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2407 Premier League

2407 Premier League for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Roosh Interactive located at Roosh Interactive Pvt. Ltd., 7, Jer Mansion, B-Wing, Turner Road, Waman Pundlik Warde Marg, Tata Blocks, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400050.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Worst app. Full of ads. It's a scam. The permissions taken by the app can be used to spy on you. Do not install. Better games are available on the Play store.
Why u want so many permissible such as.... location and everything....aside from this the graphics are bad with no good game mechanics.... even the game is choppy... highly disappointed
Its awesome and that comments of team07 members during game is so funny. Everything is awesome about this game
Wow! It's fully fantastic game and I am enjoying it too but please tell me how to change our celebrity i want to change it I want Faisu in my game but by mistake my hand touched on Faiz I uninstalled the app and than I installed it again but I can't change my celebrity Faisu is my favourite i want him in my game so, please tell me how to change the celebrity
- I didn't understand it was before given 4.6 ratings and now 1.7 how I don't know how someone can hate team 07 and the game is also great but yeah scoring that much high in 90 seconds is impossible so you can play 07 pool or 07 candy in this game there is not only bike racing but other so I would like to say just don't rate it blindly first play and then rate it. Rumours are created by haters spread by stupids and enjoyed by idiots. Don't be a Idiot don't rate by hearing rumours
Background in the next few weeks, and I am not sure what the papers and the other side of the most popular and a half years ago. It is not a good day. The other hand I am a bit like the look out the best of luck for the next couple of day and night, the only way is a good idea to advertise the same time, the more I can do to help. If you have a great deal of the most important thing. I am not sure how long will you have a great deal of the most of your choice of seats are you a call the best way
Useless app didn't even get past the loading page. Kept loading, my Internet coois stable yet the app was not loading. Extremely disappointed.
It's the best game I have ever played.I would like to rate it 5 stars.I would also like to say to developer to make this game age groups 12+ because I don't think that it's harmful for children above 12.
Best game. Very nice and great controlling. I like it very much and recommand this game to everyone. But i have a question that how i can change the character . Please reply i don't know how to change it. Thats all thank you.
Those who are getting angry with ads don't be angry😡...be cool😊..Because the more ads you see the more money they will get as adsense gives payment for ads as we see ads on yt and apps bcoz of that the creator gets money in dollars...by this development company and team 07 will get too high money..Est. more than 2 lakh per month.
Better games are available with less ads..And less storage.. And why are they asking for media access permission?? It's like they are, cheating with this thing.. Useless attempt
In my State Tripura... I can't able to play this game... very much disappointed.... Please allow us to play this game in our state Tripura... Please I beg to the authority and Team07 to make it playable in our state Tripura... It's a Kind and Humble.Request from a fan of team07, an Indian... Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Best game, but by flowing with trend everyone is hating individual along with this game. They never installed, but came here for 1 star. Play once then you know.
Amazing app. I liked it very much. In one app there are so many games. I love team 07 very much. In that Hasnain is my favourite. All of you download this game. If you play this game you will enjoy very much. Sablog download karo guys.
I don't think that the high scores are real because I have played permire league games before there scores look like pre set bots by the developers so real people can't earn money this looks like a scam to get ad revenue as these scores are ridiculously high and unachievable fairly. I really think that this is a scam to lead people into thinking they will earn money but in reality there are the leaderboard scores of bots so real people won't earn and Dev's earn by ad revenue. I don't recommend.
I hadn't found any type of option about money or transaction nothing is there just play the games not any tournaments nothing ,like we play in mpl there are tournaments with others they take our bank account or paytm but here is nothing like this no anything like money fake app
It is a very interesting app to spend time specially the candy game is very amazing. Those who are telling that they are having problem while playing this game like heating issue etc to them I would suggest to change their phone. My phone is of 2 gb ram and the processor is also very weak but this game is running smoothly. Those who are giving hate reviews they are just haters of team 07. We support #FaisuSquad and #WeLoveTeam07...
My experience is worst because whenever I open this app its take too much time and sometimes it's not opened and it's not my network issue there is an issue with this app
I didn't understand it was before given 4.6 ratings and now 1.7 how I don't know how someone can hate team 07 and the game is also great but yeah scoring that much high in 90 seconds is impossible so you can play 07 pool or 07 candy in this game there is not only bike racing but other so I would like to say just don't rate it blindly first play and then rate it. Rumours are created by haters spread stupids and enjoyed by idiots. Don't be Idiot don't rate by hearing rumours
Awesome...this app has 3 games in it...it gives us a very nice experience....team 07 is our favourite...and the game is also provided with lots of cash prizes and iPhone 11 max pro...!!!👌👎🔥💫💞🔥
Really a very bad experience with this app They all are cheaters..they will not let you win in any case The best scores shown to earn money is impossible to break..totally a wastage of time..the game is totally like them only..a worst experience Dont think that u can win iphone from this app They will not even give u a single rupee..only waste ur time n efforts only....so humble request dnt waste ur tym n data in downloading this useless app
The games are best. In game rewards are very much better than other apps and the monthly top winners reward is very much expensive. I like the app very much. I recommend everyone to must download the app and play games and win the rewards. Thanks 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
I love team 07 as they are so cool guys and I love too play 2407pl game but prblm is that I couldn't move my bike side to side as some time it's work and sometime it doesn't.. But unfortunately so much love for team07..
Too stupid game the game has not managed well and the balls are not moving. I don't know about race game but rest of 2 r very useless games there is nothing interesting in thos game.I think this game is not of any use.😨😨😡😡🥵 Even the graphics r not clear nor the controls r clear and neither the game play is clear.
Worst graphics and useless app. It is more of a scam which gain access to your phone and uploads your personal and financial information so that your information can be misused and even if you are among in top 10 you won't show up in the leaderboard. There are lot of better apps than this in play store. I will give -3 stars to this app and it's developers. Not worth at all. Thank you!!!
Its Aa very Good game Its Just Awesome But the Leaderboard of The pool is Not updating score it self it just shows Updating Score and after tht If i see in leaderboard its shows the same score i hav score in Last Game.... Can anyone help me ???...... Pls
It's really good app. I really enjoyed it alot. I hope there would be more interesting games to play. There are only 3 games to play.
Graphic is worst. And there are only 3 GAMES to play in which only bike racing is good for playing. And why there is lot of adds.😡😡. AND ONE MORE THING YOU HAVE DELETED MY OLD REVIEW 🤬🤬🤬
Wow!! Amazing game. 07racing, 07pool, 07candyjam these games are very very best. I like it. That's why I am giving 5 star, I am big fan of team07 and Mr. Faisu. Please download this game.
PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TO THIS This app is really frustrating because first it will ask for location permission then ask for OTP with ur registered PAYTM mobile number but OTP never comes to process ahead . I cannot even run the application.
This game is not good because it is written that top monthly winner will win mobile phone but it doesn't happen. I was on the winning list myself but I couldn't find any such mobile phone.....🙄🙄🙄
As expected worst experience. But I shouldn't blame the app as it is developed by a cringe tiktoker who is himself a failure. Earning by playing is a biggest myth and the developers of this app are promoting such myths. I'll suggest not to waste time in this app which is 0×productive= zero times productive . Also too many advertisements are there which isn't so much interesting. Uninstall it, make others do so, rate 1⭐
Absolutely love the game the features. Like it's for all moods. You want to have fun and thrill play bike racing, u wanna just compete play pool and relax with candy jam very well made game. MASHALLAH
Worst App. When You Open the App it will show you blank, many problems are there in the app, i think ludo is 100 of much better then this worst . And the size of the app lol like a pro game. But sersly this is very useless data consuming app
When i start the game it says play and win prizes but the screen had coming soon game.... i tried many times but the game was not start.. Even now it doesn't turn out 😐😐😐
The high scores are unachievable it's like they have preset that high score using bots . The game this feel like a scam and nothing but a method to earn revenue through ads.
I'm using 2407 pl app I like this app but I have a issue with the money withdraw problem I have played a game 07 pool and I got rank seven. My rank also show in the daily leaderboard till now I have not get the money where I will get my winning ammount.
I can't able to play this game When I click game my whole screen black and not response please please please fix the problem. This reasons for 1star .
I have download this app three days ago and immidialy hang my mobile, then mobile not even switch on till time ..then today morning i am going to give rating and till afternoon mobile was hang...what a bakvas app...मे हैराण हु जी की कोई इतना घटिया अँप बना कैसें सकता हे...now before its hang i am posting review
बहुत ही ज्यादा खराब एप्प है, एनिमेशन और पिक्चराइजेशन थर्ड क्वालिटी से भी घटिया फोन नं मांगा जाता है Worst app ever. Animation and picturisation quality is below than third quality. When you start the app. It will be asking you your location permission , phone number and other permission I don't think so tuat your mobile data is safe with thi app So install it wisely Thankyou 😊😊
Games are amazing but there is one problem coming in this game is that the scores are not showing increasing like my score is 627.80 and I have played so many times and my scores are showing same... please help me..???
It is a completely lousy app. Never install it, OTP comes too late and if it arrives, it says invalid
Amazing game for earn money, but i was upset once because one day when I played a game in mid night and perform nicely and my rank was in top 5 in the leaderboard, after sometime app 'under maintenance' Notification shown in my mobile screen, after 'under maintenance' process is over my name was invisible from leaderboard.
Your leaderpoint board is hacked ...... Too sad to see Please make the app able to purify hacking tools . it is too disappointing too see the leaderpoint about 67000000 points 😡😡😡 not a joke ....
Really I felt well while playing this game But somethings needs to be corrected by updating it is quite difficult to play and sometimes it is laging so i hope in future it will be an amazing gaming hope That is necessary to grow up the app....
This game is amazing but one problem coming in this game is that the scores are not showing being increased like my scores are showing 627.80 and i have played it so many times but the scores are not increasing... Help me out...??
This application is soo cool I am loving it. I love the voice when they say something but one thing I wanna change my celebrity I don't know how it will be change would you please tell me how to change it but whatever I am loving this game
It was nice but I need help in racing game would you help please ..... And I love the game..😍🥰👍🤗and the same time I was felling bored first and now I am enjoying the game ...also I am excited to play again and again thnx a lot for this game .......so nice game and i am trying to get succed in this game .... It is hard for me for first time but it is not hard now... So that set I like the game most and I am thankful to team 07 to invite this game...thank you so much 🥰🥰👍🤗.....at last thnx.
Bakwas app ...am from odisha n the app is not logging in......sucks when you download a 91mb aap n it doesn't work......too bad.....the app has to give the information in the advertisement...only want the people to download n make them fool ...very bad...
Ammazing app..3 games in one..I love it..although they r lil tough but it's worth the time and efforts❤Its really fun to play
Nowadays it's cash reward is not distributing its giving a problem for me I never won paytm cash when game launched but now iam at top4 but still I can't get money please solve this otherwise this game is really awesome
Very interesting game.. I like it very much... And yeah team 07 rockes✌✌✌✌...i hope this game will become most tranding game... ❤❤
Very nice experience Can win real cash prices iPhone 11 and get a chance to talk with them through video call this is best that we can get a chance to call them
Very interesting app and I love it much fun Every day I'll play this game with my sister Very very interesting app guys download it and play now with real money cash
This is so much irritating app. Too much battery consumption and also feeling scared to data privacy. It makes my phone slow down too. Remove this app from play store
This apps is very irrating with lots of adds . I can't play a single game without seeing 5 ads. If you talk about controls it's worst then any game. Graphics are not smooth. Game has only ads .
Very very Bad App. Worst of all the App that I had used till date. Contains lots and lots of Ads. And why does it ask for Media Access permission.
Wow! It is fully fantastic game and I am big fan of 07 team I give him 5 stars because this is very nice game and its gameplay, graphics, controls is too good really I am enjoying it
I like this app so much but tere is some problem, my highest score in bike racing is approximately 10000 but it now showing in leader board plz fix it..