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2048 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by S2Apps.com. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is interactive, time killing and also keeps the brain in active mode. I used to play this whenever i get stuck, it helps me for decision making and also thinking show to finish it within few minutes in how many ways. I thank and appreciate the developer for this application.
Options for higher order screens (5x5, 6x6, 7x7, etc...). Turn down the sensitivity to the lowest possible seeing to avoid glitchy-like double moves. Backup your current game to avoid loading your progress (for those of us able to actually progress to point that we would hate our cry if forced to start over). Beware: The game ENDS if you create a 1,048, 576 tile. Don't forget to tap the YES button if you found my review helpful.
very simple concept, but addictive. In my house everyone plays : from the 9 year old to the 50 year old. Ofcourse it might be part of our need to win....we have competition going to see who can best it, who can get high score, who can get to 2048 more than once
Simple, but also cool and relaxing game. I like how are numbers charted by colours and also you have few chances to undo your steps. Really cool game.
love this app i can play all-day and come back where i left off and still play best part is there is no end it just keeps going and going if you know how to play and you get better and better every time with NO LIVES so you do have to stop and wait for time to go by to play again it just instantly comes back on BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! It does have a few adds but not for every move but is not a lot of adds plus what good game don't have adds? Again BEST GAME EVER!!!!!😎😎
With the lastest updates came long forced ADs that consistently freeze before the game ever begjns and ive been unable to play or access
At first I got confused about how to play. I was about to uninstall then I thought I should give a second try. now I understood. You will enjoy this game as long as you add equal value s with similar colors. Very relaxing.. and i love the sound.
There should be a mode with multiple undos. Also there should be an option to choose to play with onscreen arrows instead of swipes.
very enjoyable. better graphics than other 2048 games. it would get a five, but it doesn't track scores - just remembers the highest score. You can't even see your total when the games is over.
No leaderboard. I was trying to create a backup. I was on tile 65536 n it converted my game to last backup to 2048. The game keeps going on. I didn't like it. It's boaring how can they wipe off your current data when u r trying to create backup. I spend month playing it useless.
Does what it is supposed to do plus is better than most 2048 apps, plus it has support for my tab. Could be improved by adding a time mode and maybe a multiplayer mode in which whoever completes it first wins. But still it is good.
the game is very good and quite interesting if you learn how to play it but it's less challenging. if I reach 2048 or more, I usually gets bored, repeating the same thing over and over again. please make it more challenging by putting levels or stages
It is enjoying and mind relaxing game but you should change the name of the game '2048' to '8192'. Because I have reach till 8192.
This is a really fun game 😊 .... That's all I have to say but most importantly it has literally no ads
Ads between every game and very disappointing to see the first thing that pops up when you open the app is an Ad. Also the one tone for every move gets boring, it would be more interesting if the higher you score the animation tone changes... Otherwise I would have given 5 stars.
I love it! But if you have things that need to be done. Don't pick this game to play for a quick game to start off your day with. Because it's addictive. you can't plaΓ½ it just once and walk away. You start a game and 4 hours later you look up at the clock and you are 4 hours behind. OMG. I am 4 hours behind on my day. I'll just play 1 more game. And then I'll get started on all my stuff. and I heard these games help your brain stay sharp.
This is the best 2048 game of all. You can change the colors of the game as well as the grid size. Absolutely fantastic!!
I love this gameeeee!!! It is so addictive, has very bright and captivating colours and I just can't get enough!!!
Best game for fun. The app development is of high quality where I feel no lag or improper swipe gesture registered. Also very minimal ads, which I am okay with since Developers are giving this game to play for free! Kudos team
It typically works well... AND will be a great opportunity for players to learn or relearn about mathematically geometrical progression(s) and "mundane" application thereof.
Nice simple game play. Helps with matching, colors and numbers. also helps with math skills. it would be nice if there was sound though. if it did, I would give it a 5 star rating.
Simple but strangely addicting. The app works well. You can change settings to play past 2048 and the board size. Smaller boards are more challenging. Saves your progress automatically, so you can play indefinitely or until you run out of moves.
Your app is good, but please remove that "Tami Pro" advertisements.. if my parents see those ads while playing game they will definitely kick me out from home.
Great way too kill time BUT..... an ad appears EVERY time you open the app AND every time you have to start again. I found it RUDE that the moment you open this game to play it for the very first time, "BOOM" an ad. It's a challenging game. Passes time.
I love this game; especially the undo so you don't have to worry about playing too fast. Great colors too.
Fun game but... don't spend much time thinking about patterns and stratergies. I found a simple, repeatable pattern that got me to a score of 1.1 million and highest tile value of 65K5 with no sign of losing. I ruined the game for myself. I am uninstalling simply because the 131K tile will require too long to get to.
What they are not telling you in the preface of the game is that you have to be really persistent in order to win. Before you blast you better make sure you have the maximum elements you can blast. Otherwise you will soon lose. Then you got to watch your direction. They are four and it is really important. In other words, snake it, don't shake it. And definitely don't turn around. You can check if the tap undo feature will work for you. You will also find that madness is allowed here. You can undo and expect different results every time. Or the same one, more often than not. Only one undo allowed though, so watch your step.
This game works as expected. the ad supoort only kicks in at the beginning or end of a game, so its unobtrusive. I enjoy it as a littoe distraction.
The amount of ads in this app is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to watch the same stupid zombie game ad everytime I minimise and open the app again
5 stars for sure... But seriously what do I have to do to win. It's killing my mind.. but it's a cool game... I think everyone should try it.. getting sharper and sharper every round. Love it.
So smooth and fun. I was hoping to adjust the color scheme of the number tiles. But the background color can be changed and that gives it a nice change of mood while you play.
Awesome game but No Automove option like 2048 plus game, thus uninstalling it If this game has automove I would have given it 5 star
I think this app has a lot of potential to expand its capabilities. Even with some added directional assistance for the unfamiliar about the ways to navigate around the board would be helpful. Overall I liked it. Still playing. Definitely recommend to all gamers.
Its easier and more fun than the unforgiving 2048 version. It tests your patience. Generally its fun. If you are on a long queue in a post office or shop it takes the heck out if your boredom.
i really like this app because you can change the number of tiles in the board and it counts your points and there are no levels and leaderboards or stuff so it's very chill and low-key you know. also the adds are short so that's nice. very relaxing too so i would recommend it.
I hope you can add a feature where we can choose a number to start on so that I can easily teach my 7yr old sibling the concept of exponents and let her memorise it on her own. Thank you and please update me so that I can rate you up to 5 stars.
This totally sucks. Even when my phone is on silent, the ads play full blast. That means that when I'm trying to put my kids down to nap, and playing, it wakes them up. TWICE. I understand the need for ads in a free game, but at least have some minimal respect for the user. It's not even like the sound is important, it's just music.
One of the best 2048 games I played. It is quite challenging and I am hooked to it. Good game to keep you occupied. The colour effects is great. Makes it easier to find your numbers.
This app is so nice. I really like this app the most!! Because in this we can choose size of the table and also change colours whatever we want. I am using this app from last 2 days only and I feel that it is the best. Thankuu ❀️ You all also download this app and fun with it!!!!.....
I quite like this game. The smaller grids are harder to reach the 2048, on the bigger ones you can reach it quicker but then the game goes on forever...one thing tho, as u play on to build higher blocks, it doesnt matter how long u've been playing the grid all the squares still start at 2 so its a long haul to build them up to a decent level. It is getting a bit boring now tbh. Not too many ads tho which is good 😊
This is such a wonderful game. It's free... so I do not mind the one app when I open to play, or when I can't make any more moves. Be very careful if you do not want to end up like me...ADDICTED! I start playing and lose track of time and everyone around me. It is mind captivating and challenging. Thanks for creating. Definitely, ANXIETY SOOTHER, for me anyway!
I've been playing this game on and off for years, i love it. Infinite entertainment wherever you are and it hasn't gotten boring. It still challenges me when i get further and further along
A very good app to improve our maths skill.I am Dhivyadharshini here to say that I am very good in addition nowadays.I even share the app to my friends to download it.It doesn't hang my phone. Please everyone who visit this app Download it. Don't be late .QUICK......... and my last tile is 4096