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2048 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Androbaby located at Free Zone and Port No:553 Famagusta, 99450. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cool experience ; ) Meant for any age... And most important gives a way to have a brain exercise... I played one time only and then decided to rate :D
Such a simple but genius game! Everything is perfect except the glitch which adds two random moves in the game whilst playing.
Fun and addictive. The smaller puzzles are faster. The larger ones are fantastic for long car rides, busses or planes. Some can even be called frustrating. Lol, I love it!
Ive played this game since it came out on computers! The ads can be a little annoying but I just turn of my wifi Its such a fun game to play when in line or just like- laying in bed its not a big game either so I highly recommend if you want something to relax and zone out to!
I like the game and have been playing it for a long time but the ads can make it glitchy and slow, which makes it so that it's easy to make moves you don't mean to and sometimes can't undo. It's pretty annoying and the severity seems to vary depending on the update. Sometimes I have to put it on airplane mode to be able to play without a lot of glitches.
I love this game but please developers..please...can you just pleaseee fix the bug that whenever you play a single n x n platform, for example, I play 8x8, when i play another one like 6x6 or 5x5, 8x8's data gets completely erased and it annoys me much especially when I already reach high numbers..also can you add larger numbers as my current largest tile is 1,048,576 until it got erased, when i reach that 1,048,576 tile, i cant continue any further..i think its the limit, i wuld like more tiles
Simple game play and a way to pass the time without sitting around and waiting for large updates like other games.
Nice app we can download it immediately and play and it is offline and it doesn't have some stupid levels like candy crush we can't beat we just have to break our own record.
Glitchy after 16384. Every time I get near my high score, trying to collapse into 32768 the tiles shift randomly and displace my patterns. This has now happened 5 times in a row, so I know it is not my doing. 1/5 stars.
It's alright (is the best 2048 out there), even for a game to play when you are bored. It's simple to play it and visually appealing. Each of the different blocks are different colours, so it's easy to know what is on screen.
I love this game!! Its way to addicting. I do get board after a while but its a pretty good game overall.
I have been playing this game by last 7 days and didn't get out for 5 days. I scored 1791356. I want a gift for that..just jokingπŸ˜…. But it was fun , once i started playing sliding game took me to other place. It is a good game.
Addicting. Simple enough game. Once you get the hang of it you'll win in no time. But winning isn't the point, but merely the training round. You'll soon find yourself asking "how much further can i go?" Your life will be consumed with that question.
Great game, but I have to agree that the glitches make it very disappointing. Adding some sort of "practice mode" to the options menu to allow multiple undo's would pretty much solve this issue for me.
Its very simple, whatever be the position of tiles, just swap everything right, then down, then right, then up and continue...... You may go on till 16384 also!!!! Please try once
After having 2048 , aap was not supporting as I could not be able to continue playing the game it suddenly stop working only the option was to restart the game.. Worse experience.. !
If you want a casual, classic 2038 game this is for ya. I dont have complaints about it. Nice game, made me play it for hours!
When game is over, disturbing images pop up along with ads. Terrifying. Uninstalling immediately. Talk to your ad people and fix this, app developer. Not suitable for children or people who scare easily.
A question mostly... ok. I got to 2048, and went on to hit 4096 in the same session. Once I finally got the "game over" screen, I tried to go back later to play again And I can't! What is that all about? I tried each grid size, but it seems that once I got the 2048 tile and was informed by the app that I won the game, I was done? Could not start a new game to save my life! Damn shame too, because I was enjoying it a whole bunch! Thoughts?
I never thought a game as simple as this would be so laggy. How is that even possible? The game would freeze and skip several swipe actions, placing tiles in unintended positions. Rebooted my flagship phone, reinstalled the app, cleared the cache, but still laggy. Trying a different 2048.
I think is a very fun game but to make the haters like it and to make it more for the lovers you should add different backgrounds. I'm not saying you have to for me not to delete it that's just to make it better, that's all.
Slow and clunky. Never had so many pop up ads since downloading this app. Thanks Google play store for all your intrusive advertising. Hopefully the uninstall will fix that.
I really enjoy this game it is simple and relaxing the two things I love it just makes me stress free you will be surprised it better than you think so try it don't judge a book by its cover as its saying😊
Could have been a good game, but whenever i am doing good in the game, the tiles shift automatically and randomly ruining all the hardwork. It has happened more than 10 times now. And i see a lot of people are facing the same issue. So, a big thumbs down. πŸ‘Ž
It's just an open source simple game. You can play this anywhere. Its actually included on some Linux distros, like Lubuntu.
Simple and fun, with not a lot of ads. Here's a tip if you're struggling: try to keep your biggest numbers in a chain in the top row. The biggest reason people loose is that they have multiple big numbers that are spread out and can't match. Keep the smaller numbers together and then connect them until you have a new biggest number. -----> ____| L____> this is how your number chain should be Hope this helps! :)
This is the best version of 2048. You get a chance to reverse one move so you can keep going. Great for the mind
Game is great and addicting. That's probably the big downside. Great game for those with limited data, since it's so simple, you could play it on airplane mode. Graphics are clean, simple and easy to interpret. They've added an undo one move button for when you swipe by mistake or accident which is a huge improvement over dieing because you were trying to swipe right and it swiped up. For those having a rough time getting up to 2048, here's a tip: *SPOILER ALERT ⚠ * keep the biggest tile in the corner at all times
I've scored over 1.07M on this game, and almost everytime I play it, it always randomly does two moves on its own. It's really frustrating because I wasn't expecting those two moves and I can't undo them and go back to where I was.
Simple enough game. I played a 6x6 board until I couldn't play it anymore. My largest block was 262,144 with my final score at 7,898,240. Too bad I can't attach the screenshot.
It's a really fun game but it's REALLY easy after a while, you just put your finger in a square shape and you get up to 2048 and beyond EVERY SINGLE TIME... but it's really fun before you start doing that :)
Easiest possible game to copy but they messed it up so bad. Sometimes the game decides you moved your finger a little bit too angled and moves your board twice at once, and makes you lose prematurely. So I waste my time not to lose to my mistake, but to this crappy copy and the coder not including a simple timer to prevent this stupid way to lose.
This game was recommended to me by a co-worker because I like the game Woody Puzzle and have a high score. so far I like this game but don't quite understand it. I was only able to get 2048 on the huge setting which is annoying but I'm persistent! SN: would be great for kids to learn multiplication facts.
Ads play unmuted and obnoxiously loud, do not install this there are better ad free eversions of this simple game.
A very good game in comparison with other 2048 games because it has no ads. Ads hardly come after 4 or 5 games you play.
so ggod. if i close the application and power my phone off then come back i can go back to the same game i was on before. also really fun and tests your brain. i dont think it uses wifi either. theres loads of cool game options too.
Gaming experience is pretty good, the ads displayed are inappropriate please look into it,it's officially unsafe for younger children to play.
This is a very fun game. It is difficult, but not frustrating. After I discovered the game, it took me 1 and a half months to win on "classic" mode (playing casually, using the app multiple times a week). If you get bored of the game, I would suggest trying to lose on the largest 8x8 mode. It's a new challenge and it takes a long to to complete.
This game is a very nice one and doesn't have any ads if you switch of your internet connection. I highly recommend it
It helps me in math class a lot just maybe add different stuff like multiplication or division or subtractio
Relaxing, easy to play. Definitely going to recommend. It would be better if there is an option to remove ads tho.
Brilliant spin on the original 2048. Doesn't crowd u with adds and has different boards to choose fromπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is really addicting, and is a bored waster I love it. I haven't played it for long but I haven't had any ads YAYπŸ‘β€οΈπŸ’―
2048 is an awesome game where you can make lots of combinations of numbers. It is so addicting and I love that you can play it in one hand. It has different size boards to play on and my teacher had us play it in math too!
Easy to use. Good to kill time with. Relaxing. I like the fact that it comes with different board sizes allows the user to customize the difficulty
Fun game that I've loved and played for ages. But the recent advertising rework completely ruined it. I'm all about supporting game developers, but I couldn't stand the intrusive, loud, long ads, so I uninstalled and went with a completely free version.
I really enjoy this game, good time killer, fun and engaging. There is one strange thing about it. Whenever I open it while audio is playing, the gain of the music or youtube video is boosted slightly. Not anywhere near enough to ruin what I'm listening to, but enough that there is a noticeable volume increase when the app is open. It doesn't alter the volume level my phone displays, just adds gain to the audio. Not a huge problem, just something I'd thought I would bring to the dev's attention.
I give this game five stars although it is not without flaws. The game llay is fun the ads are minimal. The tap is too sensitive at times and can mess up your entire game. I wish it could go back three steps instrad of one because of this error other than that this game is wonderful.
This is an absorbing game even for someone who's not exactly good at it! This is very similar to the game Threes (which has delightful sound effects); they play the same way. I love both because they require no math skills. I prefer this one, though, because I'm a software quality engineer so I think in these numbers anyway. There's one small drawback: the tiles 128 and up are very nearly the same color, so I sometimes miss opportunities to combine them, but thanks for the "undo" button! πŸ’‹
great game but it always glitches and makes moves for me. I'll be playing, and all of a sudden 2 moves have been made without me touching the screen. Probably just a bug but it's a bit annoying.
Sometimes doesn't acknowledge that I reached the target # and the game just goes on and on with no end. Curious. Other than that, its pretty good.
Love the puzzle, it's quick and easy to pull up when I have a little too much time on my hands, but yet not enough to get immersed in something more complex.
I think that in all the years in which I used to play this, I won only twice. Now, I am back at the beginning, and can't remember the 'tricks of the trade.'
Very satisfying puzzle game. :) Ads on the game over screen, which is fine, but can be a problem if you're trying to undo-exploit your way out of a loss. XD This should be called 16,384 --- since that's the real tier I can't beat!
Ruined by ads I played this ages ago. Now you get a video ad every 1-2 minutes. When the ad is over it doesn't even take you back to your game. It takes you back to the home screen and you need to click start game thinking you lost your progress. Then it asks you to rate the app. One star and delete! I'm not even going to finish my first game.
The undo and reset buttons are so close to each other that you could press reset instead of undo. I ended up losing a game that I was near the finish line for :((
Good time pass. Is it just me facing this issue or anyone else too. When I am doing too good in the game, the tabs shift twice automatically, and it happened with me multiple times. Earlier i thought i might have done it mistakenly, but how is this possible so many times. This glitch makes u feel the creator wants to screw your hardwork...!!!!!!
Virus - Google play ad takes over control of muted phone to blast you with sound when you want volume off. Must delete and install another app that has the same game. There are plenty to choose from just don't choose this one.
Its a fantastic actually i play this game for time pass but later i feel like very much involved in it . I am so much involved that i cant stop playing it
I3ts addictive and I love it, but sometimes I swear the movement is so sensitive it goes in directions you didn't swipe and messes everything up.
Worse game ad comes in between the game when the ad gets finished all the progress you have made gets reset
I've just started getting crashes, and the game will not start. On a galaxy s10. I was playing the 8x8 game last.
Worst game Even worst than the most hated game . It is very addictive . I experieced myself . When you get pro in this it will become your world . You wont be able to study. I am the topper of my class and coaching centre but just passed in the exams this year due to this . I was very depressed due to this game Worst addictive gameπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ˜–πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
You want to play 2048? This is 2048. No sign up, no tracking, no data harvesting (yes tons of free games do this). This is just an app that plays 2048. With Google ads, but that's ok, because I support people who make no nonsense apps, and so should you. Like that you can change the grid size and continue on to 4096 etc. If you wish.
I love how relaxing this game is, and how clean the simple design is. Also appreciate very much how we can back button out of ads. My only comment: I wish the number tiles for the larger numbers were more different in color from one another. Everything from 128 and over is nearly the same shade of yellow, which makes them hard to tell apart, especially given that the contrast between the tile and font isn't as clear as with the orange tiles.
Great game; generally fun and satisfying, tiles move smoothly and there are overall very few problems. However, there is one issue with the way the tiles move: every now and then the tiles make multiple unwanted moves at a time which are generally irreversible. It is extremely annoying and the downfall of many of my own games. While this problem may be with the way a user moves the tiles, I find it impossible to do this purposefully and hope that this is fixed soon, as I still enjoy this game.
Leader boards are all hacked. It's literally impossible to get above 70th place without hacking the game and submitting a fraudulent score. Highest possible score for a standard 4x4 size is around 3932164, yet there are many that are way higher. The game itself is fun but getting on the leader boards by actually playing the game would be nice...
Program moves tiles from one side of the board to the other. it re-orders and rearranges tiles. doesn't swipe the correct way when you swipe. it even sides new tiles added to the board across the board this game is Infuriating. I wouldn't have such a problem if I actually decided to make all these books but the game is making them for me. There is no point to playing a game where the computer is already making all your moves.
I like the game, but occasionally the entire thing swipes diagonally when I'm trying to swipe across. It messes everything up and can even make you lose. Please fix this.
It's a great game! I know it doesn't look very fun, but it's honestly something I play everyday. I'm currently by 65536 (yes, the game continues after getting to 2048). It's actually incredibly addicting and I would totally recommend this game to everyone else!!
Glad its not me going crazy. Happened a few times where game does two random moves. Saw another person with same issue. Uninstalled and will try anothet copy.
Its a good game when you arent connected ro wifi and need sonething to do .. you can get competitive with yourself with is kind of fun
Always a cute little game to have on the go that doesn't present a strong aesthetic, which makes it fit nicely with any theme present on your device. Not as difficult as other puzzle games but still makes you think more than mindlessly browsing the internet. Best of all, it doesn't demand your attention like base builders or tycoon games which makes it ideal for relaxing.
If you're playing online you have to suffer through various advertisements and slight lag. I recommend you all to play offline that way it's better.
The game is nice it is continuing even after getting the no 2048. That's really good. But , after getting 2048 it is telling "YOU WON Tap to continue" . But please change it just like this " YOU WON Tap untill you get highly irritated to continue" . Because it suits that. It continues after one tap only a few times. Every time it is not working as it said. So correct the problem or change the text as I have written above.
Attractive design, runs well, ads aren't particularly intrusive, probably the best app for this game out there.
Pretty good. I wish it showed the whole screen while in split screen so I could mindlessly swipe numbers while writing on another screen.
The game stops often and on restarting scores reduce drastically. Sometimes one swipe results in multiple swipes. It's annoying every time it happens. Feedback was given many times but no action taken by developer.
2048 is an open source game, but they added ads to this app. That's fine, because someone spent the time to put it in the app store. But somehow this incredibly low compute game lags my one year old phone. Other 2048 games played seamlessly on the version of my phone 4 generations ago. This causes controls to get sticky, and you double move. I'm not sure what the developer did to ruin this game: maybe they're mining crypto? Still, it's made the game unplayable.
This is one of the best games I have played on Android. So addicting, fun, smart and a great time killer. Amazing work!!
Fun way of killing time, game can get abit monotonous once you figure the trick behind it, at which point it becomes more about execution than reflexion. The lack of control over where the tiles spawn and when do tiles worth 4 appear are what's likely to screw you over. Also any mode over than 4x4 are rather unbalanced, methinks : not enough place to move your tiles in 3x3, and more about hoping that the new tiles pop where you need them to in anything bigger than 4x4. Still a decent game.
Well made and thought out. Keeps you feeling busy by trying to figure out the precise math-type formula for the best way to move the gosh darn squares long enough to make the 2048 square.
I absolutely β™₯ this game! GREAT graphics, EXCELLENT controls, SOOOOO addicting (which is a good thing for me,) and a great time killer. Β°TIPΒ° You have to think with this game a little bit, but don't over think it. My friend actually just introduced me to this game, and I over thought it a little bit at first but now I got it:) β™₯PERFECT GAMEβ™₯
Lowered the gameplay. I build the highest tiles across the bottom row. Original AI played the new tile in the top two rows. New tile was usually a 2, occasionally a 4. Now the AI aggressively plays against you, blocking your next move alternately with a 2 or 4 tile. When you redo the last move, AI usually repeats the same blocking move. Annoying and not fun.
Good game. Simple, fun. No adds. Edit: good design. Could y'all add maybe a challenge or two? Or maybe even a timer/time limit?? Love the game. No complaints. And your welcome! Edit: Gets boring after a while. Havent played it for 8 weeks. Edit: uninstalled
I really love this game I would give this game 5 stars actually, only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because, each level doesn't reset or give an option to. It just continues after hitting 2048. If it was able to do that. It would definitely get a 5 star. I feel like I've beaten the game a long time ago. Wish It had more options.
Simple but highly addictive game! I've kept playing until midnight more than once... For future development, I'd recommend an option for different colours or even patterns for visual reasons, but this is not a negative suggestion, just for more accessibility to the game.
this is a solid version. controls are responsive and seem largely accurate, and the ads are unintrusive. the visuals are boring, I'd like to see more color variation in the tiles, and possibly some other skins or color schemes available as options.
Fun without being mentally taxing. Lost the game time after time, and then accidentally won it when I wasn't trying to apply strategy!
Controls suck on Samsung device. Moves everything the opposite direction when you're focusing on a corner. Uninstalling.
It stopped after reaching certain level, I got a message as "You Win" after getting a tile of 1048576, I thought it's a perpetual game but now very disappointed...tell me how to continue the game, I still stuck that u win screen.. waiting for ur reply.. make it perpetual
It is fun . If you don't any ad to pop up , just turn off your data . This game is offline . You won't need internet to play it .
Currently deep into the 7 figure points on the 4x4. going great, sitting on the porcelain throne, only for your game to bug out AGAIN and move 3-4 times in a single frame and now what? is this what we expect from technology in this day and age? we have 7 year old programmers doing better jobs at big fixing. this has been going on for years, through a slew of various devices. including one which has the world's highest legitimate score in 4x4. cmin guys.
Ads ads ads ads ads. You get ads interrupting the game every few swipes now. I've had this app on my phone for ages but I'll be deleting and looking for a replacement.
Great app, simple and fun. Almost too fun, I only took it off my phone because I was wasting too much time. πŸ˜…
A simple app for a simple game. Works well. Undo feature is handy. Sizes other than 4*4 are a gimmick; 3*3 is mathematically impossible to get more than 1024 and 5*5 takes many hours to play. Doesn't have any sound. Otherwise a good simple game for when you want to play something in small bursts.
Is simply the game with different sizes boards. It saves when you close it too so I've had an 8x8 game going for months! The ads are simple banner ads and they aren't in the way at all
Nice interface, but the game occasionally hangs and renders multiple moves in one shot, essentially ruining your game. Curiously, this starts happening around 260,000+ points.
Amazing game! So simple and fun to play. But if you have reached the high score is does get a little boring. But i really enjoy it, especially during long car drives or just playing on the couch.
Well, I mostly hear people just go on about ads, but a simple fix to that. And that is to turn off ur WiFi. Great game I would play it everyday.
edit: Like the game, not the implementation. Played a number of games, won 4, got to 2048 in 2 or 3 more and just carried on building up. That's not supposed to happen, 2048 is the finishing line. Doh!! Now been playing it in moron mode, swipe down, left, up, right, repeat forever and it absolutely plays itself, currently over 1m points with top black tile showing 65536. Deleted now.
Fun game and addictive. But once I get 2048 it gives you the option to continue by taping the screen. It never works for me and I have to start the game over. Kind of annoying.
Fun game, but glitchy, I've often gotten a 2048 square but the game doesn't register it, just let's me keep going till I get a 4096 square, or even a 8192 square. Meanwhile, my score keeps going up, making it impossible to beat my high score again unless the glitch happens. Or, when it *does* register that I got a 2048 square and tells me I've won the 'click to continue' button doesn't do anything, I have to exit the grid and then go back in and hit 'restart' to play another game. Please fix.
Its more of a mind game. 2048 is like an eye vision appointment: You have to pay attention to the different sizes of the letters when the doctor points at it. Its just like seeing what numbers go with which to make a bigger number until you reach a 2048 box. Golden Yellow!!!! 🌟
Even better than playing on desktop. It's fun, and you don't feel like a doofus after playing for a while since it's a puzzle game.
Fun game, a bit tricky with the way it tries to mess you up with undesirable placements at the worst times, but thanks to the back button, I was able to complete the board to the fullest extent mathmatically possible (let me know if you want screenshots)... Score = 3913652 B-)
In my opinion, this is the most casual game ever. If you just feel bored and restful, this game's got you. Otherwise, I wouldn't play this game. I'd recommend this game on a road trip or airplane flight or something like that. Even then I reckon solitaire beats 2048 in that department. In saying that, I would never uninstall this relaxing strategy game.
**PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL 2048!** This is another shameless copy app. And also, for what it's worth, the leaderboard is broken. Does the game work fine enough? Sure. Does it play like the original 2048? Sure. Does it have intrusive ads? Yup. I'd steer clear of this one. Just to be clear for everyone, the original was developed & published sometime in 2014 (I'm not even sure by who anymore), which you can view by going to the "recent update information" and scrolling to the bottom!
Too addictive! My entire squad is hooked on this game. Best time killer when waiting on a queue. It's great that you can play it with one hand.
Satisfying and all, though on tiny difficulty it seems not possible to win because on the final move you'll need an 8 block which is either rare or does not exist Good game though.
after reaching 2048 i tap and couldn't continue... i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it several times yet achieved the same disappointing result.
The game is simple and fun. However, when the ads swap, it causes the actual game to lag. When it lags, you often end up inadvertently making an extra move that you didn't mean to, sometimes resulting in a game over. Also, the "Hefty" advertisement in particular causes so much lag the game is completely unplayable which is very frustrating.
Full of Ads. Getting worse and worse for playing. After every game there is video advertising, so frustrating.
Good all time classic game. And this game only contain ad during you lost the game, good design while many other game contain a lot of anoying ad during in game