moderation system.
Hey dev thanks for adding knife can you add more knife like this karambit,katana,and,butterfly knife and add shield and make a a realoading animation to make a great game and fix this the bot like to destroy boxs and bushes they are like idiot and plz add helicopter in the battle royale and add more battle royale maps plz and last thing make the graphics even more awesome i hope you update it soon AND YOU WHO READ THIS DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT'S AMAZING GAME TRUST ME.
Best of the 2d games . We can call it king of the offline multiplayer games.Thanks give us more update so we can have more fun.
I love the map editor! I think it would be cool if you add different background ambience, and also maybe a new button in the map editor like events, for example I button or moveable things that can change the way you play the maps. So far this game is really good. I would definitely recommend it.
I like the game. Seriously. But i want multiplayer. Its boring Alone in games. Yeah the game is fun an all. But please.
Good game but I want more guns and bring skins in the game and you can buy different skins bring a new map new items like teleport item and a ban system there are many hackers they have wall hacks abd aimbot just waiting for your reply and please update the game
Love the game, love the graphics a lil πŸ˜‡ and this game have potential "to be honest", and I just wanna request some new updates 😁 1:new guns(even the game has already have tons of guns) 2:character and skill (add some system where we can earn gold from playing and with that we can buy a character with "unique skill" or "ability") 3:game mode (pls add "Prop Hunt" and "domination" modes" Last one πŸ˜‚ 4:new maps 😘 And Love u guys for making the game 😍
I love this game and I love the graphics and the mb is so low love this game and I hava a problem (1) some hacker's join in my server and I put pass and still the hacker's got In (2) there are some ppl who have the 500 rocket luncher and I always die (3) the hacker's ban me from my server
this game is great, it has the potential to be one of the known games ever. i only have few suggestions to tell; 1. make more options for the overall game. 2. add new weapons and melees even it is old and new. 3. have an hero customization which you can edit your character's hair, skin, and many more. 4. bring more exciting and entertaining features. 5. read other people's suggestions because there are great ideas out there. Thank you for creating this game, be safe ❣️ APRIL 18, 2021
It's an awesome game and all but when I switched the mode it just blinks and I can't play the free for all and base defense mode. I keep trying to press it but it just blinks and wont let me scroll up to play different modes. It is a great game and thats the only thing wrong.
Very good game add land mine and update player and airplane Very good game i like this game is this game realstic :)
I playing this game but 1 big problem any time any match any server join hacker and need. 1000 health 500 RPG and. Hacker. Win players not enjoy all players very sad please all hackers I'd band
Awesome gaming,the control are good this update is highly recommend looking forward for future updatesπŸ”₯
Sir i would like to have this game a player editor which you can full customize your own character, I still waiting for your updates until this day !!!thank you, sir pls update your game, i love it so much, even it is not that perfect, sir please see the other people who recommend updates about on your game and we will wait for the next update, sir please make an update before the year ends because i really love this game!!! Why this game didn't update???
Thanks For Command In Wish Developer but I wish again in Another update we have group war tournament πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ with you can substitute your teammate with only leader or co leader doit that's and the group war is 5v5
Very good game . I think it is the best game under 20 mb . The game don't get lag or even crash . Graphics , gamplay is too good . It is the best game. Keep it up please give regular update
I like the game 2D STRIKE its so fun to play with bots or player and it has so many modes like: battle royal, ghost, bugs attack, zombie mode, etc. But i need a little update i need a shield that can block the bullet the sheild is for the first equipment or u can add in sec equipment Is so cool! In my first try this im so dumb to play but untill i now the control and what is the most hurt guns or weapon πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š (TRUST ME I TRY THIS GAME) (IS SOOOO COOOLLLL!)
I used to play this awesome games and I was thinking there is a lot of hacker's and can you maybe add skins for your character and weapons to the game and maybe some more vehicles like tanks or jeeps instead of just a ATV
Hi can you plz add I dog in also and it's a good game thanks plz I wish there was dogs and a shield that's blocks bulluts
This game is amazing!!! But can you add skin your gun upgrade and your character skin thank you for making this game
This is The Best game ever....But there are some problems...(1)There are a lot of HackersπŸ˜πŸ™…Please make a system of banning ID.(3)Need more tools in map editor like. center finder. equal finder.Walls replacer etc.A lot of Peoples will play this game when you will apply these things.Thanks.
to start things off, this is a great game with nice controls, gamemodes, and multiple selections of weapons. some more balance and tweaks on weapons and map is pretty much needed because the 200$ shotgun just one hits while 500$ sniper rifle doesn't. i'd say pretty nice game and i would recommend it to my friends.
This game is cool Multiplayer mode is flawless Wish to add more guns and fix the issue where i got caught by the zombie even thou it didnt touch me that's all still great game
I really love this game but there's only 1 Battle Royal Map and I hope there will be 2D Strike 2.. that has many more Battle Royale Maps because we mostly play Battle Royale, Me and my friends was very enjoy playing this game together. 2D Strike 2 with more Battle Royale Maps or please update with new many Battle Royale Maps including PUBG Erangel Map.. Thanks❀
Its fun and I suggest to add many more game mode and I like you could make an among us mode plss. ...
This game is so amazing but can u add some prop and hunt mode and some new weapons so i will invite my friends to play if you alredy update thank you i'll be waiting.
I love it!!! And my cousin loves it has many modes to play with and can you add a gamemode called hide and seek please and a character shop and thank you for this game
This game is awesome but idk why my game sound just too loud(I mean extremely loud) developer please fix this. Thnx.
This game is good, add glock, deserteagle,combat shotgun, tec,thompson,awm,machete,fist plz if you read this thank you
2d But Epic Gameplay,and could you pls add block sizes on map editor, and make the graphics simple like a simple shadow when outside/inside and lightings when shooting and make sections on gunshop like meelee/pistol/smg/rifle/sniper rifle/heavy and lastly could you do character customization
I love this game but some times i have to face some glitches like stucking in wall and many more glitches please fix it but anyways this game is best game ever i have played even after facing fome glitches i will always rate you 5 star!
I really love your game lots of modes for just 16mb!!i also have "game suggestions" 1.you can upload your own texture 2.landmine(if you step in it it will explode..usefull for zombie mode) Also add spectator mode and if you spactate a bot/player you can see how many health,armor and ammo he got..just like the sfg2 game!!also add more melee weapons!!if you read this creator please add upload your own texture on map editor thanks😊😊😊
Its Nice I Have A Request. 1. Pls Make Map Bigger. And Move That In Left Side Pls. 2. Add New Hero. 3. Add Customization Of Hero. 4. Make Scope Not Line (And Pls When The Scope Has A Target It Will Color Red Pls). 5. Why In The Map I Have No Seen Color Red. I Mean Why I Cant See Enemy In Map. Add Red Enemy To Know There's An Enemy Or No. 6. Add Houses In Battle Royale Mod To Go Inside It. Pls I Will RATE: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. WHEN U COMPLETE MY REQUEST
love this game real love it :V i meet lots of friends play any gamemode like battle royale base defense and more but i have a suggestion 1:plzz add helmets 2:make the graphics a bit better and 3:add new weapons like saw and chainsaw 4:add new vichles plzz add like airplanes and more plzz add this new and plzz this too add skin you can create your own or buy some of the who create skin or theres you can by you score boom there plzz add this sorry im bad at english
Please update this game.If you update this game mainly graphics. Secondly vehicle. And thirdly music and sound it would be better for this game and the user.
Add some weopons like 'net thrower' to immobilize opponent, 'mine bomb'. The gaming experience is so nice, i would be better if u could add tgese features
The game is so great i love it with different modes but kindly add squad duo in battle royale mode and make 100 pkayers please and add some seilings so that the other players cannot see you when you in the inside of a house
Game likes to lag. Let me make it clear. It wasnt lagging before. Now it is. Not to do with the maps or stuff like that . Small lag but for sure gets in the way of things
Add a mode called zombie attack but you can spawn or despawn any and add a new respawn feature when dying like a word called noob if you died too much if you kileld someone well it will make them like hey someone kileld I know you're a tryhard and die from a random noob but he actually wasn't a noob