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10 Billion Husbands

10 Billion Husbands for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Masukachi Inc. located at 〒112-0001 東京都文京区白山5-1-3 東京富山会館ビル4階. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol and Tobacco Reference) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played it all and I have managed to 100% everything in game. This game is actually amazing and I would like it for there to be a sequel or an update with more husbands.
It's a fun little game to waste time. The husbands are unique and funny too. I hope you'll be able to make 20 bil husband soon. Also apparently the game said you owe me a squat
It's really cute and I enjoyed playing this. Loved the secret illustration! That was so nice! Now to play the two Wife games like this!!
this game is one of those 'rapidly collecting some kind of points to unlock characters' games so it's extremely simple. I suggest you play by checking the game every now and again. It's unfortunate that this game was last updated in 2018.
I've played and beaten this game several times, one of my favorites! The artwork is fun and worth waiting for. A great game.
Took about 2 weeks or so to get everything, but it was fun while it lasted. I really enjoyed playing 10 billion and 20 billion wives as well and the secret illustrations look wonderful across all games! Keep up the good work!
This game didn't need you to play intensely. You can get all those husbands' pics by clicking and leveling up husbands one by one. It's kinda boring so I let it play by itself and now I am done. The artwork is nice and the BGM is great for me. Thank you, Dev! Keep the good work. 🍀❤️
EVERYTHING IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!! like bro the husbands are N-E-A-T! I love the gameplay and the graphics is great too! Its simple but awesome at the same time, well don't mind me, im just being me and for sure that da freakin husbands are hella hawt ^^
Love it so much, but wish there was more updates for the characters and photos. As well as updates where they add more husbands.
this is such a cute game and great for killing time! i love the art style and how adorable the character designs are.
Great cute game! I got all the achievements in a few days. Perfect for people who want a simple game.
it's a really fun game. and I agree with others please make a 20 billion husband game and or a sequel to this one.
Honestly easier to just look up what they all look like. Not really any way to interact with them. Good for idle as you really can just come back and it'll have raised LP the whole time you were away.
It's simple and cute. I've played the 10 billion wives and 20 billion wives. It's just kind of relaxing to play!
Just a cute little game! The art work is adorable, the concept is simple. If you've played 10 billion wives, you've played this one. They're both adorable ways to kill a bit of time
This game is absolutly adorable! All of the husbands are unique, and the chibi art style the game uses fits well!
It's game that don't need your 100% focus in it. I opened the game once in a day n got about 10trillion likes n i spent on the husbands after a few taps n all my likes is gone so i wait for tomorrow. Well it's kinda boring but it's addictive that each of them have their own special anime picture after you got like lvl100 each husband. What i didnt like, i hope there ll be a button to mute the music
Cute game, lps piles up pretty quickly. The only thing that would improve it would be adding more collectable husbands.
I really love this whole series of games. Ive played through and cleared all of them 100%. The secret art is just too cute, especially in 20 Billion Wives, and the Girlfriend in My Girlfriend is an Angel is just so cute.
I honestly love this game. Its a nice tapper game so if you like tappers, then this should be right up your ally.
I played this game 2-4 years ago. Cant believe I unlocked everything but Im sad that theres still no 20 Billion Husbands. Also, this game was last updated in 2018 and Im not sure what to feel about that. So theres no reassurance theres gonna be a sequel? I love the game but I guess its just a bummer that I wont see a sequel for another year.
One of the best idle/casual games out there. I've been playing this for the thee past 24 hours, everything about this game is excellent. The only thing missing in the the game is the option to view the marriage certificates.
Very cute. Wish there were some minor interactions or that they had special animations that activated at random as they walk, but I love the simplicity. <3
Played this game a long time ago and recently got it again! Still as charming as I remember. A great time killer and beautiful artworks :)
I finally "beat" this game and got all the "achievements" and the secret image is so unbelievably underwhelming I regret every second I put into this. The amout of meager satisfation that I got from completing the game is completely overshadowed by the fact that I got nothing in the end at all. The end is literally the last husband saying thanks for playing the game. Nothing else. He aint even cute tho. Wanna grind for hours to see one picture of each guy? This is the game for you!
This game is so comically bogged down by ads that it can't even move jpegs across the screen at a solid framerate. Heaven forbid you start tapping, that'll slow things down to the point where you're practically playing a powerpoint presentation.
I adore anime and its unique style, so a game about cute anime boys? Marrying them?! You know you got me interested! I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and if you're anything like me, you certainly will enjoy this game. However, please keep in mind that this game needs you to have time and patience. You'll get those achievements, and unlock those enjoyable illustrations (well, 8/10 of them are enjoyable...at least to me, though all are rather amusing), but you have to be patient. <3 my husbandos!
I honestly just downloaded this for hairstyle reference because I can't draw guys. Anyways, art style is cute.
This app is simle but precious. You'll rarely see ads. I just like this game. (developer said he would do 5 squats if i rate the app with 5 stars. do it!)
It's an absolute gem as a time waster, you get involved with collecting all the husband, getting the illustrations and levelling them up. Perfect for those who don't have much time to dedicate to games. Also, I think we deserve a 20B husbands. I'll be waiting. Thank you.
its hilarious by how much of a memer i am and clearly seeing this as a little humor of adultery. But its all good! This game is a great way to skip time and probably a great game to wait for specifically something that takes time.
It's a very good game I would recommend you play it the controls are easy to understand and the graphics are very good too. This game has no flaws about it.✌️
I was promised squats as many as 5* ratings. Can't say no to that. Btw, love this simple game. Keep it up.
This game understands me and my short attention span. At the start, I would be engrossed with the game and keep tapping away. The points needed to purchase the husbands would be lesser. Then as the days go by, I start to lose interest while the points still accumulate. I go back once every 2 weeks to see the points have accumulated enough for me to go on to the next stage. Basically this game is perfect for people with short attention span.
I gave a rating of 5 to increase the number of squats. But its also a cute and well made game like 10B wives :)
Ah nostalgia. Back in year 10 playing this game instead of focusing on class with my friends and we'd share which husband we had just unlocked. Love this game ❤️