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100 Years - Life Simulator

100 Years - Life Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The app was good until I got to the 7th year of the character life. As soon as I pressed play, a bar saying Downloading Levels popped up and the 30 minutes later the loading screen hadn't moved off 0%. Definitely do not recommend purchasing until this horrible problem is solved.
Its fun but I wish your choices made an impact. I trued so many different ways and it always ends up the same. I like the way when one character dies you get a new one but on the second character with the girl I can't get past year 19. It might just be something to do with my device but I'm not sure. The app closes every time I press play for year 19.
Just at year seven for a letteral week it was downloaing lvls!!! I can't play anymore and if tpit doesn't fix soon ill Uninstall this stupid game!!! It jas way too many ads and it's soo glichy! Pls fix this and don't install this game people until the game is all fixed!
I know I've seen a lot of negative reviews on this game. And I completely understand why, the graphics aren't the nicest and there are numerous ads while playing this. But ads aside I've found myself really enjoying this app. I've always loved games that give you choices and simulate life, but usually most on the Google play store bore me to death. I loved the wacky outcomes of this game and seeing the crazy stories that come out of it. So I'm giving it 4 stars.
Going to have to give it 3 stars. Reason you ask? Well, it's a good game to be honest but, when I opened it, everything was purple except for the background, which was yellow. So please fix this, it would be amazing. :]
It's actually a really good game and the graphics are kinda funny. I just kinda wish the choices were a lot more detailed or something, and there were more to choose from. The first life that I played, I didn't get married or have any kids, and I ended up in prison, too. I don't know if that's like, how the game works and all, but I'd like to have the option to have a family and stuff. Cheers.
I got to year seven and it said downloading levels. It didn't start to download so I closed out and came back on, thinking it was just one of the occasional glitches. It's been ten minutes and it has not even started to download.
Its a good game until you realize the routes repeat no matter how much you change your choices. Also for some reason when you get to the girl she doesn't change once her route ends and it makes you replay it. As for the male character I think you have to remove the game and then re download to play his route again as once his route ends it forces you to play the girl charcter. Game still has some work to do. Maybe some more routes with different scenarios and Characters would be nice.
It's kinda laggy for me and I only played for like 3 4 minutes and I got to year 7. When I got to year 7 it said "downloading level" so I closed and went back to the app and it was still there! There are a lot of adds and bugs so please fix that. If not it's not gonna be installed again. P.s sorry
It's a good game reason why not giving a 5 because one too much ads on each level. Second should keep going on with th game not repeating the second of the level of the game then put it to end and starting the whole second game again from begining
It's a fine game but the girl ends at age 32. They should add more levels for the girl. I wish we could play as the boy again once we have finished the girl. I miss playing as the boy. There should be options if you wanna be a girl or boy once you have completed either one of them. Great game!
The game was really good it stopped working for a few seconds but then went back to normal, the game story is quite interesting and a bit confusing but overall the game has fun choices and colours
It's good but I hate how you can't pick your gender it's annoying and when I first played it I was ok with it but when it turned out that I had to fight and I tried so many time and the red is too small and it goes to fast maybe fix that overall the game is good
This is a good game, but there's a problem. Once I got to year 51, it stopped working. I will try again later but please look into this. I love playing this game. And I don't want to uninstall it. Its a horrible bug you need to fix. And I gave it a 3 star bc of this reason. Again, please look into it. Thank you.
This game is trash. It's a fun game until you realize you end up in the same place no matter what your choices are. Played the girl 3 different times in 3 different ways, they all led to the same outcome. Definitely needs work. After you play as the boy you are stuck repeating the girl with the same outcome. I reinstalled it and the boy is the exact same. Your choices are irrelevant.
Not a BAD game, but i got to level 51, an says downloading levels, an is STUCK there, emailed the dev's a few days ago, got NO response...... I understand there busy, but takes 2 seconds to reply, so i uninstalled the game, redownloaded it, got to samething at the same level, tried it on wifi an data, but makes NO DIFFERENCE. I will change my rating IF the issue is fixed but if not, will not be changing the rating an will be uninstalling for good.
It gets stuck on levels and keeps on saying downloading but it is a good game just fix the bug it will be a good game abs are not bad overall I would rate it higher but I can't even reach level 100.
Played about 4 times through both M&F lives. Even when there's a fork in the road (making u think ur choice makes a difference), it actually doesn't matter. It takes u down the same path no matter what. I.E. ur boss asks u to fix a coffee machine after work. Say no- she fires u. Say yes- u go fix it, she asks for a massage, then fires u for being "inappropriate with ur boss". Story (and game) would be SO much better and actually WORTH repeating if it had different story lines for the "choices"
It was a pretty good game but when I turned 7 I had to download levels and I left it running for like and hour and it was still at zero and then I deleted it and installed it like five more times so it would help if they fixed that but over all not many ads and a good game
It was fun a first but third time playing it was the same story as the second one I played. I tried different choices but it lead me down the same path so it felt like the choices I made were useless. Could be a fun game with different stories where I feel my choices are impactful.
Restart only reason is because I've downloaded and then uninstalled it about 14 times because every time I get to 57 it always stops and says error app is not owned which I'm really confused about and if it stays this way I will have to uninstall it fully and not download it ever again so you might want to fix that
A basic timewaster. Interesting but repetitive storyline. I'm upset that you aren't able to chose gender in the beginning. Needs more outcomes and answers. Lots of adverts, as well. I disabled them using airplane mode, though. Everything else is okay... Not the best, but definitely not the worst app ever. I also have to download more levels every 5 turns. Constantly!
A good game but only for playing it twice one as a guy and 2 as a girl,i had fun when playing the guy & ended up as a comedian & died at 60,hopefully my choices mattered,but when i played the girl,the story line repeats itself & always has the same end no matter how many different combination of choices u try, that was the negative part of this game & i wanted to play as the guy to see if it was the same for him but never got to play as the guy again,guess it work under progress,but im removin
It was fairly good but when I got to level 6 the mom told the kid to clean the toilet. I started cleaning and all it did was make the toilet blue right away and the bar which has a percentage of cleaning on it was still at 0%. It just stayed there and I can't move on in the game. I would probably rate this 4 stars had this problem been fixed.
I honesty agree with most of the negative reviews about this app.cos some level are repetitive and some are ok. I don't recommend it because the repetitive level will waste ur time.
Had potential to be very good, but there's no real options for different paths and there's an ad between every single year. Some years are like 20 seconds long which makes the ads feel even more prolific, especially just for a game for passing time.
This game is OK but just a tip. Green means GOOD and red means BAD usually, so in level 14 during the fight, please change the red and the green cuz I got confused when I clicked it at green and it said weak and when I did it at red it said PERFECT. Also the first level is inappropriate when you choose mom. So this game just needs some changes and then it would problably be a higher rated game.(^‿^)
Would be a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ but at age 48 I got stuck. It said downloading levels 0% but never moved and u can't do nothing but turn the sound of and on with settings.. also would be cool if u could make multiple people.. Incase u get stuck cuz I died once but it just put me back to the start of the age no matter what.. Love the game just needs work. I'll definitely keep it a while and see if y'all upgrade and stuff.. fingers crossed
This game is very fun for a long time until you get to age 51 and it stops working! It just says its downloading levels but it never goes past 0 percent. I really hope they fix this as it would make the game actually playable!
A pretty fun game. Really enjoying this. Only encountered one issue so far and I can't play it any further. Game crashes at level 57 and I can't play it further.
this game is pretty cool but you don't get to choose your gender when you born and I was as a born as a boy , at age 13 or was telling me to reach my crush and I got pushed, and glitches out of the school and when I tried to walk back inside the character didn't really show and was invisible after glitching out 😅 and a lot of ads when you made a wrong decision for me 😬
This game is really fun and good but when I get around 40 years it says downloading levels but it doesn't download I have let it sit for an hour and it was still saying 0% I have restarted the app and my phone and even tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app but it still does the same thing around the same level. (I really like this game and I don't want to stop playing it without being able to play it death) please fix this if you can! Thank you.
On level seven there is a glitch where the toilet is untextured and when I clean it it says 2 percent completed, this glitch happens on mobile data and at my home it doesn't change I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but it still didn't work. Please fix this bug.
At the start, loved the game even though the graphics weren't that great. It was fun. After the second character. It just kept repeating and was annoying. Realised how some of the choices didn't make an impact at the end. The game has alot of potential and I genuinely enjoyed it. More characters and more choices would be good!
I think this game is okay. The idea is fun but always the same thing. Everything is the same no matter what disisions you make. Some divisions you make can impact the game a little but over all it's the same thing. I do wish that not everyone you date is a gold digger though.
I have played this game once and it was very fun. The reason why I haven't given 5 stars is because there is always a right or wrong choice and you can't take a different path as far as I am aware. Also I only lived until 60???
Great game but it doesn't use real life logit. I though it was meant to be a life simulator, but apparently when you're 5 you're asking a girl out to lunch and when you're 6 you've been made to Clean a whole toilet. Also ads, but I expected those.
This game is great!! I do not recommend it to young children. In the beginning when you choose mom it is extremely inappropriate. It also has a part in the prison where when you pick up the soap it is just INNAPROPIATE!!! If you are under 12 do not play this game....Just dont do it I'm warning you!!Its a great game just a bit inappropriate for children
This game is really fun! It was going good until 25. It's still fun, but the animation got a little weird. The guy's neck turns around completely and the manager's leg goes through her skirt. Might want to fix that, haha.
I like the game, but I wish I could customize the person that I was playing. When the character is the age of 1 or 5, I want to be able to change their race. When the character the age of 17 or 18, I can be able to change their hair and clothes.Overall I really like this game, it just needs some changes.