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12 Locks II

12 Locks II for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by RUD Present. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You make wonderful games, this one included! Not as challenging as others, a great place to start- with 22 Locks II.πŸ’–
I loved the game its soo much fun... But I'm sad I wish there was a 12 locks 3 that had 5 levels in it! But I under stand that not just any one can make these games only skilled people can which is also why I like it! GOOD JOB!
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Pictures were fun. The music was crazy and the solutions to the problems weren't too hard. Hints are available.
It's an absolutely amazing game! It looks really cute,all the items there are made out of plasticine! Not only that,it's fun to crack those puzzles! Plus,there are no ads except if you want help with the puzzle or skip it.And might I mention,it's free! It's also educational and can help you understand and crack some puzzles yourselves! I love this game!!! Oh,but one thing,can we get it in ios? I recommended it to my mom but it wasn't in ios, and pleaseee add more levels! Thanks,RUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some puzzles were obvious some were not good imagination some were hard to work out keep up the work however one of your puzzles dose not work well it's after you solved all the puzzles then got to start the car with the black key it won't start it tells you to use the black key it's a bug fix it
I think you should add a level where its set in the wild west please I hope you do thanks for looking at my feedback team I appreciate itπŸ˜ƒ
Best game I've played, I LOVED the song I just finished level 1 and I had so much fun, I had to use a hint and I was surprised it was a 5 second ad.thank you creators, great gameπŸ‘πŸΌ.
Game is so hard have working on for 3 days in still haven't got the green little thing that you have to turn and the code for the colors it is very very hard I do not like how they made it the 1st one was really easy I got it in 28 minutes and over all I give it a 1 star By the way I'm a girl not boy no no
This game is very good good job who made this game it's so amazing it is so cool I love it thank you for making this game! 🀩
This is a short game, but absolutely phenomenal. It's all claymation, and it's such a great style to see. The puzzles are of medium difficulty, and it's very enjoyable. <3
Cute game. Won my interest. Great free version,... Is there a paid version that's longer than 3 levels? I would def purchase.
It was real challenging for me and my mom could get filled every level just I only do the first it's a little tricky okay
The game was seriously amazing and fantastic. These games can sharp ones mind I seriously enjoyed the game tooo much. Thanks for making these games
Its really fun it has fun locks ads for a hint 3 2 or 5 for skipping puzzels it is sooooo fun me and my brother we played this together we finished but even we finished we play it agian too fun and the laat thing we played all 12 locks by😊
This game is insanely fun. It got one star though because a part is not working. Everytime I click on the watch ad part of this game, it ends up force closing on me. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
I really had fun with this one, if anything bad it's the fact that it's too short, I hope you guys have more games like this, or at least make this one last longer.
This was a difficult puzzle that I really enjoyed. I hope the best of your team. I have one request, can you make more of these since I really enjoyed it? Either way, perfect game!
This is an amazing app wow I like it but I didn't slove the red key so I will give him full stars πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
The game runs perfectly and provides a good challenge, but at least when you get stuck you can use a hint to get help with the puzzle your trying to solve I've played all three games and enjoyed all of them
This game is to hard for kids! So me a my sister were playing this and as soon when I tried it was so hard! She was 3 and I was 7 I am good doing stuff like these but not this one. But it was fun I guess.
In my opinion, this is a really good game. The series follows the plot of a man who suffers from some type of mental disability. The man has an obsession with puzzles and wants to take care of his daughter. He forgets where his keys are all the time and relies on the player (you) to find them for him. I am 11 and usually play violent, bloody games but yet I am taking the time to play this game. It is a really fun game and the animation style is quaint. RUD, please add a 4th installment.
I will love this game the game is so good want to give the game more than five stars but there are no options to give more than five stars
I love this game but the problem is l taped the bats again and again but its not working please fix this problem but the game is good
Its a very good gamei love it i also ayed it's part 1 .its very interesting and the characters are cute . Keep it up
Very good game. But i still stuck at level 1. Only one thing left to unlock. I watch the ads to get the hint, the hint give was need to click the button in order. I do like that but still cannot unlock. Anyone can give answer??
i love this game sure i used a little bit of adds but thats because im on pc but its a fun game that challenges your brain
This Game is Amazing! I Become an Pro On A Day, I Finish The Toilet Problem On Other Game And On this game all Stages, On a day! I Really Love This Game My Young Sister Actually Played It Before me On Grandmother's Phone and Then I asked If I Can get the Phone and Played, My Sister Was pretty shocked I finish it all and On a Day, Will that's it, I Hope nobody Hate on it! Because this game is Awesome! πŸ’• , And I Hope u Make 12 Locks III/3 Pls! #Make12LocksIII 😊 Bye!
I love all of RUDS games the are addictive and extremely fun to play on long car rides home highly recommend for older kids or kids over 5
A real pass by! I was so bored then I found this game and I love it! Some of the puzzles were pretty hard but I like it!
I tried all games the last one was so long and hard it made me stay up till 3:51 a.m. but I'm okay with that cuz my mom is sleeping and I'm so happy so happy this game is very good you should make like 100 more and I'll stay up for lik e 20 years
Fun game, completed it in under 20 minutes but a few of the puzzles made me stop to think. Ps. You should probably add a disclaimer that this would be too hard for Kids 10 and under.
Just as with the first game, it's really fun. Be best for beginners maybe. Needs more levels. Having just 3 levels makes the game go too fast. I solved it in a few mins. The game would deserve 5 stars if there were lots more levels. I love the graphics and it's easy to play. More levels please!
I like it!!! It's perfect to play this game while you're in a quarantine :) I would be happy if you made more games like this :)
I dont personally play this but my 5yr old granddaughter does and she is a whizz at it. Love to watch her.
Game really challenges people and I had to go on YouTube and watch someone play this to get it. But it is still good. I love it. It's a great game. Make more
All levels were very easy. bad thing is there were only three levels it went too fast. But otherwise it is a great game.
The game was a bit hard to find the right keys and the places of where they are so I give it a 5 star review
Fun game entirely. Played all 3 episodes and all have been very well thought off. Thanks to the Dev. Great games. Nice concept.
My four year old son loves both lock games and has beat them. Pls make more so he will have new ones instead of replaying old ones.
I love this game so much I just know today goes through with playing one and I just rewinded it now I did skip two cuz like two of the puzzles because I don't know what to do like you need to fix it seriously but change the two puzzles with the crowbar and big key because those two are super hard and maybe change his name too cuz I call him Chris just plain old Chris so yeah but this game is super cool like honestly I've playedlike almost all of them
Innovative puzzles without unavoidable ads. It's a pity it's short, but for the work that clearly went into this - from the cute art design to the clever puzzles dotted through - it's amazing for a free game. Well worth a look.
So fun. I love that the puzzles make you think a little. It also has cute minutes. You do the puzzle in about 10 minutes maybe longer or shorter.
Nice but so hard........ need to do it easy hmmm........ it's be bored me now you need more 12 locks game and need to do it easy so I dont be feel boring ok..... do it fast that I say now please.........ok...
You should make more games like this and the part 1. It makes my mind work and i really love the cute clay animation. Its not a kind of game that is so hard which leads to a point where it bores you already.
It's so hard you should make it easier I can't even do the level without getting some hens my seven-year-old brain just can't do it make it a little easier
Too Difficult for kids! This game has puzzles that are way too hard for kids to work out. The game appeals to 3 to 7 year old yet you would need the IQ of Einstein to figure some these puzzles out!
This game was a great way to let time pass and the sounds graphics were nice and also something to focus your brain over all its a nice game
I am playing all your12 Locks games. I love all of them. It's great to be able to play a game that is so relaxing, so with ease. Your game is actually very good for children to play because it's not too hard and if they get stumped there are hints.
This is the BEST game ever. It is hard and fun. The characters are cool the gameplay is cool.....ITS ALL COOL!!!!
I would love to rate higher, but to watch an ad for a hint, and the ad not to work, or register as watched, big bug, and the door under the sink, i never got to open as the ads wouldnt unlock it...