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2048 Original

2048 Original for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Androbaby located at Free Zone and Port No:553 Famagusta, 99450. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was playing 3 by 5 game for weeks. Had the 65000 and the 32000 so not far off completion. Just went on it and it has reset itself and not even saved the score. Now says my high score is zero on 3 by 5 board, all the high scores for other boards have not been reset though. Really annoyed me and that's on the quickest board. Imagined if that happened on a big board after playing for months and months. Not worth the risk
When I reach 2048 and tap to continue, the board does nothing, it's frozen. I keep tapping and nothing happens.
This game is fun and challenging it's a family favorite but can you cut down the adds a bit and make it show your high score.
Wrist app I'll ever played or tried to never go through the correct numbers that'd tried to get into the slots or whatever you'd call them I had to uninstall your App and I'm not Sorry okay fix this never get anywhere App.
Perfect. I love it has no adds. Great work. An app that us still like apps on this platform used to be. I'd give it an 11 if I could 👍
It lost my game and made me restart from scratch. I'm ranked in 8x8 but when I restart it my personal record is zero!!! What a waste of time....
Yuck a very bad game. Nobody should download and waste their time, money and data. 😤😤😤😤😤👹👹👹👹I had made a tile of like 128000 I one shot then later when I relogined it was gone.
Ads pop up in the middle of game play. Had several unintentionally clicked ads because of this. Another great game ruined by ads, uninstalled this trash.
Show some decent ads when we use the app... If you wanna show adult content then mention it seperately. Show some decency while displaying ads...
For a free app (cause I'm a stubborn b) its not in your face about the ads and the experience really hasnt changed since I last played this in 2014, which is exactly what I wanted
no ads, does exactly what it says. I personally would to be able to change the the theme. would be cool!
I really enjoyed playing this game for the first time. Very interesting especially the 5x5 is the easiest and so fun to play. Love it!
It's really a mathematic game it's actually help me at school I remember when I was playing it and I just got it to say it answer it's really a great game but it's hard to get to 2048
Was working my way up to getting a score of 4096 was two moves away and the game blanked out. No game had to restart a new game no saved score! Frustrating designers need to work on glitches. Good way to piss people off.
i love how much this game involves and challenges the brain. it's great for when i'm struggling with anxiety or depression and it even helps when i have flashbacks from my complex ptsd, which isn't an easy thing to do. the only issue is how many ads there are, but that's not really avoidable; gotta make it pay the bills somehow.
Fantastic game! Quiet addicting. I had played 4x4 before but now availability of bigger canvas is very alluring and refreshing too. Only one thing if could be dealt differently - once the game is over, it got me clueless how to get out of it and try again. If there could be some instruction page, it would definitely be a nice value add. This is just a suggestion on a lighter note as it is no way a bug. Great efforts! Keep up the great work. 🙏
I liked 2048 but with this bug of resetting score anytime and loose game is frustrating. I had a 8*8 board and was playing for 5 days 30 min a day and reached 200000+ number and game got reset and i lost game and score. Frustrated.
This game is soooo good. I play it for hours and hours. It is full of surprises. You never know what will happen next. I move right and left and then out of no where everything changes and it's a whole new experience. I cant wait to see what will happen next as I navigate through the unexpected. 5 stars and endless fun.
It's a fun time killer. developers should put a short pauses between moves to prevent accidents and cheaters. It's irritating when on a roll and the screen thinks you touched twice and messes the whole game up. highscores look like ai bots...
Doesn't save progress. It's addicting enough so you can play for hours on end, but I've been using the 8x8 box and any time I've built up past the 524,288 box my game will get reset. I've gotten there twice and the game resets before I get that beautiful 1 million box. Deleting this game. Absolute waste of time.
I was playing a 4x4 and a 5x5 game simultaneously. I had raked up more than 1.5 million points in 5x5 but I was struggling in the 4x4 one so i restarted that game. BOTH MY GAMES GOT RESTARTED!! Lost all the points in the 5x5. I am uninstalling. What a waste of my time and effort!
I needed to learn how to play this for another game, but now, I just like the game. The different grids are fun and it's relaxing for your brain without going on a spending tangent.
A great game. The only bug is that sometimes you end up doing two moves even if you don't intend to do so.
can u make it a endless mode make it unlimited number of title number more then 1 million after I reach 1million title I have to start over so I would like a endless mode can u make 12 x 12 please
After the THIRD TIME it randomly deleted all my progress and high scores while the app was closed (and no, it was not a sign-in issue), I'm just done. Sad, because otherwise it was a good app, but there are dozens more.
That's a good game, I like it and enjoy it most of the time. It help spend my time. The real thing that I enjoy with this game it's that with it I train my mind. Think other people will try it.
I have always been intrigued by this game. This perticular iteration of the game is in dire need of auditory stimuli.
Way too many ads. I got annoyed & uninstalled well before I could play the game long enough to decide if it was worth going ad-free.
Very Disappointed! Was great while played for about 2 wks. I had been clicking "later" on the pop-up that asks to give it 5 stars each time you open it. But today I said "no" so I wouldn't see pop up all the time. I was waiting to rate to see if it would wipe out progress like other reviews said. When I reopened app later, my progress and high score were gone. I had gotten 65,000 square. Uninstalled then Reinstalled game, clicked "later" in pop up and progress up to last week was there. Weird!
love it! has an undo, can't use it repetitively. you can continue after reaching your goal. this is my favorite 2084 game or of all of the standard ones
Ads Is little annoying,when I want open others level ads always pop up,and that worse if 1 level 1 ads and sometimes no skip ads
I'm so disappointed. I had managed a large score with one 131072 tile only to find later that game has reset. Not only my current game vanished, also they are not even showing my high score. I'd give five stars if something is done...
I have been playing the 8x8 board for a couple days, and was just about to reach the 1 million box when all my progress was erased. This app would be great if it would save your progress>:(
This game is one of my all time favorites! It's just so simple but makes you really think and try to beat yourself each time you play!
Very simple idea, but very addictive game. I enjoy it, and the three different grid sizes is a nice change from the classic.
this seems great, my only con is that you control where the boxes go via your mouse or trackpad, and not your arrow keys, can you make a thing where you can toggle that
I love the concept but would love a puzzle version of trying to clear numbers until only one from a strange shape that we have to intuitively solve in a number of turns. Thank you
Be prepared to be addicted! I've never had a problem with the game. I like the different size options and the fact that you can walk away and it keeps your game saved.
The app is smooth and works great but I have it 3 stars because of the autoplaying ads with sound. It's a free app so I don't mind ads. But to have it automatically start playing sounds in an otherwise silent app is obnoxious.
I have this game on my work computer, and I've always hated it. But now that I'm working from home, I can play any game I like, yet, stramgely, I've found that I miss it, so I'm so glad I've found it here.
Its a very fun and addictive game. I originally found it on My Talking Tom and I loved it so much that I downloaded this app and it is fantastic!
I spent so long not scoring 2048 on the easy level, until I changed up to a larger grid then hey presto . . . Then its addictive 1 million is never enough so you just keep on going 15 million & one lapse in concentration uuuuggghhhh still enjoy this game though, its soothing.
As a classic it's REALLY nice & kinda addictive to play but a nice exercise to your brain & skills 1 star is less because once you win all 4 games the fun kinda melts But overall really good game
Its a fun game when you want to exercise your grey cells .... i enjoyed it and continue to enjoy it..
It's a really nice game Well, there are many ads but it's very good Thanks to the developers of this game
I've always loved playing 2048, but this version has multiple board size options and I love having the options.
The app reset my game several times when I had a very high score. I reinstalled app and that game was magically back to where I was. Then the last time it happened again I tried that again with no luck. Super glitchy...makes random moves that end up losing the game for me
Great game for passing time, not too complicated but needs concentration, good to take your mind off some things :)
The ads aren't too intrusive compared to other games I've played. The game itself is very fun and addicting!
This app is so amazing! Firstly, it doesnt lag like the other games, second, it is occupying a little space in my phone. I reccomend you playing this game.
This game does not save your progress! If you enjoy playing the game further than 2048 and get as far as you can don't use this app. It doesn't save your progress unless you quit after 2048, if you play on and close the app or have it ideling for too long it will delete you game.
Several times my game restarted while I was very well on my way (262144 once). Just... don't get your hopes up, your progress disappears.
Love it, complicated in its simplicity! Object is basic getting there can be a challenge, very addictive.
The game is really addictive. But there's a glitch each time I swipe fast. It makes moves that I never made and makes the game difficult for me.
Great game. No "lives" no waiting for anything. You just get an add that you can immediately close and go back toy kur game. What a great experience
Very much confused with this game. I'm a first time user and felt very difficult to understand and play. There is no learning option like how to play this game. It would be helpful if players know how to play before starting game.
I tried going for the 100 million score. Spent a lot of time to reach just below 20 million on the 8x8 grid, but the game ends the moment you reach a tile of 1 million. No way to continue afterwards...
I had a score of 2 000 000 on the 5x5 board. I exit the game, i come back on. The game was cleared. Now tiles on board, no score, no high score. Nothing! 5 days woth of playing just gone! Deleted the game and not installing again
great game but the game cuts you off once you meet the maximum number for that block. For instance, I played the 8x8 block, reached 1048576, then a screen pops up that says "You Win!" You cant keep going after that. :-(
This is a very entertaining game I've been playing it for years it's a good way to flex your mind and bring some time
4 instead of 5 stars because this game is so good and the play, excellent, no nothing wrong, but the game does not look that much attractive and itwill be awesome to add some nice nice stuff.
This game is a very enticing mind enhancing game. I love it. It keeps me thinking on my toes. I have noticed that I am thinking more clearly in other areas of my life as I engage in this game.
It was all right but then a game I had been playing for days just disappeared. I had to start over. This app is now disappearing from my phone.
I like this clone of Threes the best - the smooth gameplay, not so many ads in free version... But I miss custom color schemes and custom colors. The default scheme has too similar colors for an average brain to pick up in a few first values.
doesn't save my game when i quit out, so it's not great for people with short attention spans or who want a very long game.
This is a great game, it's a good challenge and it's also a great puzzle, but like 3 billion ads, we'll, there are some here and there, but great nonetheless. To the developers of the game, thank you, for this amazing game.
Fun but frustrating. I like the game, but in every game the is at least once when I swipe one time and it makes 3 or 4 random moves all at once, then it won't let me undo them all.
I rated it 5 stars and paid for removing adds, and still, my results are reseted time to time and the score is lost.
Reinstalled games recently and remember now how much I enjoy the original 2048. Reasonable ad times and challenging to improve score with practice
Awesome! You can undo one movement and that makes it really easy to play for a long time. I reached 8192 just like that!
Good game but as soon as I stop playing and then go back to same game it starts over again and I lose my score.
I love this game, but still I gave 2 stars as it doesn't have option to sync your current game from one device to other. I have a game going on in one of my device for almost a month, crossing 5 million mark, but the touch screen response of that device is not so good. Hence wanted to continue playing the current game on other device.
Even when I had to put on airplane mode, there were permanent ads I the bottom of the screen. The original also did not have an undo button.
Cool game simple uncluttered. Not bunch of ads. No asking to rate or share game in first 15 minutes of play. Thank you.
very very good game. Not only good time pass in journey or feeling bore, alone gives company to the player but also shorpen the mind.
Personally played 2048 before, this app is better than the previous one I installed from my old phone. the other grids make it easier to win. So far, a good app. Still, a good challenge to play.
Great game. Having lots of fun playing. I don't want to stop playing but I'm extremely DISABLED and my hands hurt so bad from arthritis that I play until their stiff. I love playing. THANK you for a wonderful game. Raymond Miller
The game is a bit buggy. After losing a game, it plays an ad, then pulls up a new game, but is frozen. When I try to reload, it plays another ad, and starts a new frozen game. It seems the only way I have found to consistently start a new game is to completely closed the app, start it again, get an ad, and then hope it works.
Decent enough 2048 game. Good for exercising the mathematics and spacial awareness areas of the brain.
So the game is glitching for me. The glitch happens when I swipe too fast that when I try to swipe once but the tiles moved thrice/twice. It made my strategy go messy and make me lose the pattern that I am going for. I can't reverse it since it moved twice or thrice. I am sad it ruined my high score.
Some ads you can't exit out so you have to close the app fully and it can become annoying, but overall p good
Donno which of these game applications has come first. But this one kills time like anything and useful for those who want to kill time and releive stress
I won the 8x8 and I was really excited!!! I LOVE THIS GAME! I won the 8x8 first try and. ... besides me winning the games graphics are amazing and when you start playing 2048 you just get hooked and keep trying to win and beat people from your family. I also really love the feature where you can have multiple 2048 screens because if I did the smaller ones I would have died, and thank you so much for making this fantabulous game for everyone to play you should make more!!!!!!!!! TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a great way to pass time without it becoming so involved in how many lives or how much time I have left to play. At your own pace. Very easy to get caught up in it that time seems irrelevant. The reason for four stars is it doesn't save a game. It'd be nice to be able to pause/save a game to come back to it later or just to see again how high your score was. Suggestion: keep the 5 highest score in the "bank/vault" memory.
The 8×8 version is freakin' endless 😅. I have been playing this variant of the game from over a month now and it does not seem to be ending any sooner.
Twice it reset my progress on the 8x8 board. I was willing to led it slide the first time, but having it happen again immediately killed any joy of working towards the 1.000.000+ scores
One star solely because of an ad with sound that can't be silenced using the apps settings. I understand the ads but one with sound that pops up and must be muted each time it shows or turn my phones volume all the way down is unacceptable.
The game is very good but I lost my score that I had gained just because the game was reset itself. There should be some fixing in the game regarding this. Anyway, the game is really good .
there is no rewards and coin but ! when ever i angry am just open this game play for 5min and my anger is under control 😁😁 😝 that's why I love this game. đŸĨ°đŸĨ°đŸĨ°
LOOOOOVE =D THIS GAME IS VERY ADDICTIVE. I play it so darn much I've been getting to bed around 4am-5am and having to get to work at 8am... it's crazy, but it's fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best game ever. I liked it the moment i started playing ams i never tire of it. Im glad i can have it on my phone. A great brain game.
This is a good game, but the bright theme make my eyes hurt , Really hope this game can make dark Theme version
Very well designed and simple gameplay. Addictive, and entertaining. -1 star for ads when switching between games and menus.
Interesting game easy and fun... I've got one million as a score is that a record.. And I'm still playing
So addictive. Love the challenge of all boards. Contratry to others, this DOES save progress allowing you to play the same board over a long period of time (weeks!).
I've played this game since 8th grade, now a junior in college. A great way to use my hands while I need to listen to something!
I like 2048 old school I like this one the best because after you make 2048 you can keep going and go as high as you possible and very addicting and I love this game
nice game for elders as well as childrens.make Mims sharp which could help childrens in competitive exams.
game jumps and skips, on a single swipe the whole board will move around. very frustrating especially when you're deep into the game and that happens. Uninstalling...
Game looks interesting, but couldn't find any instructions or explanations how the game goes. Still figuring it out.
Once I played a couple of times and figured it out - I am addicted! I love the different sizes of games. Have been working on the 8x8 for a few days now
Got stucked in an ad that is impossible (no close button appearing) to close when I'm trying to restart the game
Great game!!! I just love it. You have to figure out which way to move the numbers so the numbers get bigger. Slide 4 into 4 to get eight and so on and it reduces squares and also adds one with every slide
Game quality is great, the only time I've had an ad was when I completed and and it was very short :)
I have spent around 15 hours into thr game and all of a sudden my progress at 8x8 board was reset. Back to zero. Waste of time.
Impossible to play, because one can't close the ad at the beginning. All touch functions are working perfectly except the one which would close the ad...
Interesting how every time I get a really high score this game mysteriously resets itself to the beginning. Kinda annoying outcome to an addictive app.
Very good and addictive, hopefully they don't start boring with too many ads in the future. Highly recommended
This game was good. I played it for several days, but some day I entered the game, and my result has been reset. It is absolutely awful and insulting. I almost got tile 32 768. By the way, this story happened to me 2 times already.
Good implementation of this game. Could be a little smoother movement wise. Would like an option to adjust the colors. Also would like the ability to mute ads by default as they can be obtrusive depending on where I am.
8x8 playing 5270820 score. 262144 is the highest tile. Playing for quite a few days now. Guys if the score turns zero, good you can restart again. That's why one plays the game.. Superb game...kills time like none.
The game is broken! Because of how the refresh button works you basically cant lose if you know what your doing. It gives you a different result every time so you can just keep using it until you get the result you need
It is very good. The advertisement should be placed in such a way that it does not interferes with the game.
After playing a game, you'll watch an ad and be allowed to play again. Except that at this point the program freezes and everytime you try to reload, it will play another ad. Sometimes I will have to watch 6 ads before it loads a new game, sometimes I get annoyed and don't bother playing. And this last time I just decided to delete the app, I have better ways to waste my time!
Simple game to Time pass. Different board operations like 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 8×8 etc. are available to change the complexity. The game continues from the previous stage position, added advantage.
This is a very addictive game if you truly love numbers and enjoy a simple game to keep your mind active. A must for number lovers!
Very good app, any crash, the only limit is that there is not much difference between colors, there is just yellow, black, orange, lighter orange etc.
I love this game, truly. I always play this whenever I want to take a break from social medias, it is relaxing as well. Helps me to be sleepy.
I like this app but it is highly addictive. Its good if you need to pass the time while waiting for an appointment.