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28 Card Game (Twenty Eight)

28 Card Game (Twenty Eight) for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Ugen Govender located at PO Box 28242. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
bad game.. you can call thani only once in a series. Game gets stuck when you call thani the second time and new game starts. which puts 1 game loss in streak. i've logged bug multiple times. change that then stars
Game Preface is good but the logic placed is extremely bad. Your Partner is expected to give you point on a Non-Color card, when you put Jack at begining. But it holds the points with himself & plays it on other round, giving the points to opponents.
Awesome I felt the real table game experience.. eagerly waiting for the online multiplayer mode... hope that it will happen soon
This is a shorter version of traditional game called 56. Though there are many different rules than the traditional shorter version, yet it is fun to play. Wish it was online with real friends.
Game works ok but it takes the fun out when it clearly seems that the opposition is sharing hands. One side calls and all the Jacks and Trump is with the partner.
Player needs to keep the trump card within the first four given cards.. this is pathetic.. pls change this option..
This game is too good. But while playing Thani team mate shouldnt play. Bcoz if he has higher card the player will lost the chance to play further. Also the opponant doesnt play from same suit even when they have that. Kindly fix these two bugs. One more thing is, kindly reduce the size of label shown on the players or make the size of cards bigger then only we can see the cards left, after getting required points.
Ok guys first off , this is the best made game of 28 on playstore , really enjoying it. Couple of things to improve: 1. Make the deal Clockwise 2. Add sounds to each move (deals and other stuff) 3. I think it would be much more fun if you could finish out the cards in your hand even if you already know who has won . Since the game involves a lot of calculations it would be nice to know if you were right , even if you have to wait until the end. 4. Add a green background.
Need a fix to stop the game if all 4 Jacks are in one hand - similar to if all trump cards are with both the partners and the opposite side doesnt have one. Thats the one major issue i found. Maybe some issue as well because whenever someone has all the 4 Jacks I am able to see all their 8 cards. One suggestion, if possible can you please start a multi player real-time version. Update: 4 Jack's issue fixed👏👏... Now waiting for you folks to make it multi player... Do you have plans for that...
This app is soo great.. wish it had an option to play with friends too.. would have been great if it had option to play with friends especially during this lockdown time..
When we play J of any suit (not the trump) our team mate i.e the bot is supposed put the highest point it has. For eg: If I play J of hearts and the team mate has 9 & 7 of hearts, it plays 7 and later the 9 will get trumped by the opponent in the following rounds. There is no logic to this move. Please fix this issue.
Game play if good but the strategy is all flawed. The developer might be a very bad player himself. Lot of foolish play happens... Not good enough for serious players
Great game. Play this game a lot. Sometimes, the team mate makes bad plays (mainly, not putting point card when round is ours, but putting point card when next round goes to opponent), but i guess even in real life folks can do that too. If possible, please make an app for 56 and 40 as well.
Game very interesting. But opposite team score not visible, so please relocate the opposite team score digits. Thank you.
There is a bug in your game. The players on the right can throw a card that doesnt belong in the suit when they do have cards in their hand for that suit. eg: They can play a diamonds on a clubs hand and then play clubs the next round. The game isnt enforcing the rule to play the same suit if the player has it. I saw it several times.
I had been playing with app for almost 2 months. A regular player. I like this app a lot Im terms of ease on accessibility, graphics and others. But I would like to put forward some suggestions 1. I almost started to get same sequence games now, as in I started to get the cards which I had played before. 2. It would be good if you can incorporate online playing or atleast with groups or a private table. Would really look forward to hear on this.
Very well done app! There is not too much distracting visuals. Its just for playing the game without any hurdles. It would be awesome if there was another app for 56 or if you could extend this app for playing 56.
Awesome apps thanks ... Waiting for multiplayer game via wife or internet.. I prefer WiFi multiplayer.. would like to play with my friends ..
Looks great and all the rules in place..any option for multiplayer ? Like a private game with conf. Call?
Recent changes look good. There are some significant issues: #1 If I bid 19 and opponent bids 20, I should be able to bid 21. Rule is one bid <20, one bid 20 - 23 and one bid 24 - 28. #2 Partner should not repeat suit if opponent played a 9 in a round we captured. Obviously, the 9 is a lone card and will give advantage to opponents. #3 should try to play repeat suits if trump round is done, allows me to discard singles. Partner plays repeats only if he has top card in the suit.
The AI is so predictable in the hard mode. When it's your partners turn to call it gives you an ok hand but you have to call 20 to overturn the 14 call. When it's the opponent's turn to call then it gives you 4 rubbish cards to start then 4 of the same suit in the next round maybe with a jack too such that you are highly tempted to call 24 with like 2 or three pazha cards. It gets tiring and too predictable.