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2248 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CurryGames located at New Territories Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Used to be a very good game but now it has been spoilt by too many ads. And some of them are too long in duration. Uninstalled..
There is something seriously wrong with your game you'll be playing and then all of a sudden the screen goes black and then you got to sit there and wait let it might come back on I mean I really like your game but there's something seriously wrong with it you need to fix it thank you
I paid for the add free version, switched phone and tried to restore the purchase and I does not work. To be sure I checked my purchase history and my purchase is still there. I feel cheated.
boring game...and seems like you can't loose, or at least didn't seem like and stopped because of it being boring, and also, the name "2248"...i feel like it's error because if it isn't, it makes no sense because 2^11 is 2048, and i know there is already game called 2048 which this game is anyway trying to copy...but it just doesn't make sense. better name would be 2048 and something else related to the game. (edit, It's not error so it's just stupid name that makes no sense)
This game could easily be a 5 star game but there ads are infuriating. The ads pop up non stop while playing and some are 30s long. Not only are there random ads that interrupt the game play, there are ads on the borders. Now the banner ads block part of the board and you can even see your score.
It's a fun twist on 2048, but the app is poorly made. For example, the banner ads cover your score. There is no way to return to the main menu to adjust settings, etc. except for losing a game. There's no way to reset or quit your game. Also, instead of adding 2s and 4s, the computer fills the board with every tile you've unlocked, making games much shorter than classic 2048.
Addictive game, well worth the $2.99 price not to see any commercials, BUT I restored this after wiping my phone and the 'restore purchase' button simply doesn't work and support just doesn't respond, which is BS.
non-stop long duration ads that you have to watch for 10 sec after every pause. tgat is unacceptable and I am deleting the game (I do not experience this kund of problems in your other games)
Way too many ads that are irritatingly difficult to back out of. I wouldn't mind if if (3) 1Ks were counted correctly, among many other miscounts. I like the game, not the bad counting, ergo incorrect scoring.
Amazing and addicting -- update...lowered rating after purchasing ad-free version of game and still having ads even after clicking buttin to eestore purchases.
I learned from the book Ender's Game decades ago that counting doubles in my head was a very useful trick to counter panic and anxiety attacks. This game uses that same concept, and I'm quite astounded at how useful it is for the very same thing. If you need another tool for helping you handle anxiety and panic, this is well worth the money to pay for the ad free version. (Thank you, to the team of people who designed and developed this!)
Hey - you can shove your CONSTANT, LITERALLY EVERY 12-15 SECONDS, LAUNCHING OF ADS right up your F'ing @$$ You LITERALLY FORCE people to watch 2 videos if you don't CONSTANTLY touch the screen within 12-15 seconds !!!
ADs before even starting the tutorial (assuming there's one). Let me at least try if it's worth it before starting throwing them like crazy.
I really like your game and I enjoy playing it but there's seriously something wrong with it it is constantly interrupting my play by popping screens on top of my play and I'll just start playing and on top of another thing on top of the game and then I have to ask about of that don't pop another screen so you got something going on there and it's really aggravating so I hope you can get it fixed
Ads pop often, but not more than few seconds to X. Great gameplay! I don't mind ads, I will support. It's when it's like every minute that is a bit much so 4/5★
Paid for no ads a while back. Now it is asking me to pay again, and the ads are not only now back in the game, they are in greater numbers and also in my notification tray. I'm not the only one reporting this, and it has been going on for a while. I don't think the devs care, or they did this on purpose.
So many events trigger unskippable ads. Meaning that to play you must restart a game... genius manetization plan, guys
How is anyone supposed to PLAY if they have ads-cutting them off midmoves? I've tried it for a few months. Deleting for good. I'm not sure if your revenue is unfairly priced, but if you gotta borderline harrass people with repetitive ads, get some new sponsors.
The game is good, however I will only rate with one star because of an ad that keeps showing over the menu buttons preventing one from tapping on them. That is totally unacceptable.
During game I cannot see my score or I don't know what more information because the google ad field covers it. Otherwise the game is done fine: playable and error free copy of other I have seen. Exit option is missing - I have to kill it on my own every time.
Its a good game but I've paid for ad free and changed my phone, it wont allow me to restore my purchase and it wants to charge me full price again!!
I've paid for this game, but the intrusive ads have returned. 'Restore Purchase' does nothing. I'm not going to pay again. Please reinstate my purchase. No response from developer
An oddly satisfying variation on the classic match 3, this is a really addictive game. It has the right blend of strategy and fun to relax with, yet still tease your mind.
used to love this game but now it has WAY to many ads. Now when you hit high numbers you get a pop up and more ads. Not keeping it anymore.
Would've rated a 4, but for an annoying glitch since a recent update: The hammer tool no longer resets each day, & can only be used every 3 minutes. Weirdly, I also get the sounds of ads in the background, but no video - that's a first!! I got the ad-free version too. I can't find a way to report this in-game, though that might just be me 🤔
Very nice and addictive game but waayy too intrusive and aggressive with ads. Makes an overall frustrating experience
I've spent hours playing this. Im only rating it 3 stars for 2 reasons: the ads are too much, I can't stand to pay unless I turn off wifi so your just losing all your ad revenue. Secondly, I think the scoring system needs work. If I join 2 8s and then connect that to a 16 instead of doing it all in 1 go, I get more points. It encourages you to only connect 2 at a time but I feel like you should be encouraged to do big combos by introducing a multiplier or something.
i really want to fully LIKE this little time killer but 2 stars removed because a) restore purchase button does nothing after i had to reinstall this to a new phone due to a crash, and b) scores can not be saved online or backed up. i know its just a dollar and who cares about the 76 million score i built up over weeks, but - meh.
The game itself is great! However the amount of of ads make it barely playable. It goes from easily discardable adds that show whenever you get a new tile (above 1K) to randomly showing ads for games that I never want to play that take up to 30 seconds. A few months ago there were less ads and they were not so invasive. Now I do understand that the developers need to make money too, but this thrives people away from the game.
I can't restore my purchase. I paid to receive no ads and the game keep showing me ads, and the button Restore Purchase didn't work.
Rating as one star, would rate as -3 if I could. Drains you data by showing lots of, too many ads which play for ages and your back button is totally hijacked to prohibit you using your own device during the ads. Utterly greedy developer.
I bought the paid version but on my new phone i am getting ads. It's horrible. Developer does not respond to email. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP. The payment is not honoured and the ads will return.
Outstanding game. Challenges your puzzle ability and math. Exciting and challenging, while not just being the same thing colored different.
In the middle of plays, ads start rolling in, making me lose my concentration. Don't be so greedy, I'm getting fed up with this...
I got the ad free version of the game on my old phone and then when I swapped my phone and tried to restore purchase it never ended up working. Needs to be fixed for the people that got a new phone
Awesome game! Gives a new breath of air to the 2048 style games. Only Issue are the annoying videos in-game
As a business owner you need to strike a balance between making money and keeping your customers. When your app is overwhelmed with ads - and long ads at that - you lose customers. I've been playing this game for a long time however with the recent ad breaks for no reason at all, I'm out. There are too many other games to try.
So I take it you're not going to do nothing about fixing your game you just playing your game and then all the sudden it gets brakes off to add right in the middle of playing not trying to get anything I just breaks off and goes to bed several several times well it seems you're not going to try to fix it and I'm done with it and I had it for quite a while so I'm over it thanks for not fixing that I guess
It is great, but I bought no-ads in November, changed my phone and now it shows ads again. Okey, understood, will buy no-ads again... It is now three times the price it was in November. Sorry, but it is unacceptable for me.
This game does not work well on phone. I mean it runs fine, but my finger is always in the way. This would be a better game on pc, where you can see all 8 directions. Also, there is a glitch where the tiles fall the wrong direction sometimes. Atleast fix that.
The app game is far too easy compared to the web version. No big numbers come through and there's less rows. Its soooo easy its boring I've stopped my game. I can't play online version cause one of the adds keep freezing at 2.48