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1v1.LOL - Third Person Shooter

1v1.LOL - Third Person Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by JustPlay.LOL located at Habashan 18 Rishon Lezion, Israel. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is really an amazing game,but just one problem too many ads and add battle royale and more skins.
What would honestly make me happy and cool is if you can add potions or heals like in a battle royal or box fight and 1v1 only two heals and 3 potions and in box 2v2 if you kill someone it drops there heals and walk through it and it picks up also in battle royal i would make me so happy and thank you.
I like this game a lot but i would like realistic graphics and if u in a game u get coins please add that and more guns! I still love this game! 4 STARS!
It is considered a sweet training for Fortnite while I was playing this game, and when I bought a new mobile and downloaded Fortnite, I fixed the buttons on the same controls in this game and remained a professional in construction. If it is valuable as a training method for Fortnite, I will give it 5 stars, but as a independent game I will vote it with two stars
It opens and shows loading, it even proceeds to the menu and the loading doesn't leave and therefore nothing works. I'd like if you updated this, I really want to see what the gameplay looks like
Hello, 1v1.lol company. I want to thank you for this wonderful game, but there are some lag. Please fix this problem and add new mode such as the Zone War, Solo, Du and Squad, and add a list of friends, develop the 100 players, put a very large map, and add to the infotory, such as buying weapons and putting them in the infotory And giving free coins somehow, Ihope do it ,thank you for this game.
I give this a 4 out of 5 because i don't really like games that we have to pay for skins i get its for money but still. They should change how the skins looks like, add more fun game modes like dodge ball or tag gem gram stay in the mid.
i really really love this game but there are few problem like first it has like a billion ads and second i think they should put heals and third they should put traps also they should put dances in the game PLS I HOPE YOU SEE THIS MESSAGES SOON THANK YOU 1v1 lol U should have a cup like world cup or something or for skin like and u should have something like Battle royal
This game is so fun,but there is some issues sometimes when you get on it won't let you play,but that doesn't happen a lot,and the that made this game could possible add more skins and make it easier to get money.And for feature updates could we have game that like ranks and and a battle royal mode.This game has a lot of potential.
This game is really cool and whatever spare time i get i play it but there is just 1 problem and that problem being the addds they come after every single game and its really annoying coasts almost 4 dollars to remove adds so please in a future update please decrease the adds because i understand you still have to make revenue but like jeeeeeeeez
really good game and easy to play with friends. BUT. you have to pay for coins which you use to buy skins. Please can oyu make it than when you win like 20 games you get 10 coins
I love the game all in all but you should add a way to customize controller controls to however you want them to be and also (optional) give android players a bit of an FPS improvement Thanks! :)
A couple bugs every now and then but overall it's a really good game to be honest I highly recommend it for fortnite players
Great game, But I would like if u could actually SEE YOUR BULLETS. Also can you add a explosive because that would come in handy but there should only one or at least a cooldown. A smg would be great as well - it should be a faster weapon weapon but a little short ranged and also does a small amount of damage t players but plenty damage to buildings. In party there should be spikes, bounce pads, and hooks as well as a bigger map. This is all I ask for, pls make it happen soon -thx for reading
It is a nice game and it's like fortnite in box fights but the problem is why I have it 4 stars not 5 is because there is so many glitches and hackers it will be a good more if it makes us report hackers and do more skins and also makes when we win a game it gives us coins Thank you
Very fun you should try br squads and or trios and add i bigger variety of guns like maybe an smg close ranged 40 head shot 25 body damege other than games is a five star in free build you can make a edit cousrse from scrath you up load it but you can do it tourself to become faster great game
Hello 1v1.lol im just here to inform you about my opion abou this game, well i think is game is perfect in all but can u add like a creative fill like free build with other players as an option also can you make the snipers better and add a friendslist -sinclery Drtx
Really great game, i highly recommend to all of players, but there are too many cheaters, thats why im giving 4 starts, please fix that. Everything else is fine.
It's so fun but sometime you can't move the camera when your building it's soo annoying and it's so bad plz Fix it and you can't leave the game sometimes it would be nice if you fix it
This game is really good but I realize that you only have 3k to 4k players and in my opinion that would be the facts that you don't have a battle royale game mode for 100 players which sometimes can make the game boring cause of the fact that you only get limited game modes. The only other thing that would be nice is being able to earn 10 coins each comp you win so you can get skins. I hope you really do add these cause my friends left the game due to these problems but please add them! PLEASE
Nice update but if you could make Boxfight Zone Wars were your Boxfighting and the Storm is coming in while your Boxfighting and also make it so people can get 500 Coin each time you win and you can lower how many coins they get on how much won they have in a row and also free skins and pickaxes every week and that what I think will make this game better.
Love it really good u can edit but add solos because there's duo but not solo and also make lol coins not money but you can achieve them by doing challenges cause then no one has skins and its boring
This game is very good and I have lots of fun playing it but I have an idea that could make the game even better. I think you should add controller custom settings and deadzone because my ps4 is broken and I want to feel the full experience of fortnite as this game is very similar other than that. the game is amazing
Hello 1v1.lol I really love this game there is just one feature that I hope yous might consider it would be cranking 90s on mobile or ipad it is very hard to crank 90s maybe you could add a button that says crank 90s and it automatically cranks for you and when you want to stop cranking you just press the button thank you for your time keep up the good work
This game is absolutely amazing Ive been playing it for quite a long time and I love it. Though there are a few glitches. At the beginning of the game, if I shoot, it acts as if I shot multiple times. Basically what it does is, u shoot once so ur supposed to have 29 bullets, but instead I end up having 15 or something like that. Another one is when ur aiming at someone for about a second, it just randomly starts reloading. I've also found a few glitches that I've used to my advantage. Great game
This game is trash but good at the same time when me and my fruwnds play party its like a glitch and can you have infine health. And can you add were you can play with multiple friends
I play fortnite everyday, and this although isn't the same experience, this game is so much fun. I play the game with my kids and its more like creative/ box fights. Well done developer, and I think you are on to a really playable alternative to the massive hit, fortnite. I'm sure you'll improve the scenery and graphics and look forward to your improvements.☆☆☆☆☆
Cool but i have a few thing about it so i am a level 6,238 and im not an hacker or glitcher 😬but😬there😬are😬way😬to😬many😬hackers😬in😬this lol and when u get an ad sometimes it bugs out after it and u arent allowed to click a game mode but u can switch severs and switch back it will be fixed but yeah great game definitely recommend u try it some time especially if u like fortnite. I recomend👍🏾
it is a very fun and good game. but i will give 5 stars of you can make it so you can do party with pc players, and where you can choose a teamate in the 2v2 battle royale and if you can make an offline version where you verse bots who can kill and you have to fight them so we can play when offline. if you do this i will 100% give 5 stars.edit: 2 of my requests have been done but if we can do the 2v2v2v2 battle royale with our friends itd be better
I love the game but I have like two problems with it problem 1 when I'm playing a game of somebody I get my head when I get stuck in the bed when I'm building. Problem two me and my friend like to troll you put the graphics on 0 we play Party SS continue when I die so I press it and it brings me back to the main menu. But I like this game so much I can't give it 1 * 2 * 3 * 4
The game is amazing. The graphics are top notch. The thing it is lacking is map.There must be the map. Hope developers complete it in next update.
This game is good but I have 3 star cuz of the fps it shows it gives 120 fps but it only gives 60 fps and I m okay with that but then it slowly day by day the fps becomes 40 and now I play on 20 fps plss fix I have deleted the game 2 times cuz of it 1V1 LOL COMPANY I KNOW U GUYS TRY YOUR BEST FIXING BUGS BUT THEN PLSSS FIX THIS PLSSSSSS
This is a really fun game. Just that everytime i go into a game, and i win, it glitches and i have to restart the game all over again. But i give it 5 stars just because they actually let you watch videos to get a mask.
It so good easy to learn the only thing it needs is battle royale cauase it will be insane and very cool i think of this as fortnite for android and ios cause the real fortnite has only ios and not android thats why i think this is so good and also dont forget to add a battle royale please.EDIT STOP THE ADDS THERE TRASH IM NOT WASTEING MY MONEY ON A AD.edit thanks for battle royale that ad thing was when i was angery you have to get money somehow also thanks for aim trainer fps inprover&more
I personally telling,nowdays everyone is playing free fire and i am sick of it ,so i tried this game ,and i enjoy it lottt,but there is some prblm in game,there are lots of hackers , and plzz and some map like update ,and game mechanics is awesome.
Its A pretty solid game however its been about a year since its release and i have been waiting suck a long time for a battle royale mode so you should add that into the game and on mobile 1v1 lol its very difficult to edit because when i slide it doesnt slide and instead locks my whole into a one space in the wall or stair
Sniper does to much damage you should make the damage in body shot 100 headshot damage is fine just the body shot if we get glitched in building we just glitch on top of it they don't care about their game glitches need to be fix
It can be a fun game however, almost every game you play not only is there an ad but the game also has to be restarted. ANNOYING
It's a good game I loved but I dont like that if you connect your controller to your phone you can't change the controlls like in pc and another thing is that the new form of the personage is so bad I like the past form like the personage of the game
Its a really fun game.But the only thing that it needs is a edit course is practice.but its still a really fun game. And i like fortnite thats why its a really good game. Ohh and the games building is really smooth. Thats it
I would give it five stars if you could get coins by playing the different game modes.Please do this because believe me not alot in your game will use money unless there is a way you can get the coins by playing matches.Thankyou for reading.COOL NEW UPDATE BY THE WAY...
I love this game so much but what could make this game way better is add more weapons like a tac and scar and smgs and you should be able to add people as a friend and invite them to be on your to for duos or box 2v2 but any way the game is great and also enable 120 fps and fix ping so more people game will me much smoother and not laggy
The game is amazing, just needs a little improving like ads need to be shorten and they should be a 3v3v3v3 or 4v4v4v4 game play and party and playing online with that party
Decently fun game. It is kinda hard to get used to but once u do you can have fun.It is better version of any fortnite ripoff.You can play with friends in the party game mode and there is a battle royale mode with 5 teams of 2.There is also 1v1s and boxfights (boxfights can be 2s as well)
The game is absolutely slow on mobile and you constantly get ads and you got to pay 3.89 dollars just to remove irrelevant ads there is people who lag in that game and just go everywhere on your screen. They need to fix the amount of fps drop in this game.
It is a good game. Almost like Fortnite. It has controller support. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it is not as fun as Fortnite. They tried to make it like Fortnite. The controls are the same as Fortnite.
Tooo many ads!!!! I mean every game i play there is an ad and please let us have a way to get the lol coins for free please ban hackers and stop making the game counting the shot damage stupid like i hit hit a person 2 headshots with the pump and it says i did 7 damage please fix it!!!!! but other than that the game is perfect
It is fun it almost remind me of fortnite 😂 I think it's cool I enjoy playing it but it's extremely hard sometimes I don't know why but I'm the type that don't give up I'm telling you please play this game it is a lot of fun are you going to play with your friends it's very easy to play online with your friends Battle Royale it's kind of hard but I still like it you should play it I'll thank you'll like it is very fun join us you'll love it I'm telling you this now so you better play
Really good game but please make it so when you connect your controller to ur phone,you can change you edit button and make it so you can edit instantly
The game is fun to play . But can you add more guns and tournaments where you could win stuff. Which is also fun. Can yourl also add more ppl in a game and make the island bigger . can you add a battlepass that you have to earn and not pay for. Can you also make it 20 points every win and make a learderboard with the top players. Can you make the pickaxe look different and more accurate
The game is super good but you need to do other fun modes like 5v5 or 30 people br or anything like this have so fun Everyday you can add a skin it would be so good
I highly recommended this game, graphics is fine, physics is fine, realitsm is also fine, I'd rate it "3" Stars because of the cheaters, thay're just roaming around the map without dealing any damage at all, and please add more maps and guns to make the game even better! Like I say, I highly recommend it! Go ahead and download it, you wont regret at all!
I think this is the best game I wish there were a big tournament for money that's what I think because it would be fun to compete in and one thing is I have the gold pump skin and every time I play box 2v2 I get stuck in the wall and die so if you can please fix that oh and I have auto fire and sometimes when I box people like a fish and start aiming at them it won't shoot so I have to break the ramp to shoot so if you could also fix that and one more thing if you could like a map with ammo and
This game is trash, want to know why, here is why, 1. When I'm in a 1v1 I get hit with a ad that won't let me skip it, and I lose, 2. The auto fire is broken, it is keep on shooting builds, so I have to reload constantly to win, 3. When I'm playing box, I get stuck in builds, so I die faster and easier to kill me. That's all my reason this game hates me and it's trash
this game is fun just stared playing, but on the other hand after each game I get an ad and then when I tap the X or wait for it to end it doesn't let me tap the selection and I need to restart and close the game then open and redo again, this game seems fine and it's cool
To be honest with you,this game is pretty cool and absolutely entertaining¡ But the reason I gave it 4 stars is because I think it could use some upgrades like: adding a proper map becaise the recent one is basic, add a battle Royale with a maximum of 50 players,add more weapons to the game in battle Royale which can be found in the chests or randomly on the ground. Add random props to the map so it can be more realistic/interesting, I know this is kinda alot to work on but I believe in you :)
The update is very good. I had a bad review about some days ago but now the update has made it better. With zone wars and a lot of cool stuff. Would appreciate if you add more guns and make the skin a bit better. Thanks
This game is really good than I thought I have a really good time playing it with my brother and friends. A request please in the br mode do changes like more players, solo. Trio and quads. Make more modes. Add a reaspawn tdm with a kill limit. Everything aside this game is a must pick.
it is a very fun and good game. but i will give 5 stars of you can make it so you can do party with pc players, and where you can choose a teamate in the 2v2 battle royale and if you can make an offline version where you verse bots who can kill and you have to fight them so we can play when offline. if you do this i will 100% give 5 stars. very long review but other people will also enjoy these updates. thank you
While this game is fun and i like the update i really think you should nerf the shotgun,it did like 25 damage with a headshot it wasnt the best but people could still use it farely but now if you get headshotted then shot once with the shotgung you die,i like to play 1v1 comp and nearly 99.99 percent of the time my builds get knocked down and as soon as i fire back they start building and hit me 2 times with the shotgun and i die its legit unfair now no one has an excuese to use anything else
it's a good game kind of like fortnite but on mobile I rated 5 stars because I was about to delete this game until zombie mode came I really love zombie mode and p.s can you put multiplayer on zombies pls anyways game is awesome.
Great game 5 out of 5 but I think it could use some changes 1 needs more guns like rocket launcher SMG. 2 I hate it when as soon as the game starts players snipe you so add some hills. And last add like a vehicle in the air to jump out and land to find wepons oh add bows to plz and add more modes and remove battle royale duos and bring back zone
good game but so many hackers. Very hard to go up in trophies when you get five hackers in a row. Defining hack I mean they make the sniper rifle an automatic machinegun with an rpm of over 100 bullets a second. It's very easy to do.
Love the game so much but theres 1 thing I hate Is the hackers they are every where but I have not seen one in a few days I recommend this game if you like shooters it's a great game just be careful to stay away from hackers
this game is so fun. For all the fortnite fans this game is basically fortnite. you really should get it. instead of finding guns you start with them and there is so much different modes like zombies party and ECT you should really get this game. plus it is on PC so you can go try hard on people
This game used to be good when I first started playing until I started going up against people hacking using happy mod etc. Then there's the autofire I think it should only be for new players and people who have a disability it ruins the game and it requires no skill to use
The games good thanks for ur efforts. The games has good experience but there are so mang bugs now like 1. I can't move in aim training 2.In zone wars the zone move pretty fast and does toooo much damage make it like 5 or less damage 3. Some ads don't even show up and I'm stuck on a black screen, i just have to restart the game. The games good but fix those bugs as soon as possible.
I think it kinda has that fortnite idea I mean it cool to be able to play with others and like have a way to create and shield yourself so to me its a very nice game but I want to compliance about the adds they are too much and sometimes it crashes my game so in that case I give 4 stars
I think that this game is amazing, two things that i dont like to much is that if you play on table, like myself the controls are pretty hard. Second you cant choose you skin or anything. You cant get better guns, or anything. But besides that i love this game.
best!if you don't have fortnite on phone you can play this!it's the best app!it's really fun to play!thares no bugs! but can you add battle royal plz or like so where you can customize your skins like so where you can put a hat short and other stuff and have a shop. also have friends! I RECOMMEND
hey your game is very good and fortnite like but im using a chromebook to play and i dont have a mouse only touchpad and it will be nice if it is that once you press the z or x or c or v then press E it will put the build but untill then its 4 stars for me and please add offline gameplay with AI
I like this game and all but the currency in the game to buy skins should be gained after a win.......and I really want to know how to change the control's when we use controller, I have been playing this game since it was released and I have trust and belief in Yo I guys that one day your game will be popular........ my trust is alaways with you:)
Fun to play. If you played fortnite on mobile alot this would be a great alternative. You can use same HUD just like Fortnite as well 👌
It's very good game but if you make that when we win a game get 50 lol coins and but boxes to open and get gifts and but lol pass and make the looby like every game like fortnite and free fire and pubg, and make 1v1.lol on ps and one thing else make the pc join with the telephine playees and ps because iam pc player and I fill so bored because I also play with pc players . If you realy make this update I will give you five stars not four, thanks for reading.
This is a great game but the thing to make this game SO GOOD is to add like solo and battle royale and also to have friends and invite people and voice chat
Gotta love how people can hook up a controller to their bluetooth and still get matched with people who strictly play with their phones. Its stupid and for those of us who dont have a controller it makes it unfair. Just do what you game companies do best. ignore the people who play your game til you go bankrupt and end up being owned by some other comapny.
Hello I love this game but I think you need to update it by adding a proper big battle royale map where you jump off a battle bus and collect weapons and actually kill people and maybe you can do like 50 people first to see how long it takes to queue up then gradually move up to 100 a also you should add game modes like team Deathmatch and you should add a better map because the current one is just basic. Also if there are no frequent updates the game will die very soon because people get bored
It's a great game but there are few bugs and there are some things I would like to be added is tournament's, boxes, you can talk to your partner in box fights and BR Duos and new maps
It is a really good game. Whoever likes fortnite will love this games but a couple of problems. 1 can you add more weapon variations more than just a shotgun, assualt rifle, and sniper. 2 can you add like a few skins because without them it makes it look plain. And 3 their are so many hackers people are gonna say that I'm just jealous that I'm bad but they are running so fast. But either than that it is a great game and I always want to play it that is why I rate it 5 strs
the game is good but when im playing any game mode, the character moves by itself. its so annoying and also when i hit a player for 200 damage it dosen't eliminate him. all players are 200hp why it dosen't apply to him?
Game is ok I've had a couple bugs to where I can't click anything but the game is good overall you can play with your friends and they've had a lot of updates I only play this when I'm bored and have nothing to do it really makes time go by but it's not perfect I'd still play it tho
The game awesome one thing. The reason why I have this a 4 star is because of the new zombie thing I mean, it is fine but can you at least nerf it a little because it is really hard last time I got to wave 4 but my new record is 6 but at least nerf it just a little tiny bit but everything else is amazing keep up the good work see you next time I put a comment. Also one match someone was hacking so can you give the option to report after you die? It would be very helpful he was moving fast.
Its good but lag a few bugs btw i think its good but a rip of a few games like, pubg, fortnite, and. Freefire stil a relly good game overall love the work that you did on the game love the company hope that you make ohter games but if you alredy did pls tell me anywase love the game keep the hard work up a good game i love it i play it alot one of the top 10 games out there love it a top 1 for me tho love ot enjoy doing the work amazing work lt thd game evry thang keep it up love yoi work
Its really a great game love it recommend it but I do have something to say, may you please update the game like I wish you had more things to do in it but otherwise I really recommend,its the best gun game in my opinion please add a report button for cheaters I've not run into any but I think it's necessary, and add better graphics oh and also please fix some glitches like clipping through walls but otherwise its a great game reccomend.
I wish the game could get have more modes like br comp or something like that but other than that I don't have any complaints. Great game.
The game is amazing but I think it would be better if you could add more of the same thing in your hud for ex. The jump button, make it so that you can multiply it, I think this would make the game better... and also make it so that you can edit your controls when you use your controller...
It is such a good game i would do 5 stars if there was a battle pass and you could earn coins from challenges and leveling up. But the game is great. Highly recommend it if you are on Android and cant download fortnite.
Very good game..but can you please add a option to use linear and exponential curves on controller..and create our own controller binds.. Either than that its a very good game!!
I LOVE this app, I play with controller and the only downsides are that you cant change your edit binds, build binds, and moving binds, it also doesnt let me play anymore after i lose 2 times, which is a bit odd, but if you go into a free build game and leave, you can play again! I really hope the dev(s) see this. It would be amazing if you added these things 🙃👍🏻
5 Star! - 1🌟 = Good Graphics, 2🌟 = Can go from Phone to Pc to iPad, 3🌟 = Fun ways to show support to the game, 4🌟 = Family and friends can have fun on it and for the last star, it would be 5🌟 = Many skins to chose from, from buying coins to watching ads for free skins too!
Absolutely annoyed with the game. Whenever I destroy a build then shoot my pump it acts like their is still a build and shoots and does no damage! And now I'm losing trophies because of this glitch. Please fix it as soon as possible and the review will go back to 5. Also my character goes through the max height barrier in Box Comps very easily. And when you level up you should get coins because nobody is going to pay for coins to buy a skin that's pretty ridiculous.
Love it! The characters of this game is nice! But pls, add more skins and make the map more huge so we can eliminate and play together with all! And the void, its awful. So pls remove it. Love the game. With honour and critique! 😁
This game is so fun but there is much thing that can make this game on the top if you ad more guns grenade and Battle Royal this will be on the top and don't forget make some cool thigs in the game and orignal idea and some skins and costume skin and some more game mode plz make all this this will be the bestgame on the mobile community
I love this game but i want lol coins after u win a match. And plzz make this buildings and edit like fortnite cuz in fort u can build a wall far from a distance. U can take piece control. And plzz fix edit it will be a lot helpful. I play this since the beginning and yea i believe in u guys keep it up.
I think it is honestly good like the only thing that I hate is that u can get stuck in your builds like u can't faze through it and I know it's a copy of furtnut but I don't care there not making money from the game only from the 1 or 2 adds that show up
This is really good The only bad point is that you can not play with people who you would like to play with, send friend requests, and invite people. Also some times you don't know the name of people on the other team.
The Game itself is really good and I play alot, I'm already rank 660+ in competitive ones but the problem when u get to that ranks is there are alot of cheaters with hacks and innapropiate names, a good way to tell them apart from the real players is if their rank is over 1000. Some of the common cheats I see them use is something that allows them to shoot 30 bullets at once from their ar and the sound it makes is very loud. If u found away to improve the anti cheat ill up my rating to a 5.
This game is very good the people who play fortnite will like this game but I have 4 problems 1 their hackers. 2 lots of adds. 3 skins and last and least 4.tge problem is why don't they add all the guns. But this game is cool
Your game is good but once I have hit 200 points in chomp a bunch of people were hacking or has hacks such as the shot gun shoots 300 times a sec!! so I would like if you could fix that and also add some sort of tournaments to go with "chomp" so then there is a reason to play and get better. and one more thing can you guys add some sort of sensitivity for controller its that I play on controller and the sense is horrible.
This game is really fun and it reminds me of fortnite but the only complain is that there is a bug where you can't move I'm hoping you guys can fix it other than that I really can't complain if any employees see this than could you fix the bug please.
The game is very fun and nice but i got a few things i will add if i were you there's alot of glitches so try and fix that also when you playing 1v1 or battleroyal when you go to the end of the map you fall and can yourl pls make like a online thing were you can friend them and play with them when they online but i like this game alot thank you
Please can you add differant pickaxes emotes and battle royale as well as zonewars then can you fiz the bug where they walk through your walls and there are loads of hackers so add a reporting system which blocks them from downloading the game again Thank you this game is brilliant thanks
The game is alot of fun, Every one can have fun and it's like Fortnite. And please add new pickaxes, wraps and back blings That would be nice
i would give it a 5star but it need more graphics and it need like wood,metail,bricks and more wepons and friend list more wepon in free build and aim mode and lots more healing like medket,bigpot,and graphics cars,boats and actual skin amd like a new seson new gus rocket luancher Hope you add these
Good job on the game but l think yall can do better it's not so hard for me to play and it's nice but l wish the characters where not so Clear and the building.l have played many games that had these problems thank you very mutch for reading and pls add some music its boring without music:)
I have a problem here. While I'm playing (in a game online) I just get out and go to the homescreen or something and I found a hacker in the game, I won't complain about that because most famous games also have hackers, I'm used to playing hacker 😂 "lol"
All out this game is awesome. But there is one glitch that they need to fix. And that is phasing threw walls. It's a very common glitch. They need to get on it quick it's ruining the game.
great game and I like it already when I first played it's really fun I suggest to add map and events that will be really cool and add bosses to kill then a very powerful enemy will appear to destroy the map so the bosses will kill the enemy then add new weapons u can pick up weapons not just same weapon over again and bullets pick up too where u can pick where to go then the shields too make it like the other pick and the building materials aren't inf u should make it that u get things by urself
Hi 1v1 lol, Your game is so fun and good. But I suggest adding things to heal like mini shields and medkits and bandages for example.
It is realy good one thing i want can you add a battle royal game mode and make many more gun. And in the box fights please can you add a SMG.The thing that i hate about the game is the hackers which have aim bot with never ending ammo in snipers please try to put a report place try to make your game as good as you can from the first time i saw the game i knew it will Evolve fast
I just wish you could like make half a wall right at the bottom like a fence and then put a floor on top like a table or like a bed plz do that oh and amxing but they hack they have mini guns and glitch high jumps they fly run like fash and they kill me before i even start i am good it is just those people that kill me and well i rated it 5 bc it is still good oh and dont make the builds just blue or red i hate that like make some wold bricks or something plz and dont make it see throughplzzz.😝
My last review was five starts great game and all but now ads and hackers are out of control I can't even spectate my teammates or a random person pls fix this it is so anoying.
Good but you should work on classic match to play with more players and you can add the option to add friends . And besides every thing is op 😁👍👍😔👍👍. I like this game but add these stuff to make it more better. You can also add multiplayer battle royal of 100 player and and maps to play on . This will be greate for this game. 👍👍👍👍👍
Overall this game is amazing and incredible game but there is a problem.every time you enter any game mode which is online say brh duos there will be at least 1or 2 hackers.so the game gets ruined and there isn't a report button to report players so plsssssss fix this and please add a report button button so that we can report the player and you can ban them so plz fix this and add a report button to report players I would definitely recommend to give a 5 star if you fix this problem 😥😥😥😭
I will tell you that you need to change now, game is great so listen i know ways so this game will go boom 1st get rid of all ads how to enjoy if 1 battle has ads 2nd is add more modes practice w/friends add more rounds on game like 5 so its not boring add shooting bots for offline & add battle royale,fix the controller/keyboard&mouse, add keybinds to change, improve shooting play add a specific location for a shield&meds for 10sec. So we can heal not fear & add more time -5minutes or infinite.!
Its a pretty nice game I'm rating it 4 stars because there's a bit of hacker that just don't take damage so that's kinda annoying.Another reason is that u can't change ur binds on controller. Also I think it would be really nice if in a future update u could add a battle pass maybe like 45 tiers and in that battle pass it would give u like 100 free lol coins near the last tier. Overall it's a really great game I love it and highly reccomend u download it because u won't regret it.
This game has so many hackers. Also they have 2 ads every time you die. I would not recommend this game, but the thing I dislike the most is how the game is too laggy and frustrating. Please fix the settings.And how you have to use coins even though you have to buy coins with money.But there's to much lag, hackers, and ads please go ahead and see what I mean.
Really good but a little lagy but good just tht we should be able to get coin instead of buying them. And also it's glichy cause I think I ether saw the old skins or the skins that have not been added.and who thinks this game is bad they eather suck or idiots
5 Star! - 1🌟 = Good Graphics, 2🌟 = Can go from Phone to Pc to iPad, 3🌟 = Fun ways to show support to the game, 4🌟 = Family and friends can have fun on it and for the last star, it would be 5🌟 = Many skins to chose from, from buying coins to watching ads for free skins too! 🚨 Updated 23/05/21 • I'll keep my 5 start to the game, but they need to be adding at least 1-2 skins daily or change the ad video every Thursday. I believe if you are a LoL Pass this game will truly be together!
This game is really fun and especially really fun to play with freinds or cousins like me and my cousin and my twin did yesterday cuz it was my birthday and it's like fortnite theres not much to complain about so make sure to download it but can you please add voice chat and a lobby to invite freinds with thx! Keep up the good work!
Nice game I like it to many fun and I have more fun to Making this walls but more adds there but game play is very good download it and play with friend in party mode to many modes there 1" 1v1 2" Box 2v2. 3". 8battle Royal and more modes there download and play it
Good gameplay... Fun to play.... Nice concept.... But shooting is worst... Sniper experience is extremely worst.... Must improve the way of shooting and handling guns.... Apart from that everything is just fine.... The game looks like just a model game not yet fully completed game.... But that's not a big issue while playing.... The only thing that bothers a lot while playing is shooting experience.....
This game is great but one thing that needs to change is that after im done playing any game mode and come back to the main menu, it does not connect and i have to restart the game every time and i checked my WiFi and thats not the problem so whats happening?
The tuturial sucks, it teached you how to move and aim... i got in a match with buttons all over the screen not knowing what they do.... there should also be a practice mode, to practice and see what the buttons do, until you update, 1 star😡
I love it but there is one problem we all would like you to add solo and battle royale they have been in the game before but it was very fun with them mods I miss them so mabey get into adding them back in mabey it would be a very cool and exciting update so please do it but overall good work guys keep it up and also mabey add different courlour changing free skins coz we all can't get the skins
I had rated this game before too but it seems to get worse day by day as j I have an issue that sometimes hackers are able to enter the game and they kill everyone so it's not fun anymore. I would appreciate if you find a way to get the hackers out of the game as they make it difficult for us to play😁
I love the game I would give a five star review but I don't like how you can choose your character or your weapon even when you have original pump shotgun and then it's also a combat shotgun what it can hit three or four miles away so they need to fix that but all the other things its a good games but they need to put those things in it will make it more fun for mobile
Been playing 2 years , got alright at the game.However , when i try to open it the game gets stuck on a loading screen.I've attempted to wait half an hour and no result.Hope the next update fixes this.Thank you.
I give 4 stars because the game very nice but they do not give coins after level ups and thereare so many adds about 30 seconds. This game is for fun. There are four different walls for cover and one wall is to go up high. For so many adds I have given four stars. There is also triangle wall. Otherwise this game is very nice, I am so happy with this game. No glitches. Thanks for this game. Please download this for very fun.
This is a really good game the building is great really would recommend. But my problem with it is the amount of ads and how bad they are some times they can even crash your game so would recommend but ads are a problem
Hey its a suggestion it could be much better than fortnite and other Royale games 1.Add battle Royale and make clothes and skins and characters 2.add multi-player mode and in each squad 4 users add matchmaking and random players Each match should have at least 100 players and 2 or 3 maps 3.Add different guns and make it realistic like That of creative destruction or pubg or fortnite ad water and boat 4.make different level of head gears 5.make a mod in which we respawn like tdm war add Sniper
Its a good game its just every 2 games or so you get hackers in your game the shoot you throw builds and the bullets dont even match where there body is going like they can be standing and the bullets would kill the person behind him its pretty much aim bot.
I'm giving this a four. Star because lag and the quality and can you add a mode when thare is a training area with bots useing guns trying to kill and and can you make then build and fight
I think the game is all around good from the gameplay to the controls. I like the controls becuas yoyr able to change it up and play even better unlike other games where you cant my only probloms is that theres hackers every once in a while but thats ok Good job with the game and i would like if theres other modes like the game fan of guns i think its called but yea .
I like this game but can you add Rocket Launcher i love it so much and by the way fix the thing that u can float in the air.And make some bullet trail we would like the battle royale like in fortnite and can you put some skins and pickaxe.Thank you.I love this game this game is amazing im proud this game existed.Make the Map More Bigger And Can You Make A Arena 5 people in a big map.Thank You.
This is a really fun game but it's hard to edit for mobile players like me and there are bots who like to stay still and when you try to kill them they just start to target you and you have no chance to win so yea please fix that.
I like the game very great game😄 but there so many Glitchs😬 in this game such as getting stuck in builds and putting it gun through the builds shooting people 🧐that's annoying but other than that Great Game keep it up🥳 Can u also put some of the old game modes back in like battle royale with the storm or make a bigger map 2 where u can find guns
This game is fun for what it is when there isnt lag. We really need building and editing sensitivities and idk if you could fix this but when using a controller there seems to be a delay from when u push the trigger and when the gun shoots. Its bad enough to make flicks really hard. OOWW also make it so on contoller while in build mode u can use x for editing with no edit hold time. That wold make editing so much faster on controller tho i know u guys probably mostly focus on touch pad orwhatevr
Its really awesome. Im not saying its like fortnite but you can learn the basics in this game but i also think it will be great if you can make maps to choose to play and maybe some trees and stuff with buildings and maybe like a battle Royale and not just flat worlds pls. Thanks but would really appreciate it if you can put in the stuff i named but i really like the game. Its just mind blowing
A great game but I think you. Could Update the graphics a tiny bit because if you're playing free build mode you could maybe put in some grass,trees and mountains to make it look more realistic. -Also try to add In a feature so U can add people as well. -And maybe make the building a bit more dence and not so see through. -add skins, more guns to the game But above all it's a great game.
Only thing I don't like about the game is when you can't edit on controller I hook it up on my phone in It didn't let me edit or croch u got to touch the screen to just edit our croch and u should be able to make custom binds when you're on phone with a controller if u do that u get a 5 but overall it's a fun game
Please bring back zone wars, Please fix the bugs in the game,...... Sometimes when i go into a game and com back out, i cant play any more, inorder for me to play i must switch from my currrent server to another server and back to the current server. But Still the Game is FUN TO PLAY!
Great great great great game but can you make anouther game like this but 100 players in br and 2 more things can you add custom controls for contreller player on mobile like pc and last pls make an item shop like skins and emotes !ove your game and can you plsssssss add traps those were the og and op days byee
A great game, but why when I win I don't get coins, even at least one. The problem in the game is collecting money in it is difficult!
Great game! Is there a way you can make it like fortnite where you jump out of a bus and verse 100 people and have challenges and new guns and also have creative mode? Also have a friends list maybe?