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1942 ๐Ÿš€ Free classic shooting games

1942 ๐Ÿš€ Free classic shooting games for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Classic shooter game good graphics different levels of difficulties. Got some time to kill? Then this can help.
If you are new to this game dont buy the planes and the gems and all the upgrades need because you can have it either playing for free or watching a lot of advertisement and on the other hand and when you do the player vs player games online your plane is nothing even if you have upgraded the plane to the max and the weapon. The people who make it control the game no matter what kind of plane you have. They just want you to buy their plane,
It's a cool game ๐ŸŽฎ I remember the game when I was a child yeah lol. I could never get far when I was child. Today I'm kicking butt in the game ๐ŸŽฎ yes sir lol lol. Old school. This ๐ŸŽฎ brings back lot of memories yay lol
Great free game. PVP game is completely rigged. Sometimes you win easily and sometimes you can't destroy any enemies
3 weeks in a row now that my events dont reset on Sunday evening. Tried emailing but get message that email address can't be found .Very bad game support!
Just began freezing on screen, and then? My plane is flying along forever, alone. No enemies to engage....Why? I liked the game to. Shameful
Love it so far. Just beat level 3. Bringing back lots of great memories. While at the same time providing a challenging but still very fun experience! Thank you to the creators. I'm truly loving this one.
I tried emailing the developer but the email bounced back. I love this game, I play it daily. But now there's a big since a couple of days where I am unable to select any plane. I am on version 3.78. All the upgrades I had done on the other planes are gone. Only the default plane is showing and to upgrade anything you need 12345 coins. When you select to play with the default plane, the level loads but the plane does not load. So you see the enemy planes but not yours. very weird.
Good game. Almost like the nes version. Nice to bring back the memories. Wish there are different ways to get better planes.
This game is very nice. All design is very nice looking like real. All cinery is very good looking. I love and recommend.
Game was going perfect but then it charged and went back to start.... When I restarted my phone to see if it was working better I got my planes back but the upgrades aren't their and my name also changed....
Impressed With The Multi-actions & Recovery This Game Incorporates; Keeping The Player Focused At All Times!
To the developer of this game, you need to fix the score of the PvP game it is not right .No matter how you fight the opponent by looking the time and the score it suddenly the other opponent had a higher score even if you are ahead. How can you explain that sometimes the score is right and you can tell that you are losing because the end of the game its just stuck that you cant even move. Very bad pvp games.
I watched 20 ads to be able to open a chest,the game froze,and when it came back I hadn't any reward I'm uninstalling this game
Graphics are too busy!! There's too much going on in the gameplay's graphics. It makes it hard up really see what's what at times. Sometimes you inadvertently run into items that you think are friendly because you can't instantly tell the difference between enemy fire and friendly collectables. Needless to say, I uninstalled it almost immediately!
If I could, I'd give no stars. I love the top-down shooter genre, and the resurrection of the old console game was exciting... until you start playing. I literally find myself spending more time waiting out ads, many of them not optional, than I do playing. I can only imagine what the revenue is like for the amount of ads based on this game. I've never seen another game based around ads anywhere near as much as this. Shame, as it's a decent retro game, otherwise.
Good Time killer. Issues the reward boxes arent giving the items to help unlock the other planes. The 4 x multiplier only does 3
Bugs gallore does anybody maintain this game . Now the pvp will not work somebody is dropping the ball
ONESOFT: Geat game except PvP. The top player (Nachos) is bullying other players and using multiple minion accounts to feed his main account to stay #1. Please do something about this. Please look at your logs. If someone gives free points 3 times in a row by leaving a match, they should not be matched up again - ever. This is considered a form of hacking by exploiting the system. He is a lowlife and has changed his profile pictures multiple times to give others the middle finger. Thanks.
It's ok if nacho and Halcon to have 5 different accounts each and feed points,it's a form of hacking and I want ALL MY MONEY BACK they have ruined the game for honest players, fix it investigate their accounts or I will write a horrible review.
Had 300.000 gold, 3150 gems when they just disappeared when I started playing today. Thats a big, big flaw that needs to be corrected fast. It takes some time building up alot of gems and gold. A bug like that is unacceptable. I am very disappointed. As of 3Sept cannot access PVP mode, special event mode, as well as other game play modes really???, especially when it says server not available. Your E-mail for support is not valid. Fix these bugs.
This is a very strange game, get the same amount of kills in PVP but still lose very confusing ๐Ÿค” any response from makers of game?
At first, the game is great. Good old 1942, however after longer play you realise how unbalanced the game & reward system are. If you don't buy blue diamonds for real money, forget about getting high quality planes/weapons. Playing long hours only gives you minimum coins or diamonds (if you buy them for coins). But the most annoying is the lucky wheel - 1 ticket costs 5000 coins and you usually (8\10) win only 10 diamonds which is minimum. Too many more negatives to mention, hence 2stars.
I see multiple complaints about that the Grumman Hellcat is an issue. Same with me can this be fixed? Please FIX THIS!!! There has been multiple updates since this problem. I have just been dealing with this, for a few weeks. There are two or three people below with this same problem on the ratings page. Who knows how many others. Please FIX!!!
This is a great game until you have upgraded to max without using gems. Then it's frustrating & i guess they made it like this so you have to pay for the gems
My experience with this game is well I like playing this game because it keeps me on my toes and alert
My PVP is glitchy and unplayable tried reinstalling but no results can you fix my issue please, thank you.
Ole man brought memories all the old Atari. Spent many hour playing it. Sad part it won't give me stars to move up kinda boring playing level 1. Bummer
Fun game but level 40 boss is broken it can fire of 2 volleys & kill you before you are able to even land a hit, it is the only end of round enemy that I've come across that is able to do this
Much more playable than 1945. Not so much buffering and if you have to watch adverts to progress at least they initially seem to be easier and quicker to get past and get on with the game
Been stuck on level one since I downloaded on my Samsung J7 prime . I keep winning but no progress also dont get stars come to think of that I had to part ways with games I loved for such disappointment
Really fun game! You can absolutely beat it without spending money if you are good enough, spending money just makes it easier. But I appreciate the challenge
You remember 1942 on your Commodore C64? This is nothing like it. All enemies and bullets seem to be magnetic and you basically have no chance to 'win' this game. This is another game that's just trying to squeeze some money out of the player for exactly zero value. They even offer airplanes for $49.99. You can buy a proper game for that kind of money. Ten cents would be too much and I'm sorry for everyone spending money on this
The game deserves a five, it has good graphics and I think that the 1942 was better then the 1945 game so that why I give this game a 5
In campaign mode, there is something pretty important missing. The ship. There is nothing to do but sit there and look at the enemies. In addition to that, on the ship selection screen, there is no way to check the cost or unlock any of the ships. Please fix. Moto G6 play. Android 9.0.
When I play intercept or assault every other plane I pick doesn't show up to fight.Please fix,It just updated it's still doing it.Thank you.I'll give the game a 4 but it needs way more levels 49 triple it it and I will buy it.Oh and P.V.P. how it is scored makes absolutely no sense.Your opponent is pulling away from you but the game is not giving you any planes to shoot down
I cannot get single player to load past the first level and only normal at that,tried reinstalling app but nothing,I lost alot of gems I paid for can you fix this please I like the game but can't enjoy it.
Great game to pass the time. I gave it 3 stars because things like the bonus lucky wheel that's worth 5,000 a spin . I tested it and spent 50,000 game money and landed on the minimum each time. It's nothing to do with luck. Rigged to make you spend money. Other than that it would be an awesome game.
Fun game with lots of replay value but it quickly becomes evident that you will need to spend money to progress. The harder levels need the costly plane upgrades. I can stomach paying 99 cents to maybe 4 dollars, but many upgrades are well over that amount. So, if upgrades were cheaper, I would be playing more, but due to the cost (even on holiday sale), I'll have to put this game on ice for a while.
I love the game.The reason I dont give it a 5 star is the Special Event does not reset.PVP makes absolutely no sense.I have had posts that have been on the Facebook page that have been pending for 3 weeks administration is non existent.
Really enjoyed playing, it has taken me over a year to clock the game. I highly recommend it. Cool old school feel, great stuff.
Awesome gameplay. Responsive controls. Can be a bit hungry on the battery juice eh..... but who cares when your shooting em up?! Can get a little repetitive, (that's why I gave 4, not 5). Reminds me of the old skool arcade game.๐Ÿ‘Good job development team, and thank u for making another quality OFFLINE game for us all to enjoy๐Ÿ‘Œ
I love this game but this is the fourth time it has crashed on me and taken over a years worth of watching videos to build up my aircrafts. I'm guessing this is what happens when you do not spend money on the app.
This game is weak. How the hell can you not even get 1 star on level one. Been playing for a month n all I can do is level up my planes. ready to quit this game
Great game, love it! However, there could be more missions loaded and more events! Not enough to do. No way of contacting the game developers either
Close to the arcade feeling. Like the upgrade with the option to buy other fighter planes. Something is still missing though.
This game has epic potential but is soooooo buggy! Trying to do special event and the medals dont load in the stages! Starts ok, gives about 130 a stage but then bugs out and only drops 24 per stage, or doing attack or intercept, the game crashes returning to the main screen and you lose all of the medals you have collected in the session, I lost 2000 in one hit. If the bugs and crashes weren't there, this would be excellent. I'm using a samsung galaxy tab a if developers want to test. Shame
Bugged out! Been playing for a few months and have built up a decent collection of planes and upgrades but have a major bug which makes the game useless. When I complete a campaign mission nothing happens, the plane just keeps flying over empty scenery forever! Also weirdly both Daily Quest and Campaign Chest show 0 missions completed but both have full yellow bars and flashing red dots as if both were fully complete. No log out option to see if that would resolve. Help please.
Way too slow to load a game, 2 minutes plus. Nice graphics but my big thumb obscures attacks from behind. Glitchy, slow, frequently crashes my phone. Uninstalled :(
Woke up today and started to play, then I realized that all my planes that I had was gone - rather annoying as I had all and most of them was fully upgraded. My gold, gems and weapons upgrades are still there but like I said my planes gone My player name is: #heltrasig Can you please look in to this and let me know what's going on. I really like this game and would give it 5* but at the moment it's a 1* until this is resolved Thank you
Watching videos for free gifts. Never get the free wingman chest? Beat multiple level's & perfectly. Doesn't show 3 perfect star's, won't let me advance past level 17.
Must increase the way the plane fires slow down enemy fire give better graphics and let the power ups last until we die,if u do this it will be the best game I ever played.I will definitely share it with my friend's but pls do this stuff ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Fun game but very buggy UI. Had to reinstall and lost all my progress and purchases. Pretty disappointing and won't be playing any more.
There are no levels above 50 ..which is very less ... I lost my all best fully upgraded planes .. don't know why.. plz tell me how to fix it
Great game easy to control good graphics only played 3 levels will review again when I have been playing longer
Not Happy Why am I being charged $4.26 for ??? No its not a lot but I didn't purchase anything today 10/07 Not cool to charge anyone just because. Now Again Why Am I Being Charged, When I Haven't Played ??? WHY AM I BEING CHARGED $14.96 FOR ? AGAIN THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THAT IM BEING CHARGED FOR SOMETHING (WHEN IN FACT I DIDN'T PURCHASE ANYTHING) Again Please Look Into This And Make The Appropriate Changes (As In Refund My Money) This Is A Free Game (With In App Purchases If Choose To)
Put doppelganger back the way it was and the game would be amazing..not worth playing that much anymore
it's a fun game for what it's supposed to be. it's very similar to Capcom's 1942. but it's not the same. it's kind of a money trap. You get the P-38 in the first mission, then you have to shell out ยฅ1,200 or roughly $12.00 for the P-38 or else you get stuck with a Grumman Wild Cat or Hell Cat. it's pricey for the game players. Considering the ads which are unrelated, are there. it's a cash cow for you for sure. - 2 stars for the price on planes AND advertisements. ButIt'sStillABlastFrm d past
Awesome game... However, why does the game stop at a certain level??? Please could the developer update this Game by increasing the levels to continue on a different stage. Besides, please make the planes affordable!
Addicting game. However it continuously has a bug that keeps any gold coins from accruing in infinity missions, intercept, ads, or campaign missions. Only way I'm getting gold coins is through the 10 a day ads in the treasure chest or crate menu. I'm on Google pixel 4 android 11. Customer support email for the developer doesn't work. Getting tired of resetting the game or my phone for the bug and losing all progress. Have a feedback forum for your customers.
Just like the old days, great challenges and brilliant for the age it was popular, undone only by 1945, so I'm for excellent response, no intrusive trash, and the excitement, 5 stars here guys, great app.
In my opinion I have played many old school R coote came games but this one in particular runs a great aspect. It really does embrace the old 19 a's feeling of standing up and put in a corridor into a machine not to mention the side-by-side action with all the different type of military objects coming at you with the upgrades available I would say altogether this is a great game
How are you supposed to update when there's no update, then you can't get back to the game? Bunch of nonsense.
very close to original midway game that Capcom bought off them. actually Capcom bought midway games oh brush up on English for description you got grammar mistakes in description
Worst friggn game! Sucks you in good. Don t spend money on this game. The rounds just get more impossible no matter how much you spend to beef up planes and wingman. You can t even buy what you want, they make you open boxes and waste gems on something you don't even want. Plus, even if you win, you still have to pay these 5 things to proceed to next round. Complete friggn con of a game! I m so disappointed with myself, lol I spent 250 bucks all for nothing. This game is a complete cash cow.
Hopefully the developer will read andresponed. They need to get the server back up. When are you going to let the reward videos play? When are you going to turn back on the Special Event?
Starts of ok before getting ridiculous, usual pay to get anywhere app,multi player is hit and miss,not that good,too much on screen at once in certain levels making navigation impossible, shame it could be good if development team was interested in your enjoyment rather than get your cash by frustrating you
Game broke. Unlocked the second aircraft, upgraded it, went to use it, level starts but my aircraft never loads in. The level just keeps progressing and the enemies spawn but my aircraft never loads. I quit out and tried again. Same thing. It keeps charging me the energy so even just trying to fix this myself by changing settings or closing out and reopening is costing me that. Even if I ever do get it to work, I will be out of energy and unable to play anyways. Also, load times are way too long
Please fix my problen i stock in level 16 can't get through level 17 all planes that I used is upgraded but cannot not advance to the next level.
This game is excellent and has a great replay value. I would rate this 5 stars but since the last update the second plane - the Grumman Hellcat - has become invisible; so if selected, all you see is a blank screen with the enemy planes doing their thing. And this is the case in all scenarios: campaign, survival, and matchplay. Please help.
Have been playing for several months, then bug showed up where it wasn't giving rewards. Now all my aircraft and upgrades are gone.
Just downloaded and after 1st level had to update game but no update available. Absolute joke and am uninstalling straight away
Server is gone which means there is no player v player or special events. Game needs more levels. It has 50. Good graphics and game play but that doesn't compensate for the negatives.
Forced to watch 30 second commercials way too often! I couldn't play anymore, you get nothing for all the ad watching, no free coins or gems or anything, so disappointing. The graphics and gameplay are great, what you would expect. But, this game is just like every other scrolling vertical shooter, I mean the menus, the bonus game stuff, the freebies, the other stuff, all virtually the same. Kinda boring there, but it's the same game with a different theme. it's fun, just way too many ads.
Dont waste your time the devs dont seem to care about this app anymore. Hellcats been busted for more than a month with no attepmts to fix it. Game freezes and you lose that round of whatever you were doing with no credit for mission. When you do the daily intercept the higher you score the longer it takes to get your rewards up to 10 mins for me and you cant play during distribution. If you leave during the distribution of rewards youll lose them. Id give this a 0 if i could. Pathetic really...
Not Happy Why am I being charged $4.26 for ??? No its not a lot but I didn't purchase anything today 10/07 Not cool to charge anyone just because. Now Again Why Am I Being Charged, When I Haven't Played ???
Awesome! I've played it in game centers back 1980's decade and now I can play at my hands with my smartphone! Thank you!
So far very enjoyable reminds me of the arcade experience back in high school. My only complaint will not really complain it's fine but using a large tablet it would be nice to play it in landscape mode having to play it upright is kind of uncomfortable with a device that's large and if the device is too small it's too hard to see what's going on
Enemy planes are sometimes the same color as the background or light in color making them too hard to see. Bomb/Air Raid button is not mapped to keyboard or Right Mouse button. Instead you have to leave your plane unattended to click the Bomb/Air Raid on-screen button. I spent all the gold I'd caught on spread fire guns, but when I went to play those upgrades were nowhere to be seen. Game just isn't as good as the original arcade classic.
I've been playing this game for a year now. Watching between 20-30 ads EVERY SINGLE DAY to level up. Total joke. It takes EONS to level up even with all these s*h*ty adds I've had to watch! Finally decided to speak my frustration after watching 20 ads of "gardenscapes" this morning!!! Waste of money and time. "Update*July 2nd my F6F Hellcat hasn't worked in weeks!!!! And no bonus for finishing the game???!!!??? I beat the game even though all the obstacles now give me more diamonds UGH!
Another great game ruined. Ultimately it is not possible to progress without spending money. Dont waste your time people, and gain a few more hours of ad free life.
App operartors dont give you feedback on why the game has so many problems. When the game does operate correctly its a lot of fun. Problem is that doesnt appear to be to often. Cant use 3 planes i have and dont get credit for gems and gold aquired. 4 weeks in a row with no update is the latest of many issues.
This game is exceptional. I just love playing it. There are other games that are not at the level that this one is. It reflects some of the action faced back in WWll.
This game was ok until I got to level 30 then it would not let me advance any further after I won that level you really need to fix whatever is wrong with it.
Games constantly losing things, gems, coins, lives. Always issues with all aspects of the game. Not all things work ever
Everything was good I'm shooting down everything continuing on levels then I bought a couple aircraft and now it doesn't let me advance levels no more it doesn't give me the gold coins that I collect while playing it doesn't let me advance levels anymore I'm only halfway through not even halfway it's always glitching and the upgraded bought planes aren't stronger than the plane to get for free please fix the situation
Good to distract yourself and, somewhat relax the time away from the daily stress generated from the daily routine.
I have been enjoying the game for many months. There are however many, many frustrating bugs. I would not spend money on this game as unlocked vehicles have become locked again without warning. Also am unable to access pvp, special events, or the final two aircraft for many months (even though the final two aircraft and their wingmen have been unlocked for months). Tried to send an email to the publisher detailing bugs with attached photos, but the email bounces back. Enjoy the game with ads.
Awesome game... However, why does the game stop at a certain level??? Please could the developer update this Game by increasing the levels to continue on a different stage. Besides, please make the planes affordable! And please DEVELOPER, any updates as as promised a year ago????? Still waiting!
Just like the old days, great challenges and brilliant for the age it was popular, undone only by 1945, so 4 here and 5 stars there.
Fantastic waste of space. Great game load of bugs. I think all responses here are done by bot picking up on positive words. So well done guys for never actually working on developing the game or fixing it. Brilliant. Fun. Super way to empty your wallet. It worked, they like my review....how thick can you get???