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100 Logic Games - Time Killers

100 Logic Games - Time Killers for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Andrea Sabbatini located at Strada Madonna degli Angeli, 109/C 61032 Fano (PU) Italy. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the best apps available. A plethora of great logic games. All for free. Hours of time killing. What more can you ask for? My ONLY complaint is that the Android version doesn't have the ability to donate, remove the ads, and get the bonus bar. 10/10 would donate to the dev again. Bonus: Logic Puzzles 2 was just released. <3 Even more puzzles! This dev is absolutely amazing.
I love the game itself to play but as an app it's bricked one of my phones and keep resetings my new one. So if you have an issue where your phone shuts down while playing and you're thinking "no way its this lil game" it is the game. Which I hate cause I really do enjoy playing it but oh well.
It's a really nice, simple app with a huge variety of logic puzzles. It's great if you're like me, and enjoy puzzles but get bored once you're good at them – you can just move on to the next one without having to find another app! This would be 5-stars if there was a way to pay to remove the ads and nag screens. But that's a very minor issue.
Many modes, tons of levels, great guides. No ads or odd music and such. Simple and clean. Couldn't recommend it enough.
Really like this game. Lot's of different ways to challenge the brain. Could be five stars if the games labelled "work in progress" are ever finished. I suspect the work will be permanently "in progress" now the sequal has been released. Slightly irritating that some of the google achievements are impossible because of this issue.
I normally live this game, but it still doesn't work on Pixel 4XL. Random buttons are pressed during gameplay which make it unplayable.
Although there are some that I just don't get there are many from which to choose. Great game. Not too many ads either.
A great game that's lots of fun for people that enjoy logic puzzles. The games themselves are great fun and have plenty of variety, although the presentation could be a little better as it looks very basic. My main criticism is that there appears to be no way to transfer progress over to a new device, so when I got a new phone I stopped playing as I had to start again from scratch.
A nice peaceful app for unwinding! Too many puzzles are flashy and busy but I like simple, calming ones. I imagine most people will be like me and find three or four games they love out of all of these. Please don't get disgruntled just because you try one you don't like- just try a different one. There are plenty to try! My favourite is Snail. Tip: there seems to be no way to erase all your solved puzzles at once (for when you've completed a whole section and want to start replaying ones you already did) so I suggest getting in the habit of hitting the "erase" button after completion of each round. It will still show that round as completed, so don't worry about losing your place. My one gripe is with the hints. For when I mess up and erase for a fresh start, I wish there was the option to NOT delete the boxes filled in by hints. Also I wish that hint boxes were signified somehow (like a dit or border maybe), or just unchangeable, so you don't change one by mistake. (I also play Blendoku and it does this well.) Overall it's great. I find myself craving it but it isn't so dangerously addictive you stay up all night playing or anything. Just a nice mellow way to rest on a break or at bedtime.
Seriously? We are literally forced to download another of your stupid games just to unlock a set of puzzles!? And it's a lie when you say 'if you don't like it you can just delete it!' because if you delete it you can't do any more of the puzzles in that section. Don't lie and say that isn't true. I tried it twice. Add an 'x' in the corner or don't do that advertising at all and you'll get a 4 star. Otherwise 1 star it is and a mad customer.
I really *want* to give this app 5 stars. In some ways, it is incredible. Namely, those ways are 1) the absolutely massive selection of intriguing puzzle types, 2) the thorough and clear instructions for each puzzle type, and 3) the stability, seamlessness, and overall cleanliness of the app. I unfortunately have to take off 2 stars because the interface is absolutely infuriating. My biggest complaint about it is that I find myself gravitating to binary selection puzzles (i.e. each cell is one of two possible configurations only), because the note-taking mechanism is terrible. If I access a cell to adjust my notes in it, the default choice for what notes I want to leave is whatever notes I entered previously, no matter *which* cell I was in. E.g. if I make the notes "1 2 3" in one cell, and then make the notes "4 5 6" in another, and then go back to edit the notes in the first cell, the default choice will be "4 5 6" instead of "1 2 3" which is what I left in that cell. Completely ridiculous -- it should default to the notes currently stored in the cell I selected, not the last *other* cell I made notes in. I have many other complaints about the interface but "no more space"
I didn't appreciate this game until I started getting into advanced sudoku and learned some of the basic techniques to solve them without guessing. Now it is hands down my favorites. Many puzzles can be solved in a few seconds to a few minutes, which means it doesn't have the time investment of a sudoku.
Many puzzles are locked until you ask your friends to download the game. Other puzzles are locked until you download the other games by the same creator. Ads are also intrusive.
The app itself is gr8 but after the update the ads have become far too annoying spoiling the fun... Too bad
I've had this game for ages and I still love it. However, recently it's been updated and now there are a lot of pop up ads which are VERY annoying. Would have been an easy 5 stars without these and if the ads could just stay at the bottom of the screen as they used to.
Puzzle interface is so-so. UI elements are cut off on screen with rounded corners. Also, app appears to generate false touch inputs. I left the app open, not touching the screen, and I witnessed actions take place that should require a touch input such as opening an ad and restarting a puzzle.
In the past I would have given a much higher score, but with the recent addition of video ads this is the best I can give it. The games are good and there is quite a variety to pick from, so I really used to love this app, and the previous ads were unobtrusive so I did not really mind them, which can definitely not be said for the video ones.
I love this app but have to dock a star because there are ads that play with volume. I wish there was a way to only allow silent ads, or to have a paid version of the app with no ads. I used to use this app at night time to wind down, with quiet music playing, but I can't do that anymore because now a loud obnoxious ad will play periodically.
never a dull moment. a huge variety of activities; fun, challenging, good brain food. a few of them have stumped me with the instructions but plenty of others to do
One of the best apps available. A plethora of great logic games. All for free. Hours of time killing. What more can you ask for? My ONLY complaint is that the Android version doesn't have the ability to donate, remove the ads, and get the bonus bar. 10/10 would donate to the dev again. Bonus: Logic Puzzles 2 was just released. <3 Even more puzzles! This dev is absolutely amazing. Edit: The 3rd has been released. And I've been playing this game for 5 years now? 6? One of the best on the store.
Give it up with the high pressure sales! It's SO annoying that I'll intentionally never download another one of your apps and I'll NEVER recommend them to ANYONE. And you say, "download my other app to unlock next level, you can just delete it afterwards," but if I do that, it'll just make me download it again to play the next level. Parks and seasons sucks. Quit being such a pusher
Excellent game, but it can be better.. For example it's better if the color of correct row and columns changes to green. please try to do anything for decreasing the confusion factors Tnx
I really love this game, but I would like to see a couple of small improvements. 1. Hints should blink more than twice so I actually get to see them.😡 2. The numbers that I put into the grid should be a different color that the numbers that were already in the grid. I think there is already a SLIGHT variation in color but its really hard to see. Thanks for considering!
Had to rate lower than it really deserves because of the fact 2 games are unplayable due to 'work in progress' that has been in progress for years! So not as many games as they are claiming. They can update adding more games but not sort the games already on. Also of the 4 new games, nooks and desert dunes do not have clear enough instructions and no matter how much I read desert dunes instructions, the different possible ways to interpret the rules makes the example puzzle impossible to do.
This app inspired me to finally root so I could disable ads. I would have been happy to pay for the removal of ads, but there is no option to do that, and they're *REALLY* annoying. Terrific puzzles though, exactly the kind that I love. If the dev adds the ability to pay like 5.99 or something to remove ads, I'd revise my rating to 5 stars
Horrible, just horrible! The idea behind the creation of this app is exceptional. Too bad the execution wasn't the same.
Challenging game. However i find that some puzzles do not have unique answers,-these puzzles have more than 1 correct solution but the program only accepts one solution but does not accept other correct answers. I don't understand why some answers are not accepted by your program. This is most especially in Number Crossing.
Super logic solver game. Can I disable the idle screen lock/blackout? Sometimes I need longer to think.
Honestly the best puzzle game I've ever played. The ads are reasonable in volume, as opposed to most other puzzle games where one displays every other easy puzzle. And some of them are reasonably challenging, while the others are just nice to solve. Would definitely recommend their other apps too.
I like the IDEA behind this app, but it's really brought down by a number of things. The UI is terrible; menus are tedious to navigate and the controls are criminally unintuitive in many cases, making certain games a real chore to play. The directions for each game are often circuitous and unclear as well. Graphically, everything appears amateurish and ugly, with tacky, mismatched clip-art-like assets used in conjunction with boxes and circles whipped up in MS paint, and boilerplate dev menus and buttons. Ads are relegated to a bar near the bottom of the screen, so they aren't the most intrusive I've seen, but they are omnipresent and there is no way to remove them. You are also bombarded with popups begging you to rate the game, email your pals about the game, or try the developer's other games. No thanks. The only thing this app has going for it is the sheer number of different types of logic puzzle collected in one package- but frankly, I don't think it's worth the trouble.
I'm so in love with this game! Oh yeah I hope there'll be a redo button though, instead of just an undo button. Sometimes I might accidentally pressed the undo button and I didn't catch a glimpse of which answer or dot I've just undo-ed and it sets me back a couple of steps in finishing the puzzle. Cheers. :)
Lots of types of puzzle. Enjoyable so far. Interface quite basic. The park game could maybe use note drawing. Gestures could make some go faster. As a free puzzle game, I think it's worth playing.
I have just returned to this game after a few months having played most games in all levels up to level 16 previously. I find I can no longer access many of the games without downloading other titles in the series (something which I did when I first installed the game) That is a waste of time. I object to being forced to repeat the process. I subsequently downloaded the game necessary to play level 16; that worked but as soon as the game in question was deleted access was denied again.
This has been on my tablet now for more than a year. During this social isolation it has been great at passing the time. Some of these puzzles can be very difficult. However I think they should outline the directions for many of the games better. There are many of these puzzles that I can't solve because they don't have a good enough description of the goals.
Fun, challenging (at higher levels), and addictive. Many, many, many different puzzles; many of each. Highly recommended! Pros: Great variety—if you don't care for one type of puzzle, there are plenty of other kinds to choose from. Different skills for different moods/needs/times. If you really love a puzzle but finish all levels, you can often find another similar to it. Ads very unintrusive. Cons: Difficult to replay favorite puzzles once you've solved all [200, 80, or whatever] of them!
Great variety of logic games! Really enjoying the different types of puzzles. Definitely would recommend for puzzle lovers like me.
the puzzles are simple, but challenging. unlike other puzzle games, the level of difficulty increases quickly, which keeps you engaged. thanks!!
Some puzzles are fun for me, others a little tough and I end up having to guess a bit to get started rather than just deduce. A good mix overall. Many instructions could be more detailed - I end up looking at first solution to understand it better.
Really nice game to sit, relax and just use your head for a little while. Have downloaded on at least 4 different devices.
Horrible interface, ads every couple of puzzles solved, locked levels that can only be unlocked if you install the dev's other games. The occasional updates only added more and more ads and not addressed the UI issues at all :(
Using Samsung Game Launcher, I don't get any ad noise. The game itself is a good time killer. Some games take a bit of time to get used to, but good level if difficulty.
A good variety of puzzles, and a good number of each, but the graphics and interface are extremely basic. The input method of cycling through each option one at a time is annoying, the notes option keeps the last notes written, rather than reading what is in the square being edited. It would be much better to have the inputs as seperate buttons, and better graphics to make looking at the puzzles easier, and more feedback while working on them, and dragging options for path building puzzles...
Love this game. Especially parks and tents. I enjoy having to push my brain logically. It's exciting to play and I would recommend this game to everyone
Love this game! It is challenging enough and no annoying pop up ads. I wish there was some way of "bookmarking" a particular move so that you can go back to that spot and try again if you were wrong without having to hit the back button repeatedly or start over from the beginning. If it had this feature I would give it 5 stars!
I love this app! As a puzzle game addict, this is probably the biggest time sink on my device. My biggest complaint is how tedious it is to complete them, as you have to tap a square many times in order to get the right input. It makes me reluctant to complete game modes that I would otherwise enjoy. It's also annoying to have to install something or recommend the app to a friend to access some levels, but it's not entirely obtrusive. Worth the install.
I wish this game had a seperate button to switch between filling in answers or making a note. I feel like this app isnt really finished. For a lot of the games the instructions arent very clear, and a demonstration would be benificial. I hope the developers keep updating this game but I dont think they are as the last update was in 2017.
I really like this app content wise - I have it on my tablet - but it doesn't work on my phone at all. When I try to start playing there is a pop up for the other games by the developer and there is no way to close it visible on the screen. I can't even start. Edit: Thanks for your prompt response, that works, I have revised my rating accordingly. Left my description of the issue for the benefit of others who may encounter it.
Would be 5 stars if there was an option to pay to remove ads. So many puzzles in one place! And I personally really like the simple graphic. But ads are annoying. Would pay up to £5 to remove them + unlock all puzzles, although I am happy to spread the word and share the app.
Love it so much, I would be willing to pay to get rid of the ads. Then it would be a five star rating.
I can only pray that EA doesn't get ideas from this game. Litterally in order to play about half of the puzzles you are forced to either share their game or download one of their other games, and you HAVE to keep that game downloaded be prepared to lose the ability to play the games you just unlocked
the puzzles are good. the app has some design issues. for instance, it is slow to go through puzzle list, also slow to open an in-progress puzzle. Rather than adding new puzzles, I recommend improving the ui. Also why 2 minutes for hints? 10 seconds should be enough..
I used enjoy but now it has a pop up forcing you to install other apps when you try to access the puzzles. Uninstalling...
Great brain training game! I love lighten up puzzles and park puzzles. Congratulations to the developers!
I've played this game for years and I love all of this developers games. The only thing I dislike is when you finish a level, you have to select the next level instead of being able to go directly from one level to the next
If you like logic puzzles, this is for you! Many different kinds of challenges with multiple levels. Never gets boring! I have enjoyed it so much that I have added both 2 and 3.
Really difficult puzzles, refreshing and a real sense of accomplishment. Thank you. I just wish the clue leaving interface was less clunky. Other apps with a sudoku type theme have zoom in and handwriting recognition. I would definitely pay for that btw. Ingenious puzzles, I have shared with f&f, they love them too.
I've been playing this game for years, I started out on iOS and when I made the move to Android I was happy this game for free. Although the fact that they haven't updated the game in a while is concerning for two reasons. 1- I've gone through 3 phones since I've had this game and have not been able to reload my solved puzzles. 2-Some of the puzzles are inaccessible because they are being worked on, but with no new updates I can't play them. Download this game, just be aware of those 2 things.
Best logic puzzle app I've found! Plenty of different games, each one progressing from relatively easy to quite challenging. Interface is great as well. Highly recommended!
I love this app! There are a ton of different logic type puzzles. Perfect for passing a few minutes here and there or for when you want to challenge your brain. I even downloaded the Parks app (just like the main puzzle in this app but with a ton more levels) and logic games 2. Definitely recommend
Excellent variety of games, but the UI is terrible. Inputting notes is made excruciatingly inefficient. Just give us a key pad! Having to orient every cell in games like Battleships and Branches makes them unplayable. No space around the grid hurts lots of games (e.g., Slitherlink). Connecting islands in Bridges takes dozens of attempts, because it requires too much touch accuracy. Pretending to "load" games wastes my time. And on, and on, and on, and on....
Usually clear directions for each game/puzzle. LOTS of puzzles to choose from, with multiple levels! Very enjoyable. Ads are minimal and therefore you can enjoy the games!
I only recently downloaded the 100 Logic Games app, and I am absorbed by the first couple games that I came across. I can't wait to see what other games they have available.
If you love number puzzle games, this is the best one! Just a ton of games to play and the advertising is very non-invasive. Edit: It loses 1 star because of the hint mechanic. When you just have no idea what you're doing wrong and you want to see the solution, a 90 second delay between hints is completely excessive. These are puzzles, not magic tricks. Let us see the solution if we want it.
I love the variety of puzzles but the controls feel rather clunky and it's difficult to focus on the puzzles because of that. One example is in the settings there are options that have a check box but if it's not selected only the area where the check would be is selectable so if you click the text, nothing happens. I really like the idea of this app but comparing it to other apps that only have one type of puzzle with limited free puzzles, I wouldn't really be able to recommend this app
crappie navigation. no option to leave rules/instructions to go back to game without closing and restarting the app
I like logic games, but i totally did not uderstand these, i tried every puzzle and did not get it, the instructions were not very clear and the tutorials were confusing (on ones that actually had a tutorial). Unistalled, total rubbish