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1010 Block Puzzle Game Classic

1010 Block Puzzle Game Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Free Panda Pop. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty addictive game, really fun to play. I really like it! But one thing I guess you should remove the ads, because it's really annoying when it pops ups every time I lose. Others things are perfect!
one of the more fun block puzzles. what I like about it are the different shapes blocks and well as a new one dropping when you use place one.
I love this game. Not too many ads and most arent too long. Love the sounds while you play. I gave it a 4 because the chine is overbearing so you have to turn the sound way down so the chine isnt as obnoxious.
Fun game, eats up more time than you can imagine. One must be clever to get the really high scores, though.
fun game. there are many puzzles games, but this one is one of the more entertaining ones. addictive fun. especially for waiting in long line, bored times, etc.
excellent for nerves, UNRATTLED and for meditation of LIFE curve balls. It's a joy of RELAXATION + FUN! ! ! LOVE love lovevl it; challenge yourself MUCH FUN FOR THE THRILL SEEKERS of leisure with pleasure 5 stars!! Gives excitement ar every TURN. Its where you want to go PERIOD!. Block Pizzle, a way to "DEFEAT "; and it adds relief!my god it gives me "relief" woo! Requesting, more MORE, block puzzle forever; thank you very much
Fun to use while I'm watching TV. I have a hard time just sitting in front of the television doing nothing else. If I don't have mail or papers to sort, I play games on my phone.
If u need short breaks and relax your mind, go for this game. Not only is it a good mind-bender, but one always challenges onself to be better.
Super simple and really addictive. A time toilet in the best way. I downloaded it on my phone, too. The ads are a little annoying but not terrible. (Turn off your data/Wi-Fi and the ads aren't so bad.) Can't complain for a freebie.
Fun and relaxing puzzle game. Only downfall I have had is when I first open the game and start playing an ad opens and interrupts where I'm moving a piece. It sometimes cause me to place it in odd places, but I'm usually able to fix it with another piece. That though is a tiny annoyance to me compar
I don't like games that make you race the clock. To me, those are not relaxing at all. This is challenging and makes you think, without racing a clock. It keeps track of your high score, and let's you know when you achieve new high score. It is hard to put down though!! . My husband, I, and our boys are all in competition with one another...lol
The game has very less ads it's very easy to use and it does not keep telling you to purchase anything.(But sometimestimes when the ads pop up your block drops to the area were you held it before the ad and sometimes they give the same 3 blocks you don't have space for and you just loose the game.)
a real challenge this one. as long as they do not stop you from reaching top scores by throwing in impossible shapes its good. other block puzzles you get a good score, the rest of the games you battle to get halfway. That is very discouraging for young minds. we should be encouraging them to strive
It is really very good and it develops our concentration for kids. Very excellent game. it is so good for children so I make them to play this game during their exams because it gives them extra concentration on studies
I like this over similar games as it feeds you a new game piece as you put one in the game, rather than waiting till you have placed three pieces. Sometimes wish I could rotate a piece. My new favorite game.
This game is addicting! It can be pretty challenging too. A great way to kill time or play anytime. There are ads but they go by pretty quickly so u really don't get too bothered by them, besides, to me, the game is worth watching a few quick ads. U always want to keep playing so u can beat ur last
can't stop playing it really love this game looks easy but little harder then it looks.but super fun. I'd rate this a 10 if I could. great jod job on making this one.
I like this game. It's pretty challenging but relaxing at the same time. The ads are a minor annoyance. That's my only complaint.
this game is so much fun. I love it so much, and it makes the time go by so fast. It's addicting, and it makes you want to keep passing through levels. But there is only one flaw, when you put a block down, you can't take it off. But overall, it's an awesome game, it is addicting and is full of chal
A brilliant interpretation of a Tetris style game. Couple of suggestions I would offer. The next blocks not showing in groups of 3, but as a continuous stream. An undo facility. The ability to rotate the blocks. All of the above would enhance this game.
Awesome game.. I'm loving it. I saw all the comments here. People are saying it's impossible to cross 2000 points, well I'm at 2650. It took me 3 days to realize my mistake. I've been playing Tetris since my childhood. And the trick is that this game is totally opposite of Tetris. Here you don't have
The app was a little challenging at the beginning so I would stop playing it, but every time I needed a little relaxation I would come back to it and it would relax my mind. I really enjoyed playing this game. I will continue playing this app to challenge myself to get to a higher score
Fun game challenging but way to many adds in between games. Get rid of the adds and it would be much appreciated.
block puzzle is one of those that I can play with while I'm watching TV. It's a bit of fun for free moments. And, it's free!
The BEST Block puzzle I've played to date. Really good colours/graphics. Highly addictive and so much better than the original Tetris. Well Done to the development team. I love it!
This puzzle is somewhat addictive. You have to keep challenging yourself to build blocks. You can have hours of fun.
Great game with a really pretty and unique style =) No issues with downloading, installing or playing. Thanks for making this cute, fun game!
This game had me for hours playing. I reached my highest level ever and never got bored. I give this game the rating it deserves and that is a 5 ..thank you for testing my abilities and giving me this challenge.
Very addictive game. Involves some thinking, which is great. I play for long stretches at a time. Only downside is that there are TOO MANY COMMERCIALS. In between every single game. Detracts from the fun .
so fun! I like to try to beat my highest score. makes you think of the shapes that you are fitting in and to see if all shapes on that are in line will eliminate as much rows as you can.
This game is great! makes you use your brain to figure out ways to complete your rows and also gives you ways out of a tight situation fun and challenging way to pass the time
It is the best puzzle game. It can be made more better by adding levels. And some of them say that there are to many ads but I don't think so if you switch off your internet you can get rid of them
I like the fact that you don't have to use all the blocks before any new choices come along, it makes the game much more enjoyable. Thanks . Oh, and by the way I never give 5 stars if I rate at all. way to go.
I like the challenge, it is not hard but still make you think before assigning the blocks to the squares. I like the colors as well, they are bright and cheerful
Excellent game and perfect if you just want to play a game and not have loads of really difficult levels that take so many attempts (and usually purchases!) to succeed
it's good for passing time. I like that thiers no time limit. You play at your own pace. So it's good when you need to put the game down and do something.
I like this one of the most important thing to remember that the company has been designed for the first time in my opinion is that the company has also worked with the following week. Well done to the right place for you to the right place for you to be the first time in the UK and Ireland destinat
I enjoy the color block puzzle. If it is free, I am in. When I cannot sleep at night, I play games, into the early morning hours
you should download the game.The game may have ads,but the ads in it are the best.I literally saw an ad about this amazing game called granny.You probably know this creepy scary game.it is fun to play,but it is really scary.there is a video on youtube called granny is barbie.I almost died of laughte
this block puzzle game is a little different, lots of fun , and the bright colors, bring more to game then just moves. try it . you will love it to .
Had fun with this game! At first I felt bored because its very easy but the longer you play you will be challenge because you're thinking where to put the next move and make sure to give space for the next blocks or whatever it is so you can continue playing and get a high score. Just try this
Simple little block puzzle does exactly what I wanted it to. I like how the full lines highlight before you place the piece to show it will be a full line. Good balance of shapes.
Im obsessed with this game. Its so therapeutic. And if you want to turn off the million ads, turn your phone on airplane mode and turn off WiFi My husband discovered that one.
fun game to play when you have a little time and you feel like exercising your mind. every block game is differently played i really enjoy playing them all.
Great game!!Very challenging when your trying to figure out were the blocks go , but I think the best rate is .............5/5!!!!