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28 Card Game (Twenty Eight)

28 Card Game (Twenty Eight) for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Feathersoft Info Solutions Private Limited. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great app, but two things. 1.) Def needs an online multiplayer 2.) Sometimes the app will just not deal the cards, so it's just an empty table
There are some bugs in the game that should be fixed. First when you have placed the Trump card and it your play and you only have Trump suit in your hand while no one as asked for the Trump card, the game stops and doesn't respond to any plays. There is also a logical problems such as when it my hand the AI teammate dosen't give teammate point while it's their hand. There are some programming errors in this game and the developers need to work on a new patch to fix these issues.
It's a fine app. It works well in my phone. Ad is not irritating. There are few bugs in the game. Like if you haven't used the trump and you remain only with that then game can't be proceeded. Should add features like playing with your friends. Also skill level of the system is low.
Good to pass a few minutes from time to time. Tons on problems with the logic. For example, if I play a trump on a early hand where the Jack of a non-trump suit has not been played yet, the opposing player will still play his Jack AFTER I cut even when he has a King or lower of that suit. I have also made many 24 calls with very marginal hands because the opposing player will arbitrarily throw away point cards when I flush out trumps.
First and most important is to include an option for multiplayer.ie we can take control of all players by connecting them to a common wifi hotspot. second improve background taste.Otherwise will rate u 5
Nice attempt at this fantastic game. Few issues need to be ironed out, these are mentioned by other people. The AI of players 2 and 3 need to be improved vastly. Their game plan is pathetic and beyond logic in most instances
I hav discovered a flaw in the game... that I set the trump and haven't opened the trump and then if the first turn is for u (for that set) with only the card of the same set of that trump then I am unable to play... I have tried to open the trump too... But in vain...
Could you make this playable between friends by syncing through Google account. Also one issue I see is, say I called highest point , placed the trump, & the game started we are playing each card @ time, it got to point where the trump is not raised & it's my trun to start the round, the app will not let me play since i am playing the trump but all I have is trump & I have to play it. That's how it is in real-life game. But I can't play it like that here. Hope you guys can fix that Asap.
Pros - 1. Fun to play. 2. Simple 3. Not too heavy on the phone. Cons - 1. Could improve the AI of the team player (player 3). He isn't too smart and makes the wrong moves sometimes. 2. Would like to have an exit button 3. Would like to have a pause button
The Update has screwed the game further. Even when I have only trump cards left, I can't play them because the trump hasn't been revealed yet. Very disappointing.
Brings out the nostalgia of good old college days. Guys please make it posible for online play with real people.
I was using 28 to kill my time. Not the best alternative to card game but it was not bad. Then came the update, aap is crashing too often. Why I am not able to switch my trump card after second distribution? I was able to do it in the older version. Please fix the issues.
Quiting a game is difficult .we have to wait to get the turn. If I want to exit the game, no such options found. Not able to change the trumph if I accidently choose one.cant see it again until I can use. Good attempt. .fix the issues first..den I ll give u good rating
Clearly skewed game. Does not follow the rules. Computer players get best cards most times and know others cards.
Game logic is not upto the standards. For e.g.. When team A has clearly higher value card available to get a particular draw, it won't play that card instead it play a.lower number and lose the draw. It might give unwanted win or lose to you. More issues are still there..
i play bridge and i find the bridge apps to be smoother and the game play faster. bidding sequence is annoyingly slow and the size of the cards is tiny. not that great to use
Struggled to read the cards, especially the spade and clubs looked the same. Could do either larger card fonts or clear pics. The game made my phone slow
Hey developer. Thanx for this amazing game. Can u do 40? Itz simple. Just replace all card 7 with card 3s, only difference is card 3 will be having 3 points each. So 3 x 4 = 12, 28 +12 = 40. Also the card 3 will be having power equal to that of jack. And which ever comes first in the round, will be preferred. More points + more power = more fun.😎
Apart from the numerous obvious glitches, the AI is also bad beyond imagination. Seems like the first iteration of the app was launched without any bug fix. Also if the logic of game play is as intended, then the credibility of the maker as a 28 player is non-existent. I dont write any review, good or bad. But I love 28, been playing since my age was in single digits. Hence i was forced to criticize this abhorrent app which ruins the classic game.
1. If the first call from player3, then player4 pass, So player 2 doesn't have the right to call below 20. This should be solved in new update. 2. If player 4 pass the bid, then next call for player 2, but it comes to player 1. 3. Player 3 always cross trump with J. 4. Player 2 is always cross trump with J 5. Player2 always cross with trump if player 3 used it already. 6. If team A won the match with 28 points, then the winning point reduced from team A