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100 DAYS - Zombie Survival

100 DAYS - Zombie Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PREUS located at 17, Bukbusunhwando-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea 44632. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
you did a pretty good job in this game but i found it boring in a way that i tap tap and buy and thats the whole game basically so its kinda boring i will put 4 star of you add more stuff to do. more challenges and more content
it's pretty fun, I like how your teammates can kill the zombies by themselves if you level them properly. also I like that one of your teammates gives gold every couple seconds. level him quickly and you get much more gold. if I was to put any part down now as of lvl 16, the graphics are a little on the low level. this isnt really an issue and I am stretching to find something bad about app.
This game was really good back in the day. But whats up with having to pay gems for your gold storage when youre not playing? A fine example on why people are starting to get irritated at companies. Greed. If youre going to make it manditory to pay using gems, at least make it so you get an amount that actually matters instrad of spamming the microtranscations.
It is a great entertaining game, with lots of strategies, although there are some issues but it is negotiable. Great work by team. Good job!
the game is good which is please I did not think you can play the guns like scope services for the executor with us or trade for the quickest route survivor and a bucket of people are mine and instinct to if you're going to think of great like the little Jeep car okay you can keep bugging out great please take it in the use of a good work
i knew there would be ads. but getting gold for watching them? it's genius. i even looked forward to the ads knowing I'll be getting some gold yo upgrade my team. Also, game is entertaining. Not 5 stars because survival mode sucks
Very fun, it's simple, but that's what makes it good, great time killer, very entertaining to play, and I just absolutely love the design. ☆☆☆☆☆.
Overall it is a great game. Every upgrade is perfectly priced and easily achievable. The classic 8-bit style is my favorite part about it. I love the retro feel it has in that sense. Only problem so far is that I have yet to find any items. So until then ill keep it 4 stars. Keep up the great work!
when i install it it was so fast and when i tested it to play it was so good with good quality! Good job on this game.
Plenty of potential here. The game itself is a good infinite grind concept, but the reward values for ad watching are completely off. it turns into a game of "literally wait until you have enough gold to pump Alice another level". Storage gives virtually no benefit at the cost of diamonds which is ridiculous. The only way this is playable is to stare at your screen with nothing going on until as I said, you pump Alice a level. Needs single use creeper drops and other add-ons to be more fun.
An unbalanced game even for a mobile game, designed to rip your wallet. Avoid this garbage. They even put a limit for how much ads you can see in a day, the offline earnings is so miniscule you cant even upgrade anything with the gold you earn while not logged in. Meh
Some of these bad reviews dont know how to play the game right. I level Alice up as soon as possible and stay on Days 1-5 til she's level 75, at least.
Dead Ahead is better than this, but is easy to use. Upgrade and let your team kill em'or help them as well. I want the pvp, random map. And the players choose which they want, zombie killer - the campaign and zombie spawner - spawn zombies and every spawn increases amount per 5 sec normal is 15 and u guys set the zombie price. UPDATE OF 243GB
It's an amazing game encourages responsibility, bravery,and what you have to deal with when you get older but its a little pricey the construction but amazing thx💓💓💓
I like the concept of the game. But there is a few minor issues. The zombies are repetitive, and there isn't much different ones. But, the game does do a good job at remaining challenging.
This game is pure ecstacy, really it is. It's great to pass the time, extreamly fun and addicting, and honestly one of the best mini games that I've ever played since I started playing mobile games. It has amazing quality, virtually no lag, and has an initially intriguing story and goal. It is overall a beautiful game with great graphics and astounding performance. I dont think any game if it's kind could ever top it. Other competitors better pick up the pace if they'd like to catch up. GET IT!!
I miss this game. Always really fun but also always gets dull and boring when you play too much. Would be nice if you can add more levels, content, more heroes, upgrade the zombie graphics to more realistic, spells? More replay legendary items, etc.
Not going to lie it's a super great game but... it's missing some things I would really like it if you need it so the higher level you get to the most zombies that come that would really make this game better
I hate that the 1000% + gold now costs 5 diamonds it should cost 2 diamonds at most. Everything costs way to much diamonds and there's not a very efficient way of getting diamonds either.. quests should yield more diamonds then just 1 or 2. And there should be more quests. WHY should I have to use diamonds to collect money when I'm not on the game!?!? It should cost gold like it used to. That's what I hate most if the game. I wasted all my diamonds on just upgrading it 3 times..
A not so Idle game. It's all about watching ads and stuff to boost yourself. Pretty bad though that you have to spend diamonds to get idle earnings but after you do spend diamonds, the idle profit you get is still so low, it's not even enough for one upgrade. How bad is that?
Great game but things quickly get stupidly expensive and you have to either grind it for months to get 3.13a to get the last floor or spend stupid amounts of real money to get it. also character upgrades such as Alice costs stupid amounts of coins to get very few back in return. if it was more balanced its easy a 5 star game.
The reward money for watching ads is way off. It said I'd get only 50k but got 300k. Not a complaint really, but any new players who see the small amount may not go for it and miss out
Game is good, simplistic and easy to pick up on the gameplay mechanics. However I found the gameplay slow and uneventful.
The game is great fun dont get wrong but what i hate and have a problem every time that a supply drop comes i never get an add so i get far less what i should have gotten even though i had never watched an add on that day or any other day It would be great if you can fix this becuse supply drops are very importen to the people as they provide a much needed gold. Thanks for reeding this and i hope thus will be fixed soon
I really,really,really like it's one of those good games that remind you that a game doesn't need good graphics to be really good and enjoyable. PS good luck in all your future endeavors and I hope you have a good day.
Not able to transfer saves, does not use google play or cloud saves... phone died and had to be replaced, the amount of progress lost was staggering. All bonus items where lvl 25+. The fact that the lost progress may have been due to IAP's is also egregious, literally throwing money away. Get with the times, use google play or cloud saves. I'll never play again since progress can't be backed up, I'm not willing to go through the grind again.
This game is amazing, The main way is the graphics. But the reason why I rated it 4 stars is because it takes so long for the boss to come out, and it takes so long to get a new zombie.
Its a fun game but i have a problem with the teammates wit guns they are WAY to slow ik they are powerful but so they should be slow but fireing every 3 seconds is crazy you should make the ones with quick guns like Yan fire fast but not do alot of damage but the person with a shotgun be slow with alot of area of effect damage
this game good for killing time but this game also not balanced. The cost and The Resources is not balanced. suddenly jump to a from T but the Resouces still M and cost upgrade is T while the zombie getting stronger every level. Need some balanced interm of sources, cost, damaged taken by zombie and damaged from weapon.
please make it so we use coins instead of gems to upgrade the off game reward crate because it is hard to get gems please and thank you over all fun game if there was 1m 1 milion stars i woud use 999.999 stars the last star is not because good game but because the crate problem. edit plz fix.
Fun game but some crappy advertising on here, provocative girls. Don't like seeing that garbage on my phone.
Great game never gets old, havent played long but i love the progression through upgrades and team members. A very minor change but it would be nice if the gun sound effect for peter was capable of keeping up with faster taps and doesnt cut out, barely a problem but would be nice to fix that.
Havnt had much play time but its a lil unoptimized... I understand the gain of your gather is for long game time but for short growth its terrible reset yes with nuke/reset again and again for a halfway mark is grossly negative towards the gains you get. Grab me and hold me is whats best helpbus out... Decent game for long idle playtime
Look, I don't want to imply anything but when i open the game for the first time, click "new game" (the very first button press), and immediately get an ad, i'm gonna uninstall your game
This game is not good thst much beacause its so hard to find a new strong teamates and the construction is a bad upgrade beacause you really need to play the game longer like 3 years im leaving this bad review here >:(
It's an awesome game pretty much great for any situation especially road trips. you know just sitting in the back seat of the car playing 100 - days having a great time.
I used to always play this as a kid and the nostalgia is REAL- enough about my childhood. This game is really good and if I could, I wouldn't change anything about it.
This is my favourite mobile game and I have played for years. I have to restart every time I get a new phone but its not a bad thing because of how good the game is. I never give reviews but this deserves one
Click to start a new game, advertisement. Intri video, game play for 30 seconds, package drop from air, clicked it, watch an advertisement? No. Play for 30 seconds more, another advertisement prompted. 3 ads in first 60 seconds of playing... Uninstalled.
good fixes over the years, definitly a good game to go back to if you're bored and didn't delete it, because you still retain perks and boost. I think you guys should make it that you can carry stuff like that over to another phone and also transferable between android and iphone because it would suck to start all the way over if you get a new phone.
This game is absolutly amazing because it doesnt make you watch an ad after doing every litte thing you do. And the game its self is just a really good game
Ok game for a bit but after about an hour in the only way to really progress is "watch video for double gold" video give 250k major level boss 32k. 3 video chances per level so you can see were this is going.
Cool but it was better when I had to use money to increase idle collection. It's either pay them or you only get minimum 1,000 coins for offline. That's bs.
It's kinda fun at first, but it gets extremely boring pretty fast. Besides, it's useless as a idle. The amount of resources while on is thousands times over the idle source - no kidding, an npc grabs money passively, but only with game on, sadly.
The game is good but the zombie move too slow. To make them move 3x faster you have to watch an ad instead of making a one time purchase which is kinda annoying.
Its alright but it is kinda boring after awhile for the first 10 levels the zombies are so slow it takes 20 minutes to beat it and for the rest of the game there so fast and overpowered unless your karekter is like 50 levels above them there near impossible to kill and the bosses are plain there just bigger versions of normal zombies they are pretty tuff so I guess that adds a little fun and upgrades are insane they go up in price to fast it's impossible to progress after awhile.
Very Very Very Good game it's Very. Nice Fun So Creators in game Update it And new Available Character😀😀😀
its fun. if you are looking for a game on the side this one is good for that. just let it play, and collect the gold. then when you feel it's ready to spend the gold and upgrade your guys, just do it.
1.The game constantly struggles to run so you should get rid of the death animation on the zombies or maybe fix it so it can run more smoothly 2.the game has a massive problem. the upgrades cost too much. reduce the price of upgrades while still having it expensive. 3.add more modes the game is really bland after a while and it really needs new content
I think this game could make use of something else, like a new game mode or even a mode where you control the zombies. But I say that about every good game. I just like to continuously improve things that are already good. Thanks devs for this game, as always!
To beat the game in under an hour, only purchase 100 gems for a dollar. Click on the microtransaction to make gold increase by 1000% and then level up your gold production. Repeat this once you have billions of gold. Max out your defences and then congrats! You beat a pay to win game.
It's a really fun game! But after a while it gets hard to progress. You have to get air supplies to get money. Plus you need wifi to get it
i love this game, the only downside is now they have the max speed going to 1.5, meaning that its kind of to easy because they can't get to my base. but other than that, this is a really great time killer
I actually thought it was a bad game I was wrong. it was actually really good. it's a little hard but it's also fun!This deserves 5 stars.☆☆☆☆☆
Zombies get pretty slow at start, even with 1.5× speed. There's also a lack different things to do apart from clicking and waiting for the boss.